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Questions About Superman

Posted by LOTGK on December 8, 2007

I’m watching the TV and Superman the Movie is on. You know the one, with Christopher Reeve. A classic, yes, classic. Made back in the mid-70’s, This superman movie was the beginning of the new revolution of comic book hero’s coming to the wide screen.Anyway, I always had some questions about Superman. For starters:

1. When he changes from Clark Kent to superman, what does he do with the clothes he was wearing? And, when he is wearing his suit, where does he hide the cape?

2. OK, he is faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Yea, he’s a tough bird. Nothing can hurt him, cut, him, or harm him. So, how does superman shave and cut his hair? Wouldn’t the razor break as he shaved and the scissors snap as he cut his hair?

3. How does superman breathe when he is in space?

4. Don’t get me started on the obvious. A pair of glasses for a disguise. And no one knows that Clark is superman when he’s wearing glasses?

5. How would Kryptonite harm superman.?Minerals from his own planet?

6. My wife asks if superman has a super penis? After all, he is the man of steel…

7. Why would Lex Luther, the worlds greatest criminal mind, surround himself with the most inept henchmen on the face of this planet, or any other planet for that matter?

8. Superman stands for truth, justice, and the American way. If his ship crashed landed in Cuba, would he have kicked Kennedy’s ass during the Cuban missile crisis?

9. Did superman sew his own costume? Yes, he was wrapped in the cloth from his home planet Krypton, but how did he fashion the tights he wears?

10. Superman has super hearing, so how does he drone out all the chatter from the millions of people talking, machinery running, and everyday noise pollution? How does he sleep with all that noise in his head?

OK, those are my 10 questions for superman. Do you have any others?

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2 Responses to “Questions About Superman”

  1. monster7of9 said

    To answer a few of your questions:

    1. From the last Superman movie, it appears in one scene that he left his clothes behind. However, in the comics, this was addressed as there is a compartment in his cape to put his clothes in and yet, it doesn’t look like an overstuffed laundry back. He must of gotten lessons from The Flash who is able to pack his suit in to his ring.

    2. Personal grooming for him is done with his own lasers being bounced off a mirror for shaving. For the hair cut, I’m not sure unless he goes to a barber who has a red sun spotlight which would neutralize his powers. Your guess is as good as mine.

    6. There was a great short story called Man of Steel Women of Kleenex by Larry Niven which addressed this very issue in a very logical and funny way. I first read it in a short story collection called Alien Sex. Great book if you get a chance to read. Go to this site to read the Niven piece.

    9. Martha Kent supposedly made Superman’s outfit from the same material the young Kal-el was wrapped in from Krypton.

    That’s enough from me tonight. Take care and keep up the great postings.

  2. Salahudin al-Rawandi said

    i have a few answers:

    2- he shaves with his lasers reflecting off the mirror – saw it in a comic once! tada!

    3- he doesn’t need to breathe.. his powers are due to the immense energy he has absorbed from the sun, so no need to breathe to get energy.

    5- it’s radiation… krptonite also effects human beings, but slowly. it’s not a mineral.

    9- his mother made it

    10 – just the same way you and i zone out stuff.. it’s built in to our biology

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