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Harry potter Deathly Hallows Ending

Posted by LOTGK on July 20, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, book seven, the final chapter will be released tonight at 12:01am. Millions of extra copies have been printed to satisfy the anticipated demand for the book. As of this moment, the book shipments are being guarded as if they were bars of gold at Fort Knox. The reason, as we all know, is that two key people die in the finale and speculation is that Harry Potter himself meets his demise. But fear not Grassy Knoll Institute faithful, for tonight, before the final book goes on sale, we shall reveal how the story ends with our own theory. Are you ready? This is going to be short and sweet. This theory will not be in paragraph form, but rather in bullet form to get to the climax without all the foreplay.

* First of all, let’s get this out of the way. Harry Potter does not die. He survives. Well sort of. Harry does die, but finds his way back to the living with the help of Dumbledore.

* Who dies then? Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, Harry’s two best friends. They give up their lives to save Harry while battling Lord Voldermort. (Just kidding) Professor Snape bites the bullet, and of course Dumbledore is dead, and Lord Voldermort.

* Lord Voldermort is defeated, and Harry assumes the responsibilities of Headmaster, Dumbledore’s old position. Of course, this action angers many, including Draco Malfoy, Harry’s nemesis from the beginning.

* In the final pages, last chapter, we learn that Dumbledore was grooming Harry to become the new Headmaster of Hogwarts.

* We learn that Harry’s life mirrors Dumbledore’s in many ways, and in a way, Harry assuming the Headmaster position, is a symbolic circle of life transition. Draco Malfoy, Harry’s nemesis, replaces his father, Lucius Malfoy and will continue to battle against Potter.

* Flash to the future. A new school year opens at Hogwarts, Harry’s first as Headmaster, and he spies the new first year students. Two of them remind Harry of his best friends, Ron and Hermione. Harry smiles, tips his glasses and proceeds to class. Fade to black…..

* But not just yet. After several seconds of darkness, a small candle is seen flickering in a dark room, with Draco Malfoy opening an ancient book of spells. On a blank page, letters slowly begin to appear in bright red. The letters are V…O…L

*Cue the ending music…..

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3 Responses to “Harry potter Deathly Hallows Ending”

  1. LOTGK said

    Previous comments…

    A&W – Posted 7/19/2007
    Is this a theory or do you have inside information?

    LOTGK – Posted 7/19/2007
    A&W, it is strictly my theory, my take on how the book ends. I just feel if you kill off Harry, people will be mighty pissed.

    Evil-Lep – Posted 7/20/2007
    I think Harry dies. it makes sense, he makes a supreme sacrifice of love to save the entire school. I also think Snape dies as well helping Harry.

    Francis – Posted 7/20/2007
    So, were you right! Does Harry live? I need to know.

    XTAP59 – Posted 7/21/2007
    This just in. Looks like Harry does survive, and so does Malfoy, and Ron, and Hermione.

    LOTGK – Posted 7/21/2007
    Well, it looks like I was correct on Harry potter surviving.
    And Lord Voldermort is dead.
    It was a theory, some of it was correct at least.

    Harry Potter #1 Fan – Posted 7/22/2007
    the death of ron and hermoine suprised me. but luckily lord voldemort is defeated..

    Amrut – Posted 7/22/2007
    Which six characters dies in book 7 ?

    M.Y – Posted 7/22/2007
    You are wronh. hermonie and ron lived, fre, dobby, snape, and the rest died.

    iavalife – Posted 7/22/2007
    yous are all geeks harry potter sucks get a life losers

    steve – Posted 7/22/2007
    Lol, the ending kinda sucked..

    LOTGK – Posted 7/22/2007
    Iavalife, just how did you arrive at this site? You had to be searching for Harry Potter and the ending of Deathly Hallows.
    And you took the time to read the post, and you took the time to reply.
    So perhaps it is you (iavalife Loser) to get a life of your own.

    jo – Posted 7/22/2007
    the book sucked! jo had no intention of it going as far as it did. Snape dies in a very stupid way! and so do half of our beloved group. SHAME ON U JO YOU COULD HAVE DONE MUCH BETTER IF YOU WANTED TO

    Scott – Posted 7/22/2007
    ok,the ending of this book was poor, like wtf? Its like she gave up trying in the end; naming all his kids after dead people? The most cliche ending to a book ive ever read in my life.

    EMANUEL – Posted 7/22/2007
    i don’t have any money to buy the book, can anyone tell me exactly what happens and who really dies….SANS THEORY

    Billy Guile – Posted 7/22/2007
    you expected more? she didnt even want to write the past two books. hm..
    i actually read the book – Posted 7/22/2007
    on who really dies: there is no exact body count. i’ve looked EVERYWHERE. but since a ton of you hate harry potter and don’t care who dies, I’ll tell you who dies SPOILERS SPOILERS ok here we go charity burbage (muggles studies professor)hedwig mad-eye moody ted tonks (nymphadora tonks’ dad)somebody named dirk cresswell a goblin named gornuk a wand maker named gregorovitch gellert grindelwald (the dark wizard dumbledore defeated in 1945)peter pettigrew dobby remus lupin nymphadora tonks (a.k.a. tonks)vincent crabbe severus snape fred weasley colin creevy (that kid from book 2 that was obsessed with harry)nagini (dumbledore’s snake)antonin dolohov (a death eater)bellatrix lestrange and….voldemort

    Jarrod Grimmstone – Posted 7/22/2007
    Huray he who must not be named aka voldemort is dead but along with many other popular characters such as Hermonie and ron. I think there should be an eighth book about harry life as headmaster of hogworts scholl of witchcraft and wizardry.

