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50 Psychic Predictions For 2008

Posted by LOTGK on January 4, 2008

As in previous years, the Grassy Knoll Institute has dusted off our psychic powers and boldly peered into our crystal ball of the future. What we saw is shocking, profane, funny, and probably down right false. Then again, I was correct on 30 out of 50 last year. Let’s see how good I do for 2008.

#01 – Fidel Castro Dies.

#02 – The Indianapolis Colts stun the world and upset the Patriots in the championship game and go on to repeat and win the super bowl. Incorrect. The Colts were upset last night by the San Diego chargers. 01/13/2008

#03 – The Boston Celtics win the NBA championship. Correct! The Celtics defeated the Lakers in game 6 by 39 points to capture their 17th Championship. 06/17/2008

#04 – K Fed gets around. He knocks up yet another girl.

#05 – News reports that Anna Nicole Smith was murdered, and not a suicide as previously reported.

#06 – Hillary Clinton doesn’t win the 2008 election. Hillary has lost the
Democratic nomination and was not chosen for vice president. Prediction is Correct!

#07 – Osama Bin Laden will be captured, and ultimately killed before he is brought to trial.

#08 – America Online, AOL will shutter most of its services for all dial up connections. Confirmed. Time Warner announced that waning sales and new sign ups for the aging AOL service is in severe decline and will no longer be a priority.

#09 – Britney Spears in a heroic effort saves her children from certain death. Correct! Britneys boy was choking and she had him rushed to the hospital to save his life.

#10 – Lindsay Lohan enters rehab, again. But this time, she is ordered to stay there by a judge. Confirmed! Lindsay spends time in rehab but this time, changes her lifestyle when she leaves. She starts dating a woman DJ.

#11 – Jessica Simpson turns up pregnant. K Fed is not the dad.

#12 – Ford Motor Company and General Motors will be on the brink of bankruptcy and o GM will come to their aid and bail them out with an attempt to purchase Chrysler to offset their debt load. Confirmed! Both Ford and GM are on the brink begging for the Government to bail them out. The Chrysler deal did not go through.

#13 – The writers strike will continue into March ruining the 2008 television season. Although the strike lasted to the last week in February, and many shows were shelved and others like ABC Lost cut back episodes, the strike did not last til March. 02/26/2008

#14 – An asteroid on a trajectory course to earth will be discovered. It will reach earth in 4 years. Still undetermined!

#15 – The lost city of Atlantis will not be discovered. Yet significant evidence that it once existed will come to light.

#16 – A completed Twilight Zone special written and produced by Rod Serling will be found.

#17 – Empirical evidence will be provided from a death bed confession of a retired C.I.A. operative concerning president John F. Kennedy that Oswald did not act alone.

#18 – Ghost Hunters, TAPS, will capture video and audio evidence of a supernatural entity. Confirmed! in several episodes this season, contact was made. Grant Wilson, during the live airing on Halloween night, had his jacket visibly pulled almost knocking him down and a distinct voice warned them that “You’re not supposed to be here.”

#19 – The summer of 2008 in Antarctica will reveal land mass that was covered in ice for centuries. A well preserved prehistoric man will be unearthed there.

#20 – Britney Spears misses yet another custody court hearing and the judge rules in favor of K Fed giving sole custody to him. Confirmed, Judges award K Fed sole custody of the children. 01/04/2008

#21 – NASA will discover a new planet circling a sun that has the same properties as earth, approximately the same size, density, and distance from the sun. Confirmed! The planet is Gliese 581c is about 12,000 miles across, Earth is just under 8,000 pole-to-pole. It is made of the same sort of rock that makes up Earth and has enough gravity to support an atmosphere. The planet is in the goldilocks zone, not to hot, not to cold, but just right orbit around the star.

#22 – Pamela Anderson – Lee – Rock – Lee – Soloman gets divorced. Correct! Pamela Anderson was in court seeking an annulment from Rick Soloman today. 02/26/2008

#23 – Pamela Anderson also has yet another boob enhancement. Correct! Pam has had augmentation yet again done on her breasts, this time increasing her bustline.

#24 – Magician and illusionist Harry Houdini makes contact with psychic John Edwards on his national television program.

#25 – The Ohio State Buckeyes defeat LSU and become NCAA National Champions. Incorrect! The Buckeyes lost 38-24 in the championship game, 01/07/2008

#26 – Hundreds of UFO sightings will be reported in the Summer months of this year. These sightings are a prelude to first contact.

