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Ghost Lake – Conneaut – Haunt Level 2

Posted by LOTGK on October 14, 2008

Don’t come looking for us if we’re not back in an hour.

So glad of you to join us at haunt level 2 at Ghost Lake, the haunted attraction located at Conneaut Lake Park, Conneaut, PA. After we ate our $5 dollar order of fries and our $3 dollar corn dog we set out to the first attraction. The Fog!

The first haunt level was The Fog. It was touted as a 600 foot long maze filled with fog, strobe lights, scary sounds, music, and monsters. I have to admit, Ghost Lake was not looking so good right now. Here are three more photos from The Fog.


I was disappointed with The Fog. I was expecting much more. To make it better, perhaps they should have had “Live” actors inside scaring the customers.

I took the following video inside The Fog. The music was alright, the fog inside was cool, but seriously, a few spinning lights and a few cheesy amateurish props was all it had.

Ghost Lake Attraction – The Fog

The next level of haunt was The Devil’s Den. There was no sign leading to it, but we knew where the old Devils Den dark ride was so we walked on down to it. The write up in the paper said the ride would be running. It wasn’t running. The tracks were covered with wood and it was a walk through attraction.

The following is a video taken inside the Devil’s Den. It’s mostly dark, but Patrick and I narrate through it. And I almost fell down again.

Ghost lake – Devil’s Den Attraction

The Devil’s Den was certainly an upgrade to The Fog. Although the video is mostly dark, this attraction had some redeeming qualities. One, it was pitch dark and you had to navigate by touch. (A great attraction for young lovers if you know what I mean) The uneven floor made it even more tricky to move through. Second, actors would grab your feet and legs as you passed by. Most haunts don’t do this anymore. It was a nice touch. Third, it was a maze, and there were no signs or hints as to where to go next or if the attraction was over or not.

The next level was the Maze Of Madness. We didn’t have to worry about finding it. It found us. At the end of The Devil’s Den, we encountered this lovely lass. She announced that this was the start of the Maze Of Madness and asked us for our tickets to punch.

The following video is from the inside of the Maze Of Madness. Again, its mostly a dark attraction, but plenty of narration and spooky sounds.

Ghost Lake – Maze Of Madness

This was pretty much exactly the same as The Devils Den. Plenty of actors screaming, yelling, jumping out of the darkness, lunging at you. They did a good job here. At one part, toward the end, they reenacted the girl crawling out of the TV from the movie, The Ring. I missed most of it and waited for the actor to reset but she didn’t. I guess one to a customer. Maybe she was shy!!!

OK, we had just survived the first three levels of haunt and we began looking for the haunted Cemetery. In fact, the write up in the paper said there were two cemeteries. Hopefully they weren’t anywhere near the tent and the bodyless head and transforming man.

Haunt Level 3 was The Cemetery, Freddies House, and Clown Town. Patrick and I looked around. The setting was perfect. It was a cool dark night in October. Alone in an abandoned amusement park. Walking past a haunted graveyard on the way to Elm Street to visit Freddie Krueger’s, house. Evil clowns roaming the town awaited us. And don’t forget the crown jewel, Haunted Hotel Conneaut and the legend of bride Elizabeth.

Things were looking up. You have survived Haunt Level 2. Click the link below to transport to:
Ghost Lake – Haunt Level 3

Happy Halloween – Samhain

Back To Halloween Dark Zone Archives


33 Responses to “Ghost Lake – Conneaut – Haunt Level 2”

  1. Emily said

    So far, it doesn’t look worth the cost of 15 dollars. It looks liek they are using old time stuff from years ago. Props from the old carnival rides. So sad when they could have really jazzed it up.

  2. Merv said

    It is there first year doing this right. Looks like they didn’t have enough money for high end haunt props and had to make due with what they had. The devils den sounded ok, the fog looked better than described. Yea, if there were real people in there to scare you it would have made it better, but it looked ok.

