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Lost Update – Iris – Season IV Finale

Posted by LOTGK on May 30, 2008

lost season 4 finale

Lost Update Season IV Finale 05/29/2008

And I’d give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be
And I don’t want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it’s over
I just don’t want to miss you tonight

And I don’t want the world to see me
Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When every things made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything seems like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know your alive

And I don’t want the world to see me
Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When every things made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I just want you to know who I am

Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

Season IV finale is upon us. When Lost started, I envisioned a three year series of 30 episodes a season. Instead, the executives decided to stretch the series into six season cutting down on episodes per season to 16 for the last three years. More advertising dollars perhaps, but tonight could have been the series finale. Instead, we have two more years to find out that my Lost theory was correct.

Just what is my Lost theory…..
Although it appears the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are on a tropical island, they are being deceived. There is no island. The survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory. All the castaways are interconnected to one another sharing each others thoughts, memories, and feelings. While in this virtual reality laboratory, a battery of physical and mental experiments are performed on them. And who is behind all this other than the mysterious government men? Aliens of course.

I’ll see you in another life brother!

Before we get to my theory, a quick recap.

* Jeremy Bentham is the man in the casket. Also known as John Locke.

* Richard wears eye liner. Don’t know what to make of that. But he is a ruthless mofo as he shoots Keamy.

* Kate and Sayid makes a deal to get off the island if they help rescue Ben.

* Ben says the chopper is yours….. Ben always lies the bastard. He knows the chopper is going down.

* Did I mention Keamy, the mercenary soldier is shot multiple times and left for dead. (Big mistake)

* Walt visits Hurley in the hospital.

* Walt is grown up. Has to be a flash forward, at least three years.

* Walt says only jeremy Bentham visited him. Wonders why.

* Walt wants to know why Hurley and the others are lying. Hurley says, We’re lying to protect everyone that didn’t come back.

* Locke tells Jack that he has to lie to protect the island.

* Locke asks Ben how deep the station is. Very deep!

* Locke asks Ben if the Orchid station is the magic box. Ben says no!

* Ben says this place was for experiments. For time and space experiments.

* Locke watches a Dharma movie about the vault, a capsule where objects placed into travel to and from the past and future. No metal can be put in the box. Ben is filling the vault with metal.

* Keamy returns, He’s pissed.

* Ben asks for his weapon back. Keamy’s body armor saved him from the bullets. Reveals a dead mans switch, all the people on the freighter die if Keamy dies. Ben kills Keamy anyway, stabs him several times in the throat.

* Locke said you just killed everyone on the freighter. Ben says, so what. It’s not my problem.

* Charlotte, nothing is forever. Was on the island before. Wants to stay. Leaves Daniel.

* Sawyer jumps from the chopper to save the others. Whispers a secret to Kate before he jumps.

* Christian Sheppard appears to Michael and tells him, “You can go now Michael.” Does a good deed and perhaps redemption.

* Sawyer in the water, Jin on the deck, Sayid, Jack, Desmond, Hurley, Sun, Aaron in the chopper, the rest on the island.

* In a flash forward, Sun confronts Widmore, tells him to stop pretending.

* Sawyer is a hell of a swimmer. Somehow loses his shirt. Makes it back to the island. Juliet is there. Watching the burning freighter on the horizon.

* Ben moves the island, bright white light, island vanishes, chopper can’t find the island. Crashes in the ocean.

* Locke looks down upon his people, Richard says welcome home.

* Whoever moves the island cannot come back. Perhaps Widmore once moved the island and has been searching for a way to get back ever since. Changed the rules to perhaps get back.

* In a dream, Claire tells Kate not to bring Aaron back to the island.

* Life raft is spotted, sort of like the ending of season one finale, when Tom abducted Walt. But this time, it’s Penny’s boat. They embrace, unite.

* We find out that Sun blames Jack for Jin’s death. The second person responsible. Her father and Jack. she’s pissed.

