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Enter The Triangle Man

Posted by LOTGK on October 12, 2007

Is this story, my own story, merely a dream of a young lad or, stark reality viewed through the eyes of a child. You be the judge for honestly, I do not know.The year was 1967 and I, a 7-year-old child, was looking out the living room picture window into our front yard. It was night, cold, and fall was well settled in to its season as most of the leaves of the giant maple tree that stood in our front yard had fallen away. A small ring of frost was on the edge of the picture window and as I pressed my face closer to the window, I could see my breath fog the window for a second and then disappear.

I noticed that the lantern in the front yard was turned on giving off a warm yet inferior glow. My father’s car was parked on the devils strip. I could almost hear the faint wind blowing the remaining brown leaves as they rustled through the yard.

Then I saw it. It came right into view. I didn’t know what it was. It looked like some sort of monster. As best I could describe this hideous beast was to call it a triangle man. It had the body of a full grown man, very tall, over 6 feet tall, and thick, like the body was stuffed. It was wearing blue jean overalls and a white shirt and when I looked at the face, I was taken aback and immediately became frightened beyond my years.

The face was round, much like the head of the fast food chain icon, Jack in the Box but not as big or pronounced. I would say a very large Styrofoam ball attached to the body. The eyes were triangle in shape, much like a jack-o-lanterns eyes but one eye was red and the other eye was orange. The nose was a multicolored triangle that seemed to change colors as it approached the yard. I could not make out a mouth or ears.

I was looking right at it and it had made eye contact with me. I sat motionless on our living room couch, to afraid to move, or speak. All I could do was watch in terror as this thing rambled around in our front yard. It had no pattern that it was following that I could decipher. It was walking in a herky-jerky type fashion with its arms swinging and its legs not entirely high stepping, but more of a wobbly step. It was however staying in our yard but was not yet nearing the big picture window where I sat and watched. With all my will, I was able to tear my eyes from this thing to look around the living room hoping to see a brother or sister.

Alas, I was alone in the room. I could feel my hair on the back of my neck stand up and my heart quicken its pace. In a moment that seemed to be in slow motion, it changed its course and came toward the window and me. I mustered up all my strength and peeled myself away from the window and ran for the family room where I could see several lights were burning knowing that someone had to be there.

Relieved to see my father sitting watching television, feeling a sense of safety, I sat down in the chair next to him and preceded to explain to him what I had just witnessed. In a flash, dad jumped to his feet and opened the front door and walked outside to investigate. In what seemed like hours, dad returned and looked perplexed. He said he saw nothing like I described to him. In fact, he saw no one outside. Not even a dog. He told me I had to be daydreaming for no such thing as a triangle man existed and for me to forget what I just saw.

Fast-forward a month.

Again I found myself sitting on the couch looking out the same window. Yes, it was dark out and it seemed that all the conditions were ripe for another visit from the triangle man. I began my starring and was startled by a noise that came into the room. My sister Sally had come in and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was just sitting there looking out the window. Sally sat down next to me and looked out as well. A minute later the triangle man appeared again and as before walked into our front yard.

I said nothing as I observed Sally looking out hoping she would also see the triangle man. Sally broke the silence and said she was going into the other room and casually got up and left. Maybe I was daydreaming, just imagining the whole thing. After all, Sally had to have seen him but she said nothing. I quickly got up off the couch and left the room quickly not wanting to be there by myself. It would be a long time before I would look out that window at night alone.

Fast-forward several years.

It was Christmas time. The tree was trimmed, the lights on, the fireplace decorated with tinsel and silver foil. Sally and I were sitting on the same couch in the living room talking about what we wanted for Christmas when the conversation changed abruptly when Sally asked if I ever saw a strange man walking around in our front yard. Not just a man, but also a monster. A monster with a big head and triangle eyes of red and orange that would just wander around in circles in our front yard.

I was shocked! I blurted out that I knew she had seen the triangle man that night several years back. She admitted that she had but didn’t know if I had seen it and decided to keep quiet and just walk away. We both looked at each other and I felt both relieved that I wasn’t crazy and slightly uneasy for now knowing that I wasn’t daydreaming and that there was a triangle man walking around out in the yard.

But where was he now? Where did he go? Is he going from town to town? Visiting other neighborhoods? Minds? Imagination? Perhaps the boogeyman really does exist in the minds of children. At least he did for me back in 1967.

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