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Lost update – We Didn’t Start The Fire

Posted by LOTGK on June 20, 2007


Season III

Lost Update 06/20/2007

Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray
South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio
Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, television
North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe

Rosenbergs, H-bomb, Sugar Ray, Panmunjom
Brando, “The King and I” and “The Catcher in the Rye”
Eisenhower, vaccine, England’s got a new queen
Marciano, Liberace, Santayana goodbye

The ABC television series Lost debuted September of 2004 and became an overnight success as millions of viewers tuned in to find out what happened to the passengers of Oceanic flight 815. With all the excitement and buzz the new series created, the Internet was quickly abuzz with hundreds of theories scattered over countless web sites. This was also the time of the birth of the Grassy Knoll Institutes Lost theory. The Lost executives and writers have to be loving the immense Internet and water cooler exposure Lost is enjoying.

To perpetuate the series and the conjecture, I believe that the Lost writers have already shown us what is really happening on the island and to the castaways. The plot, the outcome, the whole enchilada. The answer has already been revealed, hidden in the back story, current story, or front story of the castaways. The caveat is that the writers have shown us hundreds of different scenario’s and it is now our task to piece it together. Much like a jig saw puzzle. So let’s help them out a little shall we.

The following Lost theories are in no particular order of popularity or significance. Some you will recognize, some you will not.

They’re All Dead: Because we have to start somewhere, let’s analyze the “They’re All Dead” theory. I think this was one of the most popular theories at the very beginning, when Charlie uttered the words, “Where are we,” as the invisible monster made it’s first appearance. Adding credence to the theory was when they found the distress call loop that had been playing for 16 years. Jack seeing his dead father, and finally Naomi telling Hurley, you’re all dead, they found the plane wreckage and there were no survivors.

Snow Globe Effect: The reason the castaways cannot make contact with the outside world is because they are trapped in a snow globe. This is why Desmond couldn’t sail away from the island.

Purgatory: Not only are they all dead, but they’re all in Purgatory. And when they die again on the island, it is actually them going to heaven or perhaps hell.

Alien Factor: The castaways are aliens that crashed on the island and are trying to keep the “Others” from finding out.

Just A Dream: The castaways are not real, it is just a dream from one of the members. When they wake up, the show will be over.

Bobby Ewing Effect: One of the castaways thought to be dead walks out of the shower and the past six years was really didn’t happen. Bobby Ewing Effect

Four Toe People: Remember the statue with the foot with four toes. One theory has it that all the “others” and the castaways all have four toes. They are either a mutant group or aliens. Damn Dirty Apres

Virtual Reality: All the castaways are interconnected to one another and share each other’s thoughts. They are not really on the island, but in a lab somewhere. Flagship Lost Theory

Time Travel: Somehow, the island setting is in the past and shielded by the present day traffic. Hence the old style computers and equipment.

Time travel Part Two: One or more of the castaways have traveled or are currently traveling from past, present, and future and back.

Twilight Zone: The castaways are in a modern day Twilight Zone episode. Submitted for your approval of course. Twilight Zone

Philadelphia Experiment: An electromagnetic surge somehow downed flight 815 and transported the island to another dimension.

King Kong: Lost is actually a remake of the original 1933 movie King Kong. Ben is of course Kong. King Kong Lost Island

Gilligan’s island: the castaways are a modern day Gilligan’s island. Perhaps Sayid is the professor. Hurley the millionaire, Shannon the movie star, Kate as Maryann, Jack the skipper, Sawyer as Gilligan, etc. Lost And Gilligan’s Island

Seinfeld Syndrome: Like Seinfeld, Lost is a show about absolutely nothing. Seinfeld Syndrome

Mitt Romney Connection: All the castaways are former running mates or ex-wives of Mitt Romney, presidential hopeful for 2008.

Hell: Everyone on the island is dead and they are in hell relegated for eternity to battle against themselves.

Heaven: Everyone on the island is in heaven. Not much to this theory, cause I hope heaven ain’t like that.

Reality Show: As in the Truman show, the castaways are being filmed in an ultimate reality game. Perhaps some are involved in the scheme, or perhaps all of them are unaware.

