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Railroad System

Posted by LOTGK on October 8, 2007

Originally Posted August 4th, 2004 On Blogger

The political circus has been arriving to our cities every day. Never have I seen such an assortment of asses and donkeys. Each candidate parading themselves around in circles like amusement park carousel rides. None of them taking a hard stance on today’s issues, such as bringing our troops home, keeping existing jobs in America, creating new jobs for workers, health care plans, welfare, the homeless, and the rebuilding of our infrastructure.

With that said, I’m officially throwing my hat into the presidential race. I can talk in circles with the best of them and I will actually map out a plan on what I feel is needed for the country.

First up: The railroad system.

Our nations railroads are in a shambles.
Airlines are closing laying off countless thousands.
The steel industry is drying up.
Labor workers cannot find work.

The Grassy Knoll Institute has the solution. The plan will take more than a day, week, month, or even a year. It will be a continuing rebirth of our central core industry. Year after year to reclaim jobs and industry that have migrated out of our nation. A central industry should be first to jump start our economy. One that can combine several other manufacturers to ratchet up production.

I’m talking about our nations railroad. There are thousands upon thousands of miles of tracks already laid down. Most of them are idle or grossly underused. Freight trains dominate the rails as Amtrak has cut back it’s routes and closed stations. Passenger service is the key to kick start rail service. The Federal Government needs to spend our tax dollars on infrastructure instead of foreign aid and foreign military patrol. Put our workers back to work instead of other nations.

For this plan to work, the government needs to step in and use it’s power to public domain the additional land needed to connect major cities to other hub rail arteries throughout the U.S. Once this is completed, this is where the steel industry steps in and fires up their dormant ovens and begin turning out new railroad tracks. Tens of thousands of miles of new tracks will be needed to connect major cities with rail service and the steel industry will be the frontrunner’s to benefit first. Thousands of steel worker jobs will be created for many communities throughout the nation. As each year progresses, more cities will be added to the rail network keeping the steel industry productive and viable. Again, this is not a one year plan. This is an ongoing plan that will take years to complete and fulfill. Start with the major cities with a rail system already in place and slowly branch out finally connecting the entire nation.

With the steel industry in swing producing steel rails, we move into faze two of the plan. Passenger cars and and diesel engines will be needed to handle the influx of new customers that will be riding the rails. Again, raw steel materials will be needed and provided by the American steel manufacturing companies to increase the train fleet. Of course, with the addition of new track and new diesel engines and passenger cars, more train platforms, stations, and terminals will be needed for the connecting cities added. Upgrades and modifications will be needed for existing ones. Again, more steel will be needed plus carpenters, electricians, masons, and general laborers will need to be hired to construct these new facilities. Truck and rail service will increase to provide the raw materials for these new facilities. Truck drivers, dock workers, and rail workers jobs will be increased due to the new business and construction.

So, we now have steel workers, carpenters, electricians, masons, general laborers, truck drivers, dock workers, and rail workers back to work earning an honest wage and paying taxes.

Now that the passenger train service will be back up and viable again, more new jobs will be created to man the new platforms, stations, and terminals. More conductors to run the trains. More ticket counter employee’s to help with the influx of travelers, more restaurant employee’s, more baggage handlers, courtesy employee’s, train attendants, and Internet employee’s to maintain the website.

OK, so now our passenger train system is up and running. Why would anyone want to ride the train instead of a jet? Good question.! Start with price.

Right now, a train ticket from Cleveland, Ohio to New York City cost on average $138.00 per ticket. Airfare is approximately $199.00-$249.00 per ticket.

The train also makes 8 stops on the way making the trip take approximately 13 hours. Air travel is 1 hour 15 minutes. Thirteen hours is unacceptable and that is why very few people travel by rail today. Not to mention the very sparse departure and arrival times for passenger rail.

This is what is needed. Reduced ticket fare to $75.00 per ticket. Now, the price is more than competitive but the travel time must still be reduced. With the additional track being built with more stations and depots, this can easily be performed. Instead of two departing times from Cleveland, there will be eight. Every three hours. This train will only make one other stop and with the improved rails, the train can achieve faster speeds thus lowering the travel time to under 4 hours including the layover stop. With a more advanced check in system than airfare, the travel time comes close to airfare travel time when you take into consideration the advanced time you must arrive at the airport. Usually, one must arrive two hours before your flight departs. Taking into consideration that the flight is one hour and 15 minutes, that is 3 hours and 15 minutes compared to just 4 hours by rail. Forty five minutes longer but $125.00 cheaper is a big incentive.

The trains will be downsized with less passenger capacity but more leg and elbow room for more comfort. Inclued, a computer Wi-Fi plug in and electrical outlet for each seat so passengers can work comfortably and efficiently. Another advantage would be the dining car. Real food, real refreshments, instead of a small bag of pretzels. And a bathroom or two that you can actually fit into. Best of all, the ability to get up and stretch, move about the cabin easily.

More workers would be needed to man those positions.
With more trains operating, more employees, more jobs, more tax money, less unemployment, less welfare, less burden on the nation.

Hire the out of work airline employees. Let the airlines take what they can and not go bankrupt trying to absorb rising security and operating costs. This would cut down their routes and departures, saving the airlines money and adding profit.

The final piece to passenger rail service is incorporating the bus service with the train stations. Entice professional and collegiate sports teams to offer a discount rate for fans taking the train to the games. Let the bus service pick these passengers up to get them to the ball park. A cheap train ride to Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Chicago, New York, and other major cities would be just the ticket for out of town fans to see their team live.

So, there you have it. A stimulant for the U.S, economy that will add tens of thousands new jobs, create a new tax base to contribute back to the community, and lesson the burden of Welfare on the taxpayers.

The trickle down effect of other related businesses would be tremendous stimulating even more jobs and taxes.

Riding on the City of New Orleans…….

Excuse me while I shake some hands and slap some babies.


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3 Responses to “Railroad System”

  1. Free Isn't Free said

    Yes, but what about gas prices. They are at an all time high and from the looks of it, will go higher yet. The economy is hurt when we have to spend so much on gas.

  2. Ohio J said

    Not a bad idea at all! ‘cept u know we own gas stations and love gas guzzling diesel trucks and passenger SUV’s!

  3. LOTGK said

    Yes, tis true, and as long as the oil companies, (The real power behind the government) stay in control, all we will have are folk songs about the old railroad system.

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