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Lost Update- Season III Finale – After The Gold Rush

Posted by LOTGK on May 23, 2007

lost season three finale

Season III
Lost Update 05/23/2007
Season III Finale

Well, I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming
Sayin’ something about a queen
There were peasants singin’ and drummers drumming
And the archer split the tree
There was a fanfare blowin’ to the sun
That floated on the breeze
Look at mother nature on the run in the nineteen seventies
Look at mother nature on the run in the nineteen seventies

For three years, I have been updating you of my far out theory about the hit ABC network television series Lost. With season three finale now aired, does my theory still hold water? For those surfers just finding this place, my theory is simple in nature, complex in the virtual world.

Although it appears the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are on a tropical island, they are being deceived. There is no island. The survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory. All the castaways are interconnected to one another sharing each others thoughts, memories, and feelings. While in this virtual reality laboratory, a battery of physical and mental experiments are performed on them. And who is behind all this other than the mysterious government men? Aliens of course.

First of all, I want to thank everyone for reading and commenting on my humble web site. Sometimes arguments flared up, but hell, that is what Lost is all about. The castaways verses the “Others.” Emma, you are definitely an “Other.” Crystal, you are Nikki, before the dirt nap. There’s your shout-out.

We’re building a runway for the aliens to land. Yes, a tongue in cheek shout out.

Locke is alive.

Walt Returns. Tells Locke to get up and climb out of the pit.

Good Vibrations, yes, you knew I would jump on this, to bolster my hippy theory.

Danielle is Alex’s mother.

“Dude, it was over, he gave up. I didn’t believe him.” Sawyer after he shot Tom in the chest killing him.

Charlie Dies. Naomi dies. Tom dies. Bonnie and Greta dies. Mikhail apparently died and came back to life yet again. Seven more of Ben’s men died in the explosion at the beach.

Who’s Naomi?

OK, I’m not going to nit pick the two hour season finale. Let’s just talk about the last three minutes of the show. That wasn’t a flash back Jack was having, it was a glimpse into the future. A flash ahead if you will. Is what we are viewing right now, the past, present, or the future. Having Jack and Kate talking at the end of the program, they were certainly in the future, and are we now looking back to what led up to Jack’s miserable life? Does he know if he goes back to the island, he could possibly redeem himself, much like Desmond had?

Notice the phone Jack was using. It was a Motorola KRZR, out only a year. Certainly not introduced in the year 2004, when the plane crash occurred, so Jack had to be in the future, post 2006, when using the phone.

After the phone call from Naomi’s phone, the castaways get rescued, but Jack’s life takes a turn for the worse. He is hooked on painkillers, is unkept, and his life is crashing to a halt. He almost commits suicide but is saved by a traffic accident. He’s a hero.

The funeral Jack attended, wasn’t his fathers, he said, when asked, friend or family, he answered neither. Speculation, Desmond, Sawyer, Michael, Locke.

To my theory.
Jack just completed his virtual reality loop, much like Desmond did? Is he waiting to redeem himself once again? For Jack, he was tired of playing the game, always giving in, always retreating, and calls Ben’s bluff with Sayid, Hurley, and Bernard’s lives in the balance. Jack wins although he doesn’t know it till later.

Wait a minute, let’s not analyze to much here. Here are the short bullet points….

Charlie saves them all by knowing the tune to Good Vibrations, an old Beach Boys tune. Only a musician could enter the code. He saves Claire, Aaron, and all the castaways by shutting off the jamming signal. A perfect virtual reality dream. Charlie even warns Desmond that it isn’t Penny’s boat out there.

Hurley, wanting to help anyone who would have him, revs up the Jesus van and runs down one of the “Others” and saves Sayid, Jin, and Bernard. Hurley is a hero. A perfect virtual reality dream.

Sawyer, this time not conned, finishes the rescue with Hurley and kills Tom. Sawyer is a hero. For him, a perfect virtual reality dream.

Side note: Ben is a liar. He always lies. He cannot help it. It’s his nature. A scorpion cannot stop stinging, and Ben cannot stop lying. So when he says Naomi is one of the bad guys, he is lying. He lied to the entire camp about the Looking Glass as well.

Jack is literally lost. He lost his father, his wife, his practice, friends, respect, and almost his very life. A perfect candidate for life altering experiments. Every member of the castaways had similar paths that led to boarding that plane. Each and every one of them perfect candidates for said experiments. It was no accident that this cross section of people, these exact people, were on the plane.

We need the rocks because we’re building a landing strip for the aliens. Thanks for the shout out Lost writers!!!

I will be adding part two after I get some much needed sleep.
Until next year, Get LOST!!!

I was lyin’ in a burned out basement
With a full moon in my eyes
I was hopin’ for a replacement
When the sun burst through the skies
There was a band playin’ in my head
And I felt like getting high
Thinkin’ about what a friend had said,
I was hopin’ it was a lie
Thinkin’ about what a friend had said,
I was hopin’ it was a lie

Well, I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying
In the yellow haze of the sun
There were children crying and colors flying
All around the chosen ones
All in a dream, all in a dream
The loading had begun
Flyin’ mother nature’s silver seed
To a new home in the sun
Flyin’ mother nature’s silver seed
To a new home in the sun

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2 Responses to “Lost Update- Season III Finale – After The Gold Rush”

