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Mitt Romney For President 2008

Posted by LOTGK on December 11, 2007

A Potential Presidential Portrait Of Mitt Romney And His 11 Wives

A recent quote from Governor Romney’s web site,….

Governor Romney: “If there ever was a time for great Americans, great and good Americans, Americans who are willing to cross into the deep waters of life, it is now. You cross into the deep waters of life by marrying and raising good children. There is no work more important to America’s future than the work that is done within the four walls of the American home….” (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA, 5/5/07)

Who the hell is your speech writer Mitt? (“You cross into the deep waters of life by marrying and raising good children.”) WTF Mitt? Are you condoning marrying children and raising them good? And let’s see how many times we can use the word “Americans” in a sentence. A little friendly advice from the Grassy Knoll Institute, fire your speech writer.

About the only candidacy position you are capable to fill is the opening on the television program, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy.
BTW, no one has won on that program yet. The gauntlet has been dropped.

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6 Responses to “Mitt Romney For President 2008”

  1. LOTGK said

    In The Nose –
    That isn’t Mitt Romney. He is much younger. And as far as I know, he only has one wife.

    Gumby –
    Looks like he’s stroking something.

    Anti-christ –
    Jesus Christ. that’s all I have to say about that.

    If I had to pick one, I’d take the one on the right in the hat.

    Gumby –
    That’s what Mitt did…..Took the one in the hat.

    sometimes you are completely stupid.

    LOTGK –
    Just sometimes!!! I must be losing my touch.

    Honest Man
    The man looks absolutely terrified. Stiff as a board.

    Gumby –
    Wouldn’t you be stiff being surrounded by all those women?

    stef –
    Check your facts. Mitt Romney is not the governor of Utah and that is not him. Mitt Romney only has one wife.

    LOTGK –
    Ahhh Stef, where did I say Mitt was governor of Utah? Also, please notice the title of my web site….
    Home Of The 99 Cent Conspiracy Theory.

  2. Merv said

    He looks like he’s made of wood, a cutout placed there.

  3. Gumby said

    I’d be fucking wood too if all these women were mine.

  4. ???????????????????

    I don’t get this post.

  5. Gumby said

    Utah, Mormons, One man, many wives, Donny and Marie, cats and dogs, living in sin.

    I think lotgk was making fun of the political race and platforms of said candidates.

    Or it’s about poligomy.

  6. Andres said

    Mitt really scares me. He and his whole family look like the Stiffs dolls. He seems to only echo what’s convenient for his audience to hear. I also worry about whether he is backed by the uncounted billions of dollars of the Mormon church.

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