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Big Foot Or Giant Alien Proof

Posted by LOTGK on May 6, 2008

big foot impressions
Big Foot Leaves Large Impression In Pavement

Walking through the local cemetery in the early spring, I came upon this large foot impression crushed into the pavement. Obviously, whatever made this imprint has to be massive weighing hundreds of pounds. Upon inspection of the footprint, I used my own footprint as a point of reference, (Size 12) the Grassy Knoll Institute surmises the giant alien had to be at least 18 feet tall and weighing in at roughly 650 pounds.

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20 Responses to “Big Foot Or Giant Alien Proof”

  1. mike said

    big foot

  2. aintgotno said

    my foot

  3. Eng8te said

    Das Boot’

  4. Valdunagan said

    And they’re right in your own backyard. What scares me is that the aliens are, after watching the science fiction movie, Plan 9 from outer space, are recreating plan 9 which is raising the dead to carry out their evil biddings.

  5. LOTGK said

    They’re coming to get you Barbara!!!!

  6. KathyL said

    Big Feet. Big uhh, other things.

  7. Gumby said

    OK, heres my comment. This is a test for RSS feeds. Did you get it Pat.

  8. LOTGK said

    Thanks Gumby. Still waiting for it to show.
    Nothing to see here folks. Move along now. Keep going.

  9. Contessa Confessa said

    Looks like a hit-n-run accident involving Mr. Peanut to me…

  10. LOTGK said

    I kicked Mr. peanuts ass. What with him dressed in his shiny shoes and top hot and bow tie.

  11. Fish-On-A-Wall said

    You are are wrong. It’s a sign of a fish, the Christ fish symbol for Christiantity.

  12. jemepelle said

    this is stupid

  13. jemepelle said

    yes barba they are

  14. jemepelle said

    I am BigFoot.
    i will eat you

  15. jemepelle said

    meet me in superstore

  16. LOTGK said

    Time to up the medication.

  17. Gumby said

    To late. And nice website there spam boy.

  18. LOTGK said

    Yea, some sort of investment site. To bad it wasn’t about girls or something.

  19. Many people will not accept the possibility that a north american primate still exists.. I know they do..I have seen one ! And I am studying some very interesting evidence in northern Ontario

  20. Gumby said

    Keep up the good work.

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