* Jack tells the others they have to lie, what Locke told him to do, to protect the rest.

* Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron ready to board the life raft for the designated rescue island.

* Jack and Desmond exchange words. I’ll see you in another life brother. Exactly what they said in their chance meeting in the stadium on the mainland.

* John Locke is in the casket.

* All of you have to go back, including dead Locke.

* Ben says, I have a few idea’s how…..

Season IV is over. Do you feel relieved, saddened, or anxious for season five to start. Keep in mind, that won’t be until February of 2009 which is a long way off. Only 32 more episodes to go.

Tonight’s song lyrics tie in very nicely with season four finale. Read the lyrics again. Better yet, listen to the tune. It’s a good one.

So, Ben can travel back and forth in time. He has a goddamn time machine hidden down in the Orchid. Perhaps that is why he knows what is going to happen. Because he has lived it already. Perhaps he can rewind, much like the Dharma tape Locke was watching tonight, and rewind segments of history, and manipulate the outcome. Such as, not allowing Keamy to execute his daughter.

Or, perhaps Ben is aware of the virtual reality scenario he is in, and can manipulate the dream state and force his own outcomes for his own benefit. Perhaps he is the one controlling the virtual reality. He does always seem to be in command. He always has a plan. He always wins.

Let’s stay with the “Always wins” theme. The happy ending to an epic story. All the castaways have been endured immense agony, pain, and sorrow but in the end, redemption and a happy ending. (No, not the hooker kind of happy ending) As I stated many times, the experiment on humanity continues and now, the next phase. Allowing the castaways to win, get off the island all through the vessel of virtual reality. Lets examine some castaways shall we….

Sayid has been searching for Nadia for 7 years, and he finds her and lives happily ever after. For Sayid, it is a perfect ending.

Desmond, in search for his love Penny, is rescued by her. From an island that doesn’t exist. Now thats finding a needle in the haystack. Another perfect happy ending.

For Sun, although you may not think, has a happy ending. Remember, she wanted to get away from her husband Jin, and now, she is, and more, she bought a controlling interest in her fathers company and has become a very powerful woman. Revenge and power, and for Sun, a happy ending.

Sawyer, well, he sacrifices his ticket home and jumps out of the chopper. BTW, it looked to be at least 80 feet, and we all know by watching the movie, The Gaurdian, you don’t survive a fall from that distance. But Sawyer does, and surfaces and begins a 12 mile swim back to the island. And what does he find? You bet! A buxom blond, (Juliet) drinking on the beach. that is one hell of an ending for Sawyer.

What about Locke? He’s dead, in the casket. Not a perfect ending for him right? Well, I would think that Locke, now the leader of the Others, like Ben, has to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his people and the island. In the future, three years or so, Locke dies for his people and the island. And for Locke, the island is his soul, and will always be a part of it. Perhaps becoming the new Jacob.

Michael, hell he’s blown up on the boat, but he has saved the people he once betrayed, and has found the redemption he was searching for.

Hurley is safe and happy in the hospital, where he wants to be, talking to his dead friends. He even beats Mr. Ecko in a game of chess. A millionaire living a reclusive life, a happy ending for Hurley.

Kate, back on the mainland, with a son, and from the car she drove, was doing pretty darn fine. From the look of that scene, she had gotten what she wanted.

Jack, well, he is destitute, a drunk, lost his wife, his practice, Kate, and close to suicide. Not a good ending for him at all. Until, he does what he is supposed to do, lead the people back to the island, and take over as the new leader of the Others. New Jack City.

So what does season V have in store for the Lost castaways? Glad you asked. I am predicting that they all wind up back on the island, (I know, no earth shaking prediction there) but will be separated in time. some will arrive in the future, some in the past, and others, the present, as we know it. The whispers are the ghosts of the past, present, and future intersecting in the virtual reality world of Lost.

