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DirecTV Sucks

Posted by LOTGK on October 10, 2007

You see the commercials everyday touting DirecTV and the NFL package. And yes, I have had DirecTV for years now. Every month when they send me my bill, I receive a little note saying if I have any concerns with my service, to please contact them.

Well, this Sunday, I had a major concern. I tuned my receiver to channel 712 prepared to watch the Vikings / Giants game at 1pm. I watched the pregame, and settled in cheering on my team through the first half. The Vikes weren’t doing so good, down 20 nothing at half, but hey, they are the top rated offense so who knows. Anyway, 5 minutes into the third quarter the TV screen goes blank and it says at the bottom of the screen that “This program is not available in your area.”

WHAT? I’m from Ohio, and the Vikes were not playing the local teams, Pittsburgh or Cleveland, so why was this game now blacked out? I checked the local channels and found that on CBS the Bengals were playing the Titans and the Lions were playing the Cowboys so DirecTV, as it states in their contract, must offer the Vikings game.

I decided to take DirecTV’s advice and call their customer service phone number to voice my concerns. Of course, it was an automated menu that makes you select half a dozen menu choices to reach your destination. After waiting for 5 and a half minutes, (Yes, my phone has a timer) I finally got a human on the phone. She asked for my phone number and last name to verify the account and then asked what the problem was.

I explained that the Viking game was taken off DirecTV channel 712 midway through the third quarter and I wondered why. I also said that the Vikes were not on the local networks. She put me on hold to check out why the game was blacked out. Three minutes later, the customer service agent comes back and says that the local network is broadcasting that game hence that is why the Vikings game is blacked out. Well, I told her that the Vikings game was not on the local stations and if the game was blacked out, why was I watching it from the beginning through midway the third quarter? She said she didn’t know but that DirecTV had no control over what the networks broadcast. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she hung the phone up on me.

Determined, I redialed the customer service number. Went through the automated service menu and waited for a human voice. This time, it was almost 8 minutes. Standard questions to verify my account and again I explained my problem to the customer service agent. Again I was put on hold. Again I was given the same exact explanation that it wasn’t DirecTV’s problem and that the networks can broadcast whatever game they choose. Again I asked to speak to the supervisor. Again I was hung up on.

More determined, I redialed again. Automated service menu, human voice after 6 minutes, same verification process, same explanation of my problem. Same response from the customer service agent. At this point, I believed I really wasn’t talking to a “Live” person but an automated response for it was exactly the same but in a different voice. I decided to change up things a bit and said that I was hung up on the past several times when I asked to speak to a supervisor and that I was now pretty irate and wanted an answer from the supervisor. The service agent said “No problem, one minute sir, and I will connect you to my supervisor.” I was on hold for ten minutes and then the line was hung up.

Really determined, I made three more attempts with the same results. On my next to last call, I asked if I should call my credit card company and dispute the bill for I was not receiving what was promised. The customer service actually said that would be a good thing to do for he wasn’t going to do anything for me. Then click, he hung up. On my last call, I again asked yet another service agent if DirecTV was violating FCC rules since they were broadcasting the game for the entire first half and midway through the third quarter. He answered yes, but still he couldn’t do anything for me and that the supervisor was to busy to speak to me, a long time customer, of more than ten years.

In review, DirecTV SUCKS. Their customer service, they have no customer service. DirecTV does not care about it’s customer base, especially it’s long term customer base. I will never endorse DirecTV to anyone. I will cancel my subscription with them. I have already called my credit card company and began dispute proceedings with them. Did I mention that DirecTV sucks?

DirecTV sucks…..

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76 Responses to “DirecTV Sucks”

  1. jes said

    I hope meteorites wizzz into their satellites taking them out one-by-one costing the company $billions! I had purchased a nice Sony HD DirecTV receiver. The house where I live already has the antenna mounted. Then I called DirecTV to set-up service only to learn they charge $50 bucks to customers that want to use their own equipment? Then they want a 2-year commitment? Plus the $20 for the new card? Oh screw them! I hope DirecTV satellites get fried one-by-one by meteorites soon… serves them right!

  2. Ken said

    Welcome to DirecTV’s little world…fortunately I haven’t had billing issues…yet…

  3. Margarita said

    They seriously need to be hit by meteorites, really soon. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING COMPANY. Something needs to be done about them.

    • Mike Lamberson said

      DirectTV ruined my Mom’s Christmas present. Somehow, she was suckered into a 2 yr contract with your this company. The installer has a hole in her ceiling with wires hanging down, she doesn’t have the channels she is paying for, she cannot work the TV and DVR. It is lucky they are closed today on the phones, because they are going to pay for this. NO EXCUSES. JUST FIX IT. So, in the meantime, I will use all of my channels to tell everyone I know NEVER to use DirectTV, EVER. The longer I wait to hear that you have resolved the situation, the more damage will be inflicted on their reputation.

  4. Mike said

    P.O. Box 6550
    Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

    July 8, 2008

    RE: Order #53173816, Account #809281183

    Dear DIRECTV,

    In mid June I received an email solicitation from your company offering an introductory package for $29.99 per month for 12 months I have been a Comcast customer for many years but was interested in reducing my bill (Comcast was $120) so I called the number listed. I explained my situation, that I have 4 TV’s and wanted 1 DVR. The female representative – oh good Lord don’t I wish I had her name and contact info now – that I spoke to said that would all be included at the $29.99 per month fee. At my request she also added a 3 month free trial of the premium package including HBO, and explained that after the 3 months my total package would increase to $52 but I could cancel the Premium at that time. She told me a technician would come to my house and install everything for free.

    I reviewed all of the information above with her: 3 standard receivers, 1 enhanced receiver; Choice package; free install; 3 month Premium trial = $29.99 per month for 12 months if I committed to 12 months. She confirmed this was accurate.

    I placed Order #53173816 and reconfirmed: 3 standard receivers, 1 enhanced receiver; Choice package; free install; 3 month Premium trial = $29.99 per month for 12 months if I committed to 12 months. She confirmed this was accurate.

    Problem #1:
    Installation occurred July 1. The installer said that if he had to get in the attic where the cables ran it would cost me $75. I was home, I didn’t want to pay $75 and I didn’t want to argue with the guy that I was told it would be free, so I climbed in the attic and spent 4 hours running cable in my 100 degree attic. Drilling, cutting holes with my saws-all, filthy dirty, wasp nest up there. Great, whatever, saved $75, all done.

