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A Presidential Debate I’d Like To See

Posted by LOTGK on December 8, 2007

This is the Grassy Knoll Institute, and we approved the following message.
I’m getting sick of the political race already.
In past elections it was about dangling chads and Gore, the creator of the Internet, Jib Jab cartoons, John Kerry, did he or didn’t he, and was President Bush wired for his debates.

Political campaigns have been compressed down to 30 second sound bytes merely glancing the issues of todays society never really giving clear cut solutions or even where exactly each candidate stands on the issues.

If the Grassy Knoll Institute controlled the upcoming debate between the two candidates, I would ask simple questions for these simpletons to answer. If, during their reply, they got off the issue and began rambling to avoid a head on answer, I’d use a big cane and a gong like Chuck Barris used on his show.

I would ask these questions…..

#1 With a large portion of our hard earned tax dollars going toward foreign aid, how do you plan to repair the infrastructure of the United States? Please be as specific as possible.

#2 What are your plans for the unemployment population of our nation?

#3 When is the military leaving Iraq?

#4 What is your plan to make air travel safe again?

#5 Are you for or against stem cell research? Please answer Yes or No!

#6 With the millions of people going hungry tonight, what is your plan to feed them and house them until they can get back on their feet again and get back into the working force and get a job that your administration created for them. (See question #2)

#7 How do you intend to fix Social Security as the population, (Baby Boomers) ages?

#8 Health care. Should the Government step in and control costs and services or let the medical community continue as a free capitalist entity?

#9 If elected president, what is the very first five things you will do once in office on day one?

10# Court systems. Are you for or against the death penalty? Yes or No answer please. Part two: If a criminal uses all three of his strikes, should he/she be put on a hard labor work camp so he may begin to at least pay back a little of the hard earned tax dollars that the citizens of the United States are paying to keep him there?

#11 Bonus Round. The United States has thousands upon thousands of miles or railroad tracks crisscrossing the nation. It is a viable source of economical transportation and also possibly the future for fast ground passenger transport. What if anything would you do with our railroad system, both freight and passenger?

Again, if the candidates swayed from answering directly, use the hook and gong to end their question. You might as well have a panel of celebrities judge their answers and tally them up at the end of the debate to see who really won the debate. This way, only one side could lay claim to victory. I would think Jamie Farr is available for one of the celebrity talent judges. Any more questions out there? Throw em at me.


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One Response to “A Presidential Debate I’d Like To See”

  1. Netsafire said

    a good questionnaire. I think many of the questions are valid in other countries too.

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