Season IV is now history, but not all is Lost. Throughout the long off season, I will be updating periodically on Lost and the strong connections it has to the Twilight Zone, a popular science fiction television program that aired in the 50’s and early 60’s. Each episode will be broken down and compared to Lost, the castaways, and situations.

Until we meet again, Get Lost!!!


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39 Responses to “Lost Update – Iris – Season IV Finale”

  1. LOTGK said

    Oh yes, something either funny or peculiar last night. When Locke is watching the Dharma movie about time travel, did you see the movie stop and begin to rewind? As if perhaps time itself was rewinding. As if Ben were somehow going to right the wrongs, fix whats broken by going back to a predetermined date?

    To save his daughter, the island, his life. Heavy stuff there. Or just a comedic moment.

  2. Valdunagan said

    Fantastic show last night. And you have a perfect title and song. Iris, as in the eye iris we see at the beginning of every majot scene change. And the lyrics, describes everyone. Good job. Don’t believe in VR, but good job on this one last night.

  3. Newby said

    Okay, I am going to have to disagree with you. I don’t believe in the happy endings. We have never seen a flash forward for Desmond so we don’t know anything that happens after the rescue. Sayid may have found his woman but is killing people and working with Ben in the future. I also noticed that Ben is a good guy in the future. No one seems bothered by him anymore. Normally no one is happy to see him but Jack doesn’t seem angered by his presence at the funeral home. And Sayid is working with him at some point in the future too. I do agree that the following seasons will involve going back to the island. And just because “Locke” is in the coffin it doesn’t mean that is who he was on the island. His name is different and we know from the flash backs that his name is really John (as a child etc.). Maybe it had to be changed for some reason but I’m not convinced it’s the same person. Maybe an evil twin 🙂 I don’t think Michael is dead either. Hurley and Walt talked about how he is still on the island. Just some thoughts….

  4. J. Pruett said

    Jeremy Bentham as a person who had “an unconscious neglect of his own person,” “good-humoured, placid intelligence,” one who “is a beneficent spirit, prying into the universe, … a thoughtful spectator of the scenes of life, or ruminator on the fate of mankind …” he believed that men inevitably pursue pleasure and avoid pain, “blind contempt for the past.” but that as a thinker he was not very original, not even very profound, a trifle confused on ultimate philosophical issues and prone to over simplify complex problems … pedantic and opinionated systematizer, overrated by his radical contemporaries …”Is this Locke?

  5. Paul said

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention how after Ben does the metal in the time machine and says he’s going somewhere cold and then kicks out a window and is now freezing. Moves what looks like an ancient dial. And looks up at Jacob. What did Ben look at…was it a statue..or a room where they watch the experiments. The dial alone had me perplexed…..hmmm was it to the ship?

  6. Gumby said

    My question is why didn’t Jin jump off the god damn boat.

  7. Sister said

    I must agree with Newby- happy endings? Tcha Right! Did you see Sun screaming her head off? Didn’t look happy to be a single woman to me. She and Jin have rectified their relationship and are probably the truly happiest they’ve ever been. Holding grudges and getting revenge doesn’t exactly strike me as cheery either. I don’t see that Hurley is thrilled either. He NEVER smiles in the institution. The happiest he’s ever been was probably either 1. before the lotto win, or 2. on that freaking island! People needed him there. He was loved, befriended, and his issues weren’t issues to any of those people. And we can’t guarantee that Des and Pen are happy either. Isn’t Ben sort of looking for her? Daughter for a daughter revenge with Widmore? Mm hmm.

    What do we make of the fact that Jeremy Bentham is a real person? As in, not the dude in the casket, but a real historical figure named Jeremy Bentham.