    Problem #2:
    The system was not programmed for the premium package with HBO. I had to call and get that turned on. Whatever, all done.

    Problem #3:
    Got my first bill yesterday – $75.12! What? That doesn’t sound like $29.99! So I called in and learned that I never filled out my rebate…. Rebate? She never mentioned a rebate. I repeat, never, never, never did the word “rebate” come out of the lady’s mouth when I placed Order #53173816. But the guy on the phone said he would fill it out for me. How much is the rebate? $23.00. But $75.12 minus $23 equals $52.12, and my deal was for $29.99? That is without the receivers, he says. The receivers were supposed to be included – I reconfirmed the terms of the deal twice. Well, they aren’t, blah blah blah. (Turns out the actual terms of the deal were on the piece of paper I signed when the installer was done watching me climb around my attic. I should have read it better, stupid mistake, trusting DIRECTV to be honorable – turns out you are actually dirty thieves.) So I told him: “Listen, either you give me the terms of the deal I agreed to or send someone out to disconnect me”. In fact I encouraged him “Please, please, please just give me what I was told I would get so I can move on and we can all go about our busy lives! I really just want to stick with you guys and be done with it!” No can do. He put me on hold while I was connected to the disconnect people.

    Problem #4:
    Disconnect lady says I am supposed to pay a $20 per month cancellation since I am not fulfilling the terms of the contract. To avoid this I had to cancel within 24 hours. Who cancels within 24 hours? The thing worked, I saw no discrepancy until I received my bill, why would I cancel? (In fact you know hardly anybody is gonna cancel within 24 hours, don’t you, you sneaky little scumbags – you trick people and force them to stay or steal their money even though you didn’t provide a service. Well I cancelled that card this morning – and what a fuckin’ headache that is going to be for me! But that’s all right, you’ll never get a penny from me.) I told her, “Look I really don’t want to deal with this. Please, please, please just honor the deal you offered me so we can move on!” No can do. So I cancelled the whole deal.

    Problem #5
    I have to ship the frickin things back!

    It looks like Comcast will be around $70 per month, staying with DIRECTV would have saved me about $20 per month. But I can’t stay with you because I think you are liars, and I won’t tolerate that dishonesty. The whole thing seems like a big sleazy scam which assumes most people won’t go through all this hassle and then cancel.

    Maybe you think I am scamming you to save $22per month (that would be the $52 you want me to pay minus the $29.99 I was told I would pay). Really, I love saving money but I’m not that poor or bored and I have better things to do. So now you don’t get my $22 per month, but you do get a guy who hates DIRECTV. A guy who will take any opportunity to bad mouth you. I will never ever buy anything from you again. I’ve already told about 15 people how much you suck.

    Seems like a shitty business decision, but what do I know. I’m an honorable guy. I should send you a bill for the install work I did.


    Mike McDaniel

    • Don said

      Number on in customer satisfaction
      my ass. I had basically the same
      problem to the tune of $203.20. I
      am now in the process of disputing
      the charge. Good luck to me. It’s
      NO CONTRACT cable for me from here
      on in.

  5. Kevin said

    Yes, DirecTV sucks, and they don’t care.

    They pulled the early termination scam on me too. When I called to cancel, they told me my commitment was up, no problem. Then several months later, they billed my credit card for $400! They refused to give an inch on it, so I filed a dispute with the credit card company. They are supposed to respond to the dispute, to provide their documentation as to why they believe the charge is legitimate. But they couldn’t do that, of course, since it wasn’t legitimate. So instead, they just charged the account a second time!

    I called the credit card company, and they told me that DirecTV had never responded to the dispute, so it was credited back to my account. When I pointed out that they had charged me the same amount two months later, they told me that was a new charge! They said my only recourse was to dispute it again!

    So in order to keep them from billing me repeatedly, I had to cancel the credit card.

    Now DirecTV says they will take me to collections over this, which I’m sure they probably will. But there are laws in play there which offer me some measure of protection.

    Interestingly, when I dropped the equipment off at FedEx to be returned to DirecTV, the FedEx guy told me to be SURE to hold on to my receipt, because he said DirecTV very often tells customers they never received the equipment back and bills them for it!

  6. Anonymous said

    This is September, 2008, the day before the Sunday beginning of the regular NFL season.

    I signed up, and am paying a premium, for DirecTV’s “NFL SUNDAY TICKET Superfan” which is billed to allow me to watch any of the NFL games in HD, played on Sundays, provided there is not some blackout on a game in my area.

    I had this service last year, and was quite happy with it.

    This year, everything is different, without prior notice to me, their customer.

    Last year, I could set my DirecTV dvr to record upcoming games the week before. This is exactly what you would expect. That’s what a dvr is supposed to do.

    This year, for some reason DirecTV representatives cannot explain, and I’ve just spent the last 3 hours on a Saturday Night on the phone with them … 4 of them… I kept getting disconnected ..

    This year is different. This year, in order to record an upcoming game, …you’re not going to believe this, but 3 DirecTV reps have confirmed it to me… you have to wait until the game is in progress before you can record it!

    I am flabbergasted.

    But the problems don’t end there. On DirecTV’s ‘guide’ on my tv set, they don’t even have the correct teams listed playing each other.

    Their system is completely screwed up. Their tech reps see one thing, my screen says another, and their new policies say something different.

    I’m going to give them 3 weeks to get their act together. If it’s still this screwed up, I’m going to cancel their entire service and return to Comcast for my HDTV.

  7. Kimberly said

    I am so done with DirecTV, I don’t know what to do.

    We recently moved into a new construction. We asked to have our service to transfer our account to our new address. (By the way, we never had ANY issues with DirecTV at our townhouse.) The first appointment, they didn’t even show up. No phone call. Nothing! The second time, they came with the wrong equipment. The third time, everything was working fine….for three hours! Saturday, a fourth technician cancelled due to the weather. However, the technician from ADT made it. The receiver in the family room went out completely. The receiver in the basement has poor signal strength. I finally called yesterday to cancel. They informed me that they would charge me $460 to cancel; and they couldn’t get a service technician out here for a FIFTH appointment until Thursday! My husband is active duty military, just returning from Afghanistan. He already took a week off to get us settled in our new house. We don’t have time to be waiting around for another service technician that may not show up AGAIN! I am done with DirecTV, but we’re stuck. My husband and I have made up on our minds if these issues are not fixed Thursday, we’re getting JAG involved about that $460. That’s ridiculous!!!

