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Stump The Neener 2009 – Volume #52

Posted by LOTGK on January 8, 2009

stump the neener icon Like the mythical Phoenix, Stump The Neener has risen from the ashes to reclaim it’s glory and position on the Grassy Knoll Institute.

* What is Stump The Neener? It’s the wildly (Or mildly) popular Internet celebrity guessing game. It’s fun and easy to play.

* How old is Stump The Neener? The first Stump The Neener debuted April 7th, 2005 on a blog service called Modblog. It was originally titled Name That Diva. Here is the original post dug up from the Wayback Internet Machine.  Stump The Neener Volume #01

* How do you play Stump The Neener? The rules are simple. For each Stump The Neener volume, I will either display a photo obscuring the identity of a famous person (An actor, actress, sports hero, diva, etc) or I will offer you distorted lines from popular movies or television shows. It is your job to guess who the famous person is or from what movie the lines are from. Simply enter your answer (Guess) in the comments section. First one to guess correctly wins. You can guess as many times as you like. I will add clues as the game goes along if needed or requested.

*Where did Stump The Neener get it’s name from. It was originally called, Name That Diva until a certain fellow Modblogger friend named Neen became the best contestant of the game. Neen would BAM most of the games in just a short time. However, she did not like photo’s of famous people with their grills as the clue.

Enough of the history lesson.

It’s Now Time To Play Stump The Neener Volume #52

Below are three lines that describe the key plot lines to three movies.
Warning! The clue won’t be an exact quote, like, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” (Gone With The Wind) First person with all three correct wins. Good luck.

#01 Someone dropped a house on her sister and she’s pissed!
Name That Movie:

#02 These college lads have been on double secret probation since spring!
Name That Movie:

#03 The call is coming from inside the house!
Name That Movie:

Bonus Clue: None of the movies above are Gone With The Wind.

stump theneener icon
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37 Responses to “Stump The Neener 2009 – Volume #52”

  1. Anti-christ said

    #1 The Omen.
    #2 Blair Witch
    #3 The exorcist.

    LOTGK Replies:
    I am now officially afraid of you.

  2. Dave said

    #1 Wizard Of Oz
    #2 National Lampoon’s Animal House
    #3 When A Stranger Calls

    LOTGK Replies:
    Dave, I will offer a clue, you are correct on two out of the three.

  3. Chica said

    1- ?
    2- ?
    3- Scary Movie 4

    I like the challenge, even though I’m clueless. 🙂

    LOTGK Replies:
    Chica, Scary Movie 4 is a good guess, but it is not the movie for this game.

  4. Steve-O said

    I remember this game. Allright, my guess is for number 1 is Twister, her house was destroyed in waikita and she was pissed off about the F5 tornado.

    LOTGK Replies:
    Twister is not the answer. Although Helen Hunt was hot looking in that movie.

  5. Chica said

    1- I like Steve-O’s answer..
    2- Possibly what Dave said..
    3- I’m guessing … Prom Night

    LOTGK Replies:
    Chica, Steve O is out there for sure, And Dave has two out of three correct, but Prom Night although a good movie, is not the right answer.

  6. Future Pure said

    #1 Wizard of oz
    #2 Animal House
    #3 Prom Night

    LOTGK Replies:
    Future, as Meatloaf sang way back in the 1970’s, Two out of three ain’t bad.

  7. Dave said

    How about these…..
    #1 Beetlejuice
    #2 Animal House
    #3 When a Stranger Calls

  8. Bitzky said

    I don’t recognize any of them 😦

  9. LOTGK said

    Dave, you now have two incorrect.

    That’s OK Bitzky, think about them a little more. Two of the movies have been listed correct here so far by Dave.

  10. Chica said

    “The call is coming from inside the house!”

    See I can’t figure out what’s twisted in this quote. It could be a smell coming from inside the house, it could be a call coming from outside the house, but that wouldn’t make to much sense, and then I think perhaps someone is calling from a place that’s not a house. lol

  11. LOTGK said

    Or perhaps, the quote isn’t twisted at all. *wink*

  12. Max Jackl said

    I thought Dave it right, the wicked witch had a house dropped on her sister by Dorothy, double secret probation is of course animal house, and the call is coming from inside the house has to be when a stranger calls, the girl is getting terror calls while babysitting and the killer is upstairs.

    LOTGK Replies:
    Think older Max, a little older. Like when Meatloaf was popular. Not the dinner dish, but the rock singer.

  13. Anon said

    i have no idea except for Animal house for #2. great movie.

  14. xtap59 said

    Checking the notify me of follow up comments via email system. Don’t mind me, It’s just Billy, cleaning off my ruby slippers after coming from a food fight.
    Move along now.

  15. ben said

    I knew the first two, is the last one, “Are you in the house alone”?