    *waits for you to read*

    Ok, he’s another political, social, economical reformer and philosopher. Was this just a ‘hint’ for viewers to know ahead of time who was in that coffin, or is there more going on here? WHY would everyone call him JB instead of John Locke? Seems a bit odd, Y/Y? Not sure it’s an evil twin, but there’s something going on there. Incidentally, Bentham’s body is preserved and on display in London- another weird parallel? He was also an outspoken critic of violence after the Jacobin revolt in France. *coughs* Jacob *coughs* Another weird coincidence?

    Anyway, I’m not 100% sure that is John in that coffin, or 100% sure he’s dead. Besides that, if Benny can rewind time….

    All in all I thought the finale was a GREAT episode. I loved getting answers to some questions and while raising others. I wold think, as we get closer and closer to the series finale, that we’ll start to get a few less questions and a few more answers. I think the next big question we need to ask ourselves is- how in the world is Jack going to get those Survivors to go back?!

    My suggestion is that he needs to appeal to each one of them individually. Best chance he’s got. Can’t WAIT to see how he appeals to Katie though. 😉

  8. Sister said

    Oh, and Sayid ain’t thrilled either. Nadia’s dead. X_x

  9. Crystal said

    * Richard wears eye liner. Don’t know what to make of that.
    – I would have to say he wear eyeliner cause all the girlies like me think it is HOT! =]

    * Walt says only jeremy Bentham visited him. Wonders why.
    – Here I was wondering who Jeremy Bentham was… so how does Hurley & Walt know of Locke as Bentham??

    * Locke watches a Dharma movie about the vault, a capsule where objects placed into travel to and from the past and future. No metal can be put in the box. Ben is filling the vault with metal.
    – One, I automatically was thinking of time travel when the tape started to rewind.
    – Two, I wonder if blowing up the wall, means the time machine won’t work anymore…

    * Sawyer jumps from the chopper to save the others. Whispers a secret to Kate before he jumps.
    – this secret has me perplexed… I wanna know!!

    * Christian Sheppard appears to Michael and tells him, “You can go now Michael.” Does a good deed and perhaps redemption.
    – He is now free from the island & dead.

    * Sawyer is a hell of a swimmer. Somehow loses his shirt.
    – He also lost his shoes =] But the shirt was the important part…

    * Ben moves the island, bright white light, island vanishes, chopper can’t find the island. Crashes in the ocean.
    – Have to admit that was pretty cool.

    * Locke looks down upon his people, Richard says welcome home.
    – Locke didn’t look like he was “home” he appeared that this wasn’t what he signed up for. And considering the ending, I would say that he wasn’t setlled in the leader position…

    * Whoever moves the island cannot come back.
    – Why?

    * In a dream, Claire tells Kate not to bring Aaron back to the island.
    – Wonder what’s going on at the island. I think that Kate and Aaron will be the hardest to convince to bring back to the island.

    * We find out that Sun blames Jack for Jin’s death. The second person responsible. Her father and Jack. she’s pissed.
    – I don’t understand why she blames Jack…

    * John Locke is in the casket.
    – I about jumped out of my seat when Ben started talking, lol. Actually throughout the whole conversation, I kept thinking it was Ben in the casket. So when they showed Lockes face, I was surprised.

  10. Przn Rug said

    Happy or sad ending, I think it’s relative to the time of the matter. You can interpret it to fit your argument.

    Ben probably said he couldn’t go back to the island because to go back through the window, the island wouldn’t be there since it had moved.

    And it doesn’t make sense to say Locke is dead because he moves the island in the future since Ben moved it and is still alive. But why Locke is called Jeremy, I have no idea and I’m still confused about.

    But I too will be watching all of the Twilight Zone episodes and hopefully catching your updates, LOTGT.

  11. LOTGK said

    Here’s a nice tidbit for you all. The following link is a picture of Jeremy Bentham, in a box. Sort of like the “Magic Box” and also like the box Lockes father was in.
    Jeremy Bentham
    Photo courtesy of
    You should read the link, its a very interesting read and could fit John Locke.