  1. LOTGK said

    Previous comments… Valdunagan – Posted 5/23/2007 A hell lot of people dies tonight. I see a completely different direction next year, as new poeple will have to be introduced. I think you may be right Pat, another set of others will emerge. Valdunagan – Posted 5/23/2007 Great episode btw. Surprised when Sawyer shot Tom. da Man – Posted 5/23/2007 and jacks father is alive in the future yo – Posted 5/23/2007 I think yor theory has finally come to a close. The end of the episode kind of disproved your entire theory by showing that they actually were on an island. Your theory has been accurate for every single episode up until this one so that is very impressive. Locke always confuses me. He justifies his actions with, “it was meant to work this way”, or something along the lines of destiny. This time he kills Naomi so Im guessing Walt told him that Naomi was bad. I dont see how she could be bad if she has a rescue boat waiting for them. Maybe your theory is still in tact and Ben just doesnt want them to leave the virtual reality. Overall, that was a great ending to the finale, showing Jack’s life in the future. The casket definitely belonged to someone on the island, like sawyer or locke (someone who has no friends or family). And Kate did say HIS funeral, so we know its a guy. The writers did a great job with charlies death, making it happy-ish. The only character I would be upset of them dying would be desmond, because of penny constantly looking for him. For season 4, they may do more flash-forwards, and keep working backwards until the island. Patrick Romero – Posted 5/23/2007 This page ROCKS! I love reading all you write and the comments! I was LOST at the end, but now understand it was for future wise…Yet, if so, why would he just go back to the same job and life? And who is Kate with “I have to go back to him” ??? yo – Posted 5/23/2007 Ive recently just looked at some easter eggs of the newspaper clipping Jack was holding and what the first line said was “The body of J….” and the rest is unreadable. Obviously the only characters we know with a J are Sawyer and Jin. So obviously it looks like Sawyer is the man dead in the casket. Also, the flashforward may just be an “alternate” future if they choose a certain path. trutech – Posted 5/23/2007 the island is real no aliens and in season 2 libby ask hurley that if this is not real and is made up by one person then what happend to her in the other side of the island and he could not answer so that means they in it for real,and not all got off the island dee,alex,karl,locke and walt,vincent i think mike die at sea. season 4 is call the ruins what dose it mean the islands past or that the island is in ruins now that it is discover will jack get back who die whom is kate with? is it sawyer? or is he dead. kate look like her was mad and didn’t care some bad feelings did sawyer leave her/with baby. and what is the secret that jack and kate is keeping that jack said he tired of ? louie – Posted 5/23/2007 im pretty sure they added the landing strip for the aliens comment to sort of make fun of said theory… im pretty sure its not aliens anymore.:) perseph – Posted 5/23/2007 that is a great idea….it must be called the ruins because the “Real” bad guys come and start destroying it…and more flash forwards come. I think Ben is telling the truth when he says he is the good guy. I remember hearing the producers say awhile ago that ben is nothing compared to whats coming….notice how mikail and richard have special non-dying powers? i bet since they are native they are apart of the 4 toes coming next season. Going to be real mad if they dont explain walt. ps you forgot J for John Locke, who threatened to kill jack with no fam OR dont forget J for JACK, perhaps a twist of some sort? izzy – Posted 5/24/2007 Couldn’t we be wrong about the flash forwards? can’t they be flash backs? Let me explain. First of all Jack’s tatoo means “he walks with us, but he is not one of us.” Couldn’t he and Kate be original “natives”, and waiting to get a second chance at the island. That would also keep into play the fact that Kate is refering to Jacob when she says that HE is waiting. Jacob is the name on the obituary, and Jack is lost because he feels that he will never get his second chance? Just a thought. tell me what you think LOTGK – Posted 5/24/2007 Yo, I beg to differ. The last three minutes bolstered my theory. Jack wasn’t having a flash back, it was either him in the now and present, or the near future. The island was the past. The island was the dream, the virtual reality dream. Perhaps this episode showed Jack after released from the laboratory, discarded, and now he has these horrid nightmares of being on the island. Perhaps it is Ben’s doing, his virtual reality dream, warning Jack that he was making a terrible mistake, not to leave the island, and now look at what happened to Jack, he lost his career, is addicted to pain killers, a heavy drinker, lost his respect, and almost his life. That is a perfect ending for Ben. With that knowledge, perhaps Jack, much like Desmond, will alter his previous decisions and change the course of events, and not leave the island. Just as Ben wanted. LOTGK – Posted 5/24/2007 Also, Way back at the end of season two, I predicted that Michael and Walt return. And guess what. Walt is back meaning his father is as well. Foxymama – Posted 5/24/2007 You forgot J for Juliet! Why was he so upset over this newspaper clipping that he was going to kill himself? Lost Fan – Posted 5/24/2007 J for: Juliet, Jin, Jacob, James, Jack, John. Russel – Posted 5/24/2007 Wow! I really hope that is not the true ending. How depressing. Jack is miserable, him and Kate don’t hook up. That really sucks. I hope its just an alternate. My theory is that the island will be the Garden of Eden. It makes sense nearly every episode has some biblical reference. Also who but God would have some much personal, hidden?, information about all the losties. Perhaps Ben will be the Christ like embodiment of God, very sac religious but so is most everything on T.V. It will obviously not be just simply that they are in Eden and that God wants them to live in paradise because that would not jive with the de-moraling of America. So if it is Eden look for huge anti-religious twist. Crystal – Posted 5/24/2007 Sweet… (Thanks LOTGK – Haha) Oh dear lord, I am more confused now than I could ever imagine. My biggest fallback with the flash forward is – Why is Jack’s father alive? This has to be an alternate reality. When I first saw Kate (in the forward), I thought that it was Jack’s ex-wife. And I was thinking he is so in love with Kate because she looks similar… nope wrong. One thing is for sure, there is no chance in hell that Locke would just turn around and give in. We all know Locke would never do that, not after all he has been through. Very disappointed that Charlie died, it was a nice way to let him go though. So for the future (of Lost) I am thinking they will head back to the island, start over, they know more about the island & they will be able to put things together and figure them out more. * Such as Jacob. The will already know where to find him, therefore learning more about him. jess – Posted 5/24/2007 Who is Naomi? How did she obtain the photo of desmond/penny? I think Desmond is going to be a very important piece of the puzzle in the future. If Naomi isn’t part of the whole Desmond rescue mission sent by Penny, she had to be sent by someone who had different motives for painstakingly looking for just one guy. Will the people on the boat have good intentions? What if Walt is just a hallucination created by Locke’s interpretaion of the black smoke? (just a thought) Bummer about Jack, do feel that is in the future, any theories on why his dad is referenced alive? LOTGK – Posted 5/24/2007 I don’t think Jack’s dad is alive in the future. I believe he was trying to use his fathers prescription pad to get his oxycotin since his refills ran out. Also, when he had the argument with the head of surgery, did you see the look on his face, Not Jacks face, but the head of surgery, when Jack said, call my father and see if he is as drunk as I am. He knew Jack’s dad was alreadt deceased. Miza – Posted 5/24/2007 iam so sad charlie died. i hope he comes back to life or something. without Charlie, LOST cant be LOST and i feel so bad for Jack in the future. and when Walt came back i was like OMG. and if they get rescued, aaron wont have a dad. i bet u claire wanted charlie to be the dad. im so sad about charlie but i have a feeling that he wont drown. because that devinetly!!! isnt his DESTINY!!! desmond is dummy. rlly none of his visions are true. charlie cant die and i kno that he will come back. if there is a season 4. it will b ruined becasue charlie isnt there!! Jen – Posted 5/24/2007 We all are not mentioning the fact that Jacks dad is alive in the future? In the hospital he says – “go get my father, if he’s more drunk than me….” What the heck is going on? I love this sh–…..! jess – Posted 5/24/2007 Makes sense. Love this site! Rocket Scientist – Posted 5/24/2007 Jen, I think Jacks dad is not alive. He was using his fathers