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World War II Ghost Story

Posted by LOTGK on October 12, 2007

This is a ghost story that my father told me when he was a soldier in World War II. Dad was a Corporal in General Patton’s army. As they were marching their way across Europe on one particular day, Dad and one of his best friends, (We’ll call him Sweeney) got separated from their unit during some heavy exchanges with the Germans. The unit was scattered as they sought cover from incoming shelling. When it was over, they could not find the way back to their unit.

As darkness settled in, a steady rain began to fall and they decided to hole up in one of the many abandoned bombed out buildings scattered along the road. They came to this one building, (Dad described it as looking like a mini castle.) They both ducked in out of the rain to rest. They would continue their search for their unit when the light of dawn came. Both men did a quick inspection of the place to verify that they were alone. There was scattered furniture, broken crates, boxes, and simple clutter on the floor. There were huge holes in the walls and ceiling where bombs had hit their target. The only thing that wasn’t completely destroyed was an old pipe organ leaning in the corner of the room.

As they opened their food rations they heard a sound coming from where the organ was. Dad went over to investigate. Nothing was out of the ordinary. They chalked it up to their imagination. As they sat back down, this time they knew they heard a sound. It was the damn organ playing. Dad and Sweeney went over to the organ and saw the keys moving up and down and heard the music playing. Sweeney thought at first that it was a player piano type organ but upon further inspection, they noticed that there were no guts to the organ, as the insides of the wood cabinet had been shredded to bits. There was no way that organ could be playing. Yet, there they were, listening and watching the organ play on.

Dad looked at Sweeney, and Sweeney looked at Dad, and after a few more bars played on the organ, Sweeney said he was getting the hell out of there. Sweeney said that it was a ghost and that the ghost didn’t want them in his building. Both ran out of the building and down the road and several minutes later ran right into their unit.

The Captain said that both men were extremely lucky that they found the unit. The unit had switched course and was heading in a more Northern direction. If they would have waited till morning as planned, the unit would have been long gone. Dad and Sweeney would have been left behind enemy lines and more than likely captured. Dad again looked at Sweeney knowing that the ghost that was at the organ playing that strange melody had saved their lives by making them leave at night instead of at dawn.

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12 Responses to “World War II Ghost Story”

  1. raman said

    i am indian i believe in ghost because i am also sufer from them 22 aug 1999 i am walk on road then i saw suddenly i lady coming towards me but she came towards me she became smaller and smaller suddenly she became bird and fly dark night

  2. LOTGK said

    Raman, so sad to hear you are being haunted by ghosts. Perhaps you should take charge, demand the ghosts or entities to vacate the area post haste.
    Be stern, concise, and quick.

  3. Gumby said

    He sees dead people!

  4. kunal said

    i havnt seen a ghost in my life time but i experienced something amazing to explain,some bizarre type of smell in the night about 1 clock in night,that smell was very weird ,i couldnt identified that smell,smell was a mixture of fruit and flower,some body told me that muslim ghost jinn has this type of particular smell,

  5. kaustav said

    i was interested in the story cos ..the real ghosts siting (from wat i have heard ) happens in split second…
    i know a lot of soldiers died on the western front in both the wars ..and was trying to find out that is it true that the spirits still roam around the warzones of rural farmland europe in the german -france border ???

    cos i heard from a friend of mine that there are some german fortifications still left ..abandoned cause of the haunting ….

  6. Zakk said

    Absolutely, all bunkers which have experienced violent deaths will retain echoes of the past, whether it be stone recordings or spirits denying their death and holding eternal vigil. The bunkers all over Normandy are one such case. And not just in France but all over the world where wars and bloodshed occurred. I’m from singapore and we had our fair share of atrocities from the Japanese. We have old buildings used back then as their torture chambers, which stil retain some souls. footsteps, boot-laden, have been heard. commands in Japanese. apparitions in WW2 uniforms. However, LOTGK’s father experienced such a being that probably dated way before the war, either just or further back to medieval times. OR the deceased was recently killed by the Germans and hence reacts when faced with any uniform. Can the precise location of the castle be given? Can LOTGK’s father or his companion be contactable?

    • LOTGK said

      Zakk, alas, my father passed away in 2008. His buddy was Sweeney, and alas, he to has passed away. I know my father was a Corporal in Patton’s 3rd army, but i do not know exactly where in Europe or what exact month this occurred.

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