  12. flashncash said

    Sayid works for Ben in the future…maybe because Ben and Jack convinced him and Hurley to go back to the island and Sayid is killing off the opposition to that effort.

    If the one that moves the island cannot come back is known, then the island has moved before, If it has moved before, the “time machine” has had a hole or two blown out of it before. How was it repaired?

    Right before the island was moved and the light was flashing they were showing the helicopter, Sawyer on the beach AND the motorboat heading back to the blown up freighter…what happened to those people on the motorboat???? With the island or stranded forever in the middle of nowhere?

    FEBRUARY 2009!!!! AHHHHH!!!! I have trouble waiting a week for the next episode!

  13. urbanvamp said

    Oh my god, the only one I really have to comment on is “Richard wears eye liner.” He DOES! Thank you! I’ve been fighting with my Lost watching buddy about that since he was introduced.

    Also: Does he not age? or is that just my mind playing tricks?

  14. Gary said

    There is a link to the island, i might be clutching at straws but does anyone remember the log book from the black rock ( the shipwreck on the island) it was sold at auction and brought by Widmore, perhaps this book has some of the islands answers like ‘where it goes when it moves’ this may have helped Widmore find the island AGAIN in the first place and may help find it in the future or like i said i might be clutching ……………………….but what else can you do apart from clutch lol

  15. Lost Fan said

    Richard does not age. When he visited John as an infant, an young boy, he was the same age as he is now on the island. For some reason, Richard doesn’t age.

  16. Whooo boy. Happy Endings? Really? I think not, let’s get into it…

    Sun- No way. She didn’t always want to get away from Jin, hence her apprehention to Jin finding out she’s pregnant because he’s suppossed to be sterile. And now what was her happy ending – hubby and baby – is lost. Personally, I think Jin is alive (I think he leapt off the boat and Daniel probably picked him up in the motorboat). Sun blames Jack (because he stopped Kate from getting Jin and she knew there was no way Jack would leave without Kate) and her father for putting them in harm’s way in the first place.

    Sawyer – His happy ending is Kate. He gives it up for her to be safe. No happy ending for Sawyer.

    Jack – Please. Need I even mention how many ways coming home has screwed him over.

    Kate – No great life and she’s seeing ghosts and hearing backward voices telling her to go back. Plus, you know she’s scared that if she returns, Claire will be alive and will want her son back. Fear is not a happy ending.

    Hurley – Yeah, I’d like to be having convos with dead folks while I’m in the nut house. That’s a happy ending all right…. NOT!

    Aaron – Who’s this chick that’s feeding me and clothing me and what not? Where’s mommy? Where’s Unkie Jack? Sounds happy to you? I haven’t even seen this poor kid smile yet…

    Sayid – Nadia dead and now working for Ben as a hitman after he sworn off violence. Yeah, he’s a barrel of laughs.

    Locke – Dead does not equal happy. Especially when you’re handed the literal keys to the kingdom.

    Ben – Kicked outta paradise. Again, another satisfied customer….riiight…..

    Let’s see – I get everybody? Walt look happy to you? Again, ummm no.

    Dude – this couldn’t possibly be the series finale. Fans would’ve burned ABC down and Lindelof and Cuse would’ve been run outta town on a rail.

  17. Lori said

    great blog lotgk

    Locke is not dead, its a ploy to get them back.
    perhaps the casket Jack found on the island in season one wasnt that of his fathers, but the casket of… “Jeremy Bentham”.

    I know thats kinda reaching…but………with all the time traveling that seems to be going on…it could be…

    The fight between Keamy and Sayid was definitely exciting, it had me standing up yelling at the tv for Sayid to kick his f***ing ass :).
    I hated that Keamy guy.

    Sawyer became the hero…. but before he jumped he told Kate to find his daughter… if you turn it up real loud when he whispers in her ear, you can hear something about “find her” *shrugs*
    Which is what probably caused the big fight between Kate and Jack when he left her.

    eh, I am a little ticked that they wont be showing any new episodes until next year.
    By that time, I will have to buy, and rewatch this whole season again just so I can remember what is happening.