prescription pad for a refill. And the head of surgery knew Jack was off his rocker when Jack said to call his father. da Man – Posted 5/24/2007 I am starting to think that whenever someone dead or walt comes back on the show to speak to someone through a lucid hallucination like ben’s mother speaking to him, everytime this happens, even the polar bears, black smoke, what do all of these things have in common? Jacob is a shape shifting alien that explains it. Does anyone else really dislike “Jack” ? I can’t stand Jack and hope he dies every time I see him. LOTGK – Posted 5/24/2007 Another thought, now that Ben is captured, and Tom and his henchmen are all dead, and Mikhail swimming around the Looking Glass, and Juliet is captured, who the hell is in charge of the Others? I believe it to be Richard. Crystal – Posted 5/24/2007 Well maybe Jack “woke up” in the past (like Desmond) and was able to change the the future. He kept Kate from killing her father. He kept Sawyer from killing Jack’s dad. Etc. Etc. And he kept some of the Losties from getting on the plane. Maybe the plane went down and Oceanic stayed in business but gave Jack the Golden ticket because he was a hero. That would explain why Naomi said they found the plane and that Charlie was the bog rock star they had the funeral for. ( Alternate realities are colliding) Now Jack is depressed because similar to Desmond’s (the only really great thing you do) has been switched up and he realizes that he was destined to be on that plane. To be a hero on the island. jess – Posted 5/24/2007 Charlie- he actually dies on the island. could naomi’s earlier reference to his funeral foreshadowed that he would actually die on the island? looking at easter eggs- name on newspaper article looks like Jo or Ja and last name ends with -antham. Anyone know if John’s actual last name is Locke? dmoney – Posted 5/24/2007 obviously jacks dad is not alive in the future, jack is just drugged up and depressed so he uses his dad as an excuse for his depression. The other doctor is aware that his dad is dead that is why he wants to help, he knows he’s suicidal. I think that walt is the black smoke (wouldn’t be the first time the black smoke appeared as walt). also john locke and walt had a good relationship always conversing about their love for the island. I think that kate ends up with Sawyer when they get off the island and that is whose waiting for her. i think juliet is the one who dies because who else would make him that upset, possibly jacob. Theres 3 more seasons so im sure there will be many more twists and bombs. However i do think that will be how the future ends up because otherwise it would be a complete paradox. I hope the next season continues to use the flash fowards because it will bring a new level to the episode. yes im lost! murpha! – Posted 5/24/2007 I absolutely hate ben, would like him to be drained of everything he knows, then we might get some concrete answers! Even though i hate him, i believe him, something about the way he says things makes you just want to believe! I think jack should have listened to locke and not sent out the call because i think it could make matters worse, the people he spoke to may not be coming to rescue them like naomi said! These people may be worse than ben and the others! However im glad naomi is dead (maybe) because there is only one place for an english person and that is charlie! (bless his soul, tragic hero). Shame he couldnt have fathered aaron (which is my birth name btw!) I also think jacks flash forward was far in the future like the flashbacks were far in the past, therfore theres alot more to be told about whats happened or happening on the island. One last thing my favourite character is sayid, did you see the way he broke that guys neck, absolute legend! DTA dont trust anybody! Thats the attitude all the survivors should take, then they may get somewhere! We should also take that attitude as viewers, in terms of not trusting the producers! I vote for sayid to be the new leader! bob – Posted 5/24/2007 My theory is the losties were given a choice to right the wrongs in their past and go home, or leave history alone and remain on the island. Jack chose to leave and has altered history bringing his father back, and never giving him up for drinking on the job which led to him getting fired and then his eventual death. Same with Kate. She has changed her past. Now Jack realizes it was the wrong choice and they should not have left the island. I’m basing this loosely on the “Somewhere in space time continuum” comment made by the producers. Also, the funeral parlor (Hoffs Drawlar) visited by Jack, anagram = flash forward. Crystal – Posted 5/24/2007 dmoney – rumors are that the newspaper said “A man was found…” Crystal – Posted 5/24/2007 This is the link to the newspaper clipping found on Lostpedia.Lostpedia Newspaper Ska2682 – Posted 5/24/2007 Crystal – I like your theory a lot, and I think it does have some legs to walk. bill – Posted 5/24/2007 i think the obituary is referring to sawyer (JAmes). the ” he’s waiting for me” comment is referring to her son that she had with sawyer. she won’t go to sawyers funeral because he left her with the baby….(maybe she killed him) Fox – Posted 5/24/2007 This show reminds me of the brilliant movie “momento” maybe they aren’t lost maybe we are. I think we need to look back at the flashbacks. Some of them are after they got off the island. We have always just assumed the flashbacks were in the past but now it is safe to assume some of them are “flashforwards” Madeline – Posted 5/24/2007 I missed the last hour last night — I am having trouble downloading ABC’s new media player…can anyone help? :)thanks Lead Scientist – Posted 5/24/2007 Madaline, select the original or old media player option. It should work from there. Madeline – Posted 5/24/2007 hi Lead…thats the problem, there isnt the old media option anymore (which is what I have been using) when I go to the ABC site….hhhmmmm Lead Scientist – Posted 5/24/2007 It was on the bottom left side, said original player or old player. Scroll down father depending on your screen size. Madeline – Posted 5/24/2007 BTW, FOX, maybe you are correct about the flashforwards…that movie “momento” is brilliant…for those who havent seen it, RENT IT! LOST fans would love it! john g – Posted 5/24/2007 i’m liking that “momento” theory alot, but can you think of a “flashback” that might have actually been a flashforward? Madeline – Posted 5/24/2007 well…for some reason I cannot find the “old media” player…so bummed!!! Arash – Posted 5/24/2007 I have to go with the theory that closely resembles Desmond’s future glimpses. Jack sees what might happen if he leaves and chooses to follow Ben’s advice. Naomi’s people make it to the island anyway and the survivors and the “others” will team up. And Ben must have had some truth to what he was saying if Locke said the same thing about not leaving the island. Walt, I think, was just a hullucination and Naomi was a “bad” person if she had to lie, which is revealed by Penelope. Good thing we won’t have to wait too long for the new episodes to begin. (sarcasm) Mr JEG – Posted 5/24/2007 Why would Locke kill Naomi with such vengeance. Then, with a gun to Jack allow hime to make the phone call. He was obviously so convinced that the phone call for help would ruin them that it would drive hime to kill Naomi. But then, just walk away from Jack making the call. Jakob – Posted 5/24/2007 It seems that the name on the obituary is “Jeremy Bentham”. “ Woody – Posted 5/24/2007 One question! What type of help does Jacob want? Anyone got any ideas? Kernie – Posted 5/24/2007 the producers of the show promised that there is an actuall physical island that they are all on and they wont make it like they wake up and it was all a dream or they wake up in a lab sort-of thing. i saw it on the (i think)season one dvd extras. might be season two extras. da Man – Posted 5/24/2007 Jacob is trapped in that house. Remember locke bending down and smelling the soil or whatever it was near the house, there was a ring of it, cirle around the house. Obviously Jacob is trapped in the house and wants help to be freed. Jacob can shape shift into anyone on the island and that is what the hallucinations are when anyone sees or speaks to someone. Ben says Jacob talks to him, well yea, as his mother. emma – Posted 5/24/2007 Wow…so much to say i dont remember everything i want to say. Flash forward interesting. The whole time i thought it might be the future, and in the end i was right! Sad that Charlie died.:( Really liked him. Hope he comes back. Locke kills Naomi and tells Jack not to call because he does not want to leave the island. This is what Walt and Locke have in common–not wanting to be rescued (like when Walt burned the raft). Likely the dead person in flash forward is Sawyer, but we don’t really know. My best guess would be Juliet to make Jack so sad, but wasn’t there a “he” mentioned? Who would Jeremy Bentham be? The one thing I am dying to see is Desmond and Penny finding each other. I love emotional reunions, and I want to see them reunite more than anything!! Does anyone else feel this