    P.S. They left two holes in the side of our house where they tried, unsuccessfully, to mount the satellite. They told us we had to go through this arduous claims process to get our own hired contractor to fix it. WHAT?! YOU drilled house in our house; and you KNOW it! FIX IT!!

  8. BENtOverByD** said

    Man that was easy. I just Googled ‘DirecTV sucks’ & found what I was looking for!
    As for the single worst cable/ satellite provider in the history of the world, I’m in total agreement. The service sucks. The “new” HD DVRs are sluggish, require numerous reboots, and delete programming & channels on their own. Every software update seems to only make it worse. I guess those are the breaks when you’re a paying beta tester after all! This “lease” deal is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard – if I pay $200 for a device that barely works, I better own it! The Reps via phone or email are mostly (except a select few) right off the short-bus.
    Oh… and on a personal note, I have an “outdated” package with these mooks. If I wanted to add another channel (which I did at one point), I have to pay $12 more a month BEFORE purchasing the extra channel/s.

    If DirecTV were a person, he’d fuck his own mother for a nickle!

    It seems these guys would rather swindle & sue their customers for money rather than treating their clients right & doing business the honest way. Good news is I work for a Home Entertainment company in Beverly Hills and the surrounding area. You can bet I’ll be passing the word. As soon as my “contract” is up, I’m moving to Dish or AT&T!

    Those of you considering DTV – head for the hills!! You’ll be in for a world of pain. It’s like making a deal with the devil. Hope this helps!

  9. Celina said

    So begining of Sept 2008 i called DirecTV and signed up… called last week (Sept 27th) to see why i haven’t had anyone schedule an appt. to come install the equipment. I was informed my schedule date isn’t set to be installed for NOV 21st!!!! for crying out loud! I told the rep that I was dumbfounded why it would take that long, he seemed perplexed as to why. But offered to transfer it to Corporate, who would review it and let me know by LAST FRIDAY (Oct.3 rd). No call, no message left on my machine. Called Today after still trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Was informed that if i didn’t like the Nov 21st install then he would sign me up for the Dec. 4th install date.
    Called back to speak with a supervisor, was told i would be transfered, got hung up on. Called back again.. this time I asked for Corporate’s tele# and was told they don’t have that, but they could give me a physical address or an email address. I told him he would find the number and inform me what it was. He put me on hold, came back with a different number. Which I called, and it was for the Spanish Speaking csr lines. I hung up in disgust ffor the deception. Called back again, asked for another supervisor, was told I would be transfered, again another disconnect.

    Sick of the whole process – i called to cancel my service – and the rep i got told me his computer is frozen and can’t help me but to call back tomorrow.

    By this point, I’m extremely irrate, for I get one day off a week and this isn’t that day..

    So I figured they are into deception, i decided to turn the tables on them.. I called back and talked in my nicest – girlie voice.. thankfully the rep was a guy and he gladly transfered me when I told him i wanted to talk to a supervisor to inform him/her what a fabulous job a rep of theirs did.

    Got on the PHONE WITH A SUPERVISOR.. I verified she was a supervisor and she informed me she has been for 8 years.. and she started to ask me who the rep was that did such a great job.. I immediately told her, that from what i have experienced with her company.. that NONE of the employees deserve a kudos.

    Told her my complaints, told her i wanted to be cancelled. And she offered me 50$ off my first bill if i decided to stay. Told her i have been without tv for over a month, and that her $50 wasn’t worth it.
    She apologized – I informed her of the blogs i have found bashing DirectTV, and she actually started to tell me what a great company it is and how they have won customer service rewards for the past 6 years.

    Which brings up a question.. Who the hell is the head of these reviews because obviously they need to read some of these blogs

    Very dissatisfied and going back to Dish.. at least there you could get issues resolved and they were pleasant.

  10. directv rep said

    wow, all of you guys are so lame, im a directv account supervisor. all you guys bad mouth dtv. when actually we have 9 million more customers then dishnet work. i have worked for dish an dtv. an all you dumbass fucks are better off with dtv. dish net works charges you $20 a month for hd. right? yes.. dtv charges 9.99 dishnet pays dtv to use all of our equipt. our salaties. our access cards. everything! all of you guys are a bunch of fucking pricks!!! when you all call dtv. you act like your all the shit. when you know we can discocnnet your account with asking you. its all in your terms an conditions. read it. (example. fag boy 1 calls in yelling an bitching about his bill or something, wont let rep talk. calling. doesnt wnat to calm ect. we can disco your account with out your permission. an if you get an early term fee. SUCKS FOR YOU!!!!!!! so i think all you inconsideit pricks need to chill the fuck out!!!!

    • David said

      This is for the directv worker (A Hole!) Dude the emplyees of directv are mostly highschool drop outs , they know very little about the company they work for , most of them are hoping to be employed long enough to collect an unemployment check.You’re all miserable.The only way to seek intelligence is call directv at 12 am or so , thats when it is switched over to a call center in the philippines.So keep talking up your company while collecting a 400 a week check , and continue to lie to your customers.

  11. LOTGK said

    directv rep,

    That is exactly why paying customers complain. Because you answer the phone with the above attitude.

    But to be honest, I really don’t think you work for DirecTV. (Although that is the type of attitude people get when they do call.)
    I believe you are a minor, upset that Ninja Turtles was canceled and now all you have to watch is Barney The Dinosaur.

    Thanks for the comments though.

  12. Bitzky said

    Ninja Turtles got cancelled?? Why wasn’t I informed!

  13. LOTGK said

    DirecTV was supposed to send the memo out Luke….

  14. Another loyal customer - gone! said

    Now they black-out any pro-games they want to so you’ll subscribe to their sunday ticket, center ice, etc. packages. Have the sports package with all the Fox Sports channels? Doesn’t matter, they’re blacked out. The games are not on local channels, they are sold out so there’s no issue there, yet still blacked out. A rep told me they do that “occasionally” but so for 3/3 games blacked out. They (DirecTV) continue to cite that the leagues determine this – yes, the leagues agree to blackout what DirecTV wants to. I’m SO done with them!

