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Sansa E280 MP3 Player Critique

Posted by LOTGK on February 9, 2009

sansa mp3 player

After having terrible luck with my previous MP3 player, the Creative Zen 30 Gig MP3 Player, I opted for the new technology type, the flash hard drive MP3 players. After careful consideration weighing price, performance, visual, storage, and dependability, I chose the Sansa E280 MP3 player.

The Sansa came with an 8GIG hard drive, enough for just over 2000 songs and a rechargeable battery that holds an 18-20 hour charge. It also had a cord to connect to the computer for transfer and battery charging and a set of earbuds for listening.

The Sansa connected easily to my computer, as Windows XP found the new device and downloaded the necessary drivers to get it running. In a matter of minutes I was loading the player with my favorite tunes. I had 2100 songs loaded up.

I allowed the battery to completely charge before trying it out. The charge session took approximately 3 hours.

The E280 Sansa will be two years old in March of this year. So far, it has performed admirably. The battery life has maintained well, it usually lasts an entire week before recharging. (I use it for my jogging, an hour a day)

Adding and deleting songs is very simple. Connect the device and drag and drop files to add or subtract from the player.

Other features include a voice recorder, an FM tuner, which is adequate, picture viewer, and a video player. Although the video player works perfectly, it is very uncomfortable watching a video or movie on a 1.8 inch screen.

The cost was $149.99 for the 8GIG player at Best Buy in Youngstown, Ohio.


The E280 Sansa MP3 player came in this box. Of course it was well packed, as are all electronic devices, and the description on the carton was correct, not embellishing as other MP3 players. I also received two free months of the Rhapsardy music store allowing me to download and listen to as many songs on their server as I wished. Again, the hookup was simple and took very little time.

It also came with a one year warranty but thank God I didn’t have to use it. The player is used daily in sometimes harsh conditions but it keeps on working like it was brand new.

The Grassy Knoll Institute recommends the Sansa E280 MP3 player over anything made by Creative and Apple.


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2 Responses to “Sansa E280 MP3 Player Critique”

  1. Buck U said

    Get out of the 90’s and join the ipod generation.

  2. Anti-christ said

    I created the Creative Zen just for that purpose. To aggrevate people. I see my plan has worked.

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