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Ice Station Wrangler

Posted by LOTGK on March 9, 2008

Last Friday, March 7th, I made my way to the Cleveland airport for my trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the ASD/AMD trade show. The temperature was in the high 20’s and it was raining and sleeting the entire 85 mile trip to the airport.

When I stepped outside the next day on my way to the show, it was 75 degree’s and sunny. An amazing change of weather which I was enjoying.

The show went well and it was Wednesday night and the red eye flight was calling me. The flight was uneventful and for me, that is remarkable, and I soon found myself in Cleveland and on my way to my Jeep parked in the airport lot.

The Park Place shuttle driver said as we approached my Jeep, “Looks like we got us a little ice last night huh?” When you view the pictures below, that may be the understatement of the young year.
ice jeepice jeep wranglerjeep in ice
Luckily, I was able to gain easy access to the Jeep by smacking the side window, (being a vinyl window, it flexed in and the ice broke off allowing me to unlock the door) opened the door and quickly started the Jeep and turned on the defrosters.

From there, I searched for an ice scrapper to no avail and had to use the blunt end of an umbrella to chip away the ice from the Jeep. Ten minutes later, I was ready to go. Backing up, huge chunks of ice frozen to the tires smashed against the bumpers and undercarriage with a loud thud and clunk. Huge chunks of ice broke off from the tires and I was set free. I jumped in and drove towards Interstate route 71 to return home.

One minute later as I began to accelerate onto the on ramp, the Jeep began to shake and shimmy and I had to keep my speed down to under 30 until I could pull over safely. At 7:30am, I was in the peak of rush hour and the horns were blaring at me as I crept along until I could find a pull off area.

A mile up the road I pulled into a rest stop to investigate the cause of the shaking. In an instant, I saw it. The wheels still had an entire layer of thick ice embedded inside the rim taking the wheels out of balance thus causing them to wobble like they did.

Using the trusty umbrella, I used the business end and chipped off the ice and was soon on my way again. Approaching the on ramp I was going over 40MPH and no shake. A minute later, I was cooking along at 65 as smooth as a Jeep could be.

I am set to visit Las Vegas once again on Friday the 14th for 6 fun filled days attending the National Halloween trade show. And we all know what that means…..

Plenty of Sexy Halloween show models.

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9 Responses to “Ice Station Wrangler”

  1. Lead Scientist said

    i’m sorry but whose jeep was frozen. surely not yours

  2. LOTGK said

    It was the Grassy Knoll Institute company vehicle.

  3. SKA2682 said

    Has your windshield ever cracked in the cold weather when you had your defroster on? The windshield on my Jeep did this winter, and I noticed a few other Jeep owners with the exact same crack on theirs. Mine started right in the middle and then “V’ed” almost parallel with the bottom of the windshield.

  4. LOTGK said

    So far SKA2682, I’ve been lucky. No cracks as of yet.

  5. Lead Scientist said

    i tried to think of something really witty so say about you not having any cracks but i got nothing.

  6. Contessa Confessa said

    Hey! I’ll be in Vegas too (small world). I’m wondering if they’ll be serving green beer all weekend for St Patty’s (??).

  7. Max Jackl said

    Just imagine if you stayed one more day, about a foot of snow fell on Friday. you would have had to dig yourself out and then find the ice.
    Cool shot.

  8. Lead Scientist said

    we don’t have any ice or snow where we are now. sorry to hear about the cold weather. but not really. haha

  9. Valdunagan said

    That had to suck balls to find that. Your lucky you had a jeep with plastic windows.

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