  15. El Supremo said

    Had DTV installed four months ago, they suckered me in with one of their promo packages, never once mentioning that a rebate form was required, I found out after I received a bill for twice what I had signed up for. They were happy to fill out the form for me, but it would take up to two billing cycles for the rebate to be processed and in the meantime I was on the hook for the additional 30 bucks a month. Total Scam.

    A few days ago one of the channels began to pixilate randomly, called tech support (an arduous task) after resetting the receiver and verifying all connections were tight, the tech explained that there was only one option remaining, he would have to schedule a service call at a charge of 49.99 WHAT! a service that I pay monthly for, on equipment that I lease isn’t working, and I have to pay you to fix it. Well he offered to reduce the cost of the call to 0 if we were to sign up for protection service for only 5.99 per month, hmmm when did Tony Soprano take over DTV. so long jerks, we’re going back to Dish.

  16. rddurrant said

    We have had DirecTV for a little over a year and have been scammed from day 1. I originally siged up for HD and their choice plus package and would have to apply for a waver for national feeds since I live in a small town and no locals are offered. All the nearest locals granted the wavers so about 2 months later I get all the channels and get billed $2.99 per network for the national feed and no HD. HD is not part of the waver, its separate and a year later the only one I get is Fox. The rep I signed up for didnt say a word about the $2.99 charge and no where on their website I can find where this charge is published. So I’m paying $15 more, they even charge for PBS, and no HD.

    Last week my system would not initialize properly every time I turned it on and I had to go through the setup each time. I went next door and got my neigbor to come over with her service manual and we finally got the advance screen to give an error code. The code indicated there was a with the “multi-switch”. I dont have 2 receivers, only one so the error code is bogus. So my neighbor gets on the phone and schedules a service call. Tech shows up 2 days later and finds the original crew crossed threaded the connection onto the dish and moisture has completely corroded the copper wire in the RG cable. He replaces the connection, system is now working properly.

    I open my bill today and get charged $49.95 to have them correct their own poor workmanship. I call their customer service and try to get it reduced. Since I don’t have the protection plan, I am told there is no way to reduce it. Wont even warranty their own crappy work.

    FYI, when you call for techinal services, you’re actually talking to someone in their home, not at a service center. Directv contracts to home workers and they have this very, very thick notebook for find your answer. Good luck if you get a newbie or don’t say a term they can find in their index. My neighbor is a nice lady but she can’t tell the difference between a screw driver and an crescent wrench and she’s answering tech problems. What a company. She had no clue I would be charged for the service call and has been told to schedule service calls “as often as she can to insure customers are served properly” when they can’t help a caller. Let’s see, get non-technical people to look up answers in a book via an idex and then push service calls. Sure smells like a scam here too.

    I have 9 months left on my contract and I am going back to an antenna. From what I hear from coworkers, Dish isnt much better aournd here.

  17. BEYOND FED UP said

    Below is the letter I sent to Customer Service, and FCC and attorney general and the “crap signal feeding local stations” (direct DirecTV quote). I have a 52″ 1080p Samsung, DirecTV HD DVR and HD package. NASCAR, SUPERBOWL, etc will look better with Rabbit Ears than on DirecTV!

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    First off my wife and I have been with DirecTV for almost 10 years with VERY mixed results and emotions.

    Therefore, this is a ten (10) day notice to respond, in writing, with an explanation from DIRECTV as to why the local stations for Kern County are of such poor quality over the DIRECTV signal, in spite of the installation of your top performance box and package. I request, in writing, a detail breakdown of all local broadcast station broadcasting quality via air/cable as in; analog, 720, 720 HD, 1080, 1080HD, etc. I would then like to see in what format DIRECTV is providing the Kern County area in the DIRECTV packages. In addition, I would like a comparable understanding of how signals from San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Fresno, Ventura and Los Angeles counties are broadcast via air, cable etc and again the format that DIRECTV provides them in. How can I make such a request? Because loosing me as a customer will only be the start.

    How did I get to this point?

    Well, my Saturday night started with hot pizza and ordering a pay-per-view movie online. It ended with cold pizza and NO movie (in spite of being charged for it initially). While on hold for 30 minutes I decided while I’ll have DIRECTV on the phone I will ask why my pictures of my local stations are SO BAD! My wife loves NASCAR and she was looking forward to seeing it in HD but the local FOX station picture is the worst but they supposedly have the better signal! I rate the DIRECTV signal broadcast of the local stations below the quality of the first generation digital cell phones. Remember how they broke, they lost signal and in general stunk compared to analog cell phones? Well after being given every excuse how it was all the “local” stations’ fault I was done. I find it insulting for me to have tp pay what I do for what I receive! Amazing how clear the local stations are with HD quality in the stores and on cable! DIRECTV broadcasts of the LA Channel is good quality so why not Kern County?

    Well, this resulted in useless tech support over the phone; a quote for a service call on rented equipment because my 90 day warranty is out by 10 days or something (I get charged a rental fee-if it is rented how can I be charged to fix it if it DOESN’T work???); an ignorant service agent and “the highest ranking” service manager telling me I will never receive my request in writing. When I said “if you can’t write the letter, then wake up the CEO or the president who can”. Response, “We aren’t waking up anyone for you” and it was all finished off by hanging up on me.

    How I will finish my relationship with DIRECTV.

    I have ordered DISH NETWORK for a side by side comparison. After that, I will; 1) decide if I want DISH or nothing, 2) research and determine what county, state or federal authority is in the position to look at DIRECTV, 3) contact all of my mutual funds, 401s and ROTHs portfolios and remove my assets from any of them that have DIRECTV as part of ANY OF THEIR HOLDINGS, 4) tell anyone who asks me my opinion of DIRECTV.

    In closing, you guys should really watch the NEWS!

    The economy is in the tank, foreclosures, bankruptcy, repos, rising unemployment and here you sit all arrogant demanding more money for more service with an end resulting substandard product. We all have housing expense, car payment, utilities, insurance, education, healthcare, retirement, food and stables and even internet. No where in there is DIRECTV and Why? Because, you are purely a luxury item. Internet service is of more of value then you. Where do you get off thinking ANYONE has to answer to you? Remember Economics 101? Luxury items are the first that get cut during hard times. So, is DirecTV going to be Circuit City or Wal-Mart?
    PS-I got my TV at Sam’s Club.