  18. johan haren said

    Why has Locke changed his name. Simple, Locke was on the plane that crashed as was everyone else. The Oceanic crew had to lie (as sugested by Locke to Jack) that they we’re the only survivors, to protect the Island and the people on it. Locke therefore has changed his name so that the general public still assume he is one of the dead at the bottom of the ocean.

    Anyway, who killed Locke. He was most likely killed when off the Island, as several of the survivors had spoken to him. I also can’t remember the Island sending back its dead in coffins. Could one of the survivors be responisibe for killing him, or Whitmore?

  19. LOTGK said

    Desmonds life was/is Penny. He is now reunited with her. Both safe and sound. The ultimate happy ending.

    J. Pruett,
    It would certainly seem likely that Bentham is Locke. At times, the writers of Lost went to great lengths to send Internet surfers on a wild goose chase. The Lost team has set up and maintained multiple websites to befuddle and serve misinformation, or perhaps exact information to the readers.

    About the cold, also found that perplexing, if they are in a tropical area, as clearly they are, then how does it get freezing cold on the island. Unless they are not on an island but in a virtual reality lab.

    I don’t think Jin had time. I think he made it though.

    If you remember, Sun was leaving Jin before the flight of Oceanic 815, and was having an affair before the flight. In the end, Sun got her wish, and much more, became a powerful business woman and commanded her fathers respect.

    PRZN Rug,
    I am sure Ben knows how to get back to the island. For one thing, remember, Ben always lies. And second, when he tells Jack that he and the others must go back, how are they going to if Ben doesn’t know how?

    Perhaps there is more than one time portal on the island.
    About the castaways stranded in the boat, perhaps now they will not age as Richard doesn’t and when they wash ashore on the island, will replenish the community.

    Perhaps Widmore was the original “Ben,” and is searching for his way back.

    Sun was planning her moves way in advance. She had several people helping her, to flee and disappear from sight. Stranded on the island, Sun rolled with what she was dealt, and took advantage of the situation.
    About Sawyer, Kate was just his next stop. Just look at what was waiting for him when he came ashore. A buxom beautiful blond, drunk, with a bottle of wine. And no Jack in sight. Or Sayid. or Jin. Or Desmond. Sawyer is now the Alpha male, the man in charge, exactly what he wanted.
    About Jack, what does he want to do most of all? Control everything. And when he gets back to the island, he will be able to control once again. Ben giving him the ways and means to get is his happy ending. Keep in mind, that at the end of Lost, the good will be the bad, and the bad will be the good.
    kate, all she wanted to to be to stop running. She’s exonerated from her past legal problems including murder, has a nice car, fine clothes, and a son. She is her own woman.
    Hurley, had stated that he was happiest when he was at the hospital, felt at peace, and safe. And as a bonus gets to talk and interact with his dead friends.
    Aaron, Claire was giving him up for adoption, and who knows where or with who he would wind up with. Claire did not want the baby. Aaron would off way better off.
    Locke, the perfect happy ending, as he becomes the person he was searching for, the one that everyone looked up to and sought out his guidance, yes, Locke through death became Jacob.
    Ben, we all know that Ben is exactly where he wants to be. He controls his own destiny. And for Ben, on the mainland persuading Jack to go back is what he wants to do.
    And Slade, I don’t think this is the series finale, merely season IV finale. I already told everyone how the series ends. Check the archives.

  20. Paul said

    I thought that maybe Jack and Locke would be the cycle of Ben and Mr. Whitmore….but since Ben was still and alive at Locke’s casket i kinda scratched that theory.