way? yo – Posted 5/24/2007 So Jeremy Bentham of New York. Most likely an alias of sawyer, maybe not. What happened in the season finale was that we found out Ben lies A LOT, although he does tell the truth on occasion. We do have multiple proves that Naomi isnt who she says she is. But that still doesnt mean she is a bad guy. I think A LOT of the next three seasons will take place off the island, which may make it boring for some episodes. Hopefully we will find out more of the secrets of the island before we leave. I cant imagine how the writers can explain jacob and other mysterious happenings, if the island is actualy real like they say. I like the subliminal messages they put into each episode like they did in season 1. What the writers will hopefully do is stay in the future instead of the flashbacks so we can find out more about the island. Woody, maybe the sonic barriers keeping him out. Some kind of spirit trapped inside the house. I really have no idea. yo – Posted 5/24/2007 LOTGK, I think I know why all the pregnant women die. If the whole island is virtual reality then maybe since Ben’s mother died while bearing him, then Ben wants everyone to experience the same pain he did. yo – Posted 5/24/2007 Woody, some speculation has been going around saying that Jacob is Locke from the future so maybe Jacob wants Locke to change so that he doesnt end up in that state. Marion Ivey – Posted 5/24/2007 its all about time travel….the Dharma group was on the island,which has been stated to contain wierd electromagnetic properties, to ivestigate time travel and how it effects humans..they keep turning back the time machine every 108 minutes to keep it going…..John Locke can walk because he is “pre-crippled John”..thats why everyone heals so quickly..time keeps looping every 108 minutes..when Desmond didnt hit the button, time started at its regular pace again…Ben’s back grew a cancer…etc..etc..thats why babies cant be concieved or born and live on the island…..thats why the others were stealing save them from the time thingy…thats why Julia was brought to the island..they were safe in the Dharma compounds somehow protected by those electric fence thingies…time travel is why John couldnt kill his father…If he kills his father than he could never be born…right?…Future flashes like Jacks in the last episode will probably be common in the next season..we will find that John Locke actually left the island and brought his father back….Ben kept saying, “..he is here because of you John”…..Locke is something special…I think Jacob is acutually Future-John…..Desmond tells Jack at the stadium in the first season that he will save Sarahs life..Vision? or had he been to the future already???….maybe the secret of the island is not where it is but WHEN it is….Google The Orsted Sattelite…it orbits the earth and measures certain electromagnetic fields and guess how may minutes it takes to orbit…thats right 108 minutes!….Let me know what you all think….It makes sense to me that something like time manipulation would be a thing that should not be shared with the rest of the world as a casual thing…thats why Ben has to protect the secrets of the island so desperatly…time travel in the wrong hands would destroy civilization…. Marion Ivey – Posted 5/24/2007 Just to add to my last post…Did ya notice the Dejavu look on Charlies face when whats her name said the computer was programmed by a musician?…and did ya notice that Jacks father isnt dead..or at least he is referred to at least 3 different times as if he was still alive…time do over maybe?…Jack did see his father at the beach in the first season…In the last episode Kate didnt seem to be on the lamb anymore…in the first three seasons every one of her flashbacks was running from someone..laying low and hiding who she was..she didnt seem nervous at all about anyone chasing her in the last episode…Could she have gone back to her past and corrected a few things?..dunno….. yo – Posted 5/24/2007 whoa, that makes a lot of sense. but what about hurley and the numbers? perseph – Posted 5/24/2007 the numbers are the time until the end of civilization. thats the valzetti equation stated in season 2. dharma scientists are doing the experiments on the island to try to save humanity like they were saying because the math says those number (probably is years months and minutes seconds) is the time until human extinction. which is why also creating new children is so important. along with the time travel like marion said. very special island with the time, and dharma found out about it in and came to use it to save humanity. perseph – Posted 5/24/2007 p.s. I really hope that is not a real flash forward, but a potential alternate future because how SAD would that be? what a horrible way to know how these characters end, i dont think the writers would do that, i thought the whole point of the island was them facing their worst fears and learning lessons. Greg Brady – Posted 5/24/2007 I don’t think Sylar is dead. He has all this power and a stinkin sword kills him, no way. He would have seen that comin. This is the Heroes message board isn’t it? Yea, go Jack, nice beard. Justin – Posted 5/24/2007 I doubt they make it off the island. I don’t think that the “island” gives second chances. Jack said that he kept trying to go back, that he wanted to crash. Maybe when they leave, thats it. It could be a very long vision of desmonds. And since he is the only one alive that knows the boat isn’t what was looking for him, maybe he can do something. Naomi said that she was looking for desmond, but Penny didn’t know who she was, so Naomi has some explaining. perseph – Posted 5/24/2007 how did naomi get that pic of desmond and penny if only desmond and penny had the only copies of it???? only thing i can think of is that pennys dad who supplies dharma stole it. Alan – Posted 5/25/2007 ok, the flashback which is supposed to be the future, there is a part where jack is talking to the chief of surgery, the chief of surgery asks jack how much had he drank, but then after that he says you go up there and check my father if im drunker than he is you can fire me, so if its the future how can his father be alive? Chris – Posted 5/25/2007 @Marion Ivey: I really like your theory a lot. I think there’s a lot that doesn’t easily fit into that, but that would be true for any theory I’ve seen so far. Yours seems to make more sense than anything else (except aliens of course, ahem…). I’m not sure what you mean by “if [Locke] kills his father than he could never be born…right?”. Wouldn’t he not be able to be born if anyone killed his father, not just him? Anyway, you’ve given me a lot to think about, thanks. Matt – Posted 5/24/2007 Ok, so what then about the 108 minute computer. Desmond turned it off when there was no “hitting the button” after locke destroyed the computer. Desmond is also the only person found in a bunker that Ben didn’t know about. Or did he? Was the person in the bunker before desmond assigned by Ben? No radio contact from ben. Ben told John he didn’t push the button, and nothing happened, but when Locke doesn’t push a button hell breaks lose. So ben lied about that, why? Because he needed someone else to not push the button when he wasn’t there to suffer the consequences, but he did want the computer off. Combine turning off the time machine with Bens motives. Jacob tells Locke to help him, help him like Ben does or help him defeat Ben? Also what is the pattern of lives the island takes? The couple buried alive (may be consequence of human error), the airplane pilot, Mr. Echo. Where is the black woman from the farse others village and from the dock? Ben is bad, the truth shall set you free, and ben lies. Charlie gets the weird look, because a musician coded the jammer, proving to him he was meant to do it. Desmond gets flashbacks because for so long he turned back time, and now time is catching up to him, proving the time machine theory. Desmond meeting Penny’s father could have been a flash forward, desmond new what going to happen but still goes back to the island. The electromagnetic fence keeps Jacob out, or the cloud of smoke, a if jacob is god, afraid of God? Babies used to die on the island and the mothers. Not since the electromagnetic computer blew up. I’m going nuts. mms – Posted 5/25/2007 Has anyone noticed that in the earlier episode of Ben growing up on the island, it shows Richard there with him. But now that Ben is older, Richard still looks exactly the same? He hasn’t aged at all…. stevie – Posted 5/25/2007 I really think that your theory is great and it is definately thought provoking. At one point I used to think that the “losties” were on some sort of sacred island that some government entity discovered was permiated with high volumes of unexplanable Spiritual and scientific acitvity. I’m a little torn now on my theories and I feel that the only way they could tie all the untetherd ends to together would be using a theory similiar to yours. At any rate before reading your theory I really thought the reason that Jack couldn’t get back to the island was because they finished the runway, flew out(in an aircraft yet to be revealed or manufactured) a few hundred miles far enough to pick up and transpond a radio signal and upon their rescue they find out that their is no known record of any such island because it was kept so hush , hush by the government. And nobody has any idea of what island they are even talking about and the island cannot be found on radar because it has protective stealth capabilities implanted on it by its original founders. a radio signal Mateo – Posted 5/25/2007 I was reminded by my wife that Jack said that the Doctor should, “go get my father, I’m sure he is more drunk than I am.” Why is Jack’s dad still alive? Was the island a dream but everyone who participated had the same dream (thus kate and jack know eachother)? Francisco – Posted 5/25/2007 I want to see if you guys could help me make this more clear. How many people have been on the island? 