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Lost Update – Book Of The Month Club

Posted by LOTGK on March 27, 2008

lost book of the month club

Lost Update Season IV 03/27/2008

original oceanic six

With the writers strike still showing ill effects to ABC Lost season IV, new episodes won’t air until April 24th. But fear not loyal Lost fans. The Grassy Knoll Institute has several issues to debate beginning with “The Book of The Month Club” episode. You remember the one where a group of the “Others” are gathered at Juliet’s home to discuss a new novel. This is where the Time Travel, Time Portal, Time Stands Still, Time In A Bottle, and Time Enough At Last theories come into play.

Here’s the Grassy Knoll Institutes theory on the Book Of The Month episode.

Take a good look at the picture above of the book of the month club meeting. See the woman facing Juliet with her back to us? The one in the blue dress with auburn red hair! Her name is Amelia. As in Earhart. Amelia Earhart. The female pilot lost at sea in July of 1937. Earhart was attempting to be the first woman to fly around the world and was a mere 7000 miles from her mission when her radio went silent in the Pacific ocean close to Howland Island.

Yes Lost fans, here is yet another coincidence or perhaps the real truth of what is really happening on Lost. Amelia Earhart crashed landed on the Lost island way back in 1937 and joined the ranks of the “Others” that had found themselves lost as well.

A little back story to prove the theory. At 12:30 p.m. on July 2, 1937, Earhart and her navigator Noonan took off from Lae island with a heading toward Howland island. Despite a favorable weather report, they flew into overcast skies and intermittent rain showers. This confused navigator Noonan’s method of tracking making it very difficult to pinpoint their position. As morning approached, Earhart radioed Leo G. Bellarts of the Itasca and asked for the correct coordinates. Earhart failed to report in at the next scheduled time, and for the rest of her check ins her radio transmissions were irregular at best.

When she did make contact, the calls were faint or interrupted with static. At 7:42 A.M. the Itasca, (The United states Coast Guard ship assigned to assist Earhart in the Pacific) picked up the following message, “We must be on you, but we cannot see you. Fuel is running low. Been unable to reach you by radio. We are flying at 1,000 feet.” The Itasca immediately replied but received only silence and static. At 8:45 Earhart reported, “We are running north and south.” Nothing further was heard from Earhart. And the legend of Amelia Earhart was born.

Lets look at the last several transmissions of Earhart’s ill fated flight. She and her navigator were confused, lost, thinking they were upon the island but could not see land. They also did not get any response from the island or the ship sent to assist her.

This sounds an awful like what the freighter was experiencing in trying to find the Lost island. Farady’s experiment on time lapses from the freighter to the island also play a part here. With such a time lapse, Earhart couldn’t hear what the Itasca was transmitting receiving only static and silence.

The largest search and rescue operation of it’s time was implemented but no wreckage or bodies were ever found. Even to this day, after countless private ventures in finding the famed plane Earhart’s disappearance remains a mystery.

What do you they of this theory so far? Good! Now have a look at the official photo below of Amelia Earhart. Please take note of the same style of dress both women wear in the Lost photo and the Earhart photo. Almost identical garb. Coincidence? I think not.

amelia earhart

If the Lost island can somehow distort time making it invisible, then perhaps it can also slow or eliminate aging once on the island. I use Richard as a base for this theory. It appears that Richard hasn’t aged a day in some three decades on the island. When Earhart crashed landed, perhaps her aging slowed down as well and has been living on the island since 1937. After all, the Black Rock ship was from the 1800’s and crashed ashore. Perhaps those castaways are also still alive and well on the island and we haven’t met them just yet.

But wait a minute, what about Ben? He has clearly aged. He came to the island with his father as a little boy and is now at least in his 40’s. For everyone else, it is hard to determine if anyone else has aged. Even Danielle, the French woman, and Alex’s mother, doesn’t seem to have aged after spending 16 years alone on the island.

Maybe they only age when they leave the island. Maybe that’s why they stay. Immortality. But what about Ben? Well, when he came to the island, he was a boy, and perhaps the aging process doesn’t begin until the children reach adulthood. Perhaps that is why all the children on Flight 815 were taken.

Could it be that after 10 years, a young Ben, now an adult left the island, began aging, and returned again years later and older to to once again possess the fountain of youth. Perhaps that is when Richard made Ben the leader, after returning to the island.