    Harry pothead – Posted 7/22/2007
    Harry does not die, he just lights up a fat jay, and smokes it until he is in a coma. wow harry pothead, just possibly the worst story ever…

    Zach – Posted 7/22/2007
    SPOILOR! SPOILOR! From what I can remember of characters that died Mad-Eye, Lupin, Tonks, Fred, Wormtail, Snape, Dobby, Hedwig, Collin Creevy, Ted Tonks, & Crabbe.

    jerome tarriela – Posted 7/22/2007
    is the first comment at the top true? well then.. happy to know that harry live….. hurray… all potter fans.

    LOTGK – Posted 7/22/2007
    Yes, Harry Survives.

    Xenobia4 – Posted 7/22/2007
    Yeah…just finished reading the book earlier this evening and I was *heartbroken* when I read who had died. I kept staring at the words “killed Fred” as if hoping that I was reading incorrectly or that if I stared long enough, it would change. I had a feeling Lupin was going to go mainly because of my friends and myself going on our whole “Remus and Sirius” thing. But Tonks…I wasn’t expecting HER to go. That made me cry for their son…thinking that he’d grow up without ever knowing his parents…that Ted would be like Harry.
    I was glad to find out that Draco didn’t want to have, really, any part with Voldemort. We had our ideas, but I love when things are confirmed. Crabbe dying…OMG…I was having a FIELD DAY with that one.
    But it suprised me that Harry was not headmaster in the end. I’m still miffed that he married Ginny (because, personally, I can’t stand the lil’ *BEEP BEEP* under *BEEP* pretenses).
    Otherwise, I was hoping that more to redeem himself, something would happen with Harry and Draco intervening. We had an entire scenario played out, but sadly, our wishes were left ungranted.
    Anywho. My friends and I are thinking of sending requests to J.K Rowling to see if she’ll maybe to a short story series on the Marauders (my spelling is horrible tonight). You know, to see James, Sirius, Lupin, and Pettigrew before it all. Maybe see how they all reacted when they first discovered that Lupin was a werewolf; what they first thought about Sirius since he was from a family that had ancestry in Slytherin; how did mousy Pettigrew come to know them and become to be best friends with them; and of course, the not-so-humble beginnings of James and Lily.
    Okay. I’ll shut up now. But I felt like having a nice rant on the subject.

    joeee – Posted 7/22/2007
    what about Luna? does she die?

    johnny – Posted 7/22/2007
    harry potter dies!!!!i cant believe it!!! Turn to the very last page and it says he dies!! I cant believe it

    lacey – Posted 7/22/2007
    :DDDDD I was so happy. best book ever.

    gaby – Posted 7/23/2007
    ok. im confused. which ones of the MAIN characters die?

    marshall – Posted 7/23/2007
    do you think that jk rowling might make a book starting with harry’s and ginny’s kids started school at hogwarts and what happened to luna lovegood

    LOL – Posted 7/23/2007
    WOW, so is it really true thar Harry Survived???… …

    raramark – Posted 7/23/2007
    i havent really get to read the book, because i am too busy for now. can anybody really tell me what’s the ending of the harry potter’s story since the book is already out?..i’m a big fan of H.P. so for those who are like me, i ask sympathy. PLEASE TELL ME THE REALL STORY.THANK YOU

    raj – Posted 7/23/2007
    Ladies and Gentleman, enough of tid bits about this seventh book… could anyone finally confirm what has happened??
    who all died? does any one die? is the ending really so bad??
    atleast can we expect the trio (harry,hemione,ron) to be safe??

    reyle001 – Posted 7/23/2007
    I have just finished the book. I really liked it, long winded in some parts, but it had to be as the story had to be cleaned up. I found that I wish the story went into more detail about what happened after the death eaters were overcome and more about harry and ginny. They seemed to be into each other but never really together and then they were married. Call about jumping forward. I know that this is proberly the last book. But I really liked the wizarding world and want more. Even its not Harry’s story. She could look into what happened to the other charactors in more debth. In the end Harry and the ‘good guy’ won over evil. It’s that what a good hero story is ment to be about!!!

    johannie – Posted 7/23/2007
    SPOILER: hadwig dies and mad eye dies and hes whats really sad dobby dies and a few more people but i forget their names

