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Lost Update – Old Man In The Cave

Posted by LOTGK on May 22, 2008

Lost Update Season IV 05/22/2008

As promised, the Grassy Knoll Institute is ready to explain the mysterious Jacob, the old man that lives in the cabin. The same man that Ben takes orders from. The same old man that seems to have powers beyond our comprehension.

The answer to this mysterious entity can only be found in the Twilight Zone. For those not familiar with the Twilight Zone, it was a science fiction television program created by Rod Serling that aired in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s with each episode exploring outlandish events and ending with a twist. Tonight’s Lost update will explore the 1963 Twilight Zone episode titled, The Old Man In The Cave. You will quickly see the relevance and similarities between Lost and the Zone.

As usual, we will start with the Prologue. (How each Twilight Zone episode began)


You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

Next came the opening Monologue by Serling himself.

Opening Monologue:

What you’re looking at is a legacy that man left to himself. A decade previous he pushed his buttons and, a nightmarish moment later, woke up to find that he had set the clock back a thousand years. His engines, his medicines, his science were buried in a mass tomb, covered over by the biggest gravedigger of them all: a bomb. And this is the Earth ten years later, a fragment of what was once a whole, a remnant of what was once a race. The year is 1974, and this is the Twilight Zone.

Story Synopsis:

In a thinly populated town set in 1974, ten years after a nuclear war, survivors of the town discover some canned food and other supplies. As hungry and desolate as they are, they don’t eat the food. Instead they wait for the old man in the cave to tell them if the food is fit to eat or contaminated with radiation.

One time they didn’t listen to the old man and the townsfolk planted crops where he said not to. (Contaminated soil) The harvest turned out to be a bitter one leaving them with little food to survive on. They learned the hard way to wait for an answer from the old man, and from Goldsmith. (The towns leader) Goldsmith was the only man who went to the cave to talk to the old man and waited on his word whether or not to plant or eat.

As usual, Goldsmith took a can of food with him to the cave and returned a short time later. Goldsmith said the old man declared the food unfit to eat and for it to be destroyed immediately. Just as the people were ready to destroy the food, a group of renegade soldiers pulled into town. They started asking questions on who was in charge, did they have any food, water, supplies, gas. When the towns people said they had no food it angered the soldiers for they saw the crates of food that were deemed unfit to eat by the old man in the cave.

The soldiers asked who the old man was, and did anyone ever see him, how they knew he was alive, and tried to make the towns people believe he didn’t exist. That he was made up by Goldsmith so he would always be in control of the town. To prove their point, the soldiers went to the cave and called the old man out. Goldsmith told them that he is the only one that sees and talks to the old man.

The soldiers stormed the cave and instead of finding the old man, they find a computer. Goldsmith was using the computer to analyze the food and soil to see if it was contaminated or not. The towns people got angry, and as a mob, destroyed the computer and decided to eat the food. All the people for the first time in a long time got their fill of food including the soldiers. They all shunned Goldsmith as he was the only one who didn’t partake in the food.

The next morning, all the towns people and soldiers are dead laying in the street and yards, killed by contaminated food they ate the previous night. Goldsmith was the only one left alive.


Mr. Goldsmith, survivor, an eye witness to man’s imperfection, an observer of the very human trait of greed and a chronicler of the last chapter—the one reading ‘suicide’. Not a prediction of what is to be, just a projection of what could be. This has been the Twilight Zone.

Go ahead, take a breather. I’ll let it all sink in. Let me know when you are ready to continue. (tick, tock, tick tock, all the time I need)

Before we begin comparing the Old Man in the cave and the Old Man in the cabin, lets look at what this Twilight Zone episode was about.

The story is set in a post nuclear war future, the human race almost completely destroying itself. As fate would have it, the survivors finish the job that nuclear war started by a lack of faith, greed, and a dependence on technology that may lead them to ruin one day.

Onward to the comparisons of this Twilight Zone and Lost.

This Twilight Zone episode depicts isolated survivors from a horrific event. Lost begins with a horrific plane crash leaving a small group of survivors stranded on an unknown island.

This Twilight Zone episode has the people relying on Goldsmith, the town leader, for survival, guidance and direction. The Lost castaways also rely on Jack for the same. But when Ben is introduced, he becomes the focal point, the man in charge, with their very lives hanging in the balance.

In the Twilight Zone episode, people found food and wondered if it was good to eat. The Lost castaways also found food in the jungle with Dharma decals all over it and wondered the same, if the food was good to eat.

