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Independent VP Candidate

Posted by LOTGK on September 8, 2008

Democratic candidate Barack Obama selected Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. 

Republican candidate John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Independent Grassy Knoll Institute candidate LOTGK selected Gemma Massey running mate.

The Grassy Knoll Institute Independent party wanted a green candidate, a candidate sensitive to the environment. As you can see, Gemma Massey is a tree hugging environmentalist.

Also, our candidate has to have our military safety and deployment as a top priority. As you can see, Gemma Massey will bend over for our military and do whatever is necessary to ensure their safety and livelihood.

Of course the Grassy Knoll Institute Independent candidate is patriotic. You can clearly see that Gemma doesn’t use the Flag as a garment, (Very poor flag etiquette) but she does fly the colors.

Gemma Massey’s foreign policy is quite simple. These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

Gemma Massey is not afraid to strip away the red tape and get down to the matters at hand. With Gemma, you won’t get a three hour rhetoric tirade to answer a 5 second question.

And if that doesn’t sway your vote, Gemma Massey, unlike the other candidates, can speak with an English accent.

You can read Gemma Massey’s mission statement at this address.
Gemma Massey Online

Who are you going to vote for?


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9 Responses to “Independent VP Candidate”

  1. Gumby said

    Power to the people.
    Power to the people.
    Power to the people right on.

  2. Staff Defection said

    She isn’t even American. She’s English. How can she be nominated for the independent party.

  3. Max Jackl said

    Ask the Governor from california how that’s done.

  4. Fish-On-A-Wall said

    She does make for stiff competition.

  5. Contessa Confessa said

    … not to mention the fact that she’s WAY HOTTER in her boots than Sarah.

  6. LOTGK said

    I knew you would like the boots.

  7. bitzky said

    You have my vote!

  8. Tres said

    And I wasted my vote on Obama. Damn.

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