    CAT – Posted 7/23/2007
    The final book begins with Voldemort and his Death Eaters at the home of Lucius Malfoy. They are beginning to plan out how to kill Harry Potter before he can be hidden again. After borrowing Lucius’s wand, Voldemort kills his captive, Professor Charity Burbage, teacher of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts, for teaching the subject and suggesting that the end of pureblooded wizards was a good thing.
    Harry, meanwhile, is getting ready for his trip and reading two obituaries of Albus Dumbledore, a sympathetic one and an unsympathetic one; it is revealed that Dumbledore’s father, Percival, supposedly hated non-wizards and had killed several Muggles, and had died in Azkaban for his crimes. It is also hinted that Dumbledore was responsible for the death of his young sister Ariana, and that he was at one time a Wizard supremacist.
    Harry regrets not having asked Dumbledore more about his past, but this is soon forgotten as he is leaving his home that night. He convinces his aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon, and cousin Dudley that they need to leave as well to avoid being captured by the Death Eaters, and eventually they leave escorted by a pair of wizards, though not before Dudley admits that he cares about Harry.
    Soon thereafter the Order of the Phoenix arrive with a plan to sneak Harry away from his house without Voldemort capturing him. Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, the Weasley twins, Fleur Delacour, and Mundungus Fletcher take a polyjuice potion to make themselves look like Harry, and each departs with a different member of the Order of the Phoenix. Harry departs with Hagrid and, after being chased by Death Eaters and Voldemort, narrowly escapes to the Burrow. There, the casualties are counted: Hedwig, Harry’s owl, was struck by a killing curse; George Weasley lost an ear; Mad-Eye Moody was killed by Voldemort himself. Harry later has a vision regarding his escape; his wand had reacted with Voldemort’s borrowed wand, destroying it, and he has a vision of Voldemort questioning Ollivander, the wand maker, about why it happened.
    A few days later, the Minister of Magic arrives at the Weasley residence to give Harry, Ron, and Hermione what Dumbledore had willed to them: to Ron, a Deluminator (known as a “put-outer” in previous books), with the power to douse all the lights in a room; to Hermione, a book of wizard-culture children’s stories; and to Harry, Godric Gryffindor’s sword and the first snitch Harry had ever caught. The sword, however, was withheld because, the minister claimed, it was not Dumbledore’s to give. The three try to discover the purpose of the objects being given to them, but are unable to figure it out before the wedding between Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley the next day.
    Harry disguises himself for the wedding, but during the wedding they all receive a message; Voldemort has taken over the Ministry of Magic. Harry, Ron, and Hermione all flee the wedding, first fleeing to a Muggle café.
    Though they think themselves safe for the moment, two Death Eaters find them almost immediately and attack them. Harry, Ron, and Hermione manage to defeat the Death Eaters, but thinking themselves in danger in public, flee to 12 Grimmauld Place, Sirius Black’s home, where they hide themselves.
    The group realizes that Regulus Arcturus Black was the R.A.B. from the amulet Harry found with Dumbledore, and begin searching the house for the Horcrux. Kreacher, after a bit of persuasion, tells the trio that he had helped Regulus in assisting Voldemort to place the locket horcrux in the cave. After Regulus became disenchanted, however, he ordered him to return to the cave such that he could substitute a fake locket for the real one, however, he is killed in the process.
    Eventually they realize that Mundungus Fletcher stole the amulet and send Kreacher to find Fletcher and bring back the amulet. Kreacher finds Fletcher, but he has already given the amulet away to Dolores Umbridge.
    After a month of spying on the Ministry of Magic, the trio try to infiltrate it in order to retrieve the Horcrux from Dolores Umbridge. They ambush three wizards and use polyjuice potion to impersonate them.
    They discover the Ministry of Magic has changed considerably; Muggle-born wizards and witches are being rounded up openly and the Ministry itself is persecuting muggle-borns and confiscating their wands.
    The three discover Mad-Eye Moody’s eye has been taken by Umbridge, so they take it; they then knock out Umbridge and take the horcrux from her, freeing a number of muggle-born wizards and witches in the process and encouraging them to flee the country. However, in the process their hiding place is discovered, Ron is injured, and they are forced to flee to the countryside, moving from place to place, never staying anywhere too long.
    After several months of moving around they overhear a conversation wherein it is revealed that Godric Griffindor’s sword is actually a fake, and someone did something with the real sword. Harry hears this and is heartened, and after questioning the portrait of Phineas Black, he discovers that the sword had last been used by Dumbledore to destroy another Horcrux, the Gaunt’s ring.
    Ron is discouraged, feeling that with the sword now necessary as well, and out of reach, their quest is getting hopeless. Ron gets in an argument with Harry and leaves, leaving Harry and Hermione together. The two are greatly saddened and fear never seeing Ron again, but eventually realize they have to go to Godric’s Hollow on the off-chance Dumbledore left the sword there for them.
    Arriving in Godric’s Hollow, the two first visit the memorial to Harry’s family, then the graveyard, where both Harry and Dumbledore’s families are buried. After laying a wreath on Harry’s parents’ grave, they encounter the old woman Bathilda Bagshot, an old family friend of Dumbledore’s who authored The History of Magic.
    Thinking she may have been entrusted with the sword, they follow her to her house, where they find a picture of the dark wizard Grindelwald, Bagshot’s relative and once, long ago, Dumbledore’s childhood friend. However, it is actually a trap; “Bagshot” is actually Nagini, Voldemort’s snake familiar, and Harry and Hermione only narrowly escape from Voldemort, accidentally destroying Harry’s wand in the process.
    On the run for a few more days, eventually a doe patronus appears on the edge of their camp and leads Harry to Godric Griffindor’s sword, hidden in a frozen forest pool. Harry strips down and dives down after the sword but the locket Horcrux on his neck tries to strangle Harry.
    Ron returns in time to save Harry from drowning, pulling the sword out of the pool in the process. The two then destroy the Horcrux with the sword and return to camp. Ron was able to find Harry with the aid of Dumbledore’s gift.
    Hermione is furious that Ron had left despite her pleas, and takes some time to mollify. She has meantime discovered their next step: to speak to Xenophilius Lovegood and ask him about Grindelwald’s mark, a symbol which has shown up time and again during their journey.
    At Lovegood’s home, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are told an old wizard story about three brothers who bested death, and each had received a magical item for it – an unbeatable wand (called the Elder Wand), a stone which could bring back the dead (the Resurrection Stone), and an Invisibility Cloak that “could hide the wearer from Death itself” and never failed with age. Lovegood tells them that the three items are collectively represented by Grindelwald’s mark, and called the “Deathly Hallows”, since whoever owns all three sacred items is the Master of Death. Harry believes that his own cloak is the legendary Invisibility Cloak, and is very excited.