Hippy Hippy Shake: The entire Lost storyline can be mapped out by playing rock band Crosby, Stills, Nash, And Young album’s De’Ja Vu and So Far. Crosby Stills Nash Young

Space: Lost in space, or are in space, hurling toward the sun, or away from the sun depending on one’s perspective.

The Past: Lost is set in the past. Notice the old computer, equipment, record player, clothing, houses, decor. That’s why there is no rescue party or radio transmissions except for the old songs picked up on the airwaves.

New Seed: The rest of the world is destroyed and the castaways are the last surviving humans left to repopulate the world.

The Future: Somehow the castaways were transported into the future where the only life left on the planet is on the Lost island.

Insane Asylum: One or a group of castaways are locked up in an insane asylum and what we see on the television screen is merely a lucid dream or nightmare of the mental patient. Hurley and Libby give credence to this direction and theory.

A Dream: Merely one man’s or woman’s dream and when they wake up, the show will be over. The close up on the eye balls of certain castaways at the beginning of each season lends weight to this theory.

Story Book: As such as reading many books aloud, such as Twas the Night Before Christmas, so is Lost being read aloud to the castaways and their thoughts and imagination is what we see on the screen. Episode titles such as the Looking Glass help this theory.

Another Planet: The lost island is actually on another world, another planet. This is why the compass doesn’t work, and strange weather and polar bears in warm climate.

North Pole, South Pole: The island is at the tip of the North Pole, South Pole, hidden from sight through some magical electromagnetic waves that also shield the island from the cold.

Antarctica: A secret base in Antarctica where survival experiments are being conducted on by unknowing participants.

Parallel Dimension / Universe: Sort of like Back To the Future when Marty goes back in time once again and sees himself changing the past. Somehow the island lies somewhere in the realm of a different dimension and the castaways don’t entirely fit in. Hence the flash backs of Desmond and other castaways.

The Matrix: I’ve been waiting for you Mr. Anderson. A race of machines came to earth and enslaved the human race and are now using them as batteries all the while altering their reality as if they are living normal lives.

They’re All Puppets: They are all mannequins, puppets, and a little child is playing with them in her room. As one dies, the child throws the puppet in her toy box.

Misfit Toys: To infinity and beyond. The castaways are marooned on the Island Of Misfit Toys. Their only hope is Christmas Eve when King Moonraiser lands on the island to judge the misfit toys.

Invasion: The castaways are really the aliens from the canceled ABC series “Invasion!”

Church: The castaways are a secret sect of the church of Latter Day Saints.

Chosen Few: The castaways are the remaining survivors of an old motorcycle gang of the 1960’s, The Chosen Few.

Bermuda Triangle: Yea, lost in the Bermuda Triangle. That is one hell of a big triangle.

City Of Atlantis: Lost is actually the lost city of Atlantis that miraculously resurfaced back in the early 1960’s and repopulated by Hanso corporation. A new division, Dharma was created to cultivate the environment and learn the secrets of the island, especially it’s healing powers. The four toes statue lends credence to this theory.

Reincarnation: All the castaways are dead waiting to be reborn. When one dies on the island, they are actually being reborn into the real world of the living.

Old Movie: The castaways are trapped in an old movie that is running continuously over and over again waiting for someone to change the reel or turn the projector off.

Grassy Knoll Institute Effect: The survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are not on an island, but in a virtual reality laboratory. All of them are interconnected. They feel, sense, and experience what everyone else does. While in this virtual reality state, a battery of tests and experiments are performed on them, both mentally and physically. Other than the mysterious government men who are seemingly running the show, a race of Aliens are funding the lab with the promise of advanced technology.

Did I miss any? I’m sure I did. That’s where you come in. I wrote this update in a flurry and as I was typing decided to toss in a few humorous theories zingers. Let’s hear it Lost fans. What’s your favorite theory? (Other than mine own of course)

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7 Responses to “Lost update – We Didn’t Start The Fire”

  1. LOTGK said

    Previous Comments…

    Crystal – Posted 6/20/2007
    Looks like you have been busy! So far I am up for the Parallel Dimension / Universe. I am still wondering about this light and dark, white and black. I know this is the key to Lost and I am thinking it has nothing to do with Good/Evil…

    Crystal – Posted 6/20/2007
    How about they have been sent to this island to do an experiment on how people would react with different races. This is how the world should be, everyone has to get along to survive, no matter what their races is or what they have done in the past.