  18. patricia said

    I’ve just completed the first year of my dtv contract and I’m counting the days until we get verizon fios in our neighborhood. Thanks to those of you who warned about their sleazy practices re contract renewal. I will make sure to cancel that credit card after I make the last payment.

    We had the usual bait and switch technique when we signed up. We were told that we would be getting HD plus DVR, but when I couldn’t record a program, I called and was told that the deal was HD OR Dvr. Ricky, the salesman never told me this and he underestimated the bill as well. I was told that I would pay $52 per month, but have never had a bill less than $80.

    The picture is sporadic and sometimes just freezes. The audio is all over the map and whenever a dtv commercial comes on, the sound blasts so loud you could hear it in the next county.

    The latest problem is that the phone line no longer works. I called several times to complain but was told that they’re “working on it” but that they don’t know when it will be fixed. They will not give me a new box even though they admit that the problem is in that particular model. So now, I have lost caller ID and the ability to order PPV remotely. They offered no compensation for this inconvenience and basically said “too bad–it was a free service.”

    I was not thrilled with DISH Network but compared to DTV, they were heaven sent. I’m just biding my time now until I can get FIOS. I’m sure they’ll have their own host of problems too since the corporate world has taken a basic FU attitude to consumers.

  19. dtv csr said

    look I am the nicest rep any of you can talk to I dont hang up on you I encourage you to vent i swear because when you get done i answer all the questions and all the vent you lay on me what everyone needs to understand is DTV is not free for the company or for yo I get so tired of hearing I am a loyal cust i want i want i want yes i agree you deserve a break believe you me, but we all do ,loyal or not I will tell you also a blackout is not something we dont control it is a FCC regulation and we have laws to abide just like anyone else you need to be writing them and the local station blacking out the games Comcast is the son of a b*** that does it trust me when i say when you subscribe to the sportspack and get all the rsn sports from comcast they are the ones usually black out more times than non fox is another culprit but for any of you its easier to blame the one who listens which is someone like me at dtv. I wish the world was free it does cost us to get programming to you. I dont hear anyone gripping because walmart or your local mall marks up prices from a product made in china that cost them .23 you pay 12.98 you dont go into a supermarket or mall walmart asking for free product because your a loyal cust or got a defective product all you get is a replacement and on your way. The only thing I see is when a cust is having a hardship (lost job) etc is the only time i think we should discount your pkg or give you something. LIFE IS NOT FREE. i love all my cust and I am proud to work for DTV it is a great job and i have met the most interesting people in this buisness. even those of you who rant and rave i love you most of time your legit to complain however when you call up and start gripping from the start and refuse to listen thats irritating why bc i want to help you not argue that is my job and if i dont know the answer and have to put you on hold dont get angry I am trying my best you dont know the measures we go through to get help it can be stressfully ridiclous really you may have 200 agents (csr) on the floor and 2 supervisors teamleadrs is what we call them to help you find the answer and our system we use to get your answers sometimes turns us in circles to where we have to find help. the turn over rate in a call center is astronomical so the agent you are speaking to may be new to the job we have all been there and sometimes your questions are unique or foreign to us again we have all been there. But we are human and think of it this way if you wouldnt talk to your wife or mom this way then why are you doing it to me do you think the person on the other end actually pulled up your acct and said lets screw with this guy or gal no things happen thing go wrong mistakes happen and we are no charity love to be to some God knows i have met some i would love to give the world to but i cant. You can also think of it this way the nicer and calmer you are calling in the more better response you will get i Promise seen it to many times i guess the main point is We are not perfect dont claim to be we will try our best you will run into that csr who isnt worth a darn i work with some but they dont keep the job long and what can i say about blackouts they SUCK bad but it is not us it is the local affiliate that does it blame them. Loyal cust thank you for your time really but please we all got offers just like the new cust and jsut bc hd wasnt out that is why you did not get it that is technology fault but you are getting them at cost not manufactors cost and some instances we eat shipping and install whos pocket you think that comes from not yours ours. we have to pay installers to really and truly i see where you all are coming from but just think about what i said about walmart and supermarkets you dont go in there with a hand out they will call the law and will not work with you if and when you lose your job. i cant give alot but i give you my best sometimes its not good enough but i try like hell and i will get all you dtv answers to the best of my ability that my job if you cuss me out i will listen just give me a chance to resolve thank you for your time and for listening to me i look forward hearing from you have i answered all your dtv questions

    • LOTGK said

      See, I can let people vent as well. Problem is, DirecTV still sucks. And, did you ever hear of a paragraph break, or a period. Or is manifesto your writing technique?

    • Gumby said

      Looks like the unabomber escaped.

    • Uhnoz said

      Not really – Blackouts have nothing to do with FCC regulations. The blackouts all stem from contract agreements on a local and national level between the leagues, sports associations, and networks that purchase the rights to the broadcast.

  20. Scott said

    *****WARNING***** Do not get DirecTV. I have been with them for 5 years and when my equipment broke they sent me a new receiver for free. Believe me I asked before thay sent it to me. Unknowing they put me in a 2 year contract with them. The equipment that they sent was slow, the menu freezes, and it doesn’t record a lot of the shows that are schedule. I finally called to cancel service and low an behold they told me that I owed them $425.00 for cancelling early. I said what are you talking about…I’ve been with you for 5 years. They didn’t tell me that when they sent the free replacement that they were putting me in a 2 year contract.

    I changed to AT&T U-verse. It is light years ahead of D-TV. It is fast, records 4 shows at one time, you can watch recorded shows on all TV’s, and it is cheaper. Not to mention every one in Customer Service speaks ENGLISH unlike D-TV.
    ******DO NOT GET DIRECTV*******learn from my mistake.

  21. I won’t get into my horror story — I found yours when I was researching “DirecTV sucks” — but I’ve recounted it all at my own blog here: Bottom line: they basically charged my estranged husband’s debit card — after swearing to me they would never and then did it AGAIN after I told them of their error. In addition, they sucked out an additional $263 and change attributed to the equipment — which I need to keep the dang service, right? So if I turn it back in, the equipment charge will go away but I’ll get socked with an early termination fee. If I don’t, then they can say the charge is valid.

    Explain this to me? Because Donna of the “Office of the President of DirecTV” couldn’t.

