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Ghost Lake – Conneaut – Haunt Level 3

Posted by LOTGK on October 15, 2008

Ghost lake Haunt Level 3, The Cemetery, Freddies House, and Clown Town. Patrick and I looked around. The setting was perfect. It was a cool dark night in October. Alone in an abandoned amusement park. Walking past a haunted graveyard on the way to Elm Street to visit Freddie Krueger’s, house. Evil clowns roaming the town awaited us. And don’t forget the crown jewel, Haunted Hotel Conneaut and the legend of bride Elizabeth.

Things were looking up.

Haunt Level – The Cemetery

Naturally, there were no signs showing the way to the cemetery. We wondered a few minutes and stumbled upon it. The woman in charge was sitting in the dark, said welcome, and stamped our card. We walked up the ramp and came across this photo.


Moving on in the cemetery, which by the way, wasn’t a cemetery, but more of a raised wooden deck with a few trees scattered around. A few seconds went by and we came upon a zombie rotting in a coffin. So standard fare. Except for the beer can in its hand.


Seriously, this was pretty lame. Walking along the boardwalk area was yet another casket in the way. This one was closed. Notice that there are no other type of props and no “Live” actors jumping out from behind trees and other hiding places.


Deja Vu. Look everyone. Another closed casket in the cemetery. How original! And still no actors in costumes trying to scare us. So far, IMO, Ghost lake should have left this attraction out of the tour or at least spiced it up with some fog, strobe lights, spooky sounds. No wait, that was The Fog attraction.


Oh My God! look! A “Live” actor in the cemetery. And he’s not in the casket! Zombie butcher man was standing completely still trying to look like a prop, but he was swaying a tad, and since there wasn’t any wind in the cemetery, nor any fright, the effect was lost.


Unknowingly, the Cemetery attraction had come to an end (Ran out of caskets I suppose) and we were once again wondering around looking for the next level of fright. Freddie’s House was on our radar. To bad we didn’t bring the GPS with us to find it.

Haunt Level – Freddie’s House

After about five minutes of wondering around and asking no less than five Ghost Lake employees, we stumbled upon a crowd of people standing outside a dilapidated old house. After asking a few patrons there, it was established that we had arrived at the next level of haunt.


Here is a better lighted photograph of Freddie Kruegers haunted house. Alas, it wasn’t on Elm street. The exterior fit the bill. Busted up, old, paint peeling. A stuffed mannequin with a pumpkin head on the front porch and a strobe light in the upstairs window.


While we were waiting for our turn to be terrorized, Michael Myers appeared in the crowd. (I don’t know why he was on Elm Street) He was a little short and far to skinny for a Michael Meyers but he did a good job in scaring the girls in the waiting line.


We made it to the porch. We only waited a few minutes as the line went quickly. The attendant at the front door would rifle through instructions to the current victims and then slam the door after they entered. The door was sticky and made it hard for her to open it.


Below are the photos from inside Freddie’s House. What you see below is all the props and actors that were in the house.

Freddie’s House haunt started out OK, but as soon as we entered the house, it began to go down hill. Our instructions were as follows. After you enter the house, go upstairs and wind through the rooms and then walk down stairs and exit out the back door.

Well, we did go upstairs, and then downstairs, and after a few minutes, (We were now bored with Freddie’s House) we looked for the exit. The rooms had posters of Freddy hanging and some walls had words written in blood on them. In the strobe light room, Patrick got the actor in the Freddy suit to bust a move. (Funny as hell)

We couldn’t find the exit. An attendant in the house said the exit was through the front door. We knew he was wrong so we continued to look for the real exit. So was everyone else in the house. We finally found the exit, and it was in the back of the house, but hell, there wasn’t any lighting for us to see where we were going. Patrick tripped and almost fell over some cluttered wood and junk scattered in the back yard. Very poor design for this haunt. What a nightmare! Freddy was dead.

Haunt Level – Clown Town

Clown Town was housed in the old Kiddie Land area, and seemed pretty appropriate. We could hear a chainsaw inside and figured this would be a good haunt level. Here is what we found.

The last haunt level was Clown Town. Of course, there were no signs pointing to it but when we saw the big clown pictured here, we figured this was it. No one was there to punch our card as a worker was calling for more help at the entrance. He just told us to go on in.


Clown Town was dark. No lights, no nothing. Just some busted up old kiddie rides. We and a few other people wondered around for a few minutes and finally a woman yelled out for the clowns to come out and play. Three minutes more of wondering and a clown with a chainsaw appeared.