#27 – Mount St. Helens will erupt causing significant damage.

#28 – Michael Jackson will return to the states with a new pop album. Confirmed! The king of pop releases his anniversary album of thriller anthology. It climbs to the top of the charts once again.

#29 – Ramses II tomb investigation will reveal the bible story is accurate.

#30- A remake of Gilligan’s Island will be pitched to Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy. They both accept.

#31 – Scarlett Johansson announces she will appear nude in her next movie filming late in 2008. Confirmed! Scarlett stars in the Woody allen feature, Vicky Christina Barcelona, and reveals her bosom and has a steamy lesbian sex scene with Penelope Cruz.

#32 – Hayden Panettiere voids her contract with the hit television series Heroes.

#33 – OK, Yet another Paris Hilton porn video surfaces. This time however, she is filmed with another woman.

#34 – ABC producers rethink their business model concerning hit show LOST, and accelerate the conclusion by canceling the sixth season by adding 32 episodes for 2009.

#35 – The Olson twins split and go their separate ways. Correct! The Olsons, although still partners in their company ownership, has parted ways. Marykate has branched out and is on the hit series, Weeds, playing a stoner girl. Big reach, but hey, maybe it will make her want to eat a sandwich.

#36 – Tom Cruise admits that he believes in aliens. Correct! On several interviews, Cruise admits that aliens exist saying that it is impossible that out of the billions of stars in the universe, our planet is the only one that sustains life.

#37 – Tony Romo dates Jessica Beil.

#38 – Brett Favre, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers announces that he is considering retiring. Confirmed! In a story posted on the Web site of the Biloxi (Miss.) Sun-Herald on Thursday, Favre said Saturday’s playoff game against Seattle could be his final game in Green Bay. But at the same time, he seemed more optimistic than in years past about returning. Farve Contemplates 01/10/2008

#39 – Jennifer Love Hewitt becomes the new spokeswoman for Subway. (Jared is pissed)

#40 – Donald Trump loses a bet and shaves his head.

#41 – O.J. Simpson claims to have written yet another book. Nobody cares. Correct! Oj Simpson wrote a book titled, If I Did It, and nobody could care less. Maybe because we all know he did.

#42 – I cannot resist. Britney Spears gets pregnant joining her 16 year old sister.

#43 – Cameron Diaz breaks her arm while skateboarding.

#44 – David Blaine actually has a magic stunt work in 2008. Correct! On April 30, 2008, Blaine attempted to break the record for holding one’s breath. The attempt was taped at The Oprah Winfrey Show and aired live that night.

Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes 4.4 seconds to set the Guinness World Record, surpassing the previous record of 16 minutes, 32 seconds set by Peter Colat of Switzerland.

#45 – Siegfried and Roy reunite and perform on a limited basis in their secret gardens arena in Las Vegas. As of february 7th, Siegfried and Roy did reunite for a special performance. 02/26/2008

#46 – Bruce Jenner wises up and seeks divorce from Kardashian clan.

#47 – Avril Lavigne gets a boob job. Claims it was necessary for health reasons.

#48 – Actress and Nipple queen Bai Ling for once does not expose her nipples during a photo shoot. Correct! Bai Ling appeared at several Hollywood functions this season and had no wardrobe malfunctions. Also, she appeared in several magazine shoots and not a bare nipple was to be seen.

#49 – The Cincinnati Reds win the World Series. Wrong! The Reds didn’t even come close. Next year I predict they won’t win the series.

#50 – George Lucas announces that three more Star Wars movies will go into production picking up where Star Wars three ended. Rosie O’Donnell signed on to portray Jabba The Hut.

There you have it. 50 stunning psychic predictions for 2008.

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84 Responses to “50 Psychic Predictions For 2008”

  1. Cyn said

    30 out of 50 last year


  2. ClockWatcher said

    #14 – An asteroid on a trajectory course to earth will be discovered. It will reach earth in 4 years.

    At least we’ll know what happens on LOST by then.

  3. Chica said

    Avril best not get a boobie job! I hope that’s one of them that don’t come true.

  4. Calendar Girl said

    No fair predicting LL goes back to rehab. It should happen several times this year.
    Funny predictions, will come back and check to see if any are right.

    LOTGK Replies:
    I told you I was psychic

  5. LOTGK said

    Wow, I hit on a prediction already. Just an hour ago, California judge awards Kevin Federline sole custody of his and Britney’s children.
    49 to go.

