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Lost Update – Old Man

Posted by LOTGK on May 9, 2008

Lost Update Season IV 05/08/2008

Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.
Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.

Old man look at my life,
Twenty four
and there’s so much more
Live alone in a paradise
That makes me think of two.

Love lost, such a cost,
Give me things
that don’t get lost.
Like a coin that won’t get tossed
Rolling home to you.

Old man take a look at my life
I’m a lot like you
I need someone to love me
the whole day through
Ah, one look in my eyes
and you can tell that’s true.

Lullabies, look in your eyes,
Run around the same old town.
Doesn’t mean that much to me
To mean that much to you.

I’ve been first and last
Look at how the time goes past.
But I’m all alone at last.
Rolling home to you.

Old man take a look at my life
I’m a lot like you
I need someone to love me
the whole day through
Ah, one look in my eyes
and you can tell that’s true.

Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.
Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.

I usually only post a verse or two of the song lyric but tonight, Neil Young’s Old Man needs the entire treatment. It speaks volumes about the mysterious old man Jacob and how the island replenishes itself. Read the lyrics slowly and you will begin to understand what course Lost is heading on. And it touches on my Lost theory as well which is a nice touch.

Just what is my theory….. I’ll tell you in a Lost island minute.
Although it appears the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are on a tropical island, they are being deceived. There is no island. The survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory. All the castaways are interconnected to one another sharing each others thoughts, memories, and feelings. While in this virtual reality laboratory, a battery of physical and mental experiments are performed on them. And who is behind all this other than the mysterious government men? Aliens of course.

Destiny is a fickle bitch!

Richard is on the mainland when John Locke was born. Lets say John is 40 years old. That’s a conservative guess. Richard looks exactly the same forty years ago as he does today. Either time travel, virtual reality, or a race of people that do not age is in effect here. I’m opting for the second one. In a nutshell, Richard doesn’t age.

We have to ask the question why he doesn’t? My answer is virtual reality of course. In VR controlled by someone else, the parameters of the concept of time are can be changed. You may think that 100 days or 100 years have passed but in reality, only a few moments have ticked away.

The doctor was dead on the island, washed ashore, but on the freighter, he is still quite alive. Only later when Kheeme kills him and tosses him overboard does it make sense. Remember, time is different on the island and the freighter. In VR, time has no real value. The doctor is alive in one time sequence, and already dead in another.

Tonight we were introduced to Horace, a character that has been dead for 12 years. John sees him chopping a tree down in preparation for making a cabin. It’s actually a dream John is having. Horace continues to cut the same tree down time after time as he speaks to John. He tells John that he has to find him, and afterward, then he will be able to find Jacob. (In the mass grave pit on the island where Ben shot John, lies Horace’s remains) In the pocket is a map to the cabin.

John Locke needs his ego stroked. We learned this from his flash back as a child. Abandoned by his mother at birth, bullied in high school as a geek, or nerd, and of course pushed out a window by his father after his kidney was taken. In steps Horace. He tells John that they have been waiting for him for a very long time.

John now has a strong connection to the island. It needs him. Unlike back on the mainland. John is being manipulated without his knowing. Just like he did to Hurley when he told him he could leave and Hurley chose to stay. Ben even tells John that he manipulated Hurley into thinking it was Hurley’s own decision. Exactly what the VR lab is doing to John.

Locke finds the cabin, goes inside alone, but instead of finding Jacob inside, he spies Christian, Jack and Claire’s father. And hey, Claire is there as well. She looks different, a little demonic, devious, not herself. Christian tells Locke the copter is coming and will kill them all. He tells John to ask the question. John asks how to save the island?

When John comes out, he tells Ben and Hurley the news. To save the island, they have to move the island!

This could mean several things. One, manipulate the coordinates of the island making it seem that it has moved. Or, simply change the parameters of the VR experiment and literally move the island. that is the real reason it is so difficult to find the island. Because it doesn’t really exist. Onlt in the minds of the people in the VR experiment.

Significant Tidbits from tonight’s show:

The comic book Richard gave John as a little boy was about a hidden land. As in the Lost island.

Michael cannot be shot. Kheeme tries to shoot him several times tonight but his gun does not fire. Just like on the mainland when Michael tried to kill himself.

Everything’s going to hell on the freighter.

The captain agrees to help Desmond and Sayid escape. heading 305 to the island. Desmond stays behind.

Just wait until you read the Twilight Zone tie in to this episode. It” blow you away.

