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EFX2 Blogs Debacle Redux

Posted by LOTGK on July 22, 2008

I Am Leaving Soon

I Am Leaving Soon

EFX2 blogs has reared it’s ugly head once again. Apparently the service has gone dark yet again for lack of support, financial or maintenance, or both. (They should have listened to my proposal on revenue generating techniques when they had the chance.) For those not familiar with EFX2, it was / is a blog service community much like WordPress, just with fewer users. I believe they had about 300-400 active users. I left almost two years ago.

Apparently, by the spattering of emails and comments I am receiving, it would seem that EFX2 is once again M.I.A. and some think that I had / have something to do with it’s demise. Flattery will get you plenty here buster, but I did not have anything to do with the terrible customer service EFX2 offered, nor was I the cause of the bugs that were infested there, nor the cause of the extended down time for EFX2. Talk about your paranoid thought process. (Froggy, there really aren’t any black helicopters circling your house) Email Keith with all your questions about why the site was left unattended.

Let me once again rehash what transpired so long ago. The following is my exact LAST post from EFX2. I believe it sums everything up nicely.

Originally posted on EFX2 December 2006

I came to EFX2 back in November of 2005. I, like so many others, was a refugee from a former blog service, Modblog, where, like a listless ship on the Arctic sea, was on life support and months later, died a slow and painful death.

Up until last week, I had a pleasant time here. I was a model citizen, and everyone here knows it. I even held the title of community leader, posted many entries, visited and left many comments on friends blogs, and helped a few people on the way with the questions they had.

And then the “Mob Mentality” set in after I attempted to open a dialog with Keith, the owner of EFX2. As we all know by now, the topic was Google ads, and how they were placed in the shroud of night. I called out Keith asking if perhaps a discussion with the community would help solve the money issue Keith was up against. I was hoping to involve the good people here to solve his dilemma.

Sadly, the Mob took over. I was called some terrible names, especially by Keith’s wife sandie, (Troll, Jerk, Asshole) and many more community members and community leaders piled on, many who I do not know, first timers to my blog, and they chimed in with the same sentiment. They were just going along with the Mob, not thinking for themselves, but as a Mob. (Many of these same people will say worse after this entry is posted)

It reminded me of the old Boris Karlof movie, Frankenstein, where the villagers, afraid of the monster, gathered at the gates with their torches and stormed the castle with the intent of destroying the monster.

The difference is I survived. And retaliated. So much so that Keith, who just mere days before, said it was completely pointless to debate the Google ads topic because he had made up his mind and that was that. Case closed. Quit wasting his time. Yada, yada, yada. Now he has had a change of heart and offered a different approach and actually asked the community for suggestions and help concerning the ads. Imagine that. EFX2, you are welcome!

I also called out sandie, Keith’s wife, proving that she had lied not only to me but to the entire community. (She stated that everyone including herself was blocked out of Keith’s blog after he set it to buddies only. I posted the blog alerts on that entry that I still received but was unable to comment on. At least five other people commented on it after Keith changed the permissions) Their own code rose up to bite them in the ass. Much like in Frankenstein, when the monster choked Victor Frankensteins brother to death, and his wife. His own technology, creation, turned on him in the end.

Speaking of the end. My journey here is complete at EFX2. This is my last entry. As I said, I have been a model citizen in my time here, just over a year, helping many people here with code and set up, posting many entries, commenting and visiting on many others. I even devised a plan for Keith to increase his Google ad revenue. (Trust me folks, it works wonders, and is perfectly legal in the eyes of Google. I’ll tell you how to set it up in my next entry. Wink!) I can only imagine how the mob mentality and ownership here treats non model citizens.

I have turned off the commenting and also deleted my shoutbox to avoid further dissension among the remaining EFX2 bloggers.

I’ll leave you with a classic warning from an old Science Fiction movie from 1951, The Day The Earth Stood Still. Although the film is 55 years old, the lesson and moral still holds true today, especially for EFX2. For those unfamiliar with the film,…

A huge menacing flying saucer lands in Washington, DC. A semi-panic ensues among the community and troops arrive. A humanoid alien (Klaatu) and a giant robot (Gort) emerge, but Klaatu is shot and wounded by a nervous soldier as he extended his arm in friendship and help. Gort then uses his laser beam eye to melt the weapons right out of soldiers’ hands and even vaporizes a tank. Klaatu’s arm is treated at Walter Reed hospital and he tries to arrange a meeting with the leaders of the world, but they cannot agree on a meeting place, letting pettiness and pride rule them.

Klaatu escapes, evading the army and returns to his ship. But before he leaves, Klaatu, as scientists from around the globe gathered near the spaceship, addresses the people of Earth warning them about their current actions and endeavors and the consequences.

(I took several liberties with the text to adapt to EFX2)

“Citizens of EFX. I am leaving soon. And you will forgive me if I speak bluntly. The blog universe grows smaller everyday. And the threat of aggression of any group can no longer be tolerated. There must be security for all, or no one is secure. This does not mean giving up any freedom. Except the freedom to act irresponsibly. Your ancestors knew this when they made laws to govern themselves and hired policemen to enforce them.

We, of the other blogs, have long accepted this principle. We have an organization for the mutual protection for all blogs and the complete elimination of all aggression. The test of any such higher authority is of course the police force that supports it. For our policemen, we created a race of robots. Their function is to patrol the blogs, in cyberships like this one, and preserve the peace. In matters of aggression, we have given them absolute power over us. This power cannot be revoked. At the first sign of violence, they act automatically against the aggressor. The penalty for provoking their action is too terrible to risk.

The result is, we live in peace. Without arms or armies. Secure in the knowledge that we are free from aggression or war. Free to pursue more profitable enterprises. Now we do not pretend to have achieved perfection, but we do have a system, and it works. I came here to give you these facts. It is no concern of ours how you run your own blog. But if you threaten to extend your violence, this blog of yours will be reduced to a burned out cinder. Your choice is simple. Join us and live in peace, or pursue your present course, and face obliteration.

We shall be waiting for your answer. The decision rests with you.

Gort, Maringa.”

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6 Responses to “EFX2 Blogs Debacle Redux”

  1. Gumby said

    I think I read this somewhere before. I’m almost sure of it. LOL

  2. Gumby said

    Totally off topic here, how did you add that title underneath your picture. The I will be leaving soon.

  3. dooohhead said

    I joined EFX2 simply to read ex-Modbloggers’ blogs, but when I went to WordPress after Modblog, I never looked back.

  4. Gumby said

    Spoken like a true Boys of Summer.
    You can never look back.

  5. Chica said

    I can’t believe it’s been re-hashed. People need to let by-gones be by-gones really.

    I am curious as to whom the truth is, they are awful bitter.

    I’d never argue with you, you’d win every time, spinning me in circles with space references and long words. hehe. 🙂

  6. ben said

    I missed most of this when it was happening, I wish I had paid more attention. I think we know who the real assholes are.
    I am now even happier that I left.

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