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Top 20 Horror Movies Of All Time

Posted by LOTGK on October 18, 2007

There are plenty of lists of scary movies on the Internet. You can forget about them as of this moment for the Grassy Knoll Institute proudly presents to you:
Thee Grassy Knoll InstitutesTop 20 list of the most spine tingling movies of all time.

#20 The Day The Earth Stood Still. The list begins with a 1951 Sci-Fi thriller. A space ship lands in a baseball field in Washington, DC. The space ship hatch opens and out walks Gort, a giant silver robot with a death ray built into its visor. Klaatu emerges seconds later and presents a token offering from his people. A military man with a quick trigger mistakes this gesture and shoots Klaatu wounding him. He is quickly taken to a military hospital and treated for his wound. The story unfolds that Klaatu came to Earth with a message for humankind. Join his United Federation of Planets and live in peace, or pursue our current course and face obliteration. The choice is ours. Gort the robot is has awesome power, a death ray that melts tanks, and the ability to bring Klaatu back to life after he was shot to death. This is the ultimate Sci-Fi movie and is the mother of all Sci-Fi movies to follow.

#19 Deliverance. A group of men decide to set out on a white water rafting adventure. They picka rural area river. Soon into the journey down the river, the terror begins. The locals begin to harass the group and eventually it turns deadly. One of the groups gets shot and another gets raped, (Squeal for me now, squeal like a pig) and the locals killed. The men use rocks to weigh the bodies down and sink them at the bottom of the river knowing that a dam will be built in a short time flooding the entire region and forever hiding the bodies. The sheriff doesn’t really buy the men’s story but with the flooding cannot go back to investigate. Burt Reynolds in his best role.

#18 Dracula. The prince of darkness, the undead bloodsucking vampire that prowls the night for its victims draining their blood leaving them for dead. Dracula had tremendous supernatural powers, the power of flight, invisibility, impervious to conventional weapons, guns knives had zero effect on him. Dracula is immortal, sleeps in his coffin and only a cross, holy water, and a wooden stake drive through his heart can kill him.

#17 The Mummy. A group of archaeologists open the tomb of an Egyptian king bringing a deadly curse upon all those in the presence of the tomb. The mummy awakes from his 3000 year slumber and begins to kill the archeological team one by one. Although the mummy merely shambles along, he does get around and finally corners the last of his victims. Bullets are fired at it to no avail and the terrorfying scene is when the woman gets trapped in her room and the mummy slowly approaches her and raises its arm to club her to death.

#16 Frankenstein. Mad scientist robs graves and pieces together a monstrosity. Life is created at the height of the storm as lightning strikes and course life current into the pieced together corpse and Frankenstein arises from the gurney. This huge menacing monster has a damaged brain and soon the local townsfolk gather torches and storm the castle to kill Frankenstein.

#15 The Pit And The Pendulum. A classic Edgar Allen Poe story of an evil torturer during the Spanish Inquisition. Vincent Price brutally tortures his victims in the dungeon of his castle with a razor sharp blade on the end of a pendulum. He ties his victims down and slowly begins the downward spiral of the pendulum. As the victims shriek in terror Price demands them to confess to their crimes knowing they are innocent.

#14 Poltergeist. They’re here!!!! Carol Ann, the little girl who gets absorbed by spirits who exist in the families house. The family calls in experts to exorcise the house to get their daughter back. A little old woman, a so-called spirit hunter spear heads the investigation. We’re talking the devil here father has to do battle one on with the demon. Famous lines, “Don’t go into the light,” and “This house is clean.”

#13 Amityville Horror. Newlyweds and their children move into their dream house. Little did they know that the house was the stage for murder several years earlier and that the house was possessed. Soon after they move in, strange happenings begin. A priest is called in and then another but to no avail. Famous line from the movie. The house itself telling the occupants to, “GET OUT!”

#12 Jaws. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. A 25 foot great white shark goes on an eating and killing frenzy forcing the town of Amityville to close its beaches, its only livelihood. A shark hunt ensues with a crusty old seadog, a marine biologist, and the sheriff of the town. For years after afterward people wouldn’t take a dip in the ocean and to this day are a little unsure. Famous quote from the movie: Chief Brody after seeing the shark swim by, “We need a bigger boat!”

