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Duck Into A Near By Phone Booth

Posted by LOTGK on June 23, 2009

It's For You

It's For You

I was driving around the old neighborhood the other day scoping out the old haunts and I noticed something missing from the landscape. Something that was always there but in just the last few years, faded into oblivion. The phone booth. There is not a single one left in the township of Boardman, Ohio. Not a single damn one. Nada.

What happened to them? Apparently AT&T deemed them obsolete with the emergence of the cell phone and began to systematically tear them down.

There used to be a phone booth in the parking lot at Browns Drug store on Willow Avenue off Southern Blvd. When I was a paperboy, back in the 70’s, the delivery driver for the local newspaper, the Youngstown Vindicator, would leave my paper bundles inside the phone booth for me when it was raining to keep them dry.

With the phone booth gone, what the hell does the paper boy do now when it is raining. In fact, we don’t even have a paperboy anymore. Perhaps they to have gone the way of the phone booth.

PS. Calls were only 10 cents back then.


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19 Responses to “Duck Into A Near By Phone Booth”

  1. Gumby said

    Hello, my name is talking Tina and I’m going to kill you!

  2. ben said

    There are none here anymore either.
    What will Superman do???

    • LOTGK said

      Remember the Christopher Reeves Superman remake back in 75-76, when he was looking to duck into a near by phone booth and all there was were the new fangled phone bank ones? The look he gave the audience. That was great.

  3. Chica said

    LOL! All that comes to mind is.. “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

  4. Anti-christ said

    All the phone booths are down here in hell. WTF! And every phone book has the one page you need ripped out.

  5. Max Jackl said

    None here in my town either. Its a conspiracy I tell you.

  6. Not only phone booths but pay phones are getting harder to find.

    In Martinez, Ca. where I live, there used to be ones in front of supermarkets and in bars.

    The only ones I know of are in the Amtrak station downtown and in courthouses and the hospital.

    The other night we were coming out of Safeway and a fellow came up and asked us for a ” telefono “.

    Any pay phone the guy could get to was 1-2 miles away.

    I finally had to buy a cheap cell phone when our car died miles away from a phone.

    The cell phone and the costs of maintaining phone booths due to vandalism killed the phone booth.

    IF the former hospital buildings of the Presidio of San Francisco are still extant, way in the back of the hospital were 2 wooden phone booths with the fans working and the seats.

    Before he died, the first screen Superman, Kirk Alyn tried to sell the phone booth he went to change into his Superman costume. It used to sit in a corner of his house and had been taken from the theatre where part of the serial had been filmed. He got no offers. I don’t know what happened to it.

    • LOTGK said

      You are correct. Years ago, at the trade shows and conventions I attend, there were phone banks, (A line of phone booths for customers to place calls) but now, there aren’r any. The cell phone has made them extinct.

  7. An addenda. 2600 magazine regularly publishes photos of payphones and phone booths. Mostly from overseas and some really weird-looking phones and phone booths show up on occasion.

  8. I found a picture of a wooden phone booth on Flickr. Strangely it has a picture of George Reeves on the wall. Phone booth is in the town of Volcano, California. Anyone know the story behind this ?

    Picture will be posted on my blog shortly.

  9. SIGHTER said


  10. sara monk said

    i have a wooden AT&T phone booth from my father’s drugstore in Md. It is in perfect condition and genuine ooak with handhammered tin interior. Lovely piece of art. It is safe at my sister’s and I would like to sell it…but have no idea as to worth.

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