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Persons Unknown Theory – Episode Two

Posted by LOTGK on June 17, 2010

NBC Persons Unknown. In my previous update, I theorized that the show is based on Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone, a 1960’s Science Fiction program. Continuing with my Persons Unknown theory I submit for your approval my next offering:

Stopover In A Quiet Town

Original Airdate: 04/24/1964 Season 5, Episode 150

Bob and Millie Frasier: average young New Yorkers who had attended a party in the country last night, and on the way home, took a detour. Most of us, on waking in the morning, know exactly where we are; the rooster or the alarm clock brings us out of sleep into the familiar sights, sounds, aromas of home and the comfort of a routine day ahead. Not so with our young friends. This will be a day like none they’ve ever spent, and they’ll spend it in the Twilight Zone.

A married couple wake up in a strange house. They only remember that they both drank too much at a party the night before. On the way home, a large shadow had appeared over their car and followed them. As they explore the house, they find its fake, cabinets glued, the appliances mere props, sort of like a doll house. All of a sudden they hear a child’s laugh. They go to explore and find the town is all fake as well, right down to the trees on the lawn. They are the only people in town.

The couple become nervous and begin questioning where they are and think that perhaps they are in Hell having died in a car crash the night before. Just then they hear a train whistle and rush to the train station thinking they finally found a way out of the town. Smiling, they board the train and are relieved when the train starts moving and heading out-of-town. After a few minutes the train comes to a stop and they realize it went in a circle and they are back where they started.

Rejected, they leave the train and head back into town and are pursued by the large shadow that followed them into town and again they hear the child laugh. Its revealed that the shadow is a giant alien child who abducted the couple from Earth to be pets.

The moral of what you’ve just seen is clear: if you drink, don’t drive. And if your wife has had a couple, she shouldn’t drive, either. You might both just wake up with a whale of a headache, in a deserted village, in the Twilight Zone.

Do you see the similarities here? Woke up in the hotel bed, couldn’t remember how they got there. The hotel and entire town was empty. They had the eerie feeling that they were being watched. And here is the kicker folks.

In Persons Unknown, they hot wired the van and they all drove out of town. As they got past the barrier, they all showed a sigh of relief, as though they had escaped. In a moment, a bright white light, and then the van drove right back into town, exactly where they started from. They got out dejected.

In the Twilight Zone, Bob and Millie here the train whistle and run to the station. They board the train and it steams off out of town. Bob and Millie are relieved, semi joking about the nightmare they had just been in. A few minutes later, the train pulls back into the station. Exactly where they had boarded. They were back in town.

Cue the Twilight Zone logo and ending credit music.


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8 Responses to “Persons Unknown Theory – Episode Two”

  1. Gumby said

    That episode does fit the description for sure especially the train sequence and the van sequence. The reactions were the same. Knowing they were trapped. And being watched. What will next weeks Twilight Zone, err, Persons Unknown show reveal.

    • LOTGK said

      I have a bombshell to drop on you for the next episode update. It’ll blow the lid off the entire series.
      And I don’t mean a Bombshell McGee one either.

  2. Fox said

    After episode two, are you feeling any different torwards the show… I thought the second episode was good.

  3. Fox said

    How about now???? I’m hook, line, and sinker…

    • LOTGK said

      At this point, I’m still on the fence. We need a significant change next week. Perhaps Bill will wind up being found dead. Or Elizabeth Mitchell could guest star. You never know.

  4. Carrie said

    I’m actually liking this show but as with all shows I wish I knew the ending.

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