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Lost In The Twilight Zone Pilot Episode

Posted by LOTGK on September 2, 2008

Prelude To Season V

As promised, this summer we are going to discuss the correlation between Rod Serling’s science fiction television program, The Twilight Zone, (1959-1964) and the current ABC network hit, Lost. I will start with season one of the Twilight Zone comparing episodes with scenario’s that happened on Lost.

I think once you see a few comparisons, you will quickly realize that Lost is a modern day Twilight Zone. BTW, Twilight Zone aired for six seasons and the Lost writers announced that Lost would also run for six seasons.

Let’s begin with the pilot episode of the Twilight Zone, aptly named,

The Time Element.

In the Time Element, a man (Peter Jensen) believes he is traveling back in forth in time. He visits a psychologist and explains that he keeps having the same recurring dream. He travels back in time to 1941, to Honolulu, Hawaii, and he realizes the Japanese are ready to attack Pearl Harbor. Jensen insists they are not dreams, but in fact, traveling back in time. The doctor he is seeing tries to reassure him that time travel is impossible and he is hallucinating.

Jensen tells the doctor that when he is back in time, he bets on the sporting events and always wins. After a few more dreams, he attempts to warn people of the impending Japanese attack but no one listens or cares. He is deemed a crazy man. Jensen’s dream always ends with the Japanese planes flying overhead and him screaming “I told you so!”

The doctor finds the story incredible and while they are talking, Jensen falls asleep. At that moment, the planes fly overhead and shoot inside the doctors office and kills him.

The camera pans out revealing the entire office, and the doctor is alone, no evidence of Jensen ever being there. The doctor winds up at the bar and there on the wall is a picture of Jensen and he finds out that he tended bar there but was killed in the Pearl Harbor attack.

This is the only Twilight Zone episode without the Prologue, Monologue, and epilogue format. (You will see the format in the next update) In fact, this episode was rejected by the TV executives as not their cup of tea. It was aired a year later to the delight of the viewing audience and the Twilight Zone was born.

Lost Tie In:
Desmond is a modern day Peter Jensen, a man traveling back and forth in time. Both men know what was going to happen, but no matter what they did, who they tried to warn, could not stop the events from unfolding.

We also see the twist, famous in the Twilight Zone. Jensen died in the Pearl Harbor attack in the past. As for Desmond, while he was in the past, calls Penny on the telephone and tells her to wait for his call years ahead in the future on a specific day. Christmas Eve.


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8 Responses to “Lost In The Twilight Zone Pilot Episode”

  1. Ethan said

    Serling did write the New People, a show like Lost just set back in the 90’s. And there are some similarities to Lost. I shall await the next entry to see where this leads.

  2. izikavazo said

    That is very clever. would never have watched The Twilight Zone so I wouldn’t have ever found that connection.
    I’ll bet the writers do those kind of things on purpose. I’m sure they love The Twilight Zone.
    Are there any other connections you can think of?
    – Izi

  3. LOTGK said

    Are there any more connections? You bet. For starters, go here.

    Twilight Zone Connection

    Or here…
    Old Man In the Cave

    Or Here….
    Walking Distance

    Or here…
    Damn Dirty Ape

    Or here…
    Don’t Fear the Reaper

    Or here…
    If I Could Turn Back Time

    And early next week will be another twilight Zone – Lost connection update. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  4. Gumby said

    Ben Linus can also be that man traveling back and forth in time. He just hasn’t been killed yet.

  5. LOTGK said

    This episode brings far greater significance to Lost – Season Five.

  6. Coastal said

    This is a pretty damn good coincidence you have here. I see you posted this back in September before the season five time travel saga began. I’m impressed with the link you made to Serlings show and Lost. You may have something here.

  7. V.E.G. said

    William Bendix was a guest star in the Twilight Zone Pilot. He is the extremely distant cousin of Karl Heinrich Marx!

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