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War Of The World’s Conspiracy

Posted by LOTGK on October 31, 2007


War of the Worlds Conspiracy

No, no, no. Not the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes baby announcement. I’m talking real Halloween legend conspiracy.

Halloween setup or real conspiracy cover-up? We all know the story of H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds. What many don’t know is that his novel was used as a clever Government cover-up of an Alien race making first contact to retrieve a crashed ship.

The Grassy Knoll Institute knew if news of an alien ship landing reached the mass populace, wide spread hysteria would ensue and military secrets that have been obtained from the alien crash would now be brought out into the open. What the Government needed was a ploy to confuse and diffuse the situation. What better way than to use a radio broadcast hosted by Orson Wells, a respected actor and radio personality. They contracted Wells and used national security as the guise to convince Wells to spread misinformation and then have Wells at the end of his broadcast proclaim that it was all a hoax, a joke before Halloween.

Orson Wells used a news broadcast format interrupting the regularly scheduled show to leak out small amounts of information to peak the interest of his listeners. Then all hell broke loose. Wells announced that a huge flaming object had been spotted descending from the sky over New Jersey. Reports started coming in from Grovers Mill, New Jersey that a shiny cylindrical object had landed there, in a farmers field.

Mass panic erupted when it was reported that Martians had landed and that they were in a terrible battle with the military. Talk of hideous aliens emerging from the ships with V shaped mouths using laser type weapons to destroy tanks and military equipment kept the audience close to the radio. Even the media itself was fooled into believing these events were occurring as they picked up on the story and broadcast it to many other radio stations. The rest is history as this became the greatest Halloween prank of all time.

Now that the elaborate hoax was implemented, it was very easy to cover-up the real invasion, or attempted recovery by the alien race. The United States now had their plausible deniability in place claiming it was just a radio broadcast and that anyone that really saw something was paranoid and should just try to calm down.

The United States now had the time to understand the alien technology and to adapt it to their own machines and technology. It was excellent timing for it was 1938 and the world was on the verge of the second world war with Germany invading Poland. The United States would use the alien craft technology to help them win the war. By studying the power plant of the alien craft, Albert Einstein would realize his mathematical equations were correct and help perfect the ultimate weapon of destruction, the atomic bomb.

Space flight, the shuttle, and stealth bombers would later be developed using the alien knowledge to help keep America strong and the most powerful nation the world has ever, or will ever see.

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2 Responses to “War Of The World’s Conspiracy”

  1. Meredith Ashley said

    I’m sure I read somewhere that Churchill had intellegence that the Japanese during world war 2 were going to attack Pearl Harbour but kept the knowledge top secret from the Americans in order for the Americans to enter into the war with Germany. Is this true or is it speculation based on conspiracy.

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