The clown did his best to scare the few people inside. Of course he focused on the girls. They screamed and yelled a bit, (The girls, not the clowns) and then the clown stopped. When no one could find the exit, the clown pointed to the right and said the exit is that way.


Clown Town was a total disaster. Clown Town was a lonely place. Only one clown inhabited this town. Yea, he had a chainsaw, but the fright level was minimal, even for the women folk. The actor was wearing a clown mask, and some crazy clown clothes, but there could have been more. Maybe some evil clown props, like Killer Clowns From Outer Space. And maybe more than one clown actor.

Highest Haunt Level

Ghost lake Conneaut 8 levels of haunt was officially complete. It took us about two hours to get through the entire 8 levels of fright. We made our way back to the main midway and began our journey home. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the most terrifying attraction of the evening right in the middle of the midway.

As we were walking out of the park, it was a little after 10pm. When we arrived, there was a steady crowd of people inside the park. At 10pm, on a Friday night, there were two people paying at the entrance booth and the park had all but emptied out.

Wait a minute. What about the Haunted Hotel and Butchers Basement? Don’t worry, we got ya covered.

The link to Ghost Lake – Conneaut – Haunt Level 4 is right here.
Haunted Hotel Conneaut And Butchers Basement

Happy Halloween – Samhain

Back To Halloween Dark Zone Archives


26 Responses to “Ghost Lake – Conneaut – Haunt Level 3”

  1. Julia485 said

    Posters of Freddy on the walls? LAME!!!!!!!! The people with the masks, very lame. The outside was good, the inside lame.

  2. 242425 said

    You are right, the outhouses are the scariest part of this haunt. You should have demanded your money back. What a load of crap.

  3. Angry Pumpkin said

    i see that I’m on level three, so I cannot judge completely but the shell of the haunts look very good. Nice set, looks scary, a halloween touch to them but when you get inside, it looks like they ran out of money and have simple old props and very few workers to help in the fright level.

  4. Gumby said

    To me, it seems they were not prepared and ready for Halloween. They just tossed things together and hoped people would come and spend money.

  5. Valdunagan said

    Did you film this in 1975? Ghost Lake needs to step into the new millennium or it really will be a ghost lake town.

  6. Rob said

    Ok, heres the deal, I went to this house last night. I really didn’t want to, because I read this writeup, I was going to drive the 2 hours to scarehouse in pittsburgh instead, but didnt.

    Firstly, the place was packed when I got there, sooo many people.
    Secondly, you had a completely different experience than myself, maybe they got their act together, maybe u just had a bad night, but every single attraction , HAD SEVERAL LIVE ACTORS. The only ‘haunt’ that I would call kinda lame was the cemetary, and thats because I thought the others were so cool. It was well worth my $13. (coupons at perkins).

  7. LOTGK said

    Rob, I’m glad they got it together. The site is a perfect location for a haunted adventure.

    But, I call them as I see them. And the film and photos don’t lie.

  8. A serious question — is the first image in this blog a scan of the ticket or some other printed material provided to you at the event?

    I ask because it prominently features an actress, costume, and character that is exclusively linked to my attraction – The ScareHouse in Pittsburgh — and is based on a copyrighted photo.

  9. LOTGK said

    Scott, the first picture on this blog is of a werewolf by a tree with a demon above him.

    Perhaps you mean the first picture in the haunt Level series and not this entry. The below picture is from Ghost lake, Haunt Level one. Yes, it is the ticket passed out when entering the haunt. As you go to each haunt level, they punch your card. My card #was 00830.

  10. Rob said

    I do believe he meant on the first page of haunts. And I will also confirm it is the actual ticket they give each person for entry into the haunts.

    Also, to ‘LOTGK’, are you from around this area? Any chance your going to review other haunted houses? Or maybe could give me a personal heads up on the ones you enjoyed ? I’m looking to go to a few more, but most of them are a few hours drive, and want to make the right choice.

  11. Unbelievable!

    That image was taken at The ScareHouse by the Post Gazette (who owns the copyright) and was used in association with a feature story on our attraction (see original image and story here: )

    What’s particularly frustrating, beyond the seemingly obvious copyright infringement, is that the photo is of one of our signature and most popular characters — who appeared prominently in all ScareHouse advertising last year. To me, this seems like a blatant attempt to confuse customers into somehow thinking that there is a connection between our events.


  12. LOTGK said

    Scott, if you prefer, I could alter the ticket photo blurring or eliminating “Unholy Matrimona.” Perhaps the folks that run Ghost Lake were looking for a “Bride Elizabeth” tie in for their ticket stubs.

    You can link your haunted attraction, “The Scarehouse” on my blog in the comments section if you like. Please though, only one link or it will get sent to spam hell.

