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Lure Of The Red Planet

Posted by LOTGK on November 1, 2007

President Bush announced that we the people are going back to the moon and then onward to Mars, the red planet, with manned flights. Bush wants to accomplish this within the next twenty years. He has pledged an additional $87 million dollars over the next 5 years for NASA to study and update the aging shuttle system and create new innovative ways to propel fragile men into the cold vastness of space to explore a planet that has been dead for a billion years. It doesn’t matter that we already invaded Mars with our robotic rovers that have captured breathtaking photo’s.

It doesn’t matter that we have a new and improved lander on Mars right now promising more advanced experiments to measure soil content, search for and find water, and for signs of life, past and present. It seems that robotic space exploration is far cheaper and safer than manned exploration. At this time, there is no need to risk the lives of our astronauts. Not to mention the tremendous expense for manned flight.

How does President Bush plan on paying for this space adventure? It has been estimated that the cost of the journey to Mars will be 1 trillion dollars. Yes, trillion. What does that mean to the average American taxpayer? It means that each and every one of us taxpayers will be shelling out over $6000.00 to the Mars project.

The Grassy Knoll Institute is all for the exploration of space, but the trillion dollars could be better used for a host of other critical needs in the United States.

I would much rather see adding more schools and teachers to educate our children.

I would rather see medical research to curb or cure deadly diseases.

I would rather see bolstering our homeless shelters making sure everyone has something to eat every night.

Hiring more police officers, rescue workers, and firefighters.

If I am going to kick in 6 plus grand of my hard earned tax money, I want more than pictures from a distant planet that I will never visit.

Also, I wondered why Bush has decided to make such a bold statement.

The answer is very simple. He wants to liken himself to President Kennedy and his bold initiative of landing a man on the moon and bringing him back safely by the end of the 1960’s decade. Kennedy introduced this during his inaugural address. These were pretty strong words for a newly elected president. Yet, the public was enamored with Kennedy and quickly got behind his dream pledging their support as well.

We were all in this together was the feel and atmosphere at that time. The Astronauts were elevated to elite status and NASA pushed forward and Armstrong finally took that historic first step on the moon in 1969.

Kennedy, even though assassinated, kept his pledge to the American people of landing a man on the moon, and NASA kept it’s end of the bargain by using all it’s resources to make the Apollo program successful. President Kennedy will be forever linked to Americans landing on the moon and the huge technology advance needed to make it happen.

President Bush understands this. He realizes that the American people are enamored with space and the planet Mars. What better way to go down in history than to be remembered as the president that dared the American public to expand into space to the planet Mars. I know he doesn’t want to be remembered as being the president that almost choked to death on a pretzel.

Yes folks, President Bush has a strategery!


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3 Responses to “Lure Of The Red Planet”

  1. Ohio Jodi said

    Originally Posted by TopHatter WAB BOARD
    …Please, do give us more “evidence” of why you think the moon-landing was hoax.

    You want more, i’ll give you more.

    1. In 1959 Bill Kaysing was head of technical publications at Rocketdyne Systems, a divisions of Boeing that still makes rocket engines for the space program. In 1959 Rocketdyne predicted there was about a 14% chance they could safely send a man to the moon and back. Acording to Kaysing there is no way the space program could have advanced enough in the next 10 years to send the three Apollo 11 astrounauts to the moon, followed by the five more moon landings in the next three years.

    NASA experts recently admitted that they currently do NOT have the capability of sending manned missions to the moon. So how could they have done it more than 30 years ago? Even simulators these days require powerful computers, but the computers onboard the Columia had a capacitly less than today’s hand held calcuators.

    2. Phony Photos: A close look at the thousand of excellent still photos from the moon landing reveal some very odd features. For one thing, they are a little too good. The astronauts seem to be well lit on all sides, regardless of where sulights is coming from, almost as if there was some artifical light source.
    Defenders claim that light was reflected from the lunar surface, boucing back to light the shaw side of the astronauts. Oddly, that same reflective light does not illuminate the dark side of lunar rocks, which are even closer to the ground. Also shadows seem to fall in deifferent directions and look to be different lengths even for objects of similar height, such as the two astrounats. This lead to the conclusion of multiple light sources-some man made.
    Even when everything else is in shadow, the American flag and the words “United States” are always well lit, and sometimes seem to be in a spotlight. Was someone trying to squeeze extra PR value out of the fake photos.

    3. Starlight, star bright: There is an an absence of stars in the photos of the lunar sky as evidence that they were not taken on the moon. After all, in the dark sky of the moon with no atmoshpere, stars should be clearly visible.

    4. Where’s the Dust: One of the most memorable images NASA released from Apollo 11 was the imprint of Buzz Aldrin’s boot in the lunar dust. But the landing module apparently had less of an impact on the moon’s surface. There is no dust in the landing pads. If the Eagle blew away all the dust, as some spectacle, how did Aldrin make such a nice footprint?

    5.Deadly Radiation: In a recent press confrence, a NASA spokesman said that radiation is one of the biggest obstacles to space travel. Wouldn’t it have been a problem 30 years ago?
    Once outside the Van Allen Belts, astronauts would have been exposed to solar radiation. Expert opinions differ as to whether this exposure would have been life threating. But inexplicably, not one of the astonauts from the seven lunar landing missions got cancer, a well known result of over-exposure to radiation.
    Even more sensitive to radiation is photographic film. On all those beautiful monn photos there is absolutely no sign of radiation damage.

    On the moon’s gravity- a sixth of the Earth’s- the astonauts should have been able to leap 10 feet in the air. But they didn’t.

    Here’s the one that will bust this thing wide open:

    Of the seven manned missions to the Moon, only Apollo 13 had trouble, which is a 86% success rate. In the years since, 25 unmanned crafts have have been sent to mars. Only seven have succeeded- a 28% success rate. Which figure seems more realistic?

  2. LOTGK said

    My take on the Apollo Moon Hoax…..

  3. LEE LARSON said


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