    Worf – Posted 6/20/2007
    Wow, that is a lot of theories. What about the island is inside a volcanoe hiding itself from the outside world.

    Crystal – Posted 6/21/2007
    That would be one huge volcano.

    Simmons – Posted 6/21/2007
    They are all in a fish bowl.

    LOTGK – Posted 6/21/2007
    And that would put Ben as the shark….

    LOTGK – Posted 6/21/2007
    Addendum: I will offer that the writers and producers of ABC Lost posted many websites online to confuse and distract Lost viewers.
    One more thing. The writers of Lost knew that websites much like this one would spring up with theories of what is happening. In fact, they were counting on it.
    My question is this: What if a website guessed correctly what was happening on the show? Wouldn’t the producers and writers discredit that theory and then discredit many others to keep the viewers tuning in week after week?
    I am not saying my theory is right, I’ve stated several years ago that I have a minute chance, but someone has it right, and the producers are going to make sure that it is kept under wraps until the end of the series.

    Crystal – Posted 6/21/2007
    Well do you think the producers would and could put their integrity at stake? I guess once they have so much money they can lie all they want, cause in the end, they will be rollin in the dough, right.
    I just think I wouldn’t do it, I don’t think I could do it. There would be too much hate in the end. There are so many theories out there, why would they go to the trouble of discrediting the theory.
    I think it would tick more people off than lead them in a different path. If they specifically stated there are NO ALIENS and this has nothing to do with reality… and that was how the series ended, wouldn’t you feel dissappointed and offended…
    Maybe I’m too honest, but I would never do it.

    Crystal – Posted 6/21/2007
    >>”If they specifically stated there are NO ALIENS and this has nothing to do with reality.”>>
    Haha. I meant virtual reality…

    Paul – Posted 6/22/2007
    I think that this is an actual Isalnd in Hawaii because I have seen many like it where I live. The monster I think has no meaning what so ever and the Island can be contacted from the outside once the blocker is down. The only thing I am confused about is all of the references to white and black. and what is up with that guy mikhail? didn’t he “die” twice?

    Crystal – Posted 6/22/2007
    Yes I think Mikhail & Robert came to the island via the Black Pearl (oops nope, no Johnny Depp)… I mean the Black Rock, and they have some sort of invincibility and don’t age.
    (Wouldn’t it be nice for Johnny Depp to show up on Lost island… yummy :O)

    Crystal – Posted 6/22/2007
    Gosh I have been checking back every 5 minutes hoping that someone would want to have a Lost conversation…
    Maybe I will check back on Monday.

    LOTGK – Posted 6/22/2007
    It is the summer, not even Lost reruns are on, and the new season doesn’t start until 2008, I thought it would get quiet around here.

    Craig Of The Avenue – Posted 6/22/2007
    You seem to have it down with your list. I do like the twilight zone theory. And the Gilligan theory. Sayid as the professor. Libby was Mrs. Howell.

    emma – Posted 6/23/2007
    crystal–you mean mikhail & Richard not robert. You pretty much have all those theories down. I can’t pinpoint my favorite, but there are some I like and some I don’t…I like the Atlantis, but that would be in the Atlantic, there has to be a Pacific equivalent of Atlantis. Same w/ Bermuda Triangle, someone said something about Dragon’s triangle or something. The stupidest has got to be the Mitt Romney joke. xD
    But then, aside from the theories about the whole show, there are the theories about each character or certain elements in the show. For instance, Jacob. Crystal mentioned the Black Rock–there was some theory that Jacob or Jacob’s father was the captain. And then there are the questions about the DHARMA initiative etc…

    trutech – Posted 6/23/2007
    do u think that the black rock is staged meaning that it was build there the map in the hatch it say that magun if i worte it right who said that he is hanso brother was bruied there. is it a dharma tick or a secret hatch.

    Crystal – Posted 6/24/2007
    Yes Emma, thanks for the correction.

    emma – Posted 6/24/2007
    Ok this is really random but the Uncyclopedia article “Lost (TV series)” is hilarious. must-see.

    lostie – Posted 6/26/2007
    U forgot the theory that they are actually inside the earth and the earth is hollow. That is why they can only get there by submarine.
    Or the theory that the island is an experiment by dharma to try to change the numbers (the time until humans are extinct).
    I think that the real truth is so far out there and they did it on purpose so that no one could guess exactly what is going on… who could of guessed about the hatch going to happen in season 2? Or Jacob??

