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Heaven Or Hell

Posted by LOTGK on November 15, 2009

gatlinburg heaven and hell

Saw this sign on a car on the Parkway in Gatlinburg, Tennessee recently. I pondered a moment and thought…
A far better question is, What the Hell is Lady Gaga? Depending on the answer, it could be Heaven or Hell. Or both!


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16 Responses to “Heaven Or Hell”

  1. Gaga Lover said

    what are you talking about. lady gaga is pure gorgeous. she is the icon for sexiness.

  2. Randy Vahaha said

    Lady Gaga is a singer entertainer with her latest CD out called Monsters.

  3. Jay Heathman said

    Well… for a moderately talented tart whose mother shopped her around in bars when she was underage – using her kid as a piece of meat to make money and maybe get lucky with the leftovers – and who has so little confidence in her talent that she has to exploit her body… sure, she’s OK. But like Madonna, she will soon be so overexposed, and her shallowness so obvious that like Madonna, she will probably have to start letting ponies screw her on stage to get an audience. Kind of a pity, she COULD have made it on talent.

  4. Ann-Mi said

    I don’t think lady gaga will be around anywhere near as long as Madonna. or maybe I’m confusing “think” with “hope”.

  5. Gumby said

    I think she’s David Bowie in drag, or the other way around.

  6. Anti-christ said

    I will say this. Hell doesn’t want her!

  7. Heath Jayman said

    GUMBY – thanks for the best laugh of the day!
    And AntiChrist – didn’t you live in the next apartment to me, way back when?
    Used to play Disco Inferno and Bark At The Moon, 24 /7?

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