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Ghost Lake Conneaut 2009 – Revisited – Part 3 Of 4

Posted by LOTGK on October 30, 2009


We had survived the first four levels of fear and were halfway complete. We stopped outside the hotel a few minutes to regroup and set out for the next four levels beginning with Terror Down Under, then off to The Fog, Then Jeepers Creepers, and ending with The Black Vortex.
Level Five: Terror Down Under


Terror Down Under

After a small rest, we left Hotel Conneaut and walked the shoreline boardwalk to the next level on the list, The Terror Down Under. The attraction was beneath the Beach Club restaurant and bar. At the terror sign, we headed down the steps and into the haunt. There were approximately 50 people waiting to enter. The biggest line we encountered so far. But no fear, the line moved quickly.

The haunt led us to the basement area of the building, we were walking on sand, the beach of Lake Conneaut. At least I think it was sand, it was pitch black. The haunt featured plenty of actors grabbing you, screamers, moaners, and props that dangled from the top onto your head and hair. And oh yea, chainsaws.


Chainsaw Wielding Clown

Several chainsaws were heard inside and when we exited the haunt, a chainsaw wielding clown was there to scare everyone especially the teenage girls. He was semi camouflaged in the background when we exited. he then fired up the chainsaw and chased the girls up the alley to the next haunt.
Level Six: The Fog


The Fog - Ghost Lake

We turned the corner and headed toward The Fog, terror level six on the tour. Last year the Fog was a maze of filled with dry ice, flashing lights, and a weird organ music. That was about it. This year, it was different. When we entered, there was still plenty of dry ice smoke, and instead of organ music, loud headbanger music was piped in.

the haunt was almost completely dark, and we all had to use our hands to navigate through the fog maze. We could hear chainsaws inside and women screaming with panic in their voices.

Inside the fog, there were plenty of actors scaring you, touching you, grabbing you, screaming and shouting. This took about 15 minutes to get through. We had to walk slowly, and bumped into people in front of us, and some from behind.
Level Seven: Jeepers Creepers Corn Maze


Jeepers Creepers

The next haunt level was right across the midway, Jeepers Creepers Corn Maze. I was intrigued with a corn maze inside the park.


Skeleton Scarecrow

We entered the corn maze expecting a fake corn stalks but quickly noted they were real. Very nice. The maze path was wide enough to navigate but a little slippery but not muddy. Inside the maze, we spied plenty of modern props, lenty of actors dressed as demons and monsters hiding in the corn, and keeping in theme with the name of the maze, Jeepers Creepers, at the end of the maze was the yellow school bus from the movie, Jeepers creepers. The actors were excellent at this point of the maze including the bus driver and the crazy man laughing hysterically walking alongside the bus. A minute later we were walking through the exit.
Level Eight: The Black Vortex


The Black Vortex

The final haunt level was mere feet away. We walked over and got in line for the Black Vortex. The Ghost lake employee punched our ticket and we walked through a car wash type of doorway. (The squiggly plastic tentacles and the exit of a car wash) We ambled along in total darkness with some screams and weird sounds until we reached the vortex.

Basically the vortex is a spinning cylinder with moving and blinking lights givings the illusion that you are spinning around and around. The plank you are walking on is stationery and does not move. Your eyes and brain are deceived. A very cool effect. The video below is the entire Black Vortex experience.



$8 Dollar Bucket Of Fries

No Halloween haunt is complete without sampling the cuisine at the food stands. We opted for the French fry stand at the center of Ghost Lake midway. I ordered a corn dog and the bucket of fries. The corn dog was $3 dollars and the bucket of fries were $8 dollars. The corn dog was not your standard size, it was quite small. The bucket of fries didn’t disappoint though. And for 8 bucks, it better not have. The fries were well cooked and hot and salted just right.


$3 Dollar Pretzel

On the way out of Ghost Lake I stopped for a hot soft pretzel with cheese. Yes, you are looking at $3 dollars worth of pretzel. The pretzel was standard fare but hit the spot for the hour plus ride home.

In summary:
Last year Ghost Lake was a complete bust. This year, Ghost Lake upped the ante, using more modern props, better thought out haunts, plenty of more live actors, and more courteous workers that actually knew what they were doing. The Grassy Knoll Institute investigative team pronounces Ghost Lake 2009 a success and recommends that you visit ghost Lake tonight, Friday the 30th from 7 to Midnight, or Halloween evening 7 pm to Midnight, and Sunday, November 1st, 7 pm to 11pm. The $15.50 is well worth it.

Bonus Coverage Of Ghost Lake Conneaut, a total access of Ghost Lake and all of it’s haunts on video. Check back later this evening for the video’s.

Happy Halloween – Samhain


Back To Halloween Dark Zone Archives


21 Responses to “Ghost Lake Conneaut 2009 – Revisited – Part 3 Of 4”

  1. Chica said

    hahah loved the video! That’s what it sounded like when I went through it. 🙂

    • LOTGK said

      And if you have the chance, have a peek at the video I took and narrated when I went to Ghost Lake in the morning and was the only living soul in the park.

  2. Spryte said

    Hmmm… I posted on last years “thread”… we were thinking of going tonight, Halloween, and after reading thru this years “review”… I believe we’ll “tempt” fate and go!
    Thank you for the “review”…

  3. Gumby said

    8 bucks for fries. Damn man, thats expensive. I’m glad the ghost lake crew got it together this year. The haunt looks good and if I lived around there I would go just because of your posts on the haunt.

  4. Rob said

    After the hotel, the haunts got much better. Terror down under was a good experience, the darker haunts are really cool. Which is why I thought this years ‘fog’ was great. I loved how you had to feel around to get through. My personal favorite. The black vortex is a cool experience, but always makes me sickish. Which is okay, cause its so cool. Make sure you hold the rails so you don’t fall. The corn maze was cool too, I think we went through at a bad time though. The last few haunts all had plenty of actors to scare you.

    I also paid the extra to ride the operating rides. The train was a good experience, with several actors hidden throughout the woods and under the roller coaster. The devils den was very standard. I was just hoping it wouldn’t fall apart most the ride. I would have been sooo happy if they had live actors in the devils den hiding around corners while it was running. That would have been scary as HELL. They probably aren’t allowed though for safety reasons. Too bad, maybe something to look into next year. The blacklight bumper cars was actually a lot of fun, much better than regular bumper cars.

    • LOTGK said

      I’m glad someone commented on the Ghost Train, devils den and bumper cars. The ghost train could have been a hayride type, with monsters running up to the train, hopefully there was plenty of action there. Devils den, yes, live actors inside would be great.

  5. Ken Jones said

    Hey I am glad this years experience was better for you than last year. You can expect a much improved Ghost Lake next year!

    Btw I am the guy laughing hysterically in the maze… tends to freak alot of girls out.

  6. Ken Jones said

    Also be sure to check out Ghost Lake Fans and stay up to date with all of the happenings at next year Ghost Lake and also meet those who may have scared you!

  7. Tyler F. said

    This year seemed so much better than last year from your review.If i still lived in ohio i would love to go here (i hate chainsaws ) That would make it a much scarier experience for me it seems.

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