#11 The Omen. Classic story of the anti-christ. Damien has special powers, powerful friends, and the family dog is very protective of him. Of course people start dying and some people suspect and they are hunted and murdered. Unlike other horror movies, Damien survives to continue his conquest. Famous quote from the movie: The maid at the top of the stairwell calling out to Damien right before she hangs herself. “This is for you Damien.”

#10 Pyscho. You knew it would show up sooner or later. Norman Bates is a lunatic and is the proprietor of a run down motel. A woman stops at the motel for the night. Norman and his “Mother” are there to cater to her. Alfred Hitchcock is at one of his finest moments in this movie. The shower scene and the sound track with it is one of the most horrifying moments.

#9 Alien. A Sci-Fi thriller set in the future. A mining operation ship at the outer rim of space. Enter the Alien, an acid based creature, a mother protecting her young, and it starts killing each crew member. The alien corners Segorney Weaver and comes face to face with her, almost touching. You can hear the creatures low snarl and see acid dripping from its mouth and body. There is no place to hid, and in space, there is no place to run.

#8 Halloween. Michael Myers, a demented child who killed his parents is all grown up now and escapes the mental institution and returns home on Halloween. He dons the famous mask and the killing begins. Any teenager having sex or doing anything at all wrong becomes Myers victims. Doctor Loomis, who was caring for Myers returns back to Haddonfield to stop him. Jamie Lee Curtis became the “Scream Queen” of horror films. Famous quote from the movie: Doctor Loomis discovering Michael Myers has escaped. “He’s gone, he’s gone from here. The evil is gone.” Of course nothing can kill Myers and he keeps coming at you. Great sound track for the movie.

#7 The Birds. Alfred Hitchcock score another movie in the top 10. Birds attack a sea town and all breeds are amassing together. It begins slowly and builds to the birds cornering a family in an old farm house. They board up al the windows and doors and even the chimney. The birds begin an attack and are relentless. You can see that the birds are getting closer as the wood on the doors and windows begin to splinter. The birds are shrieking filling the house with noise making everyone panic. Then the attack stops abruptly. Tippie Headron decides to investigate the damage. She opens the attic door and sees a huge hole in the roof and the birds begin to attack again overwhelming her and she passes out and has to be pulled out of the door. A great scene is when they are in the diner and are watching a man filling up his car with gas at the filling station. A bird swoops down and clips the man rendering him unconscious. The gas pump falls from the cars gas tank and begins spilling over the cement. Another man pulls out his smokes and lights up and is ready to throw his lit match down not realizing that the spilled gas has surrounded him. The people in the diner are screaming at him through the glass but the man could not hear their warnings. A second later the match hit the gas and exploded creating a fireball engulfing a wide area.

#6 The Exorcist. Enter the devil. A little girl named Regan is possessed by the devil. A priest is brought in to perform an exorcism. Reluctantly, the priest agrees. The classic good VS evil ensue as the exorcism brought out the worst of both the priest and the devil. The devil was appearing to be winning and would not leave the little girls soul. As a last ditch effort, the priest tricks the devil to posses himself to save the girl. The devil accepts and enters the priests body. Instantly, the priest jumps out the window to his death saving the girl. Ground movie sound track. Tubular Bells.

#5 The Blob. A meteor in the night sky falls in a farmers field who goes to investigate. He pokes a gelatinous mass inside the meteor and the blob substance, about the size of an apple, creeps up on the farmers hand. The farmers hand is burning and he cannot get the blob off. He goes to the local doctors office and by then the blob has grown and has the farmers entire arm and part of his torso covered. The next scene has the blob absorbing the farmer and seeking out other victims. The blob grows to gigantic proportions and it seems unstoppable. Of course when the wild teenagers go to the cops they don’t believe them and tell them to go home. Steve Mcqueen, his girlfriend and her young brother get trapped in a diner by the blob which by this time had grown to amazing proportions and easily covered the diner forcing the doors open to get to the people hiding there. The military shot bullets, grenades, flame throwers, electrocution, everything they could think of, at the blob with zero effect. As the blob inched closer it forced the teens into the basement and the meat locker. The blob stopped at the threshold of the meat locker. Steve Mcqueen figured it out. The blob doesn’t like cold. He uses the fire extinguisher on the blob and it retreats away. He gets the message to the military outside and they freeze the blob and air transport it to frozen Antarctica.