Until next week, Get Lost…

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37 Responses to “Lost Update – Old Man”

  1. Great breakdown of last night’s show. I remember Horace being mentioned in another episode before though as being Ben’s family friend who convinced the family to go on the island (or one of them)..I could be wrong. In Hollywood Reporter television news they mentioned how they are adding an episode to the last two seasons! I need all the Lost I can get so thats great news.

  2. Newby said

    Okay, so I cannot help but mention that this is not the only episode that has begun with someone playing a song. I can’t remember for sure but I think in the episode with Juliet it was also a record player that she used? Maybe not, but I vaguely remember that. Also, this episode had a close up of an eye opening which has been a constant theme on this show. It has to mean something…..

  3. Gumby said

    Dude, I want to point out that the Neil Young tune Old Man, is dead on this episode. Old amn is Jacob. John Locke is the one singing the song.
    And, I want to be the first to point out that CSNY, who you did several updates on about their music being the driving force behind the theme and plot of Lost and that Neil Young was the Y part of CSNY.
    You might really have something there. I’m not kidding either.

  4. Anti-christ said

    BTW, Jacob is me, the devil. Ben and his surragotes are my minions damned to all hell to do my bidding. Richard made a deal with me while he was alive and that is why he never ages. And Michael cannot be shot. And Desmond cannot ever find his love, I let him get close, but never find her. The Lost island is not in hell, but in a different plane of existance where my minions plot to corrupt others into mortal sin and damnation for all eternity.

  5. Lori said

    creepiest episode ever.

    just when I thought it couldnt get any weirder..

    I loved seeing more of Lockes back story.. and that he has been connected to the island since day one.
    kinda makes me wonder who else on that plane has been connected since day one.
    The Shepard clan probably have.

    Keamy is the most evil character Ive seen on that show so far.
    There is nothing likable about him….
    there is nothing likable about his boss either, but Keamy appears to be.. almost… robotic in what he is doing.

    I love the way Ben kinda handed over the reins to Locke..
    like he finally realized thats what he HAD to do in order to save the island. Before he seemed to be trying to hang onto something that was no longer his to worry about.
    But, Im sure the wheels are turning in his head at an alarming rate…

  6. Cameron said

    Hey Mr.Theory man you said that rick never ages becaus of virtual reality but why, I mean every body else is aging look at Ben he looks like him and Ricky are the same age ,if richard ages really slow or just doesnt age at all then he has probably been living on that island for a hundred years or more perhaps he knows who and where and how that pirate ship got on the island and the foot and the monster and jacob and other mysteries or even perhaps his own self i know one thing i sure got some quetions for you Mr.Theory man cause seem like you got it all putogether.

  7. Paul said

    So by the fact that Claire was in the cabin…that means she pretty much dies. Which i figured since Kate has Aaron. I can’t wait for the next episode where they show em getting off the Helicopter back into the world. What are some theories on how each episode opens up with a close up on the themed characters eye in the beginning? It seems like it could be an awakening from some sort of virtual reality machine.

  8. Lori said

    When Ben saw Richard when he was a small boy out in the woods, Richard appeared to be dressed in pirate clothes…..

    thats all Im sayin..

  9. Da Man said

    Richard could be John’s real father? John’s mother was dating a man twice her age and Richard just so happens to show up in the hospital and the mother acts like she knows him? Richard running a camp for kids? Hmm how many other lost peeps are children of Richard?

    Claire looked like she was having fun, like she was in on some big joke and could not say anything to Locke about it.

  10. Lori said

    ooh my, I never thought that maybe Richard was his father…
    now that would definitely be interesting…

  11. LOTGK said

    Thanks LTN.

    Newby, several other episodes began with songs from record players. Remember the hatch episode, Desmond working out, playing the record player.

    Gumby, exactly, thats why I picked that song. The music more than moves them.

    Anti, could be, could be. But wouldn’t that make them all dead already.

    Lori, yes, Kheeme, or Keamy, is one bad dude. About Ben, remember he said he was exactly where he wanted to be. He still runs the show, he’s still the puppet master.

    Cameron, welcome. I may not have it all put together, but it’s gathered in a big ball of messy snippets all over the blog here. About Richard and aging. In VR, one’s perception is what matters. Several people watch the same movie, some like it, some don’t. Some may find it funny, others sad. It’s perception. Richard may be for all we know Jacob as well.

