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Ghost Lake – Conneaut – Haunt Level 1

Posted by LOTGK on October 13, 2008

Ghost Lake – Conneaut Lake October 2008

Last Friday, October 3rd, Patrick and I visited the haunted attraction, Ghost Lake. (Formerly known as Conneaut Lake Amusement Park.) The park closed last year citing insurance issues and an arson fire back in February sealed the parks fate. Hence, the transformation to Ghost Lake with 8 terrifying attractions.

Since Ghost Lake is split into haunt levels, we will also split into four separate levels to avoid long intense picture and video filled pages.

The first level of haunt, which you are reading now, is the intro, the parking area, ticket booth, alleged fog machines, midway, food court, and tent exhibits.

The second level of haunt will explore The Fog, The Devils Den, and the Maze Of Madness.

The third level of haunt will explore the Cemetery, Freddie’s House and Clown Town.

And the last level of haunt, will cover the Haunted Hotel Conneaut and the legend of Elizabeth, the ghost bride that allegedly roams the halls and grounds of the hotel. And the Butchers Basement, which is the basement of Hotel Conneaut.

Are you ready to be frightened? Good! Then lets go.

After an hour ride, we arrived and parked in the grass field across the street from Ghost Lake. It was about 8pm. There were no street signs leading us here. We only knew from coming to the amusement park for over 40 forty years. But for other people, they probably drove right past.


There were about 40 cars in the lot which wasn’t a good sign. We crossed the dimly lit street and jumped the rope to get in the line that was forming at the entrance. I didn’t make the jump. My foot got caught and I tanked to the ground. The cost was $15.00 per person for 8 levels of haunt. That didn’t sound bad.


We walked through the turnstile and around the corner and immediately noticed how dark it was. No midway lights showing the way. No fog machines. Just darkness. The midway was advertised as a lively place to hang out and discuss the haunts you just went through. You be the judge.


Every successful haunt event needs good food. French fries, hot dogs, corn dogs, pretzels, nachos, pizza, cotton candy, popcorn, hot chocolate, coffee, and soft drinks. This food stand was open, but only offered cotton candy, no candy apples, or other goodies. As you can see, they were not busy.


This was the second food stand. They sold corn dogs and fresh cut thin french fries. There was a third food stand on the midway but it was dark and closed. The sign said pizza, pretzels, and hot dogs. I would have liked that one to be open. A slice of pizza would have been nice.


I bought a french fry and a corn dog. The french fries were $5 bucks and the corn dog was $3 bucks. You’re looking at $8 bucks. Taste was standard fare. Nothing great. Nothing bad. Pretty steep prices. A woman working at the stand asked why I took a picture of the food. I was nice and bit my tongue and smiled at her.


There were two banners on the midway. This one said to see the bodyless head that actually speaks inside the tent. What tent? We couldn’t find any tent. We looked all over. Asking the workers there was no help. They had no idea where the tent was. We never did get to see the bodyless head.


This was the second banner we saw on the midway. It told us to come see the transformation of a man into a gorilla. It spoke of some sort of curse. I thought it was the curse of the werewolf, but hey, it was Conneaut. (Low budget) And no, we didn’t see this attraction either. No one knew where it was.


Midway security. Yes, he is wearing a skeleton mask. And no, he had no idea where the tent was that housed the bodyless head that talked or the man that transformed into a gorilla that would have been a werewolf if they could afford a little more money for the props needed. Behind him, the burned out section of the park.


We were ready to be frightened, or at least entertained. The write up in the Youngstown Vindicator had us interested for sure in Ghost Lake. We hoped it lived up to the hype.

Haunt Level Two consisted of three attractions. The Fog, The Devils Den, and the Maze Of Madness. Don’t come looking for us if we’re not back in an hour.

Are you ready to be frightened? Click the link below for Level 2.

Ghost Lake – Conneaut – Haunt Level 2

Happy Halloween – Samhain

Back To Halloween Dark Zone Archives


31 Responses to “Ghost Lake – Conneaut – Haunt Level 1”

  1. Press Lori said

    looks lame. No lights, no people.

  2. Gumby said

    That looks like a midget corn dog. A mini me corn dog.

  3. DataKing said

    Whats with the lighting in the park. Certainly a dangerous hazard as kids are walking and running through the place. Can’t waith to hear about the 8 levels.

  4. TammyUconn said

    Were the rides open. That would be cool at night.

  5. bentcrude said

    whatever you blog about, i end up hungry.

  6. fabio said

    i am goin there this upcoming weekend….what was the best part or house? was it scary? fun? could u write descriptions about each house under the rest of the stuff u wrote? that would be very helpful…thank you

  7. LOTGK said

    Fabio, you ask, you shall receive. Look for part two tomorrow morning and part three Wednesday. A complete critique just for you.

    And Tammy, no the rides were all closed. Yes, it would have been sweet to ride them again.

    Here is the link for Haunt Level 2

  8. LOTGK said

    Sorry Blue, I had to sample the fries. They looked good. Very pricey, but good.

  9. Emily said

    I would like to know why they advertised those headless and gorilla side shows and didn’t show them. Maybe they weren’t prepared for them yet.