1. The Dharma initiative people who Ben killed and i guess that explains why the hatch people that Desmund was originally with were forgotten. 2. the people Ben now leads are another group, but I do not think they are the natives who built that 4toed statue and everything. 3. the natives are the people who you hear whisper around you, or was all the whispering done by the black smoke thing. and is the black smoke thing Jacob? LOTGK – Posted 5/25/2007 Don’t forget about all the people that were on the “Black Rock” slave ship. And Rousseau’s crew on a surveying expedition. emma – Posted 5/25/2007 @Yo…you think it’s possible that Ben perosnally remembers his birth? That did enter my mind… Matt…Mrs. Klugh, the black Other you mentioned, remember Mikhail shot her dead at the Flame station in episode Enter 77. She asked him to shoot her. Marion…awesome theory. What perseph said about the Valenzetti equation possibly meaning the dd/mm/yy or something until the end of humanity and what you said about the 108 minutes keeping the time travel going–4+8+15+16+23+42=108–maybe entering the equation (the numbers) into the computer delays the collapse of civilization or something through time travel. btw i have heard other theories about the island being in a time warp, but yours is the coolest. You gave so many supporting examples. MARION IVEY – Posted 5/25/2007 i think the others didnt actually have any knowledge of the 815ers…they went back in time and gathered the info to use against them…..and if i remember right, Rousseau’s crew was stranded while they were out looking for the source of some mysterious radio signals…could they have been a rescue team as well??…or did they know about the island but could not find it??……as for the spiritual thing??…early in the series the producers of the show said that everything about LOST can be explained scientifically…time travel is psuedo science and unproven but in theory it is absolutely possible…E=MC2??…and that statement by the producers makes me doubt that there is a spiritual explaination for things. perseph – Posted 5/25/2007 as much as i want to give these writers credit for having a really complicated explanation for everything to explain it, I have a feeling its not as complicated as were making it. Remember when the show first started they have to pitch the show to ABC excutes and if its too much for them or the average viewer this show would never fly….could be as simple as this is the garden of eden, dharma is the government coverup who was blocking the signal from anyone else finding the island. Kobe24 – Posted 5/25/2007 Ok i think i figured it all out. The island is a place where it attracts people to it. The others got attracted to it first and that is why they claim the island. All thier lives got better and they did not wish to leave. Then the Dharma came and they made houses all over and did not show appresiation towards the island. So they all get killed. Then the castaways come and everything happens for a reason. Every single one of the islander has their problems fixed, that is why in the future Jack wishes to go back to the island becuase he got what he wanted their and in the future people just dont show him respect Ryleigh – Posted 5/25/2007 okay i have been fallowing this website for a while and this is the first time somehting has bugged me enough to post something. you guys have to think about these things > It couldnt of been juliets funeral becaus they say HIS funeral. it also couldnt of been hardly anyone elses, (except maybe Ben’s) because NO ONE WENT to the funeral.. which meens no family, no friends nothin at all… that person either had to of been hated or never had friends/family in the outside world > We know Jack’s father wasnt alive! JACKS DAD IS SIX FEET UNDER! swimmin with the fishies, finnito hes DEAD! > Other comments though are very very clever.. stuff I, as a 12 year old would of never thought of. >Take note that the coffin at the funeral was SMALL, like child size… doesnt point to alot though… >When you say that on the newspaper article it was like “the body of J…” you have to remember that it is only THE BACK of the newspaper article… not the side Jack was reading… correct me if I’m wrong on that one though…. any way… hope that helps. LOTGK – Posted 5/25/2007 Kobe, I don’t think Shannon had her problems fixed by getting murdered. Or Libby? Or Ana Lucia. Or the FBI agent. Or the pilot. Or Boone. They all died a pretty horrible death. I don’t think any of their problems were fixed, unless they all wanted to brutally die. Marion Ivey – Posted 5/25/2007 i dunno who is in the casket..but I think the producers wanted us to think that it was a black person…seemingly black nieghborhood…seemingly black funeral home…but im not so sure..nothing is that obvious on this show..but Ryleigh is right in the fact that they refered to the person as a male…but im not so sure about Jacks father being dead..He is refered to several times as if he is still alive in the last episode..and none of the characters seemed to disagree with Jack when he mentions his father as if he was still alive…something else odd about the last show:..Future Jack and Future Kate seemed to be the only ones that ever made reference to the island…like as if it never happened…Naomi talked as if the crash a big deal off the island ..she mentions Charlie being memorialized back in England ..but none of the characters that encounter Future Jack even mention it…He becomes a hero after pulling the mom and boy out of the car….but not for being a plane crash survivor??…Oprah or somebody would have made them famous for surviving a plane crash and living on an island all that time, I would think… Me-Me – Posted 5/25/2007 It seems to me that in the last episode when kate and jack see each other once off the island no one else seemed to notice they were missing. Surely Jack would not still be able to keep the same job and once his appearance went down if he did keep the job, he would be removed from his position for psycological evaluation because of his past. Plus the US government would surely be interested in hearing their stories and they would all be rich telling their stories on TV. So, it seems to me that their bodies never disapperar on earth according to the season finale, and no one else knows. Menyon Augustus – Posted 5/25/2007 I think that Micheal is in the casket because he is the only one that has killed one of his own kind. Well not the only one, but of the “good guys”. emma – Posted 5/26/2007 I really don’t think it’s likely that Michael is in the casket. Don’t know why, I just don’t. My best guess is Sawyer, because who would go to his funeral? I’ve heard some specualtion that he left Kate with a kid and she [Kate] killed him [Sawyer], so if Kate killed him she wouldn’t go to the funeral, and who would? But why would Sawyer’s death make Jack’s death suicidal? I’ve also speculated that maybe “Jeremy Bentham” is one of Anthony Cooper’s aliases, but I can’t find a clip of when he told Sawyer his “many names”. But Jack doesn’t even know who he is. UNLESS…what if Jack was a victim or involved in one of Cooper’s cons, in which he went by Jeremy Bentham??? that still probably wouldn’t make Jack suicidal… me-me…remember what Marion pointed out about Naomi saying Charlie was memorialized…unless Naomi was lying, but that’s kind of a hard story to come up with for someone like her, who probably didn’t know enough details about the band to come up with a story like that, so it’s probably true. Of course the whole concept about her saying the wreckage and bodies were found and the whole world believes the 815ers are dead is questionable. Btw Ryleigh–the way you referred to Jack’s dad sounds like a spinoff of Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch. 