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Ghost Lake Conneaut 2009 – Part 2 Of 4

Posted by LOTGK on October 29, 2009


The night air was crisp, the leaves falling off the trees and rustling under our feet as we walked the midway on way to our first haunt, Level number one, Doctor Contagious. I looked at my investigative team and had a feeling that this night would be a significant one.


Road Map To Terror

The map on the left is for Conneaut Lake Amusement Park. I modified it to help guide you through the 8 haunt levels of Ghost Lake. You will notice that the Ghost Train, Black Light Bumper Cars, and the Devils Den, are on the map, but not on the Ghost Lake entry ticket. An additional charge, $3.50 per person was required for these added rides. I must say, I didn’t see anyone riding the train, Bumpers, or Devils Den.

Sticking to the map, to get to the first haunt, simply walk straight up the midway and turn right at the round ticket building. You will pass the devils Den and soon you will be upon your first Haunt.
Level One: Doctor Contagious


Doctor Contagious

The first stop on the haunt was Doctor Contagious located ironically in the first aid building. There were banners outside each haunt to make it easier to find. We rounded the back and headed up the stairs for the line to get in. The line was not long and when we got to the top of the steps, I heard a chain saw below and spied a jester chasing people with it.

Just before we entered, we were given surgical masks, after all, it was the house of Doctor Contagious. We put them on and entered. I am not going to tell you what the mask was needed for, I’ll leave that as a surprise.

We wound around the building for about 5 minutes with plenty of blood curdling screams, in your face costumed actors, and being grabbed. Ghost Lake was off to a good start. At the end of the haunt, we exited down the back steps and saw the barrel pictured below of discarded surgical masks. Doctor Contagious was an OK haunt. We headed toward Tinglers Funeral Home which was just across the street.

The three photos below are from Doctor Contagious Haunt: The stairway to the entrance, the jester with the chain saw outside the haunt, and the surgical mask given to us as we entered.

drcontagiousentrance drcontagiousjester drcontagioussurgicalmask

Level Two: Tinglers Funeral Home


Tinglers Funeral Home

Next stop was Tinglers Funeral Home. I must say the outside structure was well done. A black hearse with a coffin and skeleton falling out the back and a coffin under the Tinglers banner. Again, we were in luck as not many people were in line and we were beckoned to enter the funeral home.


Is He Smiling

Inside the funeral home we encountered some very strange beings. This clown was cool. He allowed his picture to be taken with Patty. We’d meet him later on.



We also meet the caretaker of Tinglers Funeral Home. Or perhaps he was mourning his wife that just passed away. (About 100 years ago) He greeted every passerby telling us that his wife had passed. I offered my condolences and moved on.


In Your Face

Later on in the Tingler haunt, we met up with another clown. He did his best to scare the patrons getting up close and personal like in this shot.

Tinglers was a very good haunt, plenty of actors, effective props, and a nice theme. The pictures below were taken inside Tinglers as well.

tinglerscoffin tinglerscoffins tinglersdemon

tinglershearst tinglersinterior tinglersskeleton

tinglersstaircase tinglerswalls

We exited Tinglers and forged onward to the House Of The Undead.
Level Three: House Of The Undead


House Of The Undead

Next on the map was the House Of The Undead, haunt level three. It was just up the road. The walk up the narrow dark street was right out of a scary movie. Last year the house was named Freddy’s House, and it was totally lame, but I won’t go into that. This was something new. The line to get in was not long, about 20 people or so but it moved quickly.


House Of The Undead


As you can see, the house used for this haunt is perfect. A run down dilapidated house with the paint peeling, windows broken, spooky trees, leaves rustling on the ground. This haunt should be renamed Camp Crystal Lamp or Nightmare On Elm Street.


House Of Undead Curator


The curator of the House of the Undead sits atop the eaves welcoming all those who dare enter. it was a nice touch, a nice updated prop. So much better than the lame ones from last year. one thing though, this would have been a great haunt for actors to be lurking on the side the side of the house or across the street to sneak up on the people standing in line. This missed on that.


Hanging Around Ghost Lake


One of the props in the house of the undead. The path was this year was well mapped. instead of patrons wondering around, there was a plan, and people were guided to where they could be frightened. plenty of screamers in the house, plenty of monsters grabbing you, plenty of adequate props and costumes. No lame posters hanging on the wall.


Blind Corner

Just an interior shot of the Undead house. A blind corner just perfect for an actor to jump out and do damage. Alas, this was not the case for this corner, but in several others in the house, they did a fine job.