In the Twilight Zone episode, the townspeople were arguing about what to do, how to proceed. There was a distinct split of opinion between them. So can be said about the Lost castaways. In fact, they split into two groups as some decide to stay on the beach and the rest moved further inland.

In the Twilight Zone episode, only Goldsmith sees and talks to the old man in the cave. On Lost, only Ben sees and talks to Jacob, the old man.

in the Twilight Zone episode, the old man lives in a cave. Is mysterious, intelligent. On Lost, the old man lives in a cabin. Is mysterious, intelligent.

In the Twilight Zone episode, what Goldsmith tells the people is the law, handed down by the old man. No one questions that authority. On Lost, Ben commands the people, handed down by Jacob, the old man in the cabin.

In the Twilight Zone episode, renegade soldiers enter the town with an agenda all their own. On Lost, renegade soldiers land on the island from the freighter with an agenda all their own.

In the Twilight Zone episode, the towns people force Goldsmith to reveal who the old man in the cave is. On Lost, the castaways force Ben to reveal who Jacob, the old man in the cabin, is.

In the Twilight Zone episode, the townspeople revolt against Goldsmith and the old man in the cave. On Lost, the castaways revolt against Ben and Jacob.

In the Twilight Zone episode, all the townspeople died failing to heed the warning by the old man leaving only Goldsmith alive. On Lost, Ben was the only survivor as all the “Others” were killed. Seems to be going in the same direction once again with the new castaways.

For the Twilight Zone episode, the twist of the episode was that the old man was not a man, but a computer used by Goldsmith to analyze soil and food for contamination. The computer, or old man, kept the townspeople alive. On Lost, it has yet to be revealed who Jacob, the old man in the cabin, really is. And, it appears that Jacob is being used by Ben to keep the castaways alive, using Jacob’s knowledge to hide the island, control the smoke monster, and defeat the renegade soldiers.

Twilight Zone episode, a look into the near future and the horrors of man being left to his own vices, and devices. Annihilation of the planet and human race. Goldsmith was attempting to keep humanity alive and rekindle it’s spirit. He failed. On Lost, perhaps Ben is attempting the same. Wide speculation has it that the Hanso corporation and Dharma Initiative are involved in time travel, genetics, and several other medicines strange to a private group and island.

I think this is the part where Rod Serling appears on screen saying, “Submitted for your approval” and explains the evenings offering.
After watching the pilot episode of Lost way back in 2004, I formulated two theories, Virtual reality experimentation which is the main theme of this section or a remake of the Twilight Zone.

For tonight only, staying in theme with the Twilight Zone, Lost is a modern day remake of the Twilight Zone. Each and every week, Lost mirrors a unique Twilight Zone episode sans the Rod Serling narration. Each week, the Lost characters confront their inner most demons, horrific events, twists of fate, and supernatural entities just as the original Twilight Zone episodes did.

One final tidbit. The Twilight Zone was written allowing the audience to be privy to supernatural events unfolding on the screen but at the end, twisted the story offering a logical natural explanation leaving it up to the viewer to decide.

Until next weeks season IV finale, Get Lost!


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25 Responses to “Lost Update – Old Man In The Cave”

  1. City Wired said

    Is this a real twilighyt zone episode or just made up. if its real, then I believe it might be a copy cat and Lost is recycling the old sisties show. What a ripoff.

  2. Lost Fan said

    Just found the site, very cool, don’t know about your virtual reality time travel and twilight zone theory, but an interesting story.

  3. Eng8te said

    If it was a remake of TwilightZone wouldn’t they have a narrator at the beginning and end like the TwilightZone had. I just think there are coincidences in the both shows.

  4. LOTGK said

    City, yes, The Old Man In The Cave is a Twilight Zone episode. From season 5, 1963. And i wouldn’t say ripoff, for in reality, not virtual reality, many television programs rip off older series. As I said earlier, it is very hard to create a new unique series.

    Lost Fan, welcome, and don’t worry, most here don’t believe in my theory either.

    Eng8te, if Lost brought out a narrator and exactly like the Zone, then there would be no guessing. Everyone would know it was a remake. Thus, the producers simply use the format of the Zone to tell it’s story.

  5. PRZN Rug said

    I think you’re onto something regarding the Lost and Twilight Zone parallels. My goal is to watch every Twilight Zone episode before the next season of Lost begins so I can add to your comparisons for the next season.
    And I still don’t believe it’s virtual reality… but we’ll see..

  6. LOTGK said

    Przn, that is also my mission this summer. I am a huge TZ fan and have them all on DVD.
    I think I’m going to take season one and compare them to episodes and characters on Lost.

    Waiting for the season IV finale next week.