    Greigory – Posted 6/27/2007
    well, i think they are in the bermuda triangle because that would explain the old slave boat and other animals that were on it and ran out into the jungle.

    Anti-christ – Posted 6/27/2007
    They are all dead and given a a second chance of redemption. I am in their way (evil) and the people all have a choice to make. They keep repeating until one gets it right. I’m guessing Jack since the show opened with his eye opening.

    Greigory – Posted 6/27/2007
    lost is all so jumbled up and so many theorys getted crushed as each episode goes on. There has got to be something to do with pressing the numbers in the hatch and how desmond turned the key and it blew up. And he can now see things thats going to happen in the future. The island is definately not natural theres to many unreal things goign on. Like the black monster

    emma – Posted 6/27/2007
    OK greg 1st of all Bermuda triangle in atlantic; island in pacific. someone said Dragon’s triangle or something is pacific equivalent. Also what you said about animals eg polar bears, and the numbers & system failure this all has to do with the Dharma experiments on the island: polar bears in Hydra zoology station (the second Hydra island w/ the zoo cages), Numbers=Valenzetti equation predicting world’s end, Dharma trying to change the numbers and therefore changing when the end of the world happens, strange island properties or something causing electromagnetic anomaly >>failsafe key.
    OK this is really random but maybe Mikhail has 9 lives. >>he does have a cat

    Crystal – Posted 6/28/2007
    Maybe Mikhail and the cat have switched lives… haha. He is a cat in a human body.

    Gumby – Posted 6/28/2007
    He does only have one eye.

    lui – Posted 7/20/2007
    i think so as ther isnt a big cop out at the end wer sum one wakes up and its a dream (cos lets face it thatl b terrible) i dont think well ever find out! my guess is the “others” will send them all off the island to another place where they will be able to get found and theyl never be able to get back again. ther being nothing resolved and all the strange goings on are never acounted for. xxxx

    LOTGK – Posted 7/27/2007
    Well, it looks like they resigned Michael to return for season 4 of Lost. Looks like my prediction is correct. A refresher, I claimed that Walt and Michael would return.

    Spike – Posted 7/30/2007
    You think Micheal is important ? So do i and Walt is dead or not ?

  2. Holly O said

    Just catching up on the series (never watch TV, just the DVDs and ABC-streamed reruns), and am just old enough to remember the original reruns of the Twilight Zone, so am glad to have my recognition of that tie confirmed. Am wondering about a possible good/evil scenario, Richard clearly as the smooth-talking devil, and who as good? Maybe the older woman that warns Desmond not to marry Penny, the jeweler WHO APPEARS IN THE PHOTO on the head abbot’s desk??? There is clearly a plan there, just don’t know whether it is nefarious or not (have not seen entire season 3 yet, not on DVD or on the net!)

    PS: I kinda hate the idea of Michael/Walt back again. I was tired of him, oh well.

  3. LOTGK said

    Then I will not spoil it for you Holly.
    But yes, Richard will play a much larger role in season IV
    And I predicted Walt and Michael returning, so I’m sort of happy about that.

  4. Lori said

    Im glad Micheal and Walt will be returning too.

    I dont know which theory is correct.. I just hope after watching it for this long, I dont end up being totally disappointed in the final season

  5. Lori said

    I always thought the story had something to do with the seven deadly sins.

    greed, sloth, gluttony, wrath, envy, pride and lust.

    and when people finally solve their problems, they die.

    Take Boone… he was obsessed with his step sister.. which could have something to do with lust perhaps… and as soon as he got over her, he died.

    Shannon was a spoiled little bratt, who only thought of herself… (greed) and then she got into a “relationship” with Siyed, and learned how to think of another besides herself… and then she died.

    Jacks deadly sin could be pride..
    Sawyers could be greed, or wrath… since he was after that guy who conned his mother and father. (although I doubt now that Sawyer finally killed the right man.. I doubt they will be killing him off any time soon)
    Hurleys sin is gluttony

    and so on, and so on, and so on…

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  7. LOTGK said

    I think he’d appreciate a sloppy blowjob more.

    Thanks for the spam.

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