    They discover, though that Lovegood has betrayed them to the Ministry; Luna, his daughter, has been taken captive and he believes that giving them Harry Potter will win her freedom. The trio barely escape from the Death Eaters sent to fetch them, but Harry is emboldened and believes that they need to collect all the Deathly Hallows to defeat Voldemort.
    A few weeks later, the three are still no closer to finding the Deathly Hallows or more Horcruxes. They finally manage to tune into a rogue wizard radio broadcast, run by people they know which gives news on what is really happening. However, Harry accidentally says Voldemort’s name and Voldemort’s followers, having jinxed the name, find Harry, Ron, and Hermione and capture them, taking them to Lucius Malfoy’s home.
    There, Hermione is tortured and interrogated by Bellatrix Lestrange to find how she acquired Godric Griffindor’s sword, believing it to have been stolen from her vault, while Harry and Ron are imprisoned in the basement with Dean Thomas, Griphook the goblin, Ollivander the wand maker, and Luna Lovegood. Harry asks the broken fragment of mirror he has for help and Dobby appears to help him, freeing them. Dobby saves Dean and Ollivander, but they have made too much noise and Wormtail is sent to check on the prisoners.
    Harry and Ron attack him, and Wormtail resists, losing his wand to Ron but strangling Harry with his artificial hand. Harry calls in the debt of life that Wormtail owes him, and Wormtail hesitates — but Wormtail’s artificial hand, made by Voldemort, immediately strangles Wormtail to death instead for the mercy he’s shown.
    Ron and Harry, helpless to aid him, rush upstairs to save Hermione with the help of Dobby. They escape as Voldemort is close to arriving, but Dobby is slain by Bellatrix Lestrange as they flee.
    After burying Dobby, Harry and his friends begin planning anew. Harry questions Ollivander about the Elder Wand, and chooses not to try and prevent Voldemort from acquiring it from the tomb of its last owner, Dumbledore. Instead, he questions Griphook about how to break into Gringott’s, and in exchange offers him the goblin-made sword of Godric Griffindor.
    After extensive planning, the group goes to Gringott’s to see if they can find one of the horcruxes in the Lestrange vault; Hermione poses as Bellatrix Lestrange, Ron is disguised, and Griphook and Harry go in under the Invisibility Cloak. They manage to penetrate the traps and find the horcrux, Hufflepuff’s cup, but Griphook betrays their presence and flees with the sword. Harry, Ron, and Hermione narrowly escape on the back of a captive dragon. Griffindor’s sword is kept by Griphook.
    From the alarms at Gringott’s, Voldemort discovers at long last that they are seeking out his horcruxes. Voldemort has also successfully stolen the Elder Wand that he believes will allow him to defeat anyone, including Harry, in a duel.
    Harry has a vision shortly after the escape; he can see through Voldemort’s eyes and hear his thoughts. Voldemort lists off all the locations of the horcruxes, realizing now they are being sought after and destroyed.
    Voldemort inadvertently reveals that one horcrux, which Harry suspects to be a relic of the founder of Ravenclaw, is safe within Hogwarts. Harry realizes that if they want to get the Horcrux within Hogwarts, they need to do so immediately, before Voldemort finds his other horcruxes missing, and the trio immediately head to Hogsmeade to find a way to sneak into their old school.
    At Hogsmeade, Harry and friends are cornered by Death Eaters and saved by Aberforth Dumbledore. Aberforth opens a secret passageway to Hogwarts, where Neville Longbottom greets them.
    After saving Draco Malfoy’s life, Harry finds Ravenclaw’s Diadem in the room of requirement and it is destroyed. Harry, Hermione and Ron go to the Shrieking Shack, where they see Voldemort kill Snape, believing this will transfer the Elder Wand’s power to him.
    As he dies, Snape gives up memories to Harry, which reveal that Snape was on Dumbledore’s side, motivated by his lifelong love of Lily Potter. Snape was asked by Dumbledore to kill him if the situation demands it; the curse placed on the horcrux ring had limited Dumbledore’s life, regardless.
    Harry also learns from these memories that Dumbledore believes Harry is a horcrux, and that Voldemort cannot be killed until Harry himself is killed by Voldemort. Now resigned to his fate, Harry tells Neville to kill Nagini the snake (the other remaining horcrux) at all costs, then sacrifices himself to Voldemort, not fighting back, and is seemingly killed.
    However, Harry awakens and meets the deceased Albus Dumbledore in what appears to be a deserted Kings Cross station. Here, it is explained he cannot be killed by Voldemort whilst Voldemort lives, since he used Harry’s blood to recreate his body, and Lily’s protection binds the two. He appears to be in a near-death state in which he can speak to Dumbledore, and can still choose to die or to go on living.
    He also discovers that the part of Voldemort’s soul he had had inside himself has been separated by the attempted murder and is represented in his vision by a flayed naked child, whimpering in agony.
    He also discovers Dumbledore himself had sought the Hallows, with Grindlewald, for less than noble reasons – resulting in the death of his sister Ariana from neglect. In Dumbledore’s opinion, only Harry is worthy of possessing the Hallows. Harry is given the choice of dying or of returning to try and stop Voldemort, which he decides to do.
    Back in the forest, on Voldemort’s orders, Hagrid carries Harry (seemingly dead) back to Hogwarts. Voldemort challenges Hogwarts to surrender, but is faced down by Neville. Voldemort proceeds to torture Neville with the Sorting Hat — at that moment, the centaurs attack.
    In the confusion, Harry covers himself with the invisibility cloak and Nagini, the last horcrux, is killed by Neville using Gryffindor’s sword pulled from the Sorting Hat.
    In the ensuing battle, Bellatrix is killed by Molly Weasley and Harry reveals himself to prevent Voldemort from killing her in retaliation.
    Coming face to face with Voldemort in the Great Hall, Harry is seemingly faced with impossible odds – with Voldemort possessing the Elder Wand and having killed its previous master Snape, he cannot be beaten in a duel. However, Harry gambles correctly that Draco Malfoy was the true previous master of the Elder Wand, not Snape. Since Harry has since Disarmed Malfoy, the mastership of the wand has passed to Harry, not Voldemort.
    Harry explains all of this to Voldemort, who chooses not to believe him. Voldemort attacks in his usual way instead.
    When Voldemort strikes Harry with the killing curse from the Elder Wand, opposed by a disarmament curse from Harry, the killing curse rebounds on Voldemort. Harry’s theory had been correct. Voldemort, bereft of all his horcruxes, dies.
    Harry is now master of all three Deathly Hallows, but chooses to deliberately lose the Stone of Resurrection and hopes to inactivate the Elder Wand as well. Dumbledore’s portrait applauds his decision.
    In the story’s epilogue, taking place 19 years (2017) after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Ginny Weasley have three children named James, Albus Severus, and Lily, Neville Longbottom is the Herbology professor at Hogwarts, and Ron and Hermione have two children named Rose and Hugo. Draco Malfoy is married (we don’t know who), and has a boy named Scorpius.
    They all meet at King’s Cross, about to send their children to Hogwarts at the beginning of term. Lupin and Tonks’ son Teddy is revealed to be in love with Fleur and Bill’s daughter Victoire.
    It is revealed that Harry’s scar has not hurt since the Dark Lord’s defeat, and there, the story ends.