Three hauntes down and so far, I am impressed. The level of haunt is well above last year and we still had 5 levels to go. I had a date with Elizabeth up next. I knew we would photograph her again.
Level Four: Haunted Hotel Conneaut


Haunted Hotel Conneaut

Continuing up the narrow dark lit street we found ourselves in front of the legendary Hotel Conneaut, the alleged haunted hotel, by a ghost named Elizabeth reported to roam the halls in her wedding gown searching for her groom. Pray she doesn’t find you instead.


Hotel Conneaut Haze

Last year the tour started from inside the actual lobby of the hotel. This year, it started from a service entry point on the side of the hotel. This was the longest line so far. However, we only waited less than five minutes to before we entered.


Haunt Entrance

The entrance was makeshift, as you can tell by the wooden steps and railing and the muddy area surrounding the entrance. However, I had a feeling that this was going to be a goof haunt.


Inside Hotel Conneaut

We were now in the belly of Hotel Conneaut. The walls look dilapidated, and they were. The hotel doesn’t get much attention throughout the year leaving it to be almost perfect condition for a haunted attraction.


Ghost Elizabeth

Several minutes into the investigation, we heard a noise, a strange whispering. We whirled around and came face to face with Elizabeth, the famed ghost of Conneaut. (She was much prettier than than last years) Her devil eyes glowed red in the total darkness as she asked me if I had seen her husband.


Misty Hallway

All the hallways look exactly the same. One can easily get turned around and confused inside the hotel. Even with the lights on.


Elizabeths Wedding Bed

The famed wedding bed of Bride Elizabeth.


Hotel Landing

Hotel landing where the tour actually ended. We turned the corner and came down the steps into the lobby.


Hotel Steps

The hotel steps ending the tour. I didn’t see Lilly, the blue hat wearing caretaker of the hotel I spied last year. Perhaps she was busy elsewhere.


Grand Piano

I snapped the piano on my way out of the hotel. A good touch would have been an actor playing it, dressed as a dead groom perhaps.


Ghost Sightings

On the bulletin board inside the lobby of the hotel are actual sightings taken from the guests of the hotel. Some of the photos are pretty good, some, well, not as good.

The hotel haunt was a pleasant experience. Of course it was pitch dark, plenty of actors roaming the halls, a thick fog, good props, several bride Elizabeth’s including the good looking one I snapped above. This by far was the best level to this point.

We had survived four levels of fear whith four left. We stopped outside the hotel a few minutes to regroup and set out for the next four levels beginning with Terror Down Under, then off to The Fog, Then Jeepers Creepers, and ending with The Black Vortex.

Part Three Of Four Ghost Lake Click Here

Happy Halloween – Samhain


Back To Halloween Dark Zone Archives


8 Responses to “Ghost Lake Conneaut 2009 – Part 2 Of 4”

  1. Anti-christ said

    House of the undead is my winter home. Elizabeth and I kick it old testament like there when the park closes.

  2. Gumby said

    Nicely done on your map. Could you go to any haunt or did you have to go in order. If one was packed could you go to the Fog instead and wait for the lines to go down.

  3. Rob said

    I hope you don’t mind me offering feedback on my experience here. I attended ghost lake in 2008, and had the good fortune of visiting some ‘bigger’ haunted houses this year like the scarehouse in pittsburgh, so maybe that increased my standards this year, who knows.

    I thought Doctor Contagious was the lamest haunt I’ve ever seen, the simple fact it was walking down 1 hallway really disappointed me, especially because you could see where everyone was ‘hidden’. The funeral home was enjoyable, an improvement over the previous haunt. I felt like the ‘house of the dead’ was better last year, I think it was much darker, and had more actors. (I attended last year later in Oct. than you)
    Hotel Conneaut was a big disappointment too. The trip through the kitchen area and basement last year was a lot of fun I thought, something that was missing this year.

    • LOTGK said

      Rob, I love feedback, good, bad, or indifferent.
      True there are larger haunts than Ghost lake, check out the Akron haunted schoolhouse and laboratory.
      Agreed on Contagious, was expecting more and a longer tour, but it was adequate. Tinglers was good, yes, plenty of props and actors. House of the undead was Freddies house last year, and it was a few actors aimlessly walking around and several posters hanging on the wall. No direction in the haunt and an exit that was horrible. House of the undead was a major upgrade to me, more actors that had a plan and a path customers followed. Last year, the hotel was just about empty, seriously, empty. We had the hotel to ourselves, and that was awesome. This year, it was an upgrade with the fog, screams, several Elizabeths, and more actors.

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