  16. SinisterDan said

    I don’t know what movies you’re talking about, but all of these things happened to my mom.

    On the same day…

    LOTGK Replies:
    I believe Pfizer has a pill for two out of three of those conditions. And that ain’t bad.

  17. Gumby said

    I know the answer. But I’m not going to tell you. But, I will say that Dave was correct on the first two guesses but the third, When A stranger Calls is wrong. Consider this a gift from Gumby World, where everything is green and orange.

    LOTGK Replies:
    Gumby, I do believe I have stumped you, in the Internet game sort of way, not in the lewd sexual connotation sort of way.

  18. Valdunagan said

    1-Wizard of Oz.
    2- Animal House.
    3- Silent Night, Deadly Night.

  19. LOTGK said

    Valdunagan, damn, you are so close. Think a little more like Superman would.

  20. LOTGK said


    Yes, two are easy, and one, of course is tough.

    Ben, like Sheryl Crow once sang on her hit tune, All I wanna Do,

    All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die,”
    Says the man next to me out of nowhere.
    It’s apropos,
    Of nothing.
    He says his name’s William but I’m sure,
    He’s Bill or Billy or Mac or Buddy.
    And he’s plain ugly to me.
    And I wonder if he’s ever had a day of fun in his whole life.

    There, I gave you the name of the man is the focal point of one of the movies.

  21. Dave said

    Well I will change the first answer back to the Wizard of Oz and try Scream as the 3rd one.

  22. LOTGK said

    Wrong phone number Dave.
    Your first two answers were correct, and the third answer is oh so close, but not correct.
    Line up the clues.
    1) Meatloaf, from the 1970’s.
    2) XTAP59’s (My alter Ego) comment checking the comment reply system. “It’s just Billy, cleaning off my ruby slippers after coming from a food fight.”
    3) Think a little more like Superman would. As in his girlfriend.
    4) Sheryl crows tune names one of the characters in the movie you are so close to solving.

  23. Greg Brady said

    1- A Brady Bunch Reunion
    2- A Very Brady Christmas
    3- The Bradys Go To Hawaii

  24. Dave said

    How about the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Grease? Halloween?

  25. ulla said

    william, william … now i remember why i didn’t play this on mb … i’m thick 😀

  26. LOTGK said

    Dammit Janet…… Lets do the time warp again…. Sorry, its not Rocky.

    Nor Grease, nor Halloween.

    But it is during a certain holiday.

    There, that ought to do it for you all.

    And Ulla, try not to be so formal with the name.

  27. Ed said

    #1 Wizard of oz
    #2 Animal House
    #3 When A Stranger Calls

    Sorry, Dave…

  28. Ed said

    Ok.. well, as I went full circle right back to where Dave started I realized after I posted there was no way I was correct with the same answers that Dave used that had 1 wrong! D’oh!

  29. LOTGK said

    Ed, your logic is impeccable. We are all in grave danger…..

  30. Contessa Confessa said

    1. Wizard of Oz
    2. Animal House
    3. Black Christmas

    word. -CC

  31. Contessa Confessa said


    (btw, this would be uber embarrassing if i’m wrong… )

  32. LOTGK said

    We have a winner. Contessa Confessa nails the Neener.
    The Wizard of Oz and Animal house was pegged straight away but I knew Black Christmas would stump.

    Background on Black Christmas. Set in the 1970’s, a nursing Fraternity is emptying out for the Christmas holiday. A few girls stay in the house.
    Prank phone begin to the girls. At first, they edge the caller, named by the girls as “The Moaner” laughing at him until the caller gets serious and announces that he is going to kill them.

    One by one the girls go missing and we all know they are murdered. police are called, check the house, find nothing, and the cop says he will keep an officer outside in the squad car.

    Well, finally, the last girl left, Margo Kidder, Supermans girlfriend, gets the shock of her life. The phone rings, but this time it’s the police, and they tell her to listen carefully and do exactly as they say. They tell her to put down the phone and walk out the door right now. Do not look back, do not turn around, do not call out for your friends, just walk out the door and go to the squad car.

    She says she has to get her friend, but the cop says not to, not to go upstairs. She asks why, and the cop says, “We traced the prank calls, and the calls are coming from inside the house. In the upstairs extension.”

    BTW, the psycho killer was Billy.

    Now you know how Stump The Neener is played. You are virgins no more.

    Congrats to Contessa Confessa once again for winning the very first WordPress Neener and to all those participating and commenting.

  33. Chica said

    Aww yay Contessa!! I’m glad to have been stumped as well Pat. 🙂

  34. Gumby said

    I told you I knew. 🙂

  35. The Totton linnet said

    I’m going to bed then. :||

  36. LOTGK said

    Don’t worry GentleDove, there will be another Stump the Neener soon. I promise this time.

  37. Dan & G said

    Whens the next game, i’m pretty good at these games.

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