    read the book (lissa) – Posted 7/23/2007
    harry, ron, and hermione do not die. if you scroll up, you can see a post i posted yesterday with a list of people who die.
    the ending is really great. im really happy that harry and ginny got back together. and i always knew that ron and hermione were just going to have to accept that they were meant for each other. xenophobia4—that’s a great idea!! definitely write to her. one of the things that no one has really gotten into in this discussion is snape. i always thought that snape was evil. even when snape was in the order, i somehow always knew that he would turn against them. and i thought i was right, but i was wrong. he was brave and noble, and only killed dumbledore because dumbledore was going to die anyways, and because dumbledore did not want malfoy to kill him. but what is very, very sad is snape’s history with lily. the moment i started reading i was shocked, and when i realized that snape was in love with lily, i started to cry. now we know that snape had always meant to protect harry because he was lily’s son, and one of the reasons snape really hated james was because he was jealous and really wanted lily. (also, i think that snape is mean to harry because harry was so much like james)

    NJ CP & RE M&M – Posted 7/23/2007
    JK stole NJ’s idea after NJ wrote her a letter on what to write next. RE wants to know… WHO REALLY DIED AND WHAT THE PLOT WAS? NJ still takes pride in what JK has wrote. NJ would like to write out to all of you that think we’re losers because we read H.P series don’t deserve to be on this site. (Tell the truth… OR WE’RE HAUNT YOU IN YOUR DREAMS)

    read the book (lissa) – Posted 7/23/2007
    im telling the truth i swear. and i just remember, rufus scrimgeour also died. and the CAT guy who posted before my previous post is telling the truth

    Harry potter freak – Posted 7/23/2007
    omg i just ordered the book and i am waiting for it to come i hear all rumors about what is going to happen but don’t know what to believe you guys really make me exited and now i can’t wait to read the book at my own risk.

    norule – Posted 7/23/2007
    all u birchs wanna get the story for free ure looking for a site right? i have the freaking site in 4 days of search u want it?

    killer_duck – Posted 7/23/2007
    How about some T&A in these novels? H.P. and crew are old enough now to know of these things!

    MR P – Posted 7/23/2007
    I agree I am all for some T and A whoo hoo

    magic69 – Posted 7/23/2007
    I read the ending of the book and Harry potter is eaten by a one eyed serpent (or vice versa). It spits in his face and then he dies. Dang! What am I going to do with my cool costume?

    you mom – Posted 7/23/2007
    okay harry ron and hermy live Harry Potter +Ginny Wealsley=kids(3 or 4)(i think) Ron Wealsey+Hermione Granger=kids (2)

    confused and surprised – Posted 7/23/2007
    i can’t believe that so many people die. i have heard that this person dies and what not. but that one comment above that literally tells the whole story sounds pretty truthful. thanks to whomever wrote that!

    Haz R – Posted 7/24/2007
    Can somwone please tell me who the person is in the photo that Harry finds and then Voldemort gets hold of. I’m clueless as to who it is!

    omg – Posted 7/24/2007
    why exactly was Draco Malfoy the true previous master of the Elder Wand?!

    marianna – Posted 7/24/2007
    what about Ron?does he die?please tell me…

    Gumby – Posted 7/24/2007
    Forget about Ron. What about the Twinkie?