The rest we all know. Now it’s your turn to agree or disagree.

PS: I should have startling evidence of a new Lost theory concerning the “Foot Statue” early next week. My apologies for not getting it posted sooner. Business travel has slowed down my investigation to a crawl but I am now pouring over the evidence and photo’s and will update as soon as I can.

Until next week, GET LOST!

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21 Responses to “Lost Update – Book Of The Month Club”

  1. D-Advocate said

    Interesting. I’ll go one further. What if the others, Richard and the clan, are from the Black Rock? And as more planes and ships crash, they simply incorporate them and that is how they populate the island since children cannot be born.

  2. Jack Sparrow said

    wait. if jack is in the coffin then he cant be at the funeral. unless he was in the coffin but we all saw him asking if anyone came to the funeral.

  3. Lost N Plenty said

    So did you abandon your virtual reality theory? For a time loop theory? I don’t think it is Earhart, because where would the plane be? She would be a big celebrity on the island.

  4. LOTGK said


    Perhaps Jack was in two places at once, at the funeral, and in the coffin.

    No, I did not abandon my theory. I have grown fond of it. Since there are several weeks of down time until the next episode airs, I thought we could have a discussion on several key story lines that seem to have been simply glossed over. This is one of them.

  5. Chris said

    I don’t see how it could have been Jack in the coffin. Kate wouldn’t have said “why would I care” when told of that person’s death. Her reaction would have been “no, you’re alive, standing in front of me.”

    Honestly, I don’t see any real similarity in clothing in the old Earhart pic and the Lost Book Club pic, but it’s still an interesting theory, and quite plausible. Good thinking! 🙂

  6. Lori said

    I do think Richard was from the black rock because of how he was dressed when young Ben first saw him.

    As far as Amelia Earhart goes, is that really the old lady’s name?
    I dont remember what Juliet called her..

  7. LOTGK said

    Lori, yes, her name was Amelia, they didn’t divulge the last name, but that is where my imagination took over.

    Chris, as for Jack in and out of the coffin, (Jack in The Box) on three separate time lines, Jack could have been. With Kate stating what she did, perhaps in that timeline, she and Jack were not as close.

  8. edtajchman said

    thank you for the fascinating insight into Lost! very entertaining. What is your opinion of the ‘ghosts’ on the island. The one who saved Locke when he got shot, remember, ? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? and aren’t their several other ‘entities’ on the island also? help enlighten me, thanks,….lol…..Ed.

  9. can't wait said

    I started reading this novel, called lost horizon. Funny they made a film about this novel but it was burnt and they never have found a completed version. Made the lost writers are finishing it.

    Fleeing unrest in China, a small group of airplane passengers is hijacked by the pilot. The plane eventually runs out of fuel and crashes deep in the Himalayas, killing the abductor. The group is rescued by Chang (H.B. Warner) and taken to Shangri-la, an idyllic valley sheltered from the cold. The contented inhabitants are led by the mysterious High Lama (Sam Jaffe).

    Initially anxious to return to “civilization”, most of the newcomers grow to love the place, including academic Alexander Lovett (Edward Everett Horton), swindler Henry Barnard (Thomas Mitchell), and terminally ill Gloria Stone (Isabel Jewell), who miraculously seems to be recovering. High-ranking British diplomat Robert Conway (Ronald Colman) is also enchanted, particularly when he meets Sondra (Jane Wyatt), who has grown up in Shangri-la. However, Conway’s younger brother George (John Howard) and Maria (Margo), another beautiful woman they find there, are determined to leave.

    Conway eventually learns that his arrival was no accident. He was brought there by the High Lama to take his place. The founder of Shangri-la claims to be hundreds of years old, preserved, like the other residents, by the magical properties of the paradise he has created, but is finally dying and needs someone wise and knowledgeable in the ways of the modern world to keep it safe.

    George refuses to believe the Lama’s fantastic story and is backed up by Maria. Torn between love and loyalty, Conway reluctantly gives in to his brother and they leave, taking Maria with them. After several days of gruelling travel, she becomes exhausted and falls face down in the snow. When they turn her over, they discover that she has died…of extreme old age. Her departure from Shangri-la had restored Maria to her true age. Horrified, George loses his sanity and jumps to his death.

