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Oak Hill Avenue – Youngstown Ohio

Posted by LOTGK on December 6, 2007

Pictures That Speak Volumes

On my way to work, I decided to detour and travel down Oak Hill, a main artery of the city. Once a proud neighborhood, now, all but forgotten. The Youngstown Convocation Center is all the buzz of the city, the supposed savior to bring more business into the city, but so far, all we have is a minor league hockey team.

Maybe that $40 million plus grant could have been put to better use than a hockey team.

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15 Responses to “Oak Hill Avenue – Youngstown Ohio”

  1. Phil Kidd said

    The Chevrolet Centre ultimate goal is to bring SPUR economic entertainment and service developmentment, increase regional foot traffic, and finally establish residential development (Realty, Wick, Erie Terminal Buildings) as well as attract university expansion to the downtown.

    Economic Entertainment and Service Development:
    – 9 new or renewed bars/resturants (and counting in 2008)

    Increased Regional Foot traffic:
    – over 200,000 to the downtown since the facility opened.

    – $4 million dollar no-interest loan from the city and pending historical grant money from Columbus for development of the Realty Building in 2008. Wick, Erie Terminal to follow (per owner Lou Frangos)
    – Ground breaking in 2008 for $250,000 million, 62 acre New Urban community in Smoky Hollow (think MVR area).

    Expansion of YSU toward the downtown:
    – accquisition of 32 acre area between Rayen Ave and downtown in 2007to clear way for…
    – contruction/extention of Hazel St. from Cedars (downtown) to Lincon Ave. in 2008 to complement the…
    – construction of $30 MILLION Business College on Wood St.

    Not to say the Chevy Centre is DIRECTLY repsponsible for this development but it certainly indirectly contributes to it.

    Not a bad start for only 2+ years.

  2. LOTGK said

    And yet there are hundreds of houses on Oak hill and surrounding streets in total disrepair.

  3. LOTGK said

    And the last I heard, the hockey team in the Chevy center has not realized a profit from day one. You know the team that was supposed to bring 4500 paying fans to each home game? Where the hell are those fans?

  4. How the hell do you expect 30yrs of urban blight and neighborhood deterioration to be fixed in 2+ years with a convocation center? Or a hockey team? The center is serving it’s intended purpose – bringing people back to the urban center. The accomplishments named in my above post are litterally astounding. That’s not my opinion – that the opinion of urban planners and officials in Columbus.

    Address your hockey question to:

    P.S. You’re “4,500” regular attendance figure was a figure devised by Global entertainment (who owns the league the Steelhounds play in and who initially ran the Chevy Centre…and who was just fired by the city for overprojecting and underdelivering). 4,500 was a bogus figure (this is old news…Vindy article run in March of 2006). The Steelhounds have no problem operating at present figures. In fact, season ticket sales have grown higher each year…it is walk-up that is low. Further, if you pick up a copy of today’s Vindy, you’ll see that Bruce Zoldan and Herb Washington are joining forces to create an even greater hockey product based on

    It’s easy for people like yourself to point out what Youngstown doesn’t have or the obvious problems of the present. You’re a dime a dozen and a big reason why progression has been non-existant for 30yrs – all complaints, no action. Loser mentality. The difference between you and the people affecting change today -albeit slow due to folks like you – is they are willing to actually take the hard road and do the do the homework and research, organizine, write, challenge, run for office, etc. Bascially, they are willing to fight while you run, hide, and point the finger. If you were a devil’s advocate, you’re words and this blog would be interesting and useful. Who cares what a coward has to say.

    Last post. I will not return to this site. I’m sure you’ll follow with a typcial shallow and common crack. Zzzz. The readers can read for themselves and make up their own mind. There is simply too much work to do in the city then to engage in discussion with someone unwilling to truly appreciate or recognize any progress as they do the bad.

  5. LOTGK said

    First, the Steelhounds are losing money, not generating a profit. And it’s a stated fact that both teams are losing money.

    And it is easy for me to point out the broken down houses and urban blight. Cause it’s all over the city.

    And you think I’m the cause of the zero lack of progression for the past 30 years. That’s your answer.

    And you say I have a loser mentality, but I have to ask, did you read my blog, the one named the Grassy Knoll institute, the home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory.

    I think you have my site confused with an actual news source site.

    I believe there is egg all over your face. But I guess you aren’t reading this cause you are not ever returning here.

  6. D-Advocate said

    Typical, these so -called bible belters coming on blogs, spewing chunks, and when they are rebuffed, they run away with their tails between their legs stating to save what little face they have left by saying they are never returning to the so-called loser blog.

    Sorry LOTGK, some of my minions escape the pits of hell, AKA/ Youngstown but I will have them reeled in and make Pontius Pilot flog them with 40 lashes, unless they can walk across my swimming pool.

  7. Valdunagan said

    D, LOL

  8. D-Advocate said

    I have 30 pieces of silver to contribute….

  9. jungljim69 said

    Pat, where have I heard that name before that Defend Youngstown dropped, BZ? I read that Lenny Strollo is getting out of prison in 2008. Maybe when he gets back to the area the corruption will fall back into the Mob’s hands where it belongs and leave the ranks of local politicians, sheriffs, and police.

  10. ABrady said

    You got the wrong street. That is not Oak Hill Avenue, it is Hillman Street. You must have read the wrong street sign.

  11. LOTGK said

    Actually, the pictures are from Hillman, Oak, and several other surrounding streets.

  12. mike said

    put a fence around youngstown and the last person to leave turn out the lights

  13. Dwan P.Jones said

    Most pictures are of hillman not Oakhill

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