  21. Paul said

    oh and i saw that there was an episode of the Twilight Zone named The Whole Truth which is the title of a Lost episode

  22. Ayyyy I think iv got it see jackk is some how gonna get everone back on the or a plane or boat and get back to the island and make an attempt to rescue everyone and get himself killed(knowin lost they probably will do that) but yea and sun will have visions of Jin too sadly that was pretty wicked of Jack not to tell pilot ta Get him but yea Sawyer is a Super mega swimmer he had to swim at least 1 mile and that is far for some water.You cant even run for a mile straight let alone swim it was the power of the island.I see Jack realizes he shoulda listen ta Lock huh well Lotgk looks like ya gotta heck of a lot of Twighlight Zonin ta do ill be sure ta get on and support yo theory all the step of the way man

  23. Cameron said

    Those are some pretty good eyes ya got there Paul i never woulda notice that in a milion Decades.

  24. Paul said

    I was just watching the last episode again and came up with another thought….the whispers were happening when the really old “others” were helping Ben escape. I have a feeling that they can shapeshift into what the flight 815 people want to see. Kind of like the end of Contact when Jodie Foster sees her father.

  25. Yetti said

    I think it is possible that Mr. Widmore was the one who moved the island previously. thus, he is trying to get back but can’t. I also think that when the island is moved it creats accidents. I.e black rock (the shipwreck) it is so far inland that the island must have just popped up and wrecked the ship which just happened to be sailing in that area. Also, when the Dharma station blew up (the swan) it probably caused the island to move as well, causing the island to just appear and cause the Oceanic 815 crash.

  26. lostone said

    i dont know if some one said this but the guy working the machine in the video lock was watching was ben

  27. Lori said

    what I would like to know is… how dharma was able to drop that shipment of food if the island keeps getting moved around…….

  28. LOTGK said

    Good question. With VR, Dharma always knows where the island is, in your head. With the other theories floating around, not so easy an answer.

  29. DesmondsWorld said

    Does anyone know what happened to Daniel Faraday? Talk about bad luck first he’s heading to the boat it blows so he probably turns around to go back to the island then it vanishes. Did I miss something? Can’t watch again had to make room on the DVR help me out here.

  30. FOX said

    Any good ideas on where Jack’s father comes into play?

  31. Gumby said

    You missed it desmond, aliens from below the crust of the earth surfaced and sucked Faraday through the crust portal and into a new time dimension. It was so cool.

  32. NegativePlus1 said

    he’s lying too you all. Aliens did not come from the earth. The show didn’t end like that.

  33. LOTGK said

    How do you know Negative man, or woman.

  34. rob said

    I was also thinking about what happened to Dan Faraday and friends on the boat. Did it ever show them again in the final minutes of the finale? If not, they are defintely stuck in the middle of nowhere right?

  35. rob said

    one more thing… wasn’t Ben wearing that same jacket (dharma) when he appeared in the desert in his episode like a month or two ago.

  36. Arissa said

    to newbie:
    They wouldn’t show desmond having flashforwards because he’s not part of the oceanic, I believe they showed him in flashbacks because we had to learn more about him.
    Although this entire story line is tricky because they are all connected in some odd way.
    to Crystal:
    Of course we didn’t know who Bentham was THEY KNEW because he WENT TO VISIT THEM duh.
    At the end sudden realization occurs after we see Locke.

  37. Arissa said

    excuse me the oceanic 6*

  38. Ethan said

    incredible site here. I am liking this. Must.Read.More.

  39. izikavazo said

    I don’t think Sun blames Jack, I think that’s just Jack’s very active conscience getting the better of him.
    And you said there were 32 episodes left. Good news! Now there are 34 episodes left. They made each season 17 episodes long to make up for the lost time during the writers strike.
    I disagree with most of your happy endings, escept for Desmond (obviously), and Kate. I think Kate is happy off the island. She finalyl settled down and had a family and she even got Jack for a while, she was happy. I think she will be more happy with Sawyer though, but that’s a personal opinion.
    – Izi

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