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Lost Update – Lost But Not Forgotten

Posted by LOTGK on September 12, 2006

Season II
Lost Update 09/12/2006

I’ve done my best to live the right way
I get up every morning and go to work each day
But your eyes go blind
and your blood runs cold
Sometimes I feel so weak I just want to explode
Explode and tear this town apart
Take a knife and cut this pain from my heart
Find somebody itching for something to start
The dogs on Main Street holw ’cause they understand
If I could take one moment into my hands
Mister I ain’t a boy
no I’m a man
And I believe in a promised land

Season Three of Lost begins October 4th with plenty of speculation and hope for answers, any answers, as to where and why the survivors are stranded on the island. Tonight, we are going to investigate, speculate, and articulate as to why they are.
Quickly, the Grassy Knoll Institute believes the Lost survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory connected together as a battery of tests and experiments are performed on them. Not by the Dharma institute, but by aliens.

But, what if I’m wrong? Heaven forbid, but it could be true. Let’s examine the cast of characters that have wound up on this island together. Mind you, this is supposedly a typical airline flight with no ulterior motives. Just your everyday travel plan.To start, we have a doctor, Jack, and in my travels, there have been doctors on my flights so no big deal yet.

And also, we have a new millionaire, Hurley, who had bad luck and bad jobs all his life and even winning the lottery has brought him heartache and dispair. Yes, possibly a lottery winner on my flight.

And a con man, Sawyer, a ruthless flim flam man and would be killer. Don’t know if any of these men were on my flights, but it could happen.

A foreign soldier, Sayid, a former Iraqi guard. Haven’t seen any yet, but it is possible.

An artist, Michael. And, regaining custody of his son that he gave up years before. Yes, possible on flights.

Convict, in Kate. I suppose they could have been on my flight.

Rock Star and drug addict in Charlie. Sure, it could happen.

Lets get to the chase here, also a pregnant woman, Claire, a box maker, bound to a wheelchair but an expert bushman, John Locke, a priest and former drug dealer, Mr. Ecko, Korean couple who’s wife can speak English and husband was a fisherman who wanted to be a big man in business, Jin and Sun, A debutante, who always gets what she wants, Shannon, A man in love with his step sister, Boone, A cop, who killed her attacker in revenge, Ana Lucia, A psychologist, Libby, A terminally ill woman magically healed, Rose, and a Federal Marshal who took a secret to his grave.

And you mean to tell me that everyone of these people are on my plane, and its by chance only? This diverse bunch of folks on one plane, one exact flight, and only by chance! No freaking way. This is why I believe the survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory. An almost perfect cross section of humanity right here. How better for someone to study this bunch of people in laboratory conditions to understand how humanity works? Classic battles of good versus evil, love, hate, jealousy, desperation, hunger, all the emotions all in front of you.

When scientists study a species, they look at all aspects of the species, males, females, offspring, how they react in the herd, against danger, mating habits, environment, as like the Lost survivors are being studied.

So, with that out of the way, what’s in store for season three….

Well, no more hatch, as we remember, it was blown to smithereens at the end of season two. And, Eko and Locke survive the blast. But fear not hatch fans. A new underwater hatch will be located and new surprises will be in store for the survivors.

Also, as I said in my season three teaser several months ago, new blood will be introduced. A new love interest, after all, three women, Shannon, Libby, and Ana Lucia are off the show.

We’re also going to learn an awful lot about the “Others.” Perhaps they are yet another group of survivors being experimented on, but are on the waning moments of usefulness, as the group, or herd, has broken down and lost cohesiveness. Perhaps evil has taken over and has won out. Perhaps good has won out and the “Others” are attempting to protect the survivors of flight 812 knowing what is about to come.

Is Walt, Michaels son, the key to the island, and the survivors salvation? Is Walt that powerful?

And who are the other “Others?” Yes, yet another group will be introduced. The island is crowded indeed.

And as I have stated in past updates, a former member of the survivors will return. Not just in flash backs, but on the island interacting with the survivors.

Finally, what are the aliens expecting to learn about humanity as they study the group in virtual reality? That perhaps we can thrive in harsh conditions. Or, given a new lease on life, learn from your mistakes and become a better person. Or, learn from your mistakes, and become a worse person in life. Jack was a doctor when he came to the island, and what is he evolving into ever since? Ask that question for each and every person on the island……

Until the next update, Stay Lost Fans.

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One Response to “Lost Update – Lost But Not Forgotten”

  1. LOTGK said

    Jack Sparrow – Posted 9/12/2006
    What about the giant statue of a foot on the other side of the island? what about that?

    flanno uk – Posted 9/12/2006
    and the black rock, wot’s that got ta do with the storry.could the others be desended from the crw mabe? also rember when lock put that stuf on boons head wooned, and saw Shannon die(lock said he mead it from the plant life mabe thay are all hallucanating (god me dont know)

    LOTGK – Posted 9/13/2006
    The black rock, the ship aground inland, well, merely more experiments on the survivors. A little mystery and intrigue to keep the mind occupied so it doesn’t realize it is all a simulation.

    ~Tantra~ – Posted 9/26/2006
    What about the ancient culture theory? As Jack Sparrow posted, the giant statue of the foot on the island, of the Ape God, Thoth? What about the heirogliphics? What about the binary geothermal conductor? I like your theory, and think it’s highly possible, but it doesn’t answer ALL of the questions..

    LOTGK – Posted 9/29/2006
    Yes Tantra, could very well be an ancient race. And all the other things mentioned.
    My theory is simple. In a virtual reality, where all the people are connected, many different svenario’s and variations of them can occur, and sometimes at the same time.
    What would one person think when sailing on a boat, on a dangerous mysterious mission? Perhaps one of ancient culture, and hence, the image of the big foot is conjured up.

    Da Man – Posted 10/4/2006
    ok, need lost update

    LOTGK – Posted 10/4/2006
    Its posted and it’s a doozy Da Man.

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