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My UFO Abduction Story

Posted by LOTGK on October 22, 2007

Yes Grassy Knoll Institute readers, I was witness to a UFO sighting.

It was 1967. September. I was only a child of 7. The time I saw a UFO. During my witness, it was surreal, everything was in slow motion and I was viewing something that I shouldn’t be allowed to.

Of course it was night, and it was late. I was in my bedroom and I awoke from a light sleep. I looked at the clock and it was 3:12 am. Not being able to go back to sleep, I decided to look out the window for a little while. I pulled the blind back and peered into the night sky. As I was concentrating on my view of the playground in my back yard, a noise startled me. It was my dog Jasper, who looked just like Lassie, the TV collie. Jasper was panting and pacing around in our room. I petted him for a few seconds and went back to looking out the window.

From my vantage point, I could see almost the entire playground including one side of the grade school.

The playground is a huge field that housed several baseball fields along with the standard assortment of swings, teeter totters, slides, and merry-go-rounds. It was the typical 60’s schoolyard. As I continued to look, I thought I saw a shooting star from the corner of my eye. But this star was not moving fast, but rather slowly. To slowly. Almost hovering. It silently descended into the playground.

Astonished, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I quickly tried to wake my two older brothers who were sound asleep in the same room but they just said to shut up and go back to sleep and that Dad would kill you if he knew you were awake. They said I was dreaming. Maybe I was I thought. My dog Jasper began to whine in a low tone. Almost a growl. I moved back to the window, squeezing myself in the windowsill, trying to see more. It was still there. A flying saucer. Thee flying saucer. The flying saucer was a very wide and thin black ship. The width of the ship filled up an entire baseball field including the outfield.

Finally it landed. Or maybe it was just hovering above the ground. I didn’t hear any sounds or feel any thuds nor could I see any type of landing gear. Something else was missing. There were no lights of any kind coming from the ship. No landing lights, spinning or blinking lights circling the ship. The only light was from the moon in the sky that illuminated the ship ever so slightly. It appeared the ship was covered in a shadow.

At this point, I started thinking of the Sci-Fi movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still. You know the one, where the giant metallic robot named Gort walks out of the flying saucer with that scary music playing in the back round. I was expecting to see this. No one or no thing came out and I couldn’t see any opening that could be a doorway or a hatchway. It was smooth all around.

Again, I tried to rouse my brothers to see the flying saucer in the playground. Finally, my oldest brother said, “OK, show me”. He walked to the window, and half heatedly looked out the window and said that yes, he saw it, and then told me to get back in bed because it was late. He really didn’t even look. He pulled me by the arm out of the window and escorted me back to my bed.

A minute later, I was back up. I went back to the window and the ship was still there. I looked back at the clock and it was now 3:30 am. Only 15 minutes had passed by. It seemed like hours. At this time, all kinds of bizarre thoughts were racing through my mind. Were the Martians invading? Was it the Russians? Maybe even the devil himself.

Mesmerized by what I was seeing I almost didn’t hear my dad calling out for our dog Jasper. I followed the dog downstairs and ran right into dad who was standing in the hallway. Dad asked what I was doing up. I told him that I saw a flying saucer in the schoolyard. Dad said that he heard something and asked if I would like to go and investigate with him. Of course I said yes.

We went out the door with Jasper tearing down the driveway in front of us. Dad was carrying a flashlight and I was walking right behind him. When we reached the top of the school drive I pointed out the pony league baseball field where the flying saucer had landed. There wasn’t anything there. We walked closer and dad turned on the flashlight and moved it around the field. It was gone. No trace of the ship was left except that the home run fence that surrounded the field was completely smashed into the ground. Not just on the ground, but embedded, like it was crushed by a heavy weight like, say, a flying saucer.

Dad motioned for us to go and said, “Let’s go home”, and I didn’t argue. I wanted out of there. I was getting a very eerie feeling about where I was at the moment. What a tale I would have for my brothers and sisters the following day.

Later that day, after I was talking as fast as I could to anyone who would listen, my dad informed me that vandals had broken the baseball home run fence the previous night and that a flying saucer did not land on the field and that I must have been dreaming everything. He then told me to forget about the whole experience. He knew I was visibly shaken and his statements were made to try and calm me down.

This may be the end of my story, but after several years had passed, actually almost 15 years, I asked my dad about the playground flying saucer. He said he did hear some strange sounds that night but he never saw anything. He said he would know if he saw a UFO. I told him that it was strange for I only saw the flying saucer and couldn’t hear any sound from it.

I also noticed that from that night, I began waking up at exactly 3:12am almost every night. I would glance at the clock and roll back over and go back to sleep. It was several years until I put two and two together and realized that I was waking up at 3:12am as a reminder of my experience. To this day, I still wake up almost every night at that time.

Another observation after several years was that my eyes have changed their color. When I was young, I had deep blue eyes but in my early 20’s, they had changed to a dull gray. My hair had also changed at this time from a light brown to gray. It took about two years for my hair to go gray. It is still gray today. One thing is that I don’t have any hair loss at all. It’s just gray.

Every now and again, I pay a visit to the old baseball field and just walk around a little. I look at my old bedroom window, look to the sky… and wonder.

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One Response to “My UFO Abduction Story”

  1. oHIO j said

    Yikes. I’d bet you couldn’t wake up anyone because they were under some sort of sleep spell but not you. At least your grey hair is handsome.

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