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State Of The Art 8 Track Tape Player

Posted by LOTGK on December 5, 2007

The Grassy Knoll Institute Stereo System Circa 1981

The stereo system above was my pride and joy in 1981. I bought the system at Custom Sounds, a now defunct “Hip” stereo outlet. There were many choices to consider, many brands, and configurations, but I knew what I wanted. Deep heavy bass and loud. Loud enough to make my ears bleed.

The above pictured system was the one selected. It was powered by a Yamaha receiver pushing an incredible 180 watts, 90 per channel. To handle all this power, I had two American Acoustic Labs tower speakers. Each speaker had a 12 inch bass, a 12 inch woofer, twin 5 inch midranges and a bullet horn tweeter. This wasn’t your mom’s Hi-Fi player. This had power, window shattering power.

On top was a Yamaha turntable. yes kids, there weren’t any CD’s back then.

The bottom unit was my Kenwood cassette deck. It had Dolby logic B and C noise. Yea, don’t know what that means either. Something to make the cassette have less hiss when played.

And lastly, the third unit in the system. Does anyone recognize this piece of equipment? Yes, it is an 8-track stereo player manufactured by Craig. Not only was it a player, but it had an added bonus. It was also an 8-track recorder. I could copy my records to 8-track and take them on the go in the car with me. How cool was that?

The headsets completed the combo. When everyone was home, yes, my parents had 7 children, I would plug in the headphones and turn up the volume.

And yes, I still have the equipment downstairs in the basement somewhere. I think I’ll find them and snap a present photo of them, especially the 8-track.

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10 Responses to “State Of The Art 8 Track Tape Player”

  1. randall pooser said

    hey grassy knoll,
    would you like to sell any of this equipment?
    let me know.
    yes, I remember those days. loud bass and to record a tape and listen to it in my car!!!WHEW!!!
    and how cool were cassettes when they came out!!!MAN!!!

  2. LOTGK said

    I do still have the equipment in my basement collecting dust. Alas, it is not for sale. It will be passed on to future generations in my family where they will take possession and continue to let the equipment collect dust.

  3. Paul Ainsworth said

    Hey, GK, maybe you could offer some advice.

    I have obtained a Panasonic 8 track recorder, but can’t figure out the “defeat” required to let me record over commercial tapes. For example, on cassettes there is the “knock out” on the back which has to be recovered to allow recording again.

    Any thoughts appreciated, thanks

  4. LOTGK said

    Yes, simply apply black electrical tape over the tab that was clipped out. The 8-Track will then be ready to record.
    Works every time…..

    Wait, sorry… That was for cassettes. On 8-tracks, I remember my Craig recorder with the ability to erase a tape and then capable or recording again on it.

    Try an erase first then record again. That should work.

  5. couragemylove said

    Hey there are you able to make mix tapes off of cds onto eight tracks? if you can not do you know any one who can? I need help with a birthday gift!

  6. LOTGK said

    Courage, my 8-track player is in the basement and hasn’t seen the light of day for many many years.
    However, to answer your question, yes you can mix tapes from CD’s to 8-tracks. As long as you have the patch cords, it works the same way as vinyl to 8-track.

  7. voxworld said

    I just picked up a Viking receiver that has an 8 rack player/recorder and cannot get the record button to depress to record over prerecorded tapes. Any ideas? Something to cover up like a cassette tab? Thanks for any help.

    • LOTGK said

      Not an expert, but try pressing the play and record button at the same time. Good luck. And hey, you could be one of the very few that could play the new Cheap Trick album released on 8-Track. Yes, on 8-Track.

  8. voxworld said

    Thanks for that, I have no play button, just push the cartridge in and it plays. With no cartridge, the record light goes on and the record button pushes in easily. When there is a cartridge, the record button won’t engage.

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