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Ghost story – Uncle George At The Drive Through

Posted by LOTGK on October 30, 2008

Everyone gather around the camp fire in the cold night air and listen to my second ghost story about my Uncle George and the time he paid a visit to me the day our son Patrick was born. At first glance, you may dismiss this story as just another ordinary birth. You would be wrong! Did I happen to mention that my Uncle George was dead at the time he visited me?

The year was 1987, May 11th, and Patty was about two weeks past due with our first child. We visited her doctor and after an examination, decided that Patty was ready to deliver. The hospital was just across the street so we loaded up and went over.

They admitted Patty early afternoon and after another exam wheeled her into a room until consultation between several doctors concluded. It was now 4pm. Pattys doctor appeared in the room and said that they were going to start a pitocin drip to induce labor.

Well, hours went by and Patty was only dilated a few centimeters and the doctors admitted her for the night. He said they would monitor her throughout the night. I stayed with her for awhile until visiting hours were over and found myself in the waiting room.

Hours went by and it was now after 1:00 AM in the morning and was getting bored quickly when things changed. As I was dozing off I heard a loud commotion at the front desk. A gang of farmers came in with one of them hurt badly and the others limping.

From what I overheard, the entire gang was on top of the barn roof when it gave way. All of them fell about 20-25 feet to the ground. I learned the badly injured one fell and landed on a pitch fork. It stuck him in the back of the leg.

I’m sorry, but I was tired, and this gang, about 20 of them, were talking with a hillbilly accent, were dressed as hillbillies, and all 20 of them fell off the barn roof. It struck me as funny. I started chuckling to myself and as I heard more and more of the story, I started laughing harder and harder. I laughed for at least a half hour listening to their story.

Anyway, the morning came slowly and the sun broke the horizon and there I was, still standing. Around 8:00 am the doctor examined Patty once again and told us that when Patty’s doctor arrived, they would start the pitocin drip once again and the baby would be born shortly afterward.

Patty’s doctor arrived a short time later and informed me that it would be at least several hours before Patty went into labor and for me to go and get something to eat since I was there all night. Patty assured me everything was OK and so I got in my car and went to Burger King.

Burger King was only a mile away from the hospital. As I pulled into the drive through, there were several cars ahead of me. A moment later, I got the chills. (It was May 12th, so it wasn’t cold outside) Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something in my car. Sitting in the passenger seat. Slowly I turned my head and came face to face with my Uncle George. I was frightened beyond belief. My dead Uncle George, in broad daylight, sitting in the passenger seat.

A few seconds went by and Uncle George spoke to me. He always spoke to the point when he was alive. No sugar coating, no beating around the bush. He just came out said what needed to be said. in death, Uncle George was the same way. He looked me right in the eye and said, ‘Your son Patrick needs you right now. You must go back to the hospital NOW!” I just looked at him and didn’t move. Again he spoke, but louder this time. “Patrick needs you at the hospital, he is in trouble!”

Confused but understanding, I shoved the car into drive and sped out of the drive through and went straight for the hospital. On my way there, I looked over to the passenger seat and Uncle George was gone. I thought about what he said. MY SON Patrick was in trouble. Everyone thought Patty was having a girl. Her doctor, the nurses, even all the tests she had determined she would have a girl. Then why the hell did George say “My son?”

I pulled my car into emergency receiving and jumped out and ran inside. I ran up the stairs to Patty’s floor and went to her room. She was gone! Nurse Dottie saw me and told me to come right away. We went into another room and Patty was there with nurses and the doctor. She was crying and very hyper. The doctor told me that Patty suddenly went into labor and the baby was stressed probably due to the pitocin drip she was on. The doctor said the umbilical cord was around the babies neck and he would have to perform a cesarean section right away.

Dottie pulled me aside and told me to sign insurance and surgery papers right away to authorize the doctor to perform the emergency operation. Dottie told me that Patty would not allow anything to happen until I was there. I signed everything and Patty was whisked away.

Dottie than told me to follow her once again to another room. There she handed me green hospital scrubs and told me to put them on. I had to wear them to be with Patty in the delivery room. I saw Patty get a needle in her spine and almost passed out from that sight.

I held Patty’s hand as the doctor performed the delivery. I told her that everything would be OK. that patrick would be fine. Patty looked at me puzzled and said, “Patrick, but I’m having a girl!” I told her to guess again. We were having a boy according to my Uncle George. Patty gave me a puzzled look again.

Minutes later I watched the doctor pull Patrick out. Yes, I almost hit the floor once, or twice, and Dottie grabbed my hand and said she would notify me when it was time to look on again.

Patrick was born at 10:18 am on May 12th, 1987. (Also my mothers birthday) He weighed in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces. And he and Patty were in perfect health. It would seem uncle George made sure of that.

Happy Halloween – Samhain

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3 Responses to “Ghost story – Uncle George At The Drive Through”

  1. Evil-Lep said

    Great story. He mut have unfinished business in helping you.

  2. Chica said

    I love stories like that, reading this one gave me the chills in a good way. Yay George, and a happy ending to this story. 🙂

  3. Lead Scientist said

    My question is, does that mean that he wasn’t actually born? ha ha ha I am inhuman!!!

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