  6. Max Jackl said

    I have to say, you could be right on about half of these.
    Even the far fetched ones.
    Some are no brainers, Lindsay, Paris, Britney.
    I shall keep tabs and another one of your predictions may or may not come true tonight as the buckeyes plays the tigers.

  7. LOTGK said

    My first miss. #25, the Buckeyes lost the National Championship game.

  8. Gumby said

    #30- A remake of Gilligan’s Island will be pitched to Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy. They both accept.

    I can see him as Gilligan and Jenny as Ginger. Good call.

  9. LOTGK said

    #38 is now confirmed as Brett Favre tells his hometown paper that Sundays game could be his last game in Greenbay.

  10. Loren said

    brett has talked about retirement before. You’re wrong about the Colts winning….Green Bay will win.

  11. nandini said

    i honestly
    think half of these are real
    its actually pretty cool
    ill be checking up and seeing if these are real

  12. LOTGK said

    Loren, my prediction was that he would start talking about retirement for next year, and he did. And yes, the Colts lost. But I did not predict a packer win or loss. Sorry.

  13. Tmbrtn said

    Favre DID NOT say he would retire. He DID NOT say he would come back. He DID NOT say the game against the Seahawks would be his last. He was only worried about winning. He DID say he was leaning towards coming back.

  14. Tmbrtn said

    From the article they site:
    “Favre said he isn’t approaching Saturday’s playoff game against Seattle as if it will be his final game in Green Bay. He seemed more optimistic than in years past about returning.”

  15. LOTGK said

    TMBRTN, please read my prediction over again. I said and I quote,
    “#38 – Brett Favre, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers announces that he is considering retiring.”
    Key words here are, he is considering retiring. Not that he is retiring, or isn’t retiring. But just considering. Knowing that all the limelight was on the Patriots, Farve needed to get some air time, so I knew he would say that perhaps this game would be his last in Green Bay.

  16. therese said


    i read on another predictions list that hilary WILL win the elections……… whch is it??

    LOTGK Replies:
    Barack Obama wins the election.

  17. therese said

    here we go: America will see it’s first female President, Hillary Clinton. in november….seen on this site as well

    LOTGK Replies:
    Please read above comment.
    Barack Obama wins the election.

  18. LOTGK said

    It appears that the Hillary prediction is a simple 50-50 chance. But just remember, the Grassy Knoll institute psychic was 30-50 last year, and that is by far better than any psychic from last year.

  19. mariah said

    I really do believe in this type of stuff, but it kind of pains me when i just read another guys prediction site, and he said some things completly oppisite of u, like the election- he said hillary will win….though on the bright side…some were the same such as the anna nicole thing

  20. LOTGK said

    Mariah, we’re the home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory. please take what this blog says with a grain of salt.
    Although, we did predict Anna Nicole Smith’s death last year.

  21. LOTGK said

    Prediction update….
    #13 Although the writers strike did not extend to March, it just ended and it did cause plenty of havoc on the season. So, this prediction was half right.

    #22 Pamela Anderson filed for an annulment today from her husband Rich Soloman. Pegged that one dead on.

    #45 Siegfried and Roy reunited for a performance back on February 7th. Pegged that one as well.

  22. Kumar said

    You said, Hillary looses – it looks like she is loosing the Democratic primary but who will win the 2008 USA presidential election ?

    LOTGK Replies:
    Please read a few comments above this one.
    I state that Barack Obama wins the election.

  23. Chris said

    I think any of this could happen, except for Rosie playing Jabba the Hut. No amount of make up could make her look that much better.

    LOTGK Replies:
    Special effects labs do wonders with CGI technology these days.

  24. Lane said

    a prediction I herd about by silvia brown was that alinas will come in year 2008 this year I belived it at first but now I dont know will just find out but yah

  25. jeanette said


    LOTGK Replies:
    Jeanette, you will have to wait until 2009 for these to be revealed. And they will be. Trust me, I’m a psychic!

  26. Melissa said

    In reference to your prediction regarding Hillary. Do you mean she won’t be chosen as the Democratic nominee (thus loses), or that she is chosen and doesn’t win the Presidency?

    I am pretty intuitive and predicted the huge Giants win and I don’t see Clinton getting the nomination. She’s become her own worst enemy which will prohibit her from gaining the respect of her peers and getting the nominee slot which means she won’t be President.

    LOTGK Replies:
    Melissa, Hillary will not win the presidential election. Obama does. However, I do see Hillary playing a prominent role in Obama’s cabinet. Not as vice president, but a powerful foreign affairs type job.

