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Lost Update – A Tale Of Two Cabins

Posted by LOTGK on August 11, 2009

lost secrets revealed

Lost Update – Summer Of Lost – 08/11/2009

News Flash Lost fans!!!
I was re-watching the season five finale of Lost last night, and I noticed something startling that I did not before. About forty minutes into the two hour finale, Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet, (The big rack blond) were walking through the jungle and happened upon Rose and Bernard and Walt’s dog Vincent. Rose and Bernard were separated from the group during the flaming arrow episode and the two have been living in harmony ever since in a little cabin by the woods.

So what! Big deal! What is the big news flash? Well, a few minutes past that scene, when Juliet declined to have tea with Rose and Bernard saying perhaps another time, the scene switched to Lapidus and the other group of others carting the silver crate holding the body of John Locke. Just where did they land up. That’s right, they wound up at Jacob’s cabin, which is Rose and Bernard’s humble abode.

Take a closer look at both scenes. The huge tree on the right side, the cabin, the lay of the land. Rose and Bernard’s cabin is the same as Jacob’s.

Just how does this tie in to my Lost theory? I know Lost hasn’t aired a new show since May, but come on, you couldn’t have forgotten my theory already can you? In case you are new here, or need a refresher course…

Just what is the Grassy Knoll Institutes Lost theory….I’ve been waiting a long time to tell you…..
Although it appears the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are on a tropical island, they are being deceived. There is no island. The survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory. All the castaways are interconnected to one another sharing each others thoughts, memories, and feelings. While in this virtual reality laboratory, a battery of physical and mental experiments are performed on them. And who is running these experiments? As Juliet stated, the Aliens of course.

At the end of season five, the ying and yang became the main focus. Good versus evil. Right and wrong. Good and bad. From the pilot episode where Locke played backgammon with Walt and the camera focused on the white and black board pieces, to the black and white stones, right down to Jacob and the unknown man. One wore white pants and the other black. Even Rose and Bernard, a white man and a black woman.

Here you go kids, for something to think about until season six begins. Jacob and the unknown man clearly hate each other. So much so that the unknown man has been searching for a loophole to kill Jacob. Certainly a failed relationship. But just listen what Rose and Bernard told Sawyer, Kate and Juliet that they have been living in peace and harmony for the past several years. They had achieved exactly what everyone is searching for in life.

The ying and the yang my friends. For every experiment, there are always variables. For Jacob and the unknown man, the results were always the same. Remember this conversation at the beginning of season five finale?
Unknown Man: You’re still trying to prove me wrong.
Jacob: You are wrong!
Unknown Man: They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same.
Jacob: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that, it’s just progress.

But not for Rose and Bernard. They are the exception. The Yang. Is this what all the experiments wanted to accomplish? Peace and harmony. Rose and Bernard.

Until the next update, Get Lost!


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54 Responses to “Lost Update – A Tale Of Two Cabins”

  1. Max Jackl said

    I didn’t notice in the finale the cabins being the same. If so, then there is some significanc eto it with Bernard and Rose living in harmony with one and nature.

  2. New Harvey said

    So what is the big revelation about the cabin. I suppose you know everything about lost to.

  3. Anti-christ said

    Funny you mention the Ying/ Yang, the evil vs good scenario. Chirst vs Anti-christ. It is what Lost is all about. The Rapture and the battle between evil and good.

  4. Russell said

    Did you ever think that maybe the producers were just trying to save money by not building a second set for the cabins? Not that your theory isn’t a good one, but production companies cut corners like that all the time (like when Yogi and Mr. Ranger run past the same Picinic Tables over and over again). My mother tells me that once when I was little I told her that we were all hooked up to machines in another world and this one was just pretend – I dont remember saying it but it does make me wonder…

    • LOTGK said

      Russell, yes, at first I think it merely a coincidence. But for Lost, where every single scene is debated by viewers, using a prop for an entirely different scene is not the producers standard practice.

    • Lost-Fan said

      In this economy, yes, for sure, its possible. But like lotgk said, we all watch for any piece that is out of place. A used cabin to be passed off as another one is too big to let alone.