    Haz R – Posted 7/24/2007

    ur all wrong – Posted 7/24/2007
    Harry, Ron, and Hermione have a threesome and hermoine gets pregnant and then she has to go onto the maury povich show and get the twins, ron, and harry test 2 c who the daddy is. Harry was raped by snape and so everyone at hogwarts got some cuz hermione was a whore. it was the best book so far

    Haz R – Posted 7/24/2007
    SPOILERS (4 any1 hoo hasmt red it yet) ryyt the person in the piccy is Grindelwald..
    Hermoineshiney – Posted 7/24/2007
    Hello Potter diehard. The extremely detailed comment by Cat is basically a synopsis of the story. Id just like to add that Fred also dies, George loses an ear, Hedwig is hit with a killing curse, Crabbe dies(or is it Goyle?) i think its Crabbe, Ron finds Basilisk fangs and realizes, since they’ve lost Gryffindor’s sword,he can use those to kill the horcruxes. Neville, amidst the great battle, receives the Sword out of the sorting hat (only true gryffindors can get it this way) and slays that wretched nagini. VOLDEMORT IS DEAD THREE CHEERS FOR HARRY!!!

    Alexiss – Posted 7/24/2007
    That is a lie!!! I read and finished the book, and Ron and Hermione survive, as does Ginny… they show 19 years later, and Ron marries Hermione, And Ginny marries Harry, and they have two kids each( actually, Harry has three). Snape and Dumbledore planned the late headmaster’s death, and Harry defeats Voldemort. Bellatrix, Fred Weasley, Tonks, Lupin, Hedwig, Wormtail, Dobby, and Voldemort all die. Draco is not bad, nor is he good. Neville grows up to be the Herbology teacher at Hogwarts, and James and Albus(Harry’s sons) go on the Hogwarts Express, and Lily(their daughter) is being whiny, because she can’t go on yet. Lupin and Tonks have a baby, whose hair changes color lie his momma’s, but they were too late.

    snape – Posted 7/24/2007
    the only deathes that made me cry was snape’s and freds
    what about you

    catss – Posted 7/24/2007
    the only death that made me cry was snapes and freds adn mad-eye they weren’t suppose to go down like that

    Courtney – Posted 7/24/2007
    The way above comment by CAT Is completly true. I finished the Book the day it came out. It was great!! It made me really sad that snape died when he was, as Harry says “The bravest man he ever knew”, It made me sad to see Snape so helplessly dying for no reason when he was such a good person. Alos, Lupin and tonks shoulnt have died like that, after they just had there child, but Teddy will be hapyp with harry. (His godfather). Also, hedwig shouldn’t have died, alothough before the book cam out i predicted that.
    All in all, a great story! Neville is really brave 😀
    Hope everyone else enjoyed it too! I wish JKR Would write more harry potter books! :’ Awesome book anyways!!

    Jason – Posted 7/25/2007
    The endding was cheasy and dull, J.K. Rowling sure knew how to end it with a sour note.

    olrmgbf – Posted 7/25/2007
    will evry1 just shut the f up its not that bloody exciting!

    Sqqual – Posted 7/25/2007
    The book does say Voldemort is dead, but there is one last horcruxe. Harry’s scare. There is a ton of room for a sequal. At King’s Crossing Harry is talking to Dumbledore and a little creature is flopping around. Harry check for his scare and it is not there (it is the little creature). The last line in the book “his scare has not hurt for 19 years.” Voldemort is not dead and he will return.

    amandaconda – Posted 7/25/2007
    i found the ending quite satisfying, although i must say, the revelations of snape and lily was quite sad 😦 i do have a question though which was asked previously in the post but not answered, why was draco the master of the elder wand? i dont get it, he never “killed” dumbledore, snape did(but he was really just “helping an old man die”)

    amn – Posted 7/25/2007
    draco was the one who cast the wand out of dumbeldores hands. also, draco had the full intention and conviction of killing dumbeldore whereas snape didnt; the wand knew this

    lastbookwasbad – Posted 7/25/2007
    the last book was a complete waste. it was boring more than half way through the book, names just kept being dropped here and there like theres no started getting interesting after chapter 20 and Rowling just got ur hopes up for this amazing battle but it just blew up in ur face in the end…HAHA we got sucker punched into the worst ending ever….humpty dumbty had a better ending sheesh!!!
    and the hell with hagrid i know he’s all into loving weird and freaky creatures but what the hell he knew the spideys were gonna attack the good guys y not freakin blast them or just sit on them or something and collect their eggs and breed them again like Aragogg or watever his name is
    snape was the most interesting character which even tho was quite a pain in the ass sometimes but kept the story mysterious and his death was just stupid..voldermort: oh i need to be the master of the super duper wand and ur the current master..snape: oh let me get potter for u plz master…voldermort: bam u die haah i’m the new master…
    now wouldnt it have been cool if draco died or just got hit by a spell which made him drool to death??
    too many thoughts on this book
    final word: could of been better WAY better
    ps: book 6 was the best

    ree – Posted 7/25/2007
    I am very happy with the way the book ended. I feel she could have explained some things a lot better, like how Malfoy was the rightful owner of the elder wand. But overall, I prefer the whole “fairytale ending” to one where Harry would have died.

    hpets – Posted 7/25/2007
    so i thought the ending was pretty bad….esspecially how it just so happened that the elder wand ended up belonging to harry. he got lucky. and its not even like he killed voldemort, he killed himself!!! i thought snape’s obsession over lily potter was kind of gross, and that whimpering thing at Kings Cross was odd….and as for fred, tonks, and lupin,moody, and even headwig…it was like, “oh you died..moving on then”. The 19 years later bothered me too, way too perfect! very dissapointed.

    potterfan – Posted 7/25/2007
    I thought the final book was wonderful. I read the last 300 pages with tears streaming down my face. I thought JK did a great job with the battle and I really really hope that she will write another series… maybe go off of Harry’s kids and Malfoy’s son?? Great great job!!!