  27. After many correct predictions I predict that Austin band Ramon and Ramon and the Four Daddios will reunite

  28. Anti-christ said

    And I predict the Beatles will never reunite.

    On this earth.

  29. Joan Scott said

    Do you want to take a stab at predicting where oil prices are going for the year 2009. You know people would be interested in that because it affects their pocketbook. Drinking GoChi juice in Canada.

    LOTGK Replies:
    Joan, get ready for a wild ride. Oil prices will continue to soar and reach the highest levels ever. Upwards to $5.00 per gallon. However, as the economy wanes, demand will lower, and thus the oil prices will also. By the end of 2008 prices will be under $2.00 per gallon.

  30. Venus said

    I am in total agreement with your Hillary Clinton (2008 president) prediction. I have stated every since I heard her say she would run for the presidency (as far back as year 2002 when she wanted to be on the Kerry ticket (instead of Edwards being there. I analyzed her chart in 2002 – and to the best of my ability in interpretating her chart. #1) No way could she make it as the US President because of aspects from planet Pluto – she’s a Scorpio and when you look at her astrological 11th house and her house of shadows – (she’s a wonderful lady) but, her chart shows there’s so so much drama and too much baggage and she definitely cannot be trusted as a friend. As well, I’ve predicted McCain has some memory problems that are gonna be severe as the 2009 year continues to unfold – his 6th astrological house shows too many negatives and it’s clear there are some “mind” problems there as well.
    Congratulations on this site – (keep up the good work) your site is great!
    Astrologer, Venus

  31. LOTGK said

    Your logic is impeccable except for one small flaw.
    Pluto is not a planet.

  32. LOTGK said

    #44 – David Blaine actually has a magic stunt work in 2008.

    Another prediction correct. On April 30, 2008, Blaine attempted to break the record for holding one’s breath. The attempt was taped at The Oprah Winfrey Show and aired live that night.

    Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes 4.4 seconds to set the Guinness World Record, surpassing the previous record of 16 minutes, 32 seconds set by Peter Colat of Switzerland.

  33. LOTGK said

    #36 – Tom Cruise admits that he believes in aliens.
    Correct! On several interviews, Cruise admits that aliens exist saying that it is impossible that out of the billions of stars in the universe, our planet is the only one that sustains life.

  34. Mike said

    “#03 – The Boston Celtics win the NBA championship”


  35. LOTGK said

    Distinct possibility Mike.

  36. krissy said


  37. LOTGK said

    Krissy, yes, just not this year.

  38. krissy said


    do you think Natalee Holloway will b solve

    LOTGK Replies:
    Alas, not in the year 2008. Howver, new evidence will be revealed in the case late this year which will lead investigators down a new path, (Sold into slavery) and the case will be sadly solved in 2009.

  39. Paolo said

    I think that Barak Obama will have an assassination attempt on him and this is how Hilary will win the election.

  40. Anti-christ said

    Do you mean before Obama wins the Democratic nomination or after?
    If after, McCain, the man I’m endorsing, wins in a landslide.

    Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.

  41. human said

    you’re hella lame. the stones are rad, but you’re a poser.

  42. MEG said

    #17 – Although not empirical evidence, on his death bed, CIA operative E. Howard Hunt made a tape implication LBJ in Kennedy’s assassination. I think this qualifies as a hit!

    Last Confession E Howard Hunt

  43. sheila said

    #27 – Mount St. Helens will erupt causing significant damage.

    Ok please take this serious… are you sure its not Mt.Raineir??? I an my friends are very worried for Mt.Raineir… maybe not an eruption but a debilitating earthquake.

  44. Seven Reds said

    That is not positive proof on Kennedy. That man wrote novels for a living. Fiction. His credibility is zero.

  45. LOTGK said

    As I predicted, the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship by soundly kicking the Lakers ass by 39 points in game six.

  46. Mike said

    So when will the Lakers win another title, I’m tired of waiting LOTGK

  47. LOTGK said

    Not as long as Phil Jackson is the coach.

  48. Mike said

    that will be like in the next 4 yrs, Kobe will be old…Lakers really going down the drain

  49. LOTGK said

    Since the world is slated to end in 2012, the answer is never again.

  50. Joey said

    #26 – Hundreds of UFO sightings will be reported in the Summer months of this year. These sightings are a prelude to first contact.

    If you haven’t been watching CNN, there was a mass-sighting of UFOs…

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