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Is That A Biker Bar

Posted by LOTGK on November 29, 2007

Sometimes I get bored. And when that happens, usually trouble followed. Back in the early 1980’s there was a popular bar on Glenwood Avenue in Youngstown. Of course there was the Park Inn, but right next to it was a grittier bar called the Crystal Tavern. It was sort of one of my hangouts where wild things occurred almost nightly. There was a fight at least every night, and not just a punch or two thrown, but knock down drag out to the curb type of fights. It was an FN awesome bar.

The Crystal was inhabited by a local biker gang, err, club, and other assorted roughnecks and hard Asses. How the hell I fit in I’ll never know. It was my older brother George’s hangout so I must have been a legacy member. (We need the dues!)

One evening, one gent, after about 1 to many shots, decided to call it a day and headed for the door. Just as he was about to go out, he pulled his gun out and took aim at the stop sign and emptied the gun into the sign. Not bad, he hit the sign four times.

On another occasion I watched my buddy Don down 11 shots of Ron Rico rum 151 before he fell off the bar stool in slow motion.

I won many a games of foos-ball with my buddy Benny, even with missing a goal man on one side.

I saw this one girl named Sue fall off the stool into the jukebox that made it go silent. Apparently it was someone’s favorite song on at the time because a huge fight broke out clearing the entire bar.

I won’t mention the girls and the flashing of the breastestis, but they were there.

Anyway, one night my buddies and I were riding around in my convertible Satellite and I had some flashing thunder candles. (Flashing Thunder is an 8 shot Roman candle firework with a very powerful report) We found ourselves riding down Glenwood Avenue very close to the Crystal Tavern. It was a summer night, the top was down, and I knew the Tavern front door would be open.

As we approached the tavern I slowed the car down, had my buddy light the candle, and I threw it towards the tavern with the intention of it landing outside and scaring the patrons inside. After all, the reports were as loud as gunshots. Well, my aim was true and instead of the Roman candle landing outside, it flew right inside the door into the bar. In seconds the flashing thunder went off.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, I hit the gas and got the hell out of there.

The next night I went to the Crystal and of course the buzz was the crazy MOFO who threw the M-80’s in the bar last night. Apparently, no one was hurt, (Very lucky son of a bitch am I) and it cleared the bar. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to tell everyone it was me that cleared the bar. Until now that is…….

A befitting ending for the Crystal Tavern was bonfire night. Of course the party got out of hand and burned to the ground. R.I.P. Crystal Tavern.

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6 Responses to “Is That A Biker Bar”

  1. Lee Roller said

    Ah, the Crystal. Both the bars I grew up in burned down is suspiscious fashion. The Crystal Tavern and the Short Stop Inn on Indianola next to the Newport Inn.

    The Short Stop was regarded by my circle of friends as the “training bar” for the Crystal. This was in the period from 1975 – 1981. The bartender at the Short Stop was a cranky old Bastard known only as Bob. Occasionally he would get drunk on duty and actually became fun but mostly he was a cranky bastard. I cannot for the life of me remember the names of the bartenders at the Crystal. Of course I remember “Papa” John and the adjacent Spaghetti House. And I remember when Papa John was busted for fencing stolen goods. He had them at a couple of loacations, his home and of course the back room at the Crystal. After the bust that back room became the pool room.

    And the restroom of the Crystal was a den of iniquity where any and everything might go on during any given night. I remember racking up the free games on the pinball maching while my buddy Doug and “Ted” Tater would dominate the foosball table for hours at a time.

    And sadly I remember the night the YPD busted Doug and I doing bongs in the back parking lot. They arrested Doug and smashed his bong in the gutter. I was left to drive his car home and tell his parents that he had been arrested.

    Ahhh, good times…good times.

    • LOTGK said

      Benny and Me played a pretty mean game of foosball at the Crystal. Even during the short period the table was missing the second row of defenders. And who didn’t comment on the bullet holes in the stop sign just outside the bar.
      Not bad pizza either at 2am in the morning.

      And yes, I believe you do know me as I know you.

      • Lee Roller said

        Aha. Cryptic.

      • Lee Roller said

        That stop sign had it coming. I have a history with that stop sign. A friend was sitting in thier car stopped at that sign facing east on Parkview right at the entrance to Glenwood, eady to pull away. I was standing out in front of the Crysatl on the curb leaning into their passenger window speaking to them. While I was talking the stop sign had surreptitiously crept up directly behind me. As I ended our conversation I stood up straight from the car window I had been leaning into, turned and took a step…and stepped full stride right into the stop sign, taking the edge of the signpost square in the middle of my face.

        Bastard sign had it coming. I only wish I had shot it myself.

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