  10. Merv said

    The midway looks the most scary. Its desserted. Where was everyone? Just 2 food places. How many people were expected at this. No way two stands could handle it. The security guy dressed up was a nice touch. But no chain saw guys or ghouls in the waiting line, why not.

  11. 242425 said

    See, if you were smart, you would have gotten back in your car and drove home 15 dollars richer.

  12. Valdunagan said

    It has promise, if it were done correctly. Why don’t you take control of it LOTGK.

  13. Rob said

    Ok, heres the deal, I went to this house last night. I really didn’t want to, because I read this writeup, I was going to drive the 2 hours to scarehouse in pittsburgh instead, but didnt.

    Firstly, the place was packed when I got there, sooo many people.
    Secondly, you had a completely different experience than myself, maybe they got their act together, maybe u just had a bad night, but every single attraction , HAD SEVERAL LIVE ACTORS. The only ‘haunt’ that I would call kinda lame was the cemetary, and thats because I thought the others were so cool. It was well worth my $13. (coupons at perkins).

  14. Dan & G said

    OK, I get it now. This is a haunted house for money. Your hotel investigation was very realistic. You had me.

  15. Jasmine said

    you seem pretty picky! of course the lady asked why you took a picture of the food! i wouldve done the same thing. its not normal. she probably just wanted to know and for you to not answer is very rude. i went to this haunted house last night and i found it very enjoyable.

  16. Gumby said

    Jasmine, they don’t let you out to often do they?

  17. Stop Maddie said

    Your pictures and videos don’t lie. I was there opening night. We got there around 10 pm. The place was like a grave yard. Deserted. We thought the actors had gone home because no one was in the haunts where they were supposed to be. We thought about asking for our money back.

  18. Matthew said

    To Stop Maddie:
    I have been there at ghost lake since the second weekend. I am sorry for you bad experience at ghost lake, however I do know for a fact that since I have been there, that the performance has continuously improved. I know that a woman in the army that has seen wartime duty with automatic weapons fired at her with live ammo did not scare her, THIS DID! I want to challenge you to give ghost lake one more chance this year. I know that for fact next year the amount of high tech horror there is going to be extremely improved. I personally am adding some touches of my own that I know are sure to please. The amount of actors has more than doubled since the start and the experience of the actors will always make for a more intense scare. So IF you do accept my challenge and finish the entire eight levels of haunt, consider yourself fortunate, since most do not. I am sure that you will be impressed with improvements, and Friday will be the best day to go!

  19. Valdunagan said

    Matthew, are you sure you aren’t running for public office?

  20. Matthew said

    Interesting huh politics must be something that you are concerned with since your reference to the darkness, well if I was to run for an office, which can’t happen, then I wouldn’t be blogging here.

  21. Brian B said

    To Emily
    thegroup with LOTGK had to go through the event backwards . Because all of the sideshow signs had directions painted on the other side of them .That is why they were there . that is why I think that they did go backwards .. If they went the right way they wouldn`t have been walking around the park looking for the next event !! All they had to do is follow the signs ..You know the old saying :: STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES ! ! ! !

    • LOTGK said

      Reply By LOTGK:
      Brian, we did not go through the haunt backwards. We started at the fog and proceeded to go from there. We asked the workers there where the side shows were. None of them knew. Not a single one. In fact, they didn’t know how to get to Freddy’s house. And it was one of the main attractions! We even went back to the ticket booth and asked where the gorilla man and bodyless head side shows were. The attendant at the ticket booth said, ‘What sideshows?” They were as clueless as you Brian.

      In all, Ghost Lake was managed horribly. It could have been a great venue, but I cannot believe that the group that runs the Canfield Scargrounds put any real effort into Ghost Lake. It was total disorganization. Case in point. At the Hotel, the actors were out of position. The young girl that was supposed to be in Elizabeth’s room was in the hall talking to another actor, chatting away. She then ran over to the room, and jumped under the covers. The other Elizabeth ghost was just hanging out in the hallway and when he/she saw us, walked away. Freddy in the basement was just sitting on a stool. He didn’t do anything.

      In the other haunts, actors were out of position, out of costume, masks were off, some were chatting with each other, some eating food, drinking pop, some didn’t give a flying fark at all. Not even the security people knew what was going on.

      With that being said, I was more than fair in my critique of Ghost Lake. I omitted many flaws as mentioned above with the understanding that it was a first year haunt on a tight budget. But you Mister Asshat, you decide to call the customers that spent $15 hard earned dollars on the haunt stupid. Not just me, but the hundreds of people that came on opening weekend. You just proved my point that Ghost Lake was and is managed horribly.

      And thats all I’m going to say about that.

  22. Gumby said

    How did Kelso say it on that 70’s show.

  23. Ken Jones said

    Ah yeah Matthew I remember that Army Lady I was the one that terrified here. SHe steped into the cave for clown town which was added that 3 weekend. I step around the corner she got all wide eyed I stared at here made a face that reved the Chain Saw I about chased here to the Parking Lot.

  24. LOTGK said

    Just got back from Ghost Lake, Conneaut. The new critique to follow very shortly.

  25. joe said

    heard it wasn’t that good

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