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UFO Caught On Film

Posted by LOTGK on October 23, 2007

ufo on film

The Grassy Knoll Institute media team took this exclusive photograph of a UFO hovering just above the tree lines right here in Youngstown, Ohio, a mere 5 miles from the secret Grassy Knoll Institute laboratory. (Damn, I gave away the location again)

The Grassy Knoll Institute management team believes the aliens are trying to locate the secret lab to obliterate it to ensure victory to their invading forces against humankind.

Notice the long elongated arm stretching out from the top center of the saucer. It has been determined that this device is their feared death ray pulse. No military armored vehicle has yet to survive a blast from the ray.

And since this photo was taken in the day time, the saucers landing lights are not on, but they are clearly visible.

And amazingly, the photograph is in focus unlike all the other so-called UFO photos.

The white House has been notified, but alas, President Bush was on yet another vacation.

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One Response to “UFO Caught On Film”

  1. LOTGK said

    Previoud comments..

    Dave –
    At last, undeniable proof that flying saucers exist. And its in focus.

    Random –
    And look at the death ray on that baby. Hi tech all the way.

    Lady Visine –
    So, has it been determined whether the UFO occupants are friend or for?

    LOTGK –
    We’re still hoping the Grassy Knoll Institute scientists can shed some light on that question and many others.

    wtf –
    this thing is a light

    Ed –
    your stupid dumdass

    Rocket Scientist –
    Thanks Ed. And I see you almost learned how to spell dumbass. A few more years in second grade should do the trick for you.

    jungljim69 –
    come on Rocket Scientist, most first graders learn to spell dumbass. You are giving too much credit to Ed.

    fred –
    so is it really a space ship or not?

    LOTGK –
    Fred, the photographic evidence is indisputable.

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