  7. Gumby said

    I’m with you on this one. The stories are very similar. I am waiting for your entire synopsis on the Twilight Zone.

  8. Gary said

    Like you i love LOST but i’m already thinking that any ending is going to be sufficient for some but others will demand more and perhaps feel a little let down, the program may have become too big for an ending to please everyone or do its self justice, what i am sure of is we will be left with more questions to all our answers, are our imaginations deeper or far more reaching than the writers?……I think not, so however they conclude the series it may not live up to our expectations but i take my hat off to all involved in the making of LOST and wish them good luck at ending this journey. They will need it because we are a demanding lot. Take care getting LOST lol

  9. Kung Fu Boy said

    i agree with you. lost has taken on a new light, there are so many side stories that one ending will not please everyone. whatever the ending it should tie up all the loose ends and explain the wild stuff going on to these people.

  10. Max Jackl said

    Kung fu has a point. No matter what the ending, someone’s gonna be pissed about it. It’s not going to end good.

  11. Gary said

    I thought i had a point………….oh well lol

  12. LOTGK said

    Welcome to the club Gary.

  13. Soft Spoken said

    Very good eye catching this. Lost writers should be ashamed if true.

  14. Funky Monkey said

    Hi everyone, been a while since I last posted. I’m an avid viewer in the UK. Something which has been playing on my mind from the penultimate episode is the story with Sun and her father, the fact that she’s just brought a controlling interest in his company and then went on to say that she knows he is one of two people responsible for Jin’s death. But is he dead (sorry, will he, as in future tense), and who’s the 2nd person? Whitmore perhaps, or is that too obvious?
    My predictions for next season… the “present” will be a combination of the Oceanic 6 getting off the island and the remaining castaways on the island. Along with stories and backgrounds on the freighter folk and I think we’ll slowly find out more about the mysterious Richard, maybe how he came to be there in the 1st place perhaps and his eternal youthful features (maybe Dharma have invented a miracle anti ageing cream that actually works! LOL). We’ll still get the odd flashback/flashforward, but it will be interesting to see if any new characters will be introduced or indeed and old characters returning. In the meantime i’m counting the days for this season’s finale and I don’t think my nails can be bitten any shorter!!

  15. Hey Lotgk who are all these new people(What in the name of Jesus, FunkyMonkey!!!),i thought this site was secret and prohibetid like the island but guess not,anywho I think Jacob is probably Like one of those aliens that control their surroundings and envirment plus he seems to be the only one you cant see that really meens something

    • ferretfr33k said

      Jacob is not invisible in season 3 episode 20 Ben takes Locke to see Jacob but Locke cant see jacob he does however hear him and when he turns his flashlight on Jacob freaks out. now pay close attn. here when Jacob goes crazy Ben grabs the “empty” chair and yells for him to stop. ben then gets thrown into the wall. at this point the camera pans back to Locke as it is doing so it passes by the chair and upon pausing at this moment you can clearly see a long haired bearded man sitting in the previously empty chair. Am I the only one who sees this? And P.S. to miss Cameron Dean who are you to judge people and their choice of screen name show some Effen respect to those who make this their community

  16. LOTGK said

    New People,…
    Funny you would say that.
    There was a television program that debuted in 1969 called The New People, written by Rod Serling, the creator of the Twilight Zone, and Planet Of the Apes.

  17. gantzelnaugf said

    Have you read or heard of the philip k dick book “Maze of Death?” I don’t know if you’ve already wrote about the similarities of the two but I think it would fit your theory very well. Even I myself had a similar theory that you do because of the similarities between the book and this show.

  18. Funky Monkey said

    Haha, maybe I should come clean and reveal my true identity as Jacob’s secret love child!
    Love the twilight zone connection and I wonder if the show’s creators would ever own up to that source of inspiration?

  19. LOTGK said

    Season four finale update coming Friday morning. To much info to process in the lateness of the hour. Please check back in the morning.

  20. pinstripebindi said

    Honestly? I’ve given up on ever trying to figure out that the hell’s going on in that show, and now just enjoy it for it’s own sake.

  21. izikavazo said

    I was hoping to see who you thought Jacob was, too bad, maybe you have that in your archives somewhere I’ll keep looking.
    I like your parallel, again it’s likely true. If the writers are using Twilight Zone episodes, I really wouldn’t be upset or even surprised. For a show to have as many twists and reveals as Lost does they need to get inspiration from somewhere, why not the show known for it’s twists.
    If you wanna see who I think Jacob is, come visit my site: (I guess that URL pretty much gives it away, oh well.)
    – Izi

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