    Paul, why would you think because Claire is in the Cabin, she will die. Ben was in there, and John, and Hurley, and they are alive.

    About the eye opening a new scene. Exactly. The castaways are merely receiving a new scenario to cope with.

    Good call Lori. Unless it was dress and talk like a pirate day.

    Good call Da Man. Hell, Richard may be the father of all of them.

    Thanks for commenting everyone.

  12. Beezonit said

    Mittelos Laboratories! When the teacher was talking to John at school, he mentioned this name. Mittelos breaks down to Lost Time or Time Lost. Thought that was interesting. I turned my captions on to see how they spelled that name when he first mentioned it. Can’t wait to see the next episode!

  13. Goober said

    Linus’s mother and Locke’s mother were both named Emily. Do you suppose Ben and John are brothers…?

  14. LOTGK said

    With Lost Goober, anything is possible, or impossible.

  15. Paul said

    It was my mistake thinking Claire is definitely dead…I forgot that she went off into the jungle with her dad. I have a feeling that its Penny in the coffin since Ben is out to kill her.

  16. Paul said

    Actually it would be a bigger funeral and i’m sure people would be there…so maybe not Penny

  17. LOTGK said

    Maybe it’s Walt in the coffin. Michael perhaps is dead in teh future and if Walt had something to do with the deaths of the other castaways, then the survivors would not show up at the funeral.

  18. Cameron said

    Hey Guys that was a great theory about ricky being the father of locke but didnt it show his father being an old fat guy that nocked him out the window.And about that coffin thing i think it may have been Ben because the keeper said is it friend or family and Jack said neither,but you would probably say why was Jack so sad about the death of a wicked man,well no one was really finished with Ben and still wanted to know more because he knows all I mean all and Jack seem like he wanted to get back to the island and could not do it no matter how many flights he took and of course if ben died trying to kill Penny(ben told Charles Widmore he would kill penny so Charles probably sent some hit man after him) or something then Jack would never find out how to get back to the island,we all know ben knows how to get to and from the island so Jack would certainly be sad about the fact that ben cant tell him how to get back to the island and save the people who didnt make it ,after all he is a doctor.

  19. Cameron said

    READ THIS I think that us getting together like this and trying to solve Lost out is pretty good and i think we should keep at it and respond to each others comments because only way we can figure lost out as a group is for us to read each others comments and put our heads together and we can feel less puzzeled about the show and feel like we have the answer sheet who knows we might all somehow coincidencly indup on the same plane some how some day and dont even know it until the plane crashes on some mysterious island with a monster on it and well then figure out who each other are and we will know exactly how the island works up until this point and we could figure it out who knows,lets just stay together and look at it like it is us on that show on that island and we figure it out for our selves as a group as a team as the eight-fifteen.(we all know logtk would be Jack and I’d be Sawyer.

  20. Lori said

    cameron, Lockes father wasnt fat, he just had a fat face 🙂

  21. tracy said

    Hey I’m going to ask a question nothing to do with this episode, but does anyone recall the girls name that Syid is sent to kill (the one he falls in love with)?????

  22. Just my 2 cents:
    I suspect Richard was time traveling.
    He went back to Locke’s birth and left him. Then he went back to Locke as a child, but he clearly wasn’t ready for whatever his purpose may have been (he picked the wrong object). Then Locke refused in highschool to go to the academy… I think Richard was traveling back in an attempt to get Locke where he needed to be.

    So (and forgive me, I think I lack the vocabulary to articulate what i’m trying to convey) maybe when Locke was living his life originally, Richard wasn’t popping in and out. But at some point, it became clear to the people on the island that they needed Locke EARLIER than they got him, so they’re time traveling to try to acquire him.

    Make sense? Does anything?

  23. Fox said

    There’s two different types of people on the island.

    The one’s who care about the island.
    The one’s who want to get off the island.

    Funny how all these people cross path’s in a hospital. Wouldn’t it be something that everyone on the island is dying, and the island is the gateway between heaven and hell.

    For instance the one’s who stay go to heavan. The one’s who die on the island go to hell. The one’s who get off the island have a second chance at life.

  24. Also wanted to add this:

    Locke has now been asked to move the island. Wouldn’t that be sooo much easier if only he’d had some sort of special education in the ways of the island at an earlier age?