    Oh, and the best part? I still have no television service. Even though I owed $230 or thereabouts, and they took out $500. If I want them to refund EH’s money to his account? I have to pay them an ADDITIONAL $585.

    Are they freaking kidding me? I owed them $233 and they think I should pay them over $1000?! And then they’ll give the refund within thirty days?!

    Yeah. No. I don’t think so.

    And the best part — or the most laughable anyway — DirecTV is “with it” enough to have a Twitter account. But I’ve sent — oh, five or so, I guess? — tweets about this, all w/ “@DirecTV” in ’em — and NOT ONE RESPONSE. In short: they’ve got a Twitter account but no one’s actually USING it to respond to customer complaints. Wow.

  22. Gumby said

    Wow, directv really does suck. This doesn’t seem to be just a one time problem but ongoing screw ups by them.

    • Yeah, Gumby. The more I get into this, the more stories like this I hear. One lady’s husband got military orders and they screwed them — a member of our armed forces. How’s that for disrespectful? Another woman moved — sold her house — then two years later they started trying to charge her old credit card for early termination fees, after they agreed that under their OWN CONTRACT, she was let off the hook completely for that.

      It’s systemic, it’s perpetuated at the highest levels I believe, and it’s just flat out wrong. I’m calling the South Carolina Attorney General’s office today.

      • LOTGK said

        I hope you receive satisfaction.

        • Thanks — they eventually called and offered to do what they should have done on Monday, but since it hasn’t actually happened yet, I’m not exactly holding my breath.

          Thanks for having this page — honestly, you don’t know how much it helped when I saw other people were having trouble with them and it wasn’t just me and my ex they decided to pick on.

  23. LOTGK said

    It looks as though Dish Network also has customer service issues.
    Dish Network Settles Lawsuit

  24. Directv is a four letter word said

    Watch out for:
    multi year service agreements without notice
    many, many hidden service fees, including fees for visits and replacement equipment
    loss of signal evertime it rains, snows, or the wind blows hard (I live in New York)
    I truly regret signing up with these scumbags

    • LOTGK said

      And the hits keep on coming for DirecTV. You would think they would step up their customer service to handle these complaints to satisfy loyal customers.

  25. a true alternative said

    If you have a good enough internet connection like DSL, Satelite, etc and a Flat Screen/Monitor for your TV, then screw all of the providers. Hook up your computer to your TV/Monitor and watch everything on HULU or other TV programming providers…FREE!!!!!! Depending on your connection, alot of the programs are in 480/720 formats. Local and National TV stations are broadcasting online for free also. ALL local stations broadcast in digital format now so now reason for a “better signal” through any provider. Get NetFlix and watch movies off your computer for free also. Order NetFlix and get even more movies then DirecTV for only $10-no brainers.

    • LOTGK said

      I was looking at netflix, so far, it doesn’t look like there are any down sides to it. I have hi speed cable so the picture should be close to HD, must investigate further. Thanks the tip.

  26. scholcs21 said

    Now DIRECTV is offering a ridiculous promotion for 5 months of FREE Premium package programming. BUTTT they barely even mention that you have to BUY Sunday Ticket for 5 months at the same time. That’s $60/month! That’s $300! NOT FREE? WTF? Their new King Kong commercial advertises this promotion. Why can’t DIRECTV just be straightforward with their customers? Why should I have to do all this research to know I’m going to get screwed?

    • Vic said

      Its like waiting in line at the whorehouse. You have to pay and wait to be screwed.

    • LOTGK said

      Its advertising and alas, many firms use the same ploy. especially the drug companies. Ever hear the disclaimers at the end of their commercials. MAY CAUSE DEATH! Well, that is one symptom I don’t want to get.

  27. Bob said


    Okay first of all the comments on here have so far been completely retarded for the most part sorry. The first thing I want to get out is that NOBODY FUCKING NEEDS TV!! Nope! It’s not a necessity even though a lot of Americans think it is. This isn’t health care or food it’s fucking TV. Maybe if Americans spent more time with their kids one on one the country would be a lot better off. “I WORK FOR DIRECTV” and I can tell you that they are just like any other large company. Duh! There is no purpose of a company except to make money for the shareholders, PERIOD!! Yes competition and so on can keep prices in a range that consumers can buy, but again companies are designed to make money, and the CEO etc. has a legal obligation to try the best they can to give shareholders a return by ALL LEGAL MEANS. Many people’s 401k’s etc. have DirecTV stock in them, including probably some of the dumb commenters above. While I am sure rich people own most the shares of DTV, that doesn’t change the fact: they are here to MAKE A PROFIT. Now considering that I talk on the phone hours a day for DirecTV I can honestly tell you that the CSR’s i.e. customer service reps are doing the absolute best THEY CAN with the tools that THEY HAVE. Also we NEVER hang up on people we would be fired. Sometimes calls are dropped because 1. something is wrong with the customers phone (more than likely): 2. The CSR drops the call (very unlikely)! Also DirecTV has 16 MILLION customers: They have set rules for things PERIOD! They don’t care about Military service and things much probably because they can’t. When you are trying to SERVE that many people there are limits to what you can do. While I do think that some of the things DirecTV does are subject to question of being right or wrong there is NOTHING the CSRS can do. They have simple low paying jobs just like any other job, and they are trying to make ENDS MEET to feed their families AND THEMSELVES: remember that when you call them they ARE NOT THE COMPANY- they are trying to feed themselves and are actually a LIABILITY to the company since they have to pay them. In my personal experience working there it’s simple: “there are fat ugly Americans”. Some of these Fat ugly Americans that own the company want to give you less TV for more money, and other Fat Ugly Americans want to get more TV for less money, it’s really as simple as that. So you have Fat totally Dumb Americans calling in that can’t follow simple instructions, and are Whining constantly about their problems and trying to get TV cheaper THINKING TV IS A NECESSITY AND THEIR GOD GIVEN RIGHT, and then you have a bunch of Rich pukes trying to every penny out of them in the company. I think it’s kind of Amusing, they deserve one and other-garbage in garbage out.

  28. So recently my girflriend and I decided to go with DirecTV over Comcast due to the NFL Sunday ticket we would have got for free for ordering the “Premium Package” of DirecTV. So we call and order it, and was told the only charge was a $21.35 installation charge, that would get refunded the second month of service. So no problem we thought, we ordered the package that got us free NFL Sunday ticket, 2HD recievers, and set the installation for a week later.