🙂 MARION IVEY – Posted 5/26/2007 Here is an easter egg I found on another website…HOFFS-DRAWLAR was the name of the funeral home in last episode…that name could be an anagram for FLASH FORWARD!!!..which is also the name of a book called “FLASH FORWARD”..written by Robert Sawyer. key word SAWYER…I found the book available for sale on Amazon and it is a fictional novel about a physicist that discovers an energy source that can catapult the mind into a time warp..glancing into the future..dont know if this makes any sense but it sounds intriquing….there is also a character in the book named JACOB..Hmmmm…according to Amazon..the book was written in 2000 perseph – Posted 5/26/2007 naomi is obviously lying. could be lying about them finding the bodies and charlie and everything…….good point about it being in a black neighborhood….could be walt? its in the future so hes grown up more. maybe walt does something horrible. My bet is that its a character we havent met yet. And Jack contining his same job with his dad alive shows that this is only an ALTERNATE future, not the real one. 2 sad to be real one too. perseph – Posted 5/26/2007 also, if time is involved here the only other way jacks dad is alive and he continues his job without anyone knowing he is the plane survivor but instead a hero is because no one ever knew there was a plane crash. Perhaps when they made it back to land it truly was a time lapse and they made it back before jacks dad even died. and the flash forward was 2007, so 3 years at least from when they did make it back to island…….like they never left….jack did say he had been at his job for years trutech – Posted 5/26/2007 i think penny did send help for desmond. but the penny charlie talk too was penny from the past. that how she knew that desmond is on a island but where. the writers are not giving the whole story the key is penny. in the book bad twin her father owns a building and on the 23rd floor hanso owns . so they are working together. so her father knows every thing of the island and thats why he send desmond on that sail race so he can crash on the island to stay away from his baby. so 3 years in the past penny find a room secret room with cam and mic the red ligth starts to flash and beep. she turns it on and wow wee it charlie. now knowing that desmond is on a island that is so how link to the secret room she found that its own by her father. with that to point her in the right direction for looking for her lost love. and in lost even penny have a hard time with her pops. Me Me – Posted 5/26/2007 I like your theory as far as Penny and Naomi goes. I think that when Charlie saw Penny she was in the past then, and that is how she learned of the island. Naomi may have been sent by her father once he knows that Penny has learned of the island. Tim – Posted 5/26/2007 I’m a huge Locke fan and noticed when Jack(at gunpoint)defied him he didn’t say “you shouldn’t have done that” he said “you weren’t supposed to do that”.Sounding to me like things did not unfold as Locke expected. Menyon – Posted 5/26/2007 I think that Locke has been to the island before. emma – Posted 5/26/2007 I don’t like Locke anymore. I’m very disappointed in what he has become recently. I sincerely miss the Locke from Season 1. He’s totally different and screwed up now. MYSTERYBOY – Posted 5/26/2007 my theory is that the funeral is for Locke. Nobody was there becaus everyone had come to hate lock when he killed Naomi. Thats why jack says he is not his friend or familly. makes sense to me. MYSTERYBOY – Posted 5/26/2007 oh and by the way.. i can prove that this was a flash forward…other then all of the other is some proof. The funeral home whcih jack visited in the finale was named “HOFFS/DRAWLAR funeral parlour”. guess what… HOFFS/DRAWLAR is an anagram for FLASHFORWARD. snap snap Marion Ivey – Posted 5/26/2007 Glad someone else agrees with me MYSTERYBOY..LOL…go back about 9 posts and there is some more info about HOFFS-DRAWLAR.. MYSTERYBOY – Posted 5/26/2007 i jsut remembered one mre thing…the blonde in “the looking glass” was the stewertest on the plane. trutech – Posted 5/26/2007 MYSTERBOY you off the the hook. i knew there was somthing about the name. good one/so are the writers telling they got off the island or that it didn’t happend yet? and i think locke didnt get off the island you saw him leave when jack was talking. so it cant be him in the coffin. on they ask damon if the others are in trouble he answer true they are in the verge of extintion. they are hunted down and lets not forget ben the people hunting the others might have for his secrets.but he trying to fight back not to tell. emma – Posted 5/27/2007 not only do we know Locke walked away from Jack, but we know that he wouldn’t get off the island for a million dollars. This is the whole reason he became evil, bc he likes the island for the fact that he can walk again here. As I said, that’s why he and Walt were such good friends, because Walt liked the island too. Probably because of Walt’s weird supernatural powers. Chris – Posted 5/27/2007 We don’t actually know that Locke is “evil”, do we? We don’t understand what he’s doing, but we don’t know for sure yet whether Ben is evil, we can only make assumptions with the information we have. Locke may just understand more than the rest of them do at this point. Who knows. DAN (ENGLAND) – Posted 5/27/2007 Just watching the last Lost now. So Lost will be back next year then this is not the end of the whole thing? In my English newspaper they said Jack dies were they lying to me? Virtual Game hey sounds interesting but I don’t know? The clip at the start of this last Lost is the future i think but who knows with this show? DAN POPE – Posted 5/27/2007 Also no one has answered the question about: WHAT IS THE BIG MONSTER IN THE WOODS AND THE BLACK MIST THAT IS ALSO IN THE WOODS ANSWERS ANYONE?????? ALSO POOR OLD HURLEY KNOW ONE WANTS HIM AROUND STRANGE? XTAP59 – Posted 5/27/2007 Chris, I believe Ben is evil. Look at how many people he murdered in cold blood. The torture he condones of prisoners, Ben is an evil man, even he if has some sort of reason to preserving the island, keeping it secret, he has murdered to many people to not be considered evil. And, Ben lies. Everytime he opens his mouth, he lies. XTAP59 – Posted 5/27/2007 Dan, the smoke monster, according to the Grassy Knoll Institute theory, can be many shapes and forms of fear, on an individual basis. For some, lost loved ones, for others, whatever they fear the most. Chris – Posted 5/27/2007 XTAP59 — Sorry, I meant Locke. I didn’t mean to throw the word “Ben” in there. I was responding to emma’s comment that “[Locke] became evil.” Sorry for the slip! For what I know right now, I would say Ben is evil, jury still out on Locke. DAN – Posted 5/27/2007 Cheers XTAP59, But why do none of the islanders ever ask what is is if that was me on the island I would be well scared to go into the woods and walk around!!! Whos funeral was it maybe sumone we don’t even know, I like the theroy that Crystal came up with that jack woke up and changed things could be true. Does Walt still have special powers because there was one episode that walt was in the flat with his mum and he moved things around what was up with that? As im watching this im getting move and move questions in my head. Got to love Lost. Dan – Posted 5/27/2007 Maybe it Ben’s Coffin: Jack was not he’s family memeber nore his mate, and he was upset because He maybe thinks he should have listen to him back on the island and he got upset because he knew he is to blame for his death just and idea trutech – Posted 5/27/2007 locke is a good guy he is doing what he must to portect the island. the writers said them self in season 4 the others will be hunted down. the peolpe whom come for jack will rape the island suck it all up and leave the rest to die. ben and locke and walt know this. and yes it was walt who talk too locke. the writes also said they will explane why he is older so fast. emma – Posted 5/27/2007 Chris–I don’t really mean Locke is “evil” so to speak, we dont really know much. I was just using the term loosely. Dan & xtap–pretty sure the monster is jacob, including everyone’s hallucinations of people from their past. Dan – Posted 5/27/2007 Ummm strange ending there… I don’t think thats the past it is 99% the future but why is Kate ok and Jack in such a mess, Jack says that he has been flying since they (the plane company) gave them gold tickets (because of the original crash).not back on British tv till early next year bit of a bummer. Tim – Posted 5/27/2007 Emma,I meant Locke is my favorite character (good or bad) on the show and I believe he is important to the outcome.Hats off to The Mysteryboy.The blonde in the Looking Glass was the stewardess.I got to check that out.