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Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride

Posted by LOTGK on December 11, 2007

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While we were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, we decided to stop at this new attraction. From the outside, it looked impressive enough so we said “What the hell, let’s do it.” At the ticket counter, we received our first shock. Each ticket was $12.95 per person. This ride had to be something costing this much.

We loaded ourselves into the jungle boat and spied that the seats were wet and there was a roller coaster type hold bar inside the car. The boat slowly moved toward this big door and stopped. We waited several minutes apparently for the ride to reset itself.

The wooden door opened and steam came out and the sounds began. So far, adequate enough. The problem was, it was all down hill from there. The above picture is from the outside of the ride showing two dinosaurs in mortal combat with each other. Inside the ride, there was none of that. Only dark images, cheesy effects, and I believe the roof was leaking because we were getting wet but I do not think it was part of the ride.

The dinosaurs were absolutely plastic looking and were mounted on a pivot. The sound was deafening perhaps hoping that the rider would be distracted enough with the sound to not notice the terrible animations.

At the very end of the ride, which lasted approximately 5 minutes, we came to another wooden door and the boat stopped. A few seconds later, the boat began to rise and tilt backwards. We were hoping that maybe we would be propelled down a hill and maybe save the experience of the ride. But alas, the boat then settled back down in the water and the wooden door opened and the ride was over.

Over all, this ride was a complete rip-off. No way is it worth $12.95 per ticket. The Grassy Knoll Institute is sending a warning out to all travelers to Pigeon Forge to not waste your money on this cheap ass ride.

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3 Responses to “Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride”

  1. LOTGK said

    DISNEY –
    That is a ripoff. Did you take any pictures inside?

    LOTGK –
    Yes, I did take pictures inside, but they were to dark to post.

    DakaKing –
    That looks like something out of the 60’s. I remember the old Sinclair gas station Dinosaurs and they were cheesy but looked better than Jurassic Boat Jungle ride or whatever. And 13 bucks for a ride each. Ha, that would be the last time I paid for that place.

    LOTGK –
    It is the last time I will for sure. And the Sinclair gas station. There was one at the top of my street where I grew up. Actually, it was in between two streets but hey, it was there. And it had the big green dinosaur in the parking lot. Wow, that was a long time ago.

    YankeeGoHome –
    The Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride is one of the biggest jokes in Pigeon Forge. This guy is right, it looks cool from the outside, but when you get inside, it sucks donkey. Don’t waste your time on these tourist trap rides. Another 20 bucks and you can have an all day ride pass at Disney in Florida. The Jurassic jungle boat ride should be extinct.

    Tvol –
    This ride sucks. This ride sucks. This ride sucks.

    LOTGK –
    So, does Jurassic Jungle Boat ride suck, or does it really suck?

    richey –
    I thought it was too expensive and had no value to me. But, my 4 YEAR OLD GIRL THINKS IT WAS GREAT!!

    dannielle –
    i am planning a trip to tennessee (gatlinburg and pigeon forge) in september…thought this sounded interesting but thanks to this site, i will definately avoid it…thanks for the warning! sorry u guys had to spend so much to find out it was crap!

    Tammy –
    I went to the mountains summer of 2006 and I took my son on this boat ride. He is autistic and he loved it. Despite what some of the others say, your kids might like it and for me the money was worth it. If your cheap and do not have an imagination this ride really isn’t for you. The water some of you felt, was coming out of one of the dinosaurs that sprays poisionous venom in your face. Dumbass

    LOTGK –
    Tammy, this had to be one of the worst rides ever. And the price, 12 dollars per person was outrageous for what you received.

    Bonnie –
    At $14.50 with tax, it was rip off! The owners should be ashamed!!

  2. stephanie said

    I wish I would have read this earlier. We went to the jurassic boat ride tonight. It costs $53 for 2 adults and our 2 kids. It was terrible!!!!! Even my 5 year old was bored. They should seriously be ashamed! Im not one to complain, but i would have asked for my $ back, if I thought for one minute the teenager at the booth had the authority to give it back!! DO NOT GO!

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