    Conway continues on and eventually meets up with a search party sent to find him, though the ordeal has caused him to lose his memory of Shangri-la. On the voyage back to England, he remembers everything; he tells his story and then jumps ship. The searchers track him back to the Himalayas, but are unable to follow him any further. In the final scene, Conway returns to Shangri-la, to the waiting Sondra.

  10. LOTGK said

    Can’t wait, a poster going by Frank Capra, the original author of the book already replied in the previous update. It is a very good thought, and all the pieces fit very well. We shall see how this plays out.

    frankCapra Says:
    March 24, 2008 at 3:04 am

    Lost Horizon deals with a group of people who escape the turmoil of a town that is caught in between a war. these people board a plane that is later hijacked, diverted and crash land in the himalayas. they are completely away from civilization. in the end they find out they are all there for a reason. i dont want to give away too much but its a film worth watching. “Lost” is a remake of the 70 year old film “Lost Horizon”. The film is about humanity, psychology, the future of humanity, and most of all its about finding the meaning for your own existence. put your theories down because this is the true answer. i can even tell u how the show is gonna end

  11. can't wait said

    The more you get into this novel you will see. The people on the island are experimenting with reproduction and they are unsuccessful. Nobody ages. Could our ingenious writers of lost be plagarists? Have we been fooled by a couple of swindlers. If you go through the character list each character resembles someone from our beloved show. You want a prediction. Locke was brought to the island by JACOB becase he wants Locke to replace him. Jacob has been there so long he is dying finally. The aging process is just slowed down not stopped. That is why Jacob said help me. He wants Locked to take over.

  12. can't wait said

    Damn I thought I was a hero. One thing I can’t figure out. How is Walt giving Locke orders?

  13. LOTGK said

    Way back in 2004, after the pilot episode aired, I tossed around a few theories until I settled with my virtual reality one.
    One of them was an updated version of Lost Horizons called “The New People,” a TV show that aired in 1969 and 1970. Coinceidentally, Rod Serling, creator of the sci-fi series Twilight Zone had a hand in creating the show. Here is what I wrote about it.

    To start, the premise. Way back in the 1970’s, there was a series that came on right after “Music explosion” titled “The New People”. It was about a group of people stranded on a desert island and all they had to survive was themselves. Until they found an abandoned town smack dab in the middle of the island. The island was stacked with food supplies, water, cars, houses, everything. Except people. Anyway, the reality of the show was that these people were stranded on an island that the U.S. Government had targeted for nuclear bomb testing and was preparing to monitor the effects of the explosion and fallout. Or, was the plan scrapped and forgotten. Each episode would dwell on that. Lets hope LOST is not based on this show. It only lasted one and a half seasons.

  14. Yetti said

    I agree with this latest theory and it is very interesting. Good work Lotgk. to add, I think your right about Ben. The reason he has ageed is because he is able to travel on and off the island freely. Thus, everytime he goes off the island his age/ life speeds up to normal again. Just as Walt is able to grow because he is off the island.

  15. Lori said

    I have rented Lost Horizon, and will be watching it this weekend.

  16. Lori said

    ok, I watched it.
    I can see where Lost would come to mind while watching it.
    The healing, and anti-aging.. the Utopian feel..
    even some of the characters.
    The fact that once the guy was deceived and left Shangri’La… he was obsessed with going back..
    It was a very interesting movie, especially since it was made in 1937.

  17. edtajchman said

    Hello again, okay after reviewing the show a bit, I am refining my question, and would appreciate your thoughts or anyones. Who is Jacob? Why can’t Lock see him, and why does he want Lock’s help without Ben knowing? If you buy into the idea that the island is at ‘the end of time’, is Jacob some sort of angel type or God entity?

  18. tracy said

    What is the Black Rock? can someone refresh my memory please

  19. Lost N Plenty said

    It was an old 1800’s slave ship shipwrecked on the island in the jungle. Thats where they got the dynamite from.

  20. tracy said

    Thank You.

  21. izikavazo said

    I definitely believe that she is Amelia Earhart. The sad thing is that we’ll never know for sure. Even if the writers did want her to be Ms. Earhart, I doubt they would ever follow that up with a flashback, they just don’t have the time.
    – Izi

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