    The installation went great, the installer company they used were very polite and fast as well as prompt. This is about the only good thing we’ve experienced with DirecTV. Once it was hooked up and we had time to sit down and watch it we noticed we only had the basic package and no NFL Sunday Ticket. We called and was told we’d have to upgrade since we were now customers, and couldn’t get the discount and couldn’t get the free NFL sunday ticket. This had me irrate of course as I love my football, so we just took the Premium package, and figured whatever was on football wise, I’d watch. Sure it was total shit, and horrible customer service, but I like watching TV so whatever I thought. This was the least of our problems though…

    Shortly after this we examined our credit card statement, and found that DirecTV charged us $21.35 for the install as discussed, but then charged an additional $220.95! WTFBBQ Our heads about exploded, a completely random $220.95 charge for DirecTV, so we called them and asked that the problem was that we were charged that amount of money. The representative we talked to basically told us to get lost because they didn’t charge $220.95 to our card, but there it is on our statement, we were sitting there staring at it. They said they couldn’t give a refund, because they have no record of the $220.95. Absolutely irate at this point, I told them to just cancel the service and I’ll let my credit card company deal with the over charges.

    You can read the full story about my DirecTV adventure: DirecTV Sucks – They Scam, Steal Credit Cards, and Over Charge!!

    • LOTGK said

      I hope you got your credit card company involved. I can almost understand a company billing a standard charge, and then reversing the charge once it is disputed as you did. But for them to order pizza’s using your credit card is down right criminal.

  29. Vilos Cohaagen said

    A lot of folks in the state of Washington had similar issues with Directv. So many that their Attorney General has sued Directv. Read the statement here:


    I have been a customer for over 7 years and last year I cancelled my NBA package because I was having trouble recording games. They were nice enough to credit the charge back to my account BUT:

    Apparently they re-enrolled me for auto-renew without my knowledge and then when I disputed the %49.99 charge they said they could not remove it and kept asking me the date when I cancelled the NBA despite the fact they could easily see on the account when I cancelled it.

    I told them that if the $49.99 was not removed I would switch to cable and they refused to do anything.

    I then moved to cable and had to call three times for them to pick up their equipment. Each time they asked me if I wanted to come back because of great deals they were offering. I would get into another circular conversation with them about removing the charge but they would never do it.

    Once I returned the equipment they billed me for 2 movies they claim I ordered on PPV in 2006! The nerve!

    Pity for AT&T too, I was looking into U Verse as a possibility until I found out AT&T now owns DirecTV too.

    Nice to see that 7 years of loyalty got me SQUAT when they could have removed a charge for something I did not order. So long DirecTV!

    • LOTGK said

      Sadly, this is the results from many a loyal customer. My cable provider may not have 200 HD channels, but it works and when there is a problem, they fix it right away, no hassle.

  31. Lesa said

    We have been with DTV for almost two years and had most of the same listed on here as well but always got them resolved. Yes, it took some time and a couple of emails but that’s life. One thing I have learned was to always read the small print and get writen confirmation of everything. I don’t do any business over the phone anymore since it can get “lost in the system”.
    DTV does care about military. When we had a deployment issue they offered me to “freeze” or put a hold to the account until return. They put everything out there for your information it was our fault to not read the whole “free deal” or agrements. I would suggest people to always research any free deals before taking advantage of them. Regards Lesa

    • LOTGK said

      Problem is, there is no fine print to hide behind for DirecTV when they mistakenly remove an NFL game from the lineup and offer less than zero customer support. They offer no apology, no understanding, and that is no way to run a business.

  32. jenn said

    With all due respect directv sucks! They are the antichrist. They beat up babies and burn churchs also they have been known to steal your money.

  33. MrKnows said

    DirecTV is so poor on so many levels. I’m so annoyed with them, that I don’t feel like wasting my time on them saying any more. Word to the Wise – stay away!

  34. Vilos Cohaagen said

    Directv admits guilt:

  35. legend said

    Folks, there are very dark reasons you don’t wanna use Direct TV. For a long time, it felt like we were being “followed” by their ads. We would switch off an unacceptably bad plug for one of their crap packages, and kablam, there it would appear, on cue, as the next plug on the channel we JUST TUNED TO! I thought, jeesus christ, are they real-time monitoring our viewing and surging their crap ads to us? Then this week, kapow, they announce TARGETED ADS, based on your usage. Now, that’s beyond creepy- them sitting down making dossiers on our viewing and then telling advertisers who would make the most if they targeted us with their crap.
    But here is the WORST PART. They used to have a really good chill station, Like Pandora’s Cafe Del Mar. It was called Soundscapes, and it was downbeat chill. Then they went to another service, XM, and that was okay, but the channel on XM that replaced Soundscapes had downbeat tempo stuff, but suddenly came a handfull of STRAIGHT-UP MOSLEM KIEEEEYIEEEYIEEAH MEDITATION crap. I thought, well I might not listen to that station, because if they are giving our playlists to NSA- which they are- the gleeful NSA folks might be inclined to make a dossier : “Likes MOSLEM KIEEEEYIEEEEIEEEAH music”. You get the picture: what if they were proseletizing for US Intel services, and constructing a listening profile on us FOR and IN THE ASSISTANCE OF the NSA by constructing a pattern of MOSLEM listening traits by slathering us with it, as we are listening! Then they Changed that station to ZEN. And now, it is predominantly MOSLEM MUSIC, in the place of where I once listened to Cafe Del Mar. Make no mistake about it, DIRECTV IS ASSISTING THE NSA by building playlists for us that will be of use to NSA Special Agents who wish to search our homes for bomb making materials.
    I say in finishing, DIRECTV and NSA freemason agens attend the same freemason lodges, and all take in marble halls about how to undo US core freedoms. Onnd at a Fusion Center in your area, if you are known to listen to a playlist DIRECTV has provided for yo in assistance to the NSA, mind you, they will come in your home like they have been in mine. And stolen collections of coins, and stolen CDS and money. Directv is the enemy of freedom. I hope they like this post, and moderator, you are free to give those assholes my e-mail. I’d love to sit them down somewhere and give them the business end of my verbage. Use DIRECTV AT YOUR ULTIMATE PERIL!!!!