  3. 242425 said

    OMFG! Theres more of this diseased haunt. I want my two minutes of life back.

  4. Valdunagan said

    Wow. This is bad haunting. Given the video’s are dark but there doesn’t seem to be much going on in there. Sort of like McCains head.

  5. Dissappointed said

    Remember, the PARK didn’t do the haunts, it was created yet another person out to make a buck from Conneaut while claiming to care about the park. Sigh…I wish some people that REALLY care about the park would come forward to help.

  6. LOTGK said

    Mid-America Productions run the Conneaut Ghost World haunt. They also run the Canfield Scaregrounds.

  7. Jack Sparrow said

    It failed because there were no pirates cavorting around.

  8. Noe Vang said

    I’ve been mentioning to people all week to read this blog…

  9. Brian said

    To Dissappointed
    F.Y.I. Part of the proceeds of Ghost Lake will be donated back into the park,So you need to get more information before you make comments !!!

  10. Matt said

    I wanted tell all you here that made any comments, that I realize that this is not yet the largest or spookiest event around. I will say that by next year this will compete with ANY halloween attraction. I have seen the Nightmare attraction from in New York, and been watching all sorts of videos on haunted houses. Remember this is naturally a ghost park since they are no longer an active amusement park. Lots of people used to use this park and lots of memories for people have been made there. Now that my knowledge of how to horrorify people has increased I know that this attraction will become better and better. Halloween is Friday and I encourage all of you to give the scare one last shot, I promise 15 dollars for what you will experience will be like drop in the bucket of good times.

  11. Eddy V said

    Not yet the largest or spookiest event around? Hell, I’ve seen better haunts at residential homes in my neighborhood. Ghost lake was lame to the power of ten. The entire attraction needs to be scrapped and redone if you want it to be popular and scary next year.

  12. Matthew said

    Eddy V:
    Hey the entire attraction torn down? I mean think about this, final destination had several amusement park scenes, and I been doing research myself for this now. I am in college for business currently and plan to have a big hand in it next year. The attraction may need some more but also remember that not everyone will be 100% pleased no matter what. I even took a look at the nightmare house from up in New York, and got some ideas. The nightmare haunted attraction is considered to be #1 in the nation currently, and Ill go out on a limb and say next year it will be here at ghost lake.

  13. Valdunagan said

    Matthew, sure, like politicians, you can promise that things will be better next year. But, like most politicians, all they have are empty promises.

  14. Brian said

    To all negative Blogger`s;
    If Ghostlake was as bad as you all are saying than we would not have WON BEST NEW ATTRACTION ! ! As for that ! WE DID WIN….
    It will be on the web site sometime soon .

    TO ALL positive Blogger`s THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD WORDS ! ! We are hopping to be even bigger and better next year to keep are reputation going .So I hope to see you all next year .. THANKS AGAIN !!!

  15. Gumby said

    Won best new attraction where? At Conneaut lake? Who else was nominated? I hope you don’t mean those Horror Find awards that everyone receives when they sign up?

  16. Red Natural said

    Brian, what website are you referring to? And who is sponsoring the awards. What was the criteria to enter, and to win.

  17. Ken Jones said

    By a haunted house enthusiest group. I was on the crew for the Clown Town haunt and this report is from the first weekend I will agree that the first weekend was a bit rough but after it only got bigger and better each day. We had 20,000 people attened the event and helped raise near $18,000 for the park. Plans are already underway to open some of the rides at the park for next summer including the Blue Streak (roller coaster). There is plans for next years haunt to include several new haunts and and Hey Ride and possibly a haunted train ride.

    Also MTV has spoken with the head managers about an itrest to come out and film Ghost Lake and Canfield next year from construction to close. And air it as a special. Expect a better year next year and now we know what we are doing so expect it to be more thrilling. See you in Clown Town

    • LOTGK said

      You were on the crew in Clown Town? What crew? There was no crew. There was one clown. With a chainsaw. That was it. There weren’t even any workers at the entrance of Clown Town. Notice my ticket stub. It isn’t stamped for Clown Town. Want to know why. When the guy finally showed up, he didn’t have a hole punch. Total disorganization at Ghost Lake.