#4 Phantasm. A little of the beaten path horror movie. Phantasm begins with a young couple having sex in a graveyard and the two of them getting murdered. There’s something strange going on at the local mortuary. The proprietors running the mortuary are from another dimension are using the mortuary to transport people back to their dimension for slave labor. The “Tall Man” runs the show and is dressed as a regular funeral parlor director. Even when the police come to investigate, the Tall Man fools them into thinking nothing strange is going on. Meanwhile, the gold sphere, the phantasm killing machine is flying through the air up and down corridors in search of more victims. The sphere sticks itself into your forehead and sucks your brains out. The local hero is on to them but thinks maybe it is only a dream. He saves his younger brother and the aliens return to their own dimension apparently filling their quota.
Finally, the local hero can get some sleep and he goes home and slowly takes off his coat. Out of the corner of his eye he thinks he spies the Tall Man in the mirror and then blinks and he is not there. Relieved, he sighs and gets closer to the mirror and this time the Tall Man appears and yells out, “Boy” and he reaches through the mirror grabbing the man as you hear glass shattering. I guess they needed one more.

#3 Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A group of young kids stop at a Texas farmhouse. Of course they took the dirt road and of course they shouldn’t have went into the house. Little did the young folks know that they stumbled upon a family of cannibals and they were the next victims. Brutal and graphic are key words for this movie. The young girl being hung up by the giant meat hook sets the tone for the entire movie. And lets not forget about grandpa, AKA Leatherface.

#2 Night Of The Living Dead. The dead are rising from their graves and feeding on the living. The zombies are cannibalistic and tear right into the intestines of the living. Only a bullet to the head can stop them. A small band of people hole up in a rural farmhouse in hopes of making it through the night. The zombies can smell the people and are relentless in their attempts to get in the farmhouse. Plenty of gore, fright, and suspense. If perchance you get bit by one of the zombies you will turn into one of them as soon as you die. As the film progresses, the group is down to just one who has been locked down in the basement. As dawn approaches, he hears more gunfire and sees the military shooting the zombies. He runs out relieved that the nightmare is over and the sheriff mistakes him for one of the zombies and shoots him dead. Famous quote from the movie: “They’re coming to get you Barbara.”

#1 Stranger In The House. Also known as Black Christmas and Silent night, Deadly Night. Its Christmas time at a nursing sorority dormitory. Many of them are on their way home for the holiday break but several are staying in the house. Prank phone calls start that turned sexual and finally turned to violence. At first the girls dismiss the calls and hang up. As the calls persist, some of the girls almost play along. At one point in the movie, the phone rings and one of the girls picks up the phone and listens. She then announces, “Hey, its him again, the moaner.” The prankster is talking gibberish throughout the call until the end when he says that’s he’s going to kill them. One by one the girls go missing and thought to have gone home for the holiday. They were wrong. The police are finally called for the calls are getting to intense. The police put a phone tap on the line to trace where the calls are coming from. They also station an officer outside in the patrol car. The last woman alive is in the house and the phone rings. The voice on the other end is the police and tells the woman to stay calm and to just walk out the door to the police officer in the car. The woman inquires why, and again the voice says to put down the phone and straight to the front door and leave. Persistent, the woman says she has to go and wake up her friends. The officer on the phone pleads with her not to and then says, “We traced the calls. They’re coming from inside the house. The upstairs extension.”

There you have it folks. The 20 top Halloween movies of the Grassy Knoll Institute. Did I leave your favorite one out. Add it to the comments section.

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4 Responses to “Top 20 Horror Movies Of All Time”

  1. Gumby said

    You left “The shining” off this list. How can you do that.

  2. graveman said

    Carrie, one of the best of its time

  3. LOTGK said

    Yes, the shining is a great film, as was “the Stand” and “Carrie.” I used the criteria of watchability, meaning, would I sit down and watch the movie again after I seen it before. I have seen the Shining and Carrie plenty of times, and well, all of the movies listed above plenty of times, but the 20 above I keep on the tube and do not switch.

  4. MJ said

    Hey what about “Cannibal Holocaust”? That’s got to be the grosest horror movie ever.

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