    Question for LOTGK – Do you have the series on DVD? Could you go back and look at the episode where we learn about Ben coming to the island? They showed his mother. It would be interesting to see if she’s the same chicky who gave birth to Locke. That episode should still be on ABC’s site…

  25. LOTGK said

    Cameron, Locke’s father was the man that Locke had Sawyer kill. He was chained in the room and Sawyer strangled him to death.

    Cameron, yes, reading other points of view and comments help everyone understand whats happening on Lost even more.

    Lori, and one good kidney thanks to John.

    Traci, I do not recall her name. Anyone else know?

    Serena, Richard may certainly be time traveling. Just as Ben has done, and perhaps Desmond. And several others.

    Fox, good thought process. But I would like to add another type of people to the mix. The ones who want to destroy the island. As in the freighter crew and Widmore.

    Serena, waiting to see how Locke moves the island. And yes, I have the first three seasons on DVD. However, I do not know if i can find the time to view and find the episode you mentioned.

  26. Season III, 5/9/2007. I just found the update in your list, though I don’t know the episode number.

    If you ever find time for that, it would be great. I do not have the box set or else I would be just obsessed enough to go back and look. Oh wait – IMDB, maybe?!?

    Carrie Preston played Emily Linus
    Holland Roden played Emily (locke’s mom)
    Not the same actress, but there’s a definite resemblance

    Has it really been a year since that episode? I think somebody’s messing with my head now.

  27. ABC has season III up. No telling if it’s the same emily. However, I noticed something else fun…

    Ben’s mom has the baby and then starts bleeding out. The father grabbed her and the kid and ran to the nearest road for help. A sweet little red convertible stopped to help. Who was driving?!? Horace!

  28. Lori said

    I dont think Lockes mom and Bens mom are the same person..
    I could be wrong, but I do know they werent the same actress.
    although one was older and one was younger.
    Besides.. Locke’s mother found him when he was an adult.. she is the one that got him to give his kidney to his father.
    Bens mom died in childbirth, so it couldnt be the same person.

  29. Cameron said

    ayyy,lost comes on tomarrow i know you guys are going to watch it but when is the finale,and lotgk i saw when locks father was strangeled with a great big chain but i kinda dont think thats really his father because locke lookes at least 50 this guy who killed him was about 62-65 he whould have to be atleast 20 years older to be right but then you have to add the fact that lockes mother was about 16 so that would make her about 66 remember her mother said”that guy is twice your age”which would make him atleast 30 when locke was born and we all know that guy was not close to 80(50+30=80)so i dont think that was really his father so maybe it was Ricky.

  30. Cameron said

    and since when did they start letting ben hold a rifle,dont know if you all saw that but i did.

  31. Cameron,
    I think they start letting Ben hold the rifle when he pulled it out of the piano bench a couple of weeks back. Turns out he had access to one pretty much all along…

  32. LOTGK said

    cameron, if you remember, Locke donated his kidney to his father. And it was the man that Sawyer choked to death.

  33. izikavazo said

    I probably shouldn’t be promoting my own theory so shamelessly but I can’t resist it. I think that Jacob is Horace, and if you read through what you wrote about him and what people say in the comments I think you might believe it too, or else at least start to see that it’s very possible.
    Here’s my theory page again:

  34. LOTGK said

    No problem Izi, many people come here with their own theory and either explain it in the comments or offer a link such as you.

  35. LOTGK said

    BTW, Izi, I commented on your site but the comment did not appear. Perhaps you have moderation commenting turned on.

    JMO, sometimes that hurts interaction on the blog. A comment is made and it may be hours or days before the comment is approved by the blog owner.

    Anyway, my reply on your blog about Horace was this…

    “Or why he would change his name to Jacob. Those are two theories in and of themselves, and I’ll try to think of those later.”

    Hell, Ben was known as Henry Gale at first, from the Wizard Of Oz so names to me really don’t measure in the thick of things. Sawyer also has a different name. And Kate, how many names did she have?

    As for who is Jacob, yes, thought the same, that Horace was Jacob, from the conversation he and Locke were having.”

  36. izikavazo said

    Sorry it took so long for me to accept your comment, it should allow you to comment immediatly from now on.
    If you don’t mind I’m going to do a post about your site on Tuesday. Just to tell all my friends to visit it. I’m going to mention The Twilight Zone references and the Virtual Reality theory, if you have anything else that you want me to bring out, email me at izikavazo (at) hotmail (dot) com
    – izi

  37. Gumby said

    Make sure you mention the original theory, that Lost is a parody of the 1960s cartoon, Gumby And Pokey.

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