      And it has to be better next year. It cannot get worse.

  18. Brian B said

    To Ken Jones
    Hey Thanks for your help .Finally someone else is on here that was actually there .And knows the problems we had in the begining
    .Like you said : it only got better ever weekend .We started out with 50 or so monsters , And at the end there was 120 monsters .I think that was a great accomplishment in itself because it is the first year and there was very little time to get it up and running …

    • LOTGK said

      Brian, there are other people that commented here that were at Ghost Lake. Please read through the comments. And I can only critique what I saw. If Ghost Lake wasn’t prepared October 3rd, then they had no right to charge $15 for a haunt that was only 40% manned according to your figures. 50 or so monsters opening weekend, 120 at the end.

  19. Gumby said

    Brian, what website and what award did Ghost Lake win. It was asked ahile ago and you have not responded. Maybe you can’t unzip your clown suit?

  20. Jenny Moersch said

    Hey Brian and all. I worked at Ghost Lake too In Freddie’s House. Gumby I do not the site it is on but we received a letter saying we had won best over all haunted attraction.

    • LOTGK said

      Jen, just to be clear, the Grassy Knoll Institute, my blog, has received countless awards, (Seriously, but they are mainly pure advertising for other websites)

      I would receive an award claiming my site was voted one of the scariest Halloween blogs. And another stating my blog was the best Sci-Fi blog and many others like it. They all wanted me to post these awards on my blog. Of course, there were links embedded to take my viewers to their websites.

  21. Ken Jones said

    LOTGK I came in the second weekend. And after that first weekend our crew got into shape. We did not have many staff the first weekend because kids in the area just were not interested. Our manager put ads in papers but only so many came for the job. The second week though we had more kids showing up. They never turned anyone away but you cant make them show up. But the intesity got better to where I had up to 16 clowns in Clown Town some nights. Next year it will be better. And I will try and get an answer for the award. Thank You for your comments and I love your site. Thank You

  22. KLM said

    i went through the whole thing with 8 people and i was the only one who got scared lol it was alot of fun and i’m really looking forward to going through it again. my favorite one that i went through was The Fog. I got lost from the people i was with but it was no problem

    • LOTGK said

      No offense, but how can you get lost in the Fog. There was only one way you can go.

      • KLM said

        it was pitch black duh !

        • LOTGK said

          Have a look see at the video I shot in the Fog. You could clearly see with the flashing lights, strobes, and ambient light coming from outside.

          • KLM said

            that fog stuff also made my eyes burn and the lights were makin me see doubles. i’m done arguin. i just said how my experience went and thats all. no more comments

            • LOTGK said

              Not arguing either. Just pointing out that you originally said it was “Pitch dark” and now you comment about the lights makin you see double.
              Just saying.

  23. Bridgette said

    just so you know the people that set this up have full time jobs and take this on with no pay. it was time consuming and the first year it has been done. there is only room to improve and i can say i have seen much worse. before you go and compltely rag on them for what they do.

    • LOTGK said

      Aren’t they the same guys that run the Canfield Scaregrounds? If you believe they do not make a profit, you are grossly mistaken. However you are correct about the room to improve. They cannot do worse. I also understand that it was Conneauts first season, but I’m tired of those lame excuses that they weren’t prepared. If so, why did they charge full price? Lastly, I haven’t completely ragged on the event. In a nutshell, they have a perfect set for a haunting. The hotel Conneaut is actually haunted, they need to accent that more, to draw more people in, and instead of having 8 lame attractions, perhaps they can cut it down to 4-5 good ones.

  24. LOTGK said

    Just got back from Ghost Lake, Conneaut. The new critique to follow very shortly.

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