(should I have said “flight attendant”?I’m so friggin’ politically incorrect.) Chris – Posted 5/27/2007 Okay, well, by evil, I assumed you meant evil. Sorry 🙂 Paul – Posted 5/27/2007 A time loop would explain why Hurley has never lost any weight. But if the time loop was 108 minutes long….wouldn’t they never see night or day….it would always be one or the other…unless the time loop affects it differently..wait…like the looking glass….only this one place in the world is keeping the same time…that explains why Richard hasn’t aged since Ben was a kid. But Walt has aged which must mean its not him but the entity….just some thoughts DAN – Posted 5/27/2007 Hang on what the blonde girl in the looking glass who was shot was on the plane????? how can that be are you guys sure, how could she be on the plane and then be down in the looking glass and know ben so well, was she the bird in the first ever episode who was in the water? Is it true that Michael is coming back I don’t think he will! Also when Sied and Jin were on the boat looking for Jack and Kate they saw a big statue of a Foot what was that? Please explain as in England we never get the writters talking about the show? Mr Bennett – Posted 5/27/2007 Marion Ivey that is a great mind bending theory and I will be reading Flash Forward as soon as possible, Had a lump the size of a football when Charlie went, Lost is the best show on Earth followed by Heroes,bring on the ruins…….. Amy – Posted 5/27/2007 Once again, I have a few thoughts 1.Okay, I may be getting way ahead of myself here, but when I looked at the screengrabs (zoomed in) of the newspaper clipping, it looked like it said something about the body of J____ (fold in the paper) ___entham. This made me think of Jeremy Bentham, the English philosopher (certainly not the first one on the show). Bentham was perhaps best known for his concept of the Panopticon. From Wikipedia: “The Panopticon is a type of prison building designed by English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the late eighteenth century. The concept of the design is to allow an observer to observe (-opticon) all (pan-) prisoners without the prisoners being able to tell if they are being observed or not, thus conveying a “sentiment of an invisible omniscience.” In his own words, Bentham described the Panopticon as “a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example.” Sounds a bit like the island, especially all of the hatches. Also, it would be funny if the character in the coffin were named Jeremy Bentham because he requested that his body be preserved after death. It’s still on display in London. 2.the name of the funeral home, “Hoffs Drawlar” is an anagram for Flash Forward 3.I think that, as time moves forward on the island, it moves backwards in real life. When Jack and Kate left the island, they returned to a time in their lives that was before the plane crash, when Jack still had a brown beard and not a grey one, and his father was still alive. That would also open up the possibility that they have been on the island multiple times. Crash on the island, get rescued, go back in time, crash on the island again. I’m not sure whether they realize it again, but this would really give new meaning to Kate’s “Here we go again” last episode. 4.Charlie could have gotten out of the porthole, could have gone out through the door before the grenade, etc., but chose not too. He knew that in order for Desmond’s vision to come true (and Claire be rescued), he had to die. However, there’s one technical problem with the drowning scene. Since the room would have to be air tight in order to hold in/out water, the water inside the room would have risen to the top of the porthole, then stopped, due to the pressure of the air in the top of the room. This is the same reason why the opening to the station (through which Charlie entered) didn’t flood the rest of the station. Oh well, I guess they didn’t think of that. 5.I think Mikhail and Richard are the original island inhabitants and this may explain why they do not age or die. Maybe they have four toes?(Hence the four-toed statue). 6.Thinking about the time issue with the island, what if the “flash forwards” are really the present(hence the motorola KRZR cell phone Jack was using), and the island is really past events? 7.I think the ‘him’ Kate had to get back to was her child, the son of Sawyer Amy – Posted 5/27/2007 Forgot one 8.I believe the numbers are the Valenzetti Equation which is supposed to predict ‘the end.’ dan – Posted 5/27/2007 WOW Amy I just read this on an American website: ”Question #3: Who is in the coffin? Everyone is abuzz about this one, and, frankly, we wonder if the writers even have an answer for us yet. Thanks to some sleuthing fans who freeze-framed and magnified a shot of the obit, we know the corpse’s name is Jeremy Bentham and that he is from New York. Apparently, Bentham’s also the name of an English philosopher from the late-eighteenth/early-nineteenth century who evaluated actions based upon their consequences. (Okay, we looked it up.) Since John Locke is also a philosopher’s name, could Jeremy Bentham be Locke’s new identity? Also, if Locke is the dead man, that would explain why Jack refers to him as neither friend nor relative. But for that same reason, the corpse could be Sawyer, a con man fond of aliases. The fact that the funeral parlor — which was called Hoffs Drawlar, an anagram of “flash forward” — was in the hood was probably designed to throw us off track. Most likely, the dead person is a new character whom we haven’t even met yet. Since the writers have until January to figure this out, we hope the next season delivers. We want to know why Locke is so special, where Walt is coming from, what Penny Widmore’s dad is up to, if you can only get to the island by crashing a plane, who will take care of Aaron since Claire is usually loathe to, why this ageless Richard guy isn’t in control of the Others, and, finally, what makes this island so damn great. —Phoebe Reilly” did u read this to Amy? I like your theroy that normal time away from island goes backwards etc… Patrick Da Man – Posted 5/27/2007 Locke just like Desmond can now see the FUTURE!!!! yo – Posted 5/27/2007 First of all, we know that the flashforward is years after the jack and kate were on the island, as island time was normal. We know this because of Jack’s new phone, and new colleagues. Jack’s dad is obviously dead, as the look on the black guys face when Jack said “let me get my dad here to see whos drunker.” I do think this WILL be the future, BUT they will find their way back onto the island. I beleive that the writers will find themselves with a very complicated solution to all the islands mysteries, so the writers will probably reveal little bits at a time each episode so they dont confuse us and reveal it all in one episode. If it is time travel, that may take the writers a while to explain. Actualy, change my first idea. I think the island’s time moves slightly slower than normal time so people like walt will age quicker off the island(obviously the writers didnt do anything to make walt look younger, meaning that they WANT us to know the he is old). Ben being the man in the coffin would make sense, hence the small coffin and no one being at the funeral. But I do not think that Ben makes it off the island. Even if someone were to forcefully take him off, he would kill himself because he so obsessed with the island (like Locke). It must be a character we already know, otherwise the writers would have him revealed, knowing we wudnt have a clue who he is. Obviously, once Walt was abducted by the others he seemed to be everywhere at once. He also agreed with the others’, so he may be working with them. Mrs. Klugh, i believe, was part of the natives with Mikhail, and Richard, because she acted weird. So she still may be alive, because of the immortality they all posses. I believe that the natives are connected with Jacob, and the black rock. I believe they know more than Ben even though they dont act it. They have discovered some island secrets to keep them alive. I think Jacob was the CAPTAIN of the BLACK ROCK. If you looked closely you could see another object on his shoulder. If you have the picture lightened a bit, it will look like some kind of monkey. Since ship captains tend to have animals on their shoulders that would make Jacob liable to be a ship captain. Also his profile bears a strong resemblence to Alvar Hanso. the father of Alvar Hanso was the captain of the black rock. Coincidence, i think not. About the blonde woman being the stewardess, this is the same thing as the other woman whose name i cannot remember. After one day on the island, she suddenly “disappeared” if you guys remember that episode (The other 48 Days). This makes her a possible other, similar to the other stewardess. They both knew that the plane crash would occur, because they were working with the others and had traveled back and forth through time (or at least Ben did) which is how Ben didnt have a suprised look when the plane crashed. Alright, thats all i have to say about that (as forest gump would say.). Here are some song lyrics that may have nothing at all to do with what i just said, but its a good song so ill post it. AND it does have “island” in the first verse. If that means anything. Nas- It ain hard to tell It ain’t hard to tell, I excel, then prevail The mic is contacted, I attract clientele My mic check is life or death, breathin a sniper’s breath I exhale the yellow smoke of buddha through righteous steps Deep like The Shinin’, sparkle like a diamond Sneak a uzi on the island in my army jacket linin Hit the Earth like a comet, invasion Nas is like the Afrocentric Asian, half-man, half-amazin Cause in my physical, I can express through song Delete stress like Motrin, then extend strong I drank Moet with Medusa, give her shotguns in hell From the spliff that I lift and inhale, it ain’t hard to tell The buddha monk’s in your trunk, turn the bass up Not stories by Aesop, place your loot up, parties I shoot up Nas, I analyze, drop