    Jack – Posted 7/25/2007
    Was Harry explaining ownership of the Elder Wand to the Elder Wand. When I read it I got the impression that Harry was not trying to explain things to Voldy, but the wand itself. Harry knew wands make their own choices, but it cannot make a propper choice if the wand is not in possession of all the facts. To this point, in the book it is clear Harry is not sure the wand knows he disarmed Draco, by explaining this the Elder Wand finally chooses Harry and dispatches Voldy.
    Is this what others saw or am I reaching

    jams – Posted 7/25/2007
    i know it was kind of weird when tonks and lupin died just like that.. piled beside fred. lol! well it was only harry who mourned a LITTLE for hedwig and well they cheered for mad eye didnt they.. and uhh for dobby the grave and it was snape who was not so much appreciated until the after 19 years, the 3 little kids, james, lily, and albus severus. thats it. lol.

    Haz R – Posted 7/26/2007
    it nerly mayd me cry when Dobby died! and yea it was a bit too perfect at the end with the whole “and everyone lived happily ever after” thang .- i like the 5th book the best!

    Ginger Child – Posted 7/26/2007
    I realy realy hated the end of the seventh book.. it was so wrong. Personly I think she should not have skipped into there future. I didn’t need to know “all was well”. she just want to end the books and wanted to do it the fast and easy way

    Emily – Posted 7/26/2007
    She just seemed to cram everything in… so stupid and the ed was to lovely and perfect for harry potter

    Minna – Posted 7/27/2007
    Jack: I also had the feeling that Harry was explaining story to the wand. About the end; she could not have made it any worse. Probably Harry is an auror now, though don’t think that was mentioned… I had the feeling of Harry & Ginny from the beginning. But to name your kids after your own parents and all the people that were killed… come on!
    I truly hope she stays out of wizard world forever. No more stories with happy-happy endings.

    timmy – Posted 7/27/2007
    The comment about Harry’s scar still being there when he didn’t have it in that Heaveny kind of place with the wierd creature is a pretty good one, surley material with the possibility of a sequal. I also reckon that any sort of sequal could involve someone else trying to re-unite the 3 hallows. After all the stone is just lying in the forest waiting for someone to pick it up.

    Somebody Holland – Posted 7/27/2007
    I haven’t read the seventh book yet, because I’m from Holland and i have to wait until November, because then it’s in the shops. But I was so curious and now i have red all your posts!
    I’m mad about myself, why haven’t I just wait until i can read the book by myself..?
    But I’m happy because now I know who died (if all the posts are true :P) and I know that i just can’t wait until November.. why do i have to wait so long? It’s not fair!
    I have red two chapters in English, but I don’t like it. I think the Netherlands book is better (but that’s becouse I always red them in Netherlands) haha 🙂
    I’m sorry for the bad English :$
    Somebody from Holland (15yearsold)

    Sarah – Posted 7/27/2007
    I personally liked the ending of book 7. I just finished it last night and I feel J.K. Rowling did a wonderful job of explaining everything. As long as you have a good memory and can retain the information from previous books there is no confusion, however if you have a hard time remember who people are and events that have happened I do think that you should go back and read the other books, then this one. I think the 19 years later thing is done well and does finish it off well……………J.K. Rowling said she won’t close the idea on another book, however I really don’t think she will ever continue this………she was quite final int this one and I think that was for a reason. I do think we should watch her though, she is a great writer and I don’t think we have seen the last of her writings, something just as good I hope!

    Lie Detector – Posted 7/27/2007
    Lies detected! Ron and Hermoine live and Harry and Ginny get married. HARRY KILLS VOLDEMORT AND EVERYBODY HUGS HIM! THE END

    alex – Posted 7/27/2007
    were did you get this information it is all BS!!!!!!!!!!1

    LOTGK – Posted 7/27/2007
    Certainly not from you Alex.

    Samantha – Posted 7/25/2007
    I think that Harry was explaining it to Voldemort, trying to waste time so that when Voldemort finally cast his spell, he was prepared to disarm him at the same time. Harry was trying to keep talking so he could sense when Vold would make his move.
    Also in reply to Sqqual, sorry but I’m definitely positive your wrong. Voldemort is dead, that final line in the book about not hurting for 19 years is to prove that he really is dead. Harry died, that is why he was no longer a horocrux, he died so the horocrux of his scar would die. That doesn’t mean his scar goes away, it’s a scar after all, but it will not hurt, and no longer has any connection to Voldemort. He’s dead and not coming back.
    Also Rowling barely wanted to write this book, and was kind of pushed forward by the publishers, I doubt very much that she will even think of continuing the story, afterall she’s spent 10 years of her life on it. If the story is continued it will not be by Rowling, which as someone pointed out is why she added the forward.

