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Halloween Bomb Prank

Posted by LOTGK on October 8, 2007

With Halloween fast approaching, the Grassy Knoll Institute feels compelled to enlighten you on one of its famous pranks during All Hollows Eve.SUPPLIES NEEDED: One plastic bleach or two liter plastic bottle of Coke. A cup of water. A bottle of vinegar. A box of baking soda. And a pair of fast shoes.

PROCEDURE: Pour the glass of water into the bleach container. Pour in the baking soda, no need to measure, a half a box will do. Pour in the vinegar. Again, no need to measure, a half a bottle would do. Quickly screw cap back on tight and shake vigorously for several seconds. Not five seconds, not one second, but several seconds. Place container down on ground and run like hell.

THE MECHANICS: The combination of baking soda and vinegar when mixed produces an expansion of its contents. Much like when a cake rises in a pan when put in an oven. With the lid screwed on tight, the baking soda and vinegar churn together putting immense pressure on the container. So much so that the container will explode in about 15 seconds. And let me tell you, the sound is pretty darn loud, much louder than firecrackers and on the same line as M-80’s.

THE PRANK: Now all we needed to do was find some unsuspecting neighbor we didn’t like. Simply follow the directions above and position the bottle in said yard. Yell several obscenities or other means to draw the neighbors attention to come out of the house and then run like hell. That’s where the fast shoes come into play. We would do this all night long even after the police started patrolling the streets. It made the stunt that more challenging and exciting.

Grassy Knoll Institute does not advise non professionals to attempt this stunt at home.

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One Response to “Halloween Bomb Prank”

  1. alex said

    dude im trying this 2day props to dis. message on myspace at peace man

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