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Lost Update – Hot Rod Lincoln

Posted by LOTGK on September 15, 2008

lost update

Lost Update – Season IV – 09/15/2008

They arrested me and they put me in jail,
They called my pappy to throw my bail,
He said “son you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’
If you don’t stop drivin’ that hot rod Lincoln.

Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin on the hit ABC series, Lost, has been charged with a DUI. That does not bode well for him. If you recall, I predicted the demise of not only Ana-Lucia, (Michele Rodriquez) but also of Libbey, (Cynthia Watros) both shot dead and eliminated from the show after receiving DUI arrests. Mr. Eko was also written off after falling into some trouble in real life.

Will Kim share the same fate? Or is the show to far into the story line that eliminating Kim would be a major undertaking?

What say you Lost fans?


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27 Responses to “Lost Update – Hot Rod Lincoln”

  1. Lost N Sane said

    Very interesting theory. Not the virtual reality thingy, but the way actors are tossed off the show. We shall see what happens in season five.

  2. bentcrude said

    i’ve only ever watched it once…….

  3. Trudy said

    They all have contracts. Him getting a dui won’t have any effect on his staying with the team.

  4. izikavazo said

    Yeah I doubt(/hope) the writers plans are too far along in the story to change directions so significantly. That would be very surprising if, after we found out he survived the freighter explosion, he died in some other way.
    – izi

  5. Gumby said

    Maybe Jin will get murdered by the surviving soldiers, Kheame or something, or maybe Ben kills him. f the writers want him off due to bad press, he’s gone.

  6. Anti-christ said

    Never thought it’d be so easy to disrupt Lost. A simple bottle of booze and the series is a wreck.

  7. Kristin said

    Didn’t Jin already die on the freighter?

  8. izikavazo said

    Yeah, I don’t think too many people believe that he actually died there. I personally believe that Daniel picked him up.
    – izi

  9. Yetti said

    Could Jacob be brothers with Richard? But, twin brothers that do not like each other at all. Thus, richard is trying to find jacob in order to destroy him, through Locke. why he hates? maybe because god loves jacob and not him. ahaha. i dont know.

  10. LOTGK said

    Sure he could be. That is the fun of this series. Anything is possible.

  11. rob said

    Jin maybe dead or may not be but a DUI wouldn’t change anything. Years ago the writers said that the story was written with an absolut ending and everything leading up to it. The only thing that’s a contradiction is Charlie. Dominic wanted off the show so they had to tweek it. That’s one of the few things I ever heard J.J. Abrams admit. Most celebrities get into trouble at some point. If the penalty was that severe, there would be no tv shows or movies.

  12. rob said

    oh and i forgot. did anyone see Conan friday? Abrams was on the show and said he and fellow producers got allot of inspiration from Serling. Holla LOTGK

  13. Yetti said

    hey just to spark up some debate again…I was watching the season 4 dvd and focusing on Charlotte. Well one big question I had was that at the end of the season 4 I was led to believe she was somehow born on the island? and is now looking for her birth place, thats why she stays. But in the second episode of season 4 Ben seems to have never seen her before and states that she was born in Essex London. So how can that be?

  14. Yetti said

    Austrailia is the key to the whole game

  15. izikavazo said

    Either Ben lies, or he doesn’t know. That’s what I like to believe.

  16. m b said

    I think charlotte was ben’girlfriend as a child on the island

  17. m b said

    richard was by locke when we was a child does not make scence we still look like the same age I think we was somthing with jacob

  18. rob said

    m b… learn to type or don’t say crap at all. damn.

  19. j_w said

    m.b. good paint,

  20. Da Man said

    Lost is coming to an end after 1 or at most 2 more seasons.
    The show costs too much to produce in Hawaii and too many stars to pay.

    I just hope they wrap it up in a good way.

  21. Paul said

    I just saw the movie primer which deals with time travel and it gave me a theory on last. Dr. Marvin Candle or whoever does all the orientation films has a different name in each one…also the rabbits had numbers on em. Could this be when they time travel that there are duplicates made in a sense. And maybe that they have to keep the 815 passengers on the island so they don’t come in contact with themselves back where they are from as it might somehow destroy the time space continuum. Just a thought.

  22. Sigma6 said

    I love LOST but i watched the last episode of season4 last year and to be honest i cant recall what happened in the last episode and i’m waiting for the DVD to drop in price (not saying that season4 on DVD is not worth paying the over the odds price) i’m just tight with my money, lol, i’m hoping they have a 10 minute ”Previously On LOST” just so i can catch up. With all the rubbish on tv today it’s fantastic to know that this series will be scrambling, confusing and properly messing with our minds again very soon. I’ve given up trying to guess whats going on, well thats what i tell myself but your head could explode with all the questions you want answering…….I suppose an exploding head is better than no LOST at all………yes it is actually.

    LOTGK Replies:
    You know you can go to and watch previous LOST episodes, including the season IV finale.

  23. Sigma6 said

    Lol, just putting a comment up on the site has got me feeling like a 10 year old looking forward to Christmas. I saw a Sky TV van the other day with LOST being advertised on the side, i was with my wife and as soon as i saw the van i turned to her and before i could say anything she said ”Yes i know you love it and yes i know it’s back soon and yes you can get out of the middle of the road now” I hope i don’t sound like an idiot but i love LOST.

  24. Sigma6 said

    Paul (January 13 2009 at 8:49pm) I have the movie Primer on DVD and i think anyone into LOST would love this movie, I see where your coming from about the duplicates, there goes my exploding head again, anyway i best leave some space for others to reply, when i say others i dont mean THE others i mean anyone else who wants to reply……lol, Bless you all at LOTGK.

    LOTGK Replies:
    Thank you. We need all the prayers we can get.

  25. Yetti said

    I think Jacob is Vincent and Walt is special because he can control Jacob (ie vincent).

  26. Paul said

    i don’t know if this has come up before but the lost numbers could be a phone number (481) 516-2342. I looked it up and i guess some people got rickrolled from this particular number

  27. LOTGK said

    Rumor has it that the telephone number was Rod Serling’s, creator of the Twilight Zone.

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