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Giant Alien Tire Girl

Posted by LOTGK on December 6, 2007

Giant Alien Woman Rips Car To Threads

A giant alien woman suddenly appeared in Calgary, Canada and immediately began ripping a car apart with her bare hands. As she tore the tires piece by piece, she would raise it above her head and yell some sort of alien words. She would then scatter the parts all over the parking lot.

It would appear that the Giant Alien women are just as fierce as the men. This photo was taken at the end of the carnage as the giant alien woman is holding a tire, the last remaining piece of the automobile she destroyed, over head ready to toss it away.

To bad she wasn’t wearing black patent leather shoes.


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2 Responses to “Giant Alien Tire Girl”

  1. Star Studded said

    Megan Fox she ain’t. But she’d do in a pinch. Now where’s my 2X4?

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