    Or, send me your haunt site write up and I will display it in my Halloween section as a stand alone blog entry.

    Post your haunted attraction name, address, hours of operation, cost, and a frightfully good description.

    Anything else I can help with, let me know.

  13. LOTGK said

    Rob, I’m from Boardman, a suburb of Youngstown, Ohio. And yes, I do plan on visiting more haunted attractions before Halloween is over. I will post them as soon as possible.

  14. LOTGK said

    Rob, in the meantime, you can check out last years critiques.

    Akron Ohio Haunted School House And Laboratory

    Boardman Park Haunted Hayride

    Mysterious Mansion

    Canfield Scaregrounds

    Haunted Hayride

  15. Anti-christ said

    If you really want to be frightened, merely summon me and I’ll take you to hell.

  16. Brian B. said

    Can not seem to view haunt level 4.

  17. Kathy said

    We went to Ghost Lake last night. It was a lot of fun. The lines weren’t too long. The scares were great! There were some “actors” that were really good and some that could use some lessons but my husband and I left feeling like the 52 minute drive to get there was worth the trip. I hope they do it again next year. My voice was hoarse from screaming and my hands ached for holding on to my husband’s arm all night.

    I’m glad I didn’t pay attention to your review. It seems like you went on a bad night.

    I wished I could have gone through some areas more than once.

  18. Pam And Pan said

    We visited the Ghost lake last night. The crowd was ok, not really crowded which is a good thing. The setting was excellent as an old burned down amusement park being haunted. I was disappointed at the old fake props used. The midway had more people than your photos but not many. I would not go back to Ghost lake. There were no modern frights, not enough live actors in the haunts and Freddies house was nothing but a few lame posters and several actors walking around.

  19. Ghost Lake said

    Read your review of Ghost Lake and we will admit things were rough the first weekend there. We were only brought in to do this project in August, had very little time to get it together. The cemetary is no longer on the big, wooden stage. It is in the grassy area surrounding the hotel. We agree, it was lame where it was. We spent $1500 to build a back stairway from the top floor of Freddy’s house to stop the confusion there. The weekend you were there, we probably had under 50 total monsters. Now we have 110, enthused, trained monsters. While I don’t disagree with some of your assessment, I do believe you should see Ghost Lake now before it’s over for the year. Hopefully, your opinion will be better as it not the same attraction as when you visited there. When you come to the front gate, ask for Dominic Baragona. I will escort your party in at no charge so that you may take a free walk through and tell me your opinion and how else I may upgrade Ghost Lake.

    Thank you,

    Dominic Baragona
    Producer of Ghost Lake

    LOTGK Replies:
    Dominic, I appreciate your offer but if we do attend next year, my party will pay our way in. This way, we will have an unbiased “Real” haunt experience with no extra’s thrown in for effect.

  20. Brian B said

    Ghost Lake
    I enjoyed everything that was there . Next year will be even better . You guys had very little time to get things up and running and every weekend it gets better .And to LOGTK about those picture`s that are supposed to be Elizabeth they are lame ! I know for a fact that this is part of the attraction , And it is a real person . Who are you trying to fool ??

  21. LOTGK said

    Brian B,
    When did you catch on?
    Of course they are part of Ghost Lake haunts. It is one of the 8 levels of fear.

  22. Jenny Moersch said

    Dom, thank you for saying we did fix up Freddie’s House. To who did the write up you did not get to go threw Freddie’s House like you should have. We at Freddie’s House had lots of fun as we moved on. Yes the first week was not as well done as the rest of the time we where open. Come back and see us next year it WILL be much funner for us workers and more scary for you customers.

    LOTGK Replies:
    Alas, I call em as I see em. Friday night, October 3rd, Freedie’s house was a mess. Posters on the wall, seriously, was that supposed to be scary? And no one knew where to go, not even the workers.

  23. Jenny Moersch said

    LOTGk, ya I don’t what was with the posters. I think they were there to be a distraction as us workers scared people. It was our opening week and our first time at that. We were a mess in the beginning though. Did you go back towards the end? And by the 3rd weekend most of our posters were torn off the walls. Hope you will come back next year and have a better time.

  24. Ken Jones said

    I started a site so people can share their stories from Ghost Lake and the crew of monsters can stay in contact. Also Pics and Links including one to here.

    Ghost Lake Fans

    LOTGK Replies:
    Ken, this comment got caught in the spam filter. I fixed your link so it will appear for you.

  25. Ken Jones said

    Thank You

  26. LOTGK said

    Just got back from Ghost Lake, Conneaut. The new critique to follow very shortly.

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