a jew-el, inhale from the L School a fool well, you feel it like braille It ain’t hard to tell, I kick a skill like Shaquille holds a pill Vocabulary spills I’m +Ill+ plus +Matic+, I freak beats slam it like Iron Shiek Jam like a tech with correct techniques So analyze me, surprise me, but can’t magmatize me Scannin while you’re plannin ways to sabotage me I leave em froze like her-on in your nose Nas’ll rock well, it ain’t hard to tell This rhythmatic explosion, is what your frame of mind has chosen I’ll leave your brain stimulated, niggaz is frozen Speak with criminal slang, begin like a violin End like Leviathan, it’s deep well let me try again Wisdom be leakin out my grapefruit troop I dominate break loops, givin mics men-e-straul cycles Street’s disciple, I rock beats that’s mega trifle And groovy but smoother than moves by Villanova You’re still a soldier, I’m like Sly Stone in Cobra Packin like a rasta in the weed spot Vocals’ll squeeze glocks, MC’s eavesdrop Though they need not to sneak My poetry’s deep, I never fell Nas’s raps should be locked in a cell It ain’t hard to tell yo – Posted 5/27/2007 I found this off of its pretty interesting!!!!!!!!! SEASON 4 GENERAL SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!! Season 4 will feature both flashbacks and flash-forwards. There’s a great deal left to be told about the relationship between Sawyer and Kate. We’ll find out more about Jacob. NEW The role of Jacob has not been cast yet. The four toed statue is very important and will be addressed. NEW The Others are in danger of extinction. Christmas may be celebrated. Rose and Bernard have an awesome storyline coming up. We’ll get back to the Michael & Walt story. Libby’s story is going to be a mystery that’ll get answered. There’s one significant missing piece to her story. We’ll find out how she got from A to B – from Desmond to the mental institution. The only way to tell her story is through another character’s flashback, who is not among the beach dwellers. We’ll get a Danielle flashback about her wrecked research vessel. In it, we’ll also find out how Montand lost his arm. We’ll also see how Marvin Candle lost his arm. We’ll find out what happened to Annie in a Ben flashback. emma – Posted 5/28/2007 Paul–Walt aged because the actor aged. I don’t really believe what yo said on the topic: “obviously the writers didnt do anything to make walt look younger, meaning that they want us to know he is old.” What would the writers do to make walt look younger? They didnt particularly emphasize that he was older, why would they want us to know that? Very interesting all you said Yo. I’m loving the Season 4 spoilers, I’ve always wanted a Danielle flashback, I’ve always wanted more about Rose and Bernard (they’re so sweet!), and I knew Christmas was coming soon based on how long theyve been on the island. Speaking of Christmas coming, remember theyre in 2004. Think there will be any trace of the tsunami??? georgia – Posted 5/28/2007 i absolutely LOVED the finale of season 3…thought it was brilliantly done. I have so many questions that need answering though, who doesn’t? Although there are many things I am confused about, I have a theory as to who’s body was in the casket. As much as it upsets me because he is my favourite character (and a total hottie), I think it is Sawyer. We already established that whoever it is, their name begins with “J”, and the only people we know whos names begin with “J” are Jack (and it obviously isnt him), Sawyer, Locke and Jin. Now we know that nobody turned up to the funeral (or whatever you called), so that must mean that whoever’s body it is, would have no friends or family…so if it was Jin surely Sun would have been there? (unless she is already dead herself, because she was with Jack and the other survivors…whereas Jin was two hours behind everyone with Sayid, Hurley, Sawyer and Bernard) At the end when Jack is talking to Kate about the body, Kate says “Why would I wanna go?” Now, out of Sawyer, Jin and Locke, whos funeral would she not want to go to? Im thinking Sawyer because back on the island, he hurt her by telling her he didn’t want her to go back to the beach with him. I could be wrong, but thats my theory…anyone else got any other views on that subject? LOTGK – Posted 5/28/2007 OK, here is the spoiler I’m not sure I should reveal but here goes anyway. The person in the casket is none other than John Locke. Murdered by… Can’t say any more here. mikeekim – Posted 5/28/2007 Who is the woman in the hospital bed that was in the flaming car? Could it be Juliette’s sister and the boy the baby that was conceived due to Juliette’s research? emma – Posted 5/28/2007 Georgia–have you forgotten Juliet? or didnt they say “he”? But you have to consider that whoever it was, their death would have to make Jack so depressed he’d attempt suicide. did you see my speculation that Jeremy Bentham could be one of Anthony Cooper’s aliases? Or what about Jacob? But I do think Sawyer is the most likely, besides someone we havent met yet. Most likely a yet-to-be-introduced, because why would Sawyer’s death make Jack suicidal? Very very interesting idea, Mike. but i dont think rachel’s baby would be eight years old yet. oh well. Chris – Posted 5/28/2007 Emma, the baby could be 8 years old if the theory about time moving more quickly off the island were true. lost me???!! – Posted 5/28/2007 what did one snowman say to the other snowman? DAN – Posted 5/28/2007 yer what is the story behind Libby I was very confused that they never continued that? When I saw her in the same mental hospital as Hurley I thought more was going to happen but when Michael killed her and we never heard of it agian I fort maybe the writers had forgotten. HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THEY WILL KEEP LOST GOING ANSWERS EVERYONE AS IVE HEARD THAT THEY WILL MAKE 3 2 HOUR MOVIES AFTER SEASON 4??? DAN – Posted 5/28/2007 That last message was from me by the way. emma – Posted 5/28/2007 Lost will go for 3 more seasons with 16 episodes in each season. Name – Posted 5/28/2007 I think your theory holds some truth. I’m positive it isn’t completely correct, but it seems to be somewhat right. emma – Posted 5/28/2007 That comment is hilariously redundant. nick – Posted 5/28/2007 i have a question on the flash foward was jin sitting behind jack??? does jin hope to crash too?? nick – Posted 5/28/2007 ehco says the lord is my sheppard jacks last name is sheppard LOTGK – Posted 5/28/2007 Name, I resemble that remark. LOTGK – Posted 5/29/2007 Irrefutable evidence that my virtual reality controlled by an alien race Lost theory is correct. Irrefutable Video Proof Crystal – Posted 5/29/2007 Jack’s last name is not Sheppard, my last name is Sheppard… *Jack Shephard & the lord is my shepherd* This is something that has been bothering me, I dont think that Sawyer is in the casket. Think about it, do you really think that Sawyer told Kate to stay back to be mean about it. As far as Sawyer was concerned, he was on a suicide mission, he was protecting Kate. She will figure it out. Nothing to hold a huge grudge over. And I agree with LOTGK, it is probably a characer that has not yet been revealed. marion ivey – Posted 5/29/2007 I dont think so LOTGK,,, that seemed to be more of a tongue in cheek comment by Juliet if ya ask me…i think the producers were taking a jab at all the theories about aliens….dont think they would be that obvious..especially with at least two more seasons to go….but hey anything is possible…but i really dont think we are even close to knowing yet…. LOTGK – Posted 5/29/2007 Methinks you are on the wrong update marion. I think you mean the video evidence where Juliet tells Sawyer the runway is for the aliens. Then she smirks and walks on. Total tongue in cheek. I think the writers are taking a shot at the aliens theories out there, which my site is one of them. Or not….. dmoney – Posted 5/29/2007 i still beileve jacks dad is dead…and thats why he wouldnt let the pharmicist call him. i think the future we saw will most definitley happen because otherwise it wouldnt be the future, alternative futures is a little ridiculous. just as in heroes the future will happen. as for walt being older…i think the actor just went through puberty because hes about 14/15 which is the time when boys voices drop one question: do you think the other “other” who was bossing ben around will be back…that blonde lady who talked to jack about his tattoos who put juliet on trial? she has to be important…or not Marion Ivey – Posted 5/29/2007 Ahhhh……me gets it now…DUH!….sometimes i dont knows mine own smarts!..LOL Enigma – Posted 5/29/2007 hay LOST fans i just wanna say that why didn’t charlie just got out of the window, he could have swam back to the boat like he got down? and why he didn’t just got out of the room and closed
  2. Lori said

    Jack lost his father, but in the flash foward, when he is being confronted by the other doctor for being drunk, he says to him “if you call my father down here and Im drunker than he is, then you can fire me”


    has he completely lost his mind, or is his father still alive?

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