    JennyGurl – Posted 7/27/2007
    Ok!!!!! Heres the truth not a spoiler and not a theory! HARRY lives and marries Ginny has children HERMIONY-lives RON-lives Draco-Lives

    Sean – Posted 7/29/2007
    I don’t know. I just felt Rowling took the cheap way out with this book. Sarah mentioned she thought Rowling did a good job at explaining everything and how she liked the epilogue and all I can ask is “why do you like it?” You’ve just read seven books and you’re rewarded with an abrupt ending and epilogue that doesn’t explain anything of what happened in the previous 19 years?
    Yes, I know I’m suppose to use my imagination here, but I’ve been doing that for seven books now, Rowling could have rewarded everybody for reading her books in giving us a better epilogue.

    danielle – Posted 7/29/2007
    Why is this so unpredictable? actually, i want to see the death of harry and voldemort. poor Ron and Hermiony!!!

    kacie – Posted 7/30/2007
    Who really dies! might have missed someone? oh well muggle studies teacher hedwig mad-eye moody the minister of magic tonks dad a goblin grindewald (wand maker)death eater peter petagrew fred
    tonks lupin Crabbe snape Harry sort of died, but came back to life, then Dracos mom went to check if he was alive, she knew he was alive and bent over acting like she was checking his heart beat and soon her hair covered his face and asked if Draco was alive in the castle and harry said yes.. she turned around and said he was dead. then voldermort made Hagrid who he almost killed carry harry down to show everyone he was “dead” but at some point in time harry told Neville that if ron, or hermione cant kill voldermorts snake, he would have to. but voldermorts snake for most the time was in a protective cage, so harry couldnt kill it because it was the last horcraux then once voldermort thought he was dead he took the snake out of the protective cage, and then the sorting hat was burnt because only slytherins would be in the house, and then neville got the sword of gryffindor, because he was in need of it, and he cut off the snakes head killing the last horcraux then Harry shows hes alive again..
    Harry saves Malfoy, TWICE.
    Harry becomes Lupin and tonks godfather of their son Teddy
    Snape is really a good guy and killed dumbledore, because dumbledore told him to because he was already dying
    snape was in love with Lily (harry’s mom)
    before snape dies snape tells harry to fill this flask up with silver stuff ozzing out of snape, and its all his memories, harry puts it in the pensieve and sees snapes memories and finds out how he loved his mom, and how dumbledore told snape to kill him and all this crazy shit.
    then 19 years later after the defeat
    harry and ginny get married have three kids plus four counting Teddy his godson
    James is the oldest, then Albus Serveus, then Lily their little girl.
    Ron and Hermione have two kids (dont remeber the names, maybe like Rose? and something?)
    Neville becomes headmaster of hogwarts (knew he had a big role in this book)
    Malfoy was there dropping off his kid on the hogwarts express, and he gave harry and ron a nod like thanks or something.
    GREAT BOOK! my favorite!
    although a lot of crying too it.
    Two out of three of my favorite characters died.
    Fred and Lupin. D:

    jerome tarriela – Posted 7/30/2007
    i love the ending…. seems that the story is endless… a fiction story full of drama and excitement… hope theres a lot more from J.K. Rowling… but one thing is for sure.. i Love harry’s spell binding adventure.

    Storm – Posted 7/31/2007
    That is a joke. Have any of you even read the book? Your all blabering idiots. Neville becomes the herbolgy teacher in the end…

    LOTGK – Posted 7/31/2007
    What book? There’a new Harry Potter book out? When did it go on sale?

    DOBBY FOR PM!!! – Posted 8/6/2007
    Poor old Dobby why did he have to die?????

    tinchy stryder – Posted 8/9/2007

    LOTGK – Posted 8/9/2007
    Who are the sources? And how did they accumulate this information?

    drew – Posted 8/14/2007
    wait so ron and herminie hook up? and harry and ginny hook up? and they all have kids?

    Kelly – Posted 8/16/2007
    Wow- To all the people who just said that JK Rowling could do much better- you try writing a 759 page novel with all the publicity on your back trying to satisfy hmm… lets see… THE WHOLE WORLD. Have a heart people!

    deb j – Posted 8/22/2007
    Please remember that this is a kid’s novel and JK is writing for them. Kids do much better when everything is wrapped up into a neat little package. They like happily ever after endings…..otherwise its confusing to them. This was written perfectly for most if not all kids. If she had been writing for adults, there would have been a very different 7th novel!

    love the book – Posted 8/31/2007
    ahh gr8 ending ..wouldnt have it any other way… kinda wish i was ginny though.. heehee o and btw if you look online it says what everyone grows up to be ..

    harry potter mad – Posted 9/2/2007
    Wow this book is amazing! Love it love it I cannot believe people thought Herminee and Ron die Pah!

    Carrie Rollefstad – Posted 9/3/2007
    I really loved the 7th book. I think you should make another harry potter and make the 8th book the last book.

    Crystal – Posted 9/14/2007
    Aww no foreplay… just like a man. I was dissapointed in the ending of th ebook. I really felt like she was just trying to finish the book.

  2. Tania said

    I loved the way it ended!I wonder if that 19 years later sequence will be in the last film.If it Is, I wonder who will play them as adults.

  3. LOTGK said

    Colin Farrell as Harry Potter
    John goodman as Weezly
    Julia Roberts as Hermine

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