  5. Fox said

    I don’t buy it. Lost is a show and on alot of shows they shoot two different scenes in the same location.. Just a coincidence. If you write to the writers they would be impressed with your observation skills but would tell you they didn’t think anyone would notice. Rose and Bernard have just realized there is nothing they can do to change the future or past so why not just relax, enjoy the moment and have a cup of tea……

    • LOTGK said

      Well, at first, I did think that perhaps the cabin scene was merely a coincidence, until Illana, said to her group when she exited the cabin, Jacob is not here, he hasn’t been here in a long time. Somebody else is living there.

      That somebody else is Rose and Bernard.

      • Fox said

        I started typing a comeback but I am not sure if it is worth it. I was going to say that Rose and Bernard inhabited Jacob’s shack after he was long gone, but we know he really is never gone he just hides really well.

        • LOTGK said

          Every reply and come back is important. Look at me. I’ve been saying that the castaways have been in a VR simulation. Now that’s crazy.

          But yes, very true. The cabin is one in the same. Inhabited after Jacob left.

          • Lost-Fan said

            Maybe inhabited at the same time. Keep in mind, no one sees Jacob. He’s invisible. Maybe he was living with Rose and Bernard without their knowledge. Maybe he was protecting them.

  6. Fox said

    However I am in serious withdrawl, it would be nice if you could stir up some debate….

  7. LOTGK said

    Let me throw this out there…..

    Perhaps the tree we see on the right is the Tree Of Life. And the cabin the center of the Garden of Eden. Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve, and Jacob and the unknown man are Cain and Abel. Remember, Cain killed Abel.

    There you go Fox, that hopefully will revive some discussion.

  8. No Deal said

    It could be the same cabin with all the time traveling going on in the show.

    • LOTGK said

      Exactly No deal. And my point is that Rose and Bernard are the exception to the rule, being able to live life in peace and harmony while the others on the island struggle every waking moment.

  9. Fox said

    That’s a good point Jacob’s cabin is Jacob’s cabin. Sometimes we see it as an old run down place, and sometimes we see it as a fairly new cabin. I think his cabin is the only true gauge of what time frame we are actually in. I think we are looking too deep into this show and when it ends we will all feel extremely stupid.

  10. Fox said

    I like the battle between good and evil. If this is true the writers are saying no matter what happens EVIL always prevails…

  11. Hayden said

    The cabin got burned down when Ilana set it on fire. how can Rose and Benyard live in the burned out cabin. It has to be a different one.

  12. Vinnie Not Your Cousin said

    With lost, anything is possible, and every thing is believeable. We have people that died come back, people that don’t age, people with magical powers, a smoke monster. Why not a magical cabin and tree of life. It fits right in. BTW do you know that on google you are ranked #1 for the search lost secrets.

    • LOTGK said

      You are correct Vinnie. Lost is wide open to all possibilities. I think that is what makes it such a good show.

      I did not know I was #1 on google, but I do now. Thanks.

  13. LOTGK said

    On a side note. Remember the parchment that was on the wall of the cabin held up by a knife? The parchment was a picture of the ‘Foot” statue. A map if you will as to the whereabouts of Jacob.

    • Lost-Fan said

      And that is where Ilana and the group went. To ask Richard the question what lies beneath the shadow of the statue.

  14. Van Demon said

    An interesting observation, it seemed bernard knew of “awesome rack’s” fate and asked her if she would stay for tea instead of going of with kool and the gang. Food for thought.

  15. Fox said


    I have startling news that the Grassy Knoll Institute needs to investigate. Julliet and Charlie have not left the show!!!!!!! Charlie is on the new ABC series Flash Forward. In the beginning on the first episode their is a billboard on the side of the building that says “OCEANIC AIRLINES” and underneath it says “Perfect Flight Safety Record” The New show that Julliet is on called V also has references to Lost. ABC is going to intertwine all three shows. Flash Forward is about seeing the future and V is about Aliens. Isn’t Funny how Julliet goes to another show on the same network involving aliens and she has made reference to aliens on lost and Charlie goes to another show on the same network dealing with seeing the future?

    • LOTGK said

      Good catch Fox. I was going to roll out my lost Update on Wednesday, but seeing that this is bringing plenty of Internet juice, here is my Summer Of Lost update that may just explain the Oceanic Airlines billboard.
      And oh yes, I also explain what is happening on Flash Forward. Here is the link.
      Lost Update: Flash Forward 2:17

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