  36. mike87d said

    @Mike, This is why I’m glad I work for a more reputable company (DISH Network). Our new customer promotions are much easier on the customer – it should be easy to switch, not a hassle. Customers don’t have to submit a rebate to get the promotional rate, it’s instantaneous on signup. Our premium channel promotions will automatically fall off after the promotional period, eliminating the need for the customer to call in. I guess this is why DirecTV received an “F” rating from the BBB with over 40,000 complaints against them.

  37. Gary Bababooey said

    All you on this site are a holes! First a bunch of whining crying tittiebabies bawling and boo hoo sniffle sniffing about not being able to watch TV, oh big whoop. Go outside and get some damn fresh air, walk your dog or play with your kids. As far as the ignorant idiots that work at the dump you have just blatantly showed your stupidity by cursing and swearing at your customers. Really? Here’s what I want you all to do. Take the dish, the cables, the splitters, the receivers and the remote controls and pack them so far up your asses that you can’t feel it any more. I swear to god, our country is doomed because of your whining asses!

    • LOTGK said

      Wait a minute ass clown, you go on a tirade calling the people ripped off from directv who are reporting the horrible service the scourge of the earth and the downfall of this nation and yet, you are hiding behind an alias.

      You wish you were as clever as Gary from the Howard Stern show.

      • Anonymous said

        chicken shit …..I can’t believe you removed my reply.

        • LOTGK said

          Hello Ass Clown. You are posting under an Anonymous screen name. Talk about chicken shit. And BTW, your comment is still there. Look below and you will see it. You don’t even know how to Troll properly.

  38. Anonymous said

    your such a whiny little brat, just because you cannot watch 1 football game you probobally went on acting like a little child, grow up or do us a favor and die.

    • LOTGK said

      Large corporations just love people like you. You blindly follow whatever they say like the sheep that you are. You are to afraid to speak out when something is wrong and you hide behind an anonymous screen name and spew your chunks of trollism bile.

      I am laughing at you right now my little troll. Laughing.

  39. Nice Guy said

    I’ve been a Directv custumer since 1999 back in the day when you bought your own dish at Radio Shack, K-mart etc. Back then you had to install your own dish or hire someone, Directv didn’t do it.
    So 13yrs later I thought I’d upgrade to high definition. BIG MISTAKE. The new dish had to be installed in a new location. Okay, fine no big deal, so I thought. I’m in a wooded location so I thought I’d get a Directv tech to come over and survey my home to make sure I could get a strong signal BEFORE I agreed to a 2 yr contract that Directv insisted I agree too before they would install the dish and give me the high definition service. The tech came out, went on the roof with me, and found a a spot that would never have any tree issues. He had me install a ground rod so as to shorten the run of cable which is a good thing. Great I thought…(Let me stop and say it is absolutely true that rain, wind, snow, clouds and a single tree leaf will affect your signal). So I agreed to the Directv contract and made an appointment.(2 weeks wait btw). So here comes a Directv sub- contractor (not Directv) .”There’s no way I’m putting the dish there” It will have to go on the front of the house” I explained to the man what the other tech was going to do and he refused to listen as he walked around my house looking at the sky. I asked the man to leave since he refused to install it in the location that was agreed upon. I called the original tech and he told me the guy was crazy that he could do the work. Okay, I got his tech badge number and requested he do the work, that was his idea. I called Directv again and set up an appointment. That brings us to about 2hrs ago.(and btw I missed a day at work for this so I have plenty of time to tell the truth about Directv) Another tech showed up. I explained the installation again, showed him the ground rod location and again he went on the roof with me and said It would be no problem he would have it installed in 45 minutes. Great I thought finally I’m going to get my dish. ( I could add more but this tech was a nice man and I don’t want to see him lose his job when a Directv sob reads this) He went to my driveway and started to assemble the dish. I went to the roof to add some blocking( Foot holds) to make his job easier. I’m a licensed contractor. I came down from the roof to return his drill. He was on the phone to his boss. His boss told him not to do the install or else. I guess this guy was mad because I sent the other tech away and he’d look stupid if another tech did the job that couldn’t be done. He was nice and said he could easily do it but his boss said it wasn’t safe. Being a contractor I know when someone says it’s not safe there is not much you can do. And I don’t blame them. But I was told by two techs they could easily do it. And who DOESN’T have safety issues when working on a roof. After 13 years I’m no longer a Directv customer or ever will be again., Directv suggested that I hire a second party to install the dish so they could keep my business and my money.. what a joke. I may never use a tv provider again, to many options. I may just stream my entertainment. And you know what, I kinda like the idea of saving a hundred or so bucks a month.

  40. Irewoulfe said

    Why are you screwing over the long term customers that made you what you are today? I believe Krystal stated I had been a customer since 2003, I was looking to lower our monthly bill, AND get our outdated antiquated equipment replaced. The only way I could do that was to cancel my service and become a new subscriber… Krystal indicated that she understood and that she would process our cancellation. NEVER did she indicate that DirecTV would not allow the following.
    So I cancelled my service and had my wife activate a new account so that we could get the whole home DVR service (tired of the ‘record one, both or cancel notice), and new receivers and reduce our monthly cost by $20-30 while getting a greater DirecTV experience. Today you folks call and cancel our installation and accuse us of being ‘criminals’ and that DirecTV does not allow this and that we will now be without service for 24 months before we can re-subscribe.
    That is a nice “Thank You for being your customer for so long”.
    Why can’t LONG TIME subscribers get receivers and equipment upgrades (AT RESONABLE INTERVALS). Even the phone companies do that.
    Our old 2003 Hughes RXs won’t do HD, the DVR does 2 channels. Luckily last visit (DVR install) the technician put in a DTV antenna to replace the original DISH antenna that we had to use since our move in 2007.

    So again I ask, “Why are you shafting us long time subscribers when you offer such a grand deal to new clients?”
    BTW, when you deny an install when your own CS rep does not indicate any inpropriety and then infer that we are criminals for attempting this ‘fraudulent act’, we usually end up in the legal arena. Which will be fine by me, I can’t wait for Dish and the media to get wind of this one.
    So, there you have it, one VERY pissed off, dis-satisfied customer.
    Likely no one will read this and we will get screwed by a company we have supported and made the premier sat provider on the planet. Unfortunately you forgot who put you there. Read my blogs

  41. Anonymous said

    A humorous video where DirecTV says a customer has to have their own personal satellite. DirecTV helps me understand how satellites work.

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