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Lost Update – If I Could Turn Back Time

Posted by LOTGK on June 2, 2006

Season II

Lost Update 06/02/2006

If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I’d take back those words that hurt you and you’d stay

I don’t know why I did the things I did
I don’t know why I said the things I said
Pride’s like a knife it can cut deep inside
Words are like weapons they wound sometimes.

I didn’t really mean to hurt you
I didn’t wanna see you go I know I made you cry, but baby

Just When You Thought Lost Updates Were Over For The Season

Perhaps the directors of ABC’s hit television series Lost did turn back time. Stay with me here Lost fans. To understand this update, we have to return to the very beginning of Lost. On September 23rd, 2004, after watching the Lost pilot, I came up with my theory of what I believed was happening on the island.

Interestingly, in the update, I mentioned an old 1969 obscure television series created by Rod Serling, (Famous for his popular sci-fi series Twilight Zone). This new series was dubbed, The New People.

The premise of this series was….A group of young American college students plane crash lands on a deserted island. All of the adults are killed in the crash leaving the students to fend for themselves. The students are a diverse bunch, from every walk of life and every field of study. The New People find out that the island they are on is called Bomano island and was targeted as a nuclear bomb test island. It came complete with buildings, furniture, streets, lights, and even mannequins placed at strategic places on the island. And oh yea, all the food you can eat. Enough to sustain the new people for many years. The New People decide to form their own government in hopes of righting what was wrong in the real world. The unknown question was whether the United States would ever continue its tests and detonate a nuclear bomb on the island.

Anyone see any similarities to Lost? Plane crash, some died, some lived. A diverse blend of people, each with something to offer and to hide. A monster, for Lost, an invisible one, for the New People, a nuclear bomb test that could be initiated at any time. Hidden living quarters. For Lost, the hatch, the pearl, and several other hatches. For the New People, a complete town filled with everything needed to survive, including food. Both shows also touched on control, as in, who was running the island. Both had trouble with alpha males personalities trying to control the groups.

One thing not in common. Lost is heading into season three as one of the most popular captivating series on network TV. The New People was canceled midway through its second season. Perhaps they needed to find a secret hatch…….


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One Response to “Lost Update – If I Could Turn Back Time”

  1. LOTGK said

    LOTGK – Posted 6/2/2006
    Perhaps both islands were owned by Hanso corporation. Perhaps the islands are one in the same.
    Maybe it is not a coincidence that the computer systems from Lost are from 1970.
    Are the New People actually the “Others” and the first on the island. The hatches actually bunkers for the scientists to study the blast effects of a nuclear bomb.
    Perhaps the new people had radiation poisoning and incapable of conceiving children. Hence, the “Others” taking the children to repopulate their commune.
    The New People television program followed the music program, “Music explosion” which was a crude prelude to MTV music video’s. Very ironic that the music in the hatch was music played on Music explosion…..

    LadyVisine – Posted 6/3/2006
    Just because a program was canceled, doesn’t necessarily mean someone remembered to get the “New People” off of that old island, now does it? ;p It would be fantastic to see future episodes spliced with footage from that other show you mentioned, “The New People” as flashbacks. Man, this could take LOST on a whole new twist!! I don’t recall ever seeing any episodes of the show, The New People, back in the ’70’s. But then again, I was still in school and probably had to do my homework when it was on. lol I found myself actually sort of grateful that LOST is going to be running summer reruns or whatever, since there’s so much work to do outside. Don’t want to miss a single minute of the next season’s episodes!! BTW, I spent the entire morning reading your “theory” archives from beginning to end. A great read, although I’m never going to get caught up on the outside chores for the day now! LOL!

    LOTGK – Posted 6/3/2006
    Thank you for the kind words Lady V. I launched this version of the Grassy Knoll on April 1st of this year and it has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. By the end of July it will be a fully operational “Death Star” with all 700 plus entries posted.
    And thank you for the link to the weird al Lost link. It was a hoot…..

    LadyVisine – Posted 6/3/2006
    My pleasure! That link was priceless, indeed! Gotta give Sic the cred for it, tho – he had it on is efx2 blog. 😀 Looking forward to the “Death Star”!! BTW – was watching Alias tonight & saw that the dude who plays John Locke on LOST is/was also a character there. That was a real surprise! He sure gets around, huh? Remember when he was on Millenium?

    PAUL BUNYUN – Posted 6/7/2006

    LOTGK – Posted 6/7/2006
    Exactly Paul. What about the twinkie?
    Now lets run some red lights….

    da man – Posted 6/12/2006
    Friend of mine, said the last episode crushed the virtual reality theory out of the water because it showed present day and that lady trying to find her lost boyfriend, the first hatch guy and the fact that the hatch waves, were detected outside the island by those russians or whoever trying to find him. I simply responded, open your mind mon. Then he said we were running out of oil in this world, and I responded, you said the same thing about the lost crew and their food, and a food drop just shows up out of nowhere. What’s the grassy knoll theory on peak oil (dinosaur fuel) vs oil is like water, natural replenishing?

    LOTGK – Posted 6/13/2006
    Desmond only wants the woman he loves to know he is alive and be with her. In a virtual reality, of course his woman finds his location, (she’s rich, has the resources)which would be a perfect dream to desmonds current nightmare.
    It is desmonds fantasy, to best his lovers father, reunite with his lover, and to save the world all at the same time. You couldn’t write a better scenario.

    LOTGK – Posted 6/13/2006
    About fossil fuel…..
    It is said that Alaska has an abundance of oil just waiting to be tapped. We shall see how the political chaos in the middle east pans out.
    Also, I would wager that we already have alternate fuel sources readily at our governments disposal and if and when we need them, they will miraculously appear as if they were just invented.

    RiteStateOfMind – Posted 6/20/2006
    Re read transcript of last show S2; How/Why did Des say “stuck in a bloody snow globe” Aussie Figure of speech or did he see something out there Like the same snow we saw the airplane flying through – Persephone’s plane May be Des’s alt reality….

    Mat – Posted 6/26/2006
    ok if there is a virtual reality thing going on here why would they need makeup ????? why was the suposed others camp faked ??why do they take ppl ??? was the statue foot put there by the aliens?? why tell them to stay off a side of the island when if it was VR they could just change things???

    LOTGK – Posted 6/26/2006
    *Takes deep breath…..*
    Mat, because they are being experimented on. There are two parts of my theory. One is the virtual reality and the second is that they are controlled by aliens. And the aliens are experimenting on them.
    One experiment is paranoia and how far the mind will go. The makeup found is merely a ploy to further the paranoia.
    They take people out of the virtual reality lab when they are no longer compatible. Each persons chemistry is unique and for some, a sustained length in virtual reality is to muh to handle and they wake up. Perhaps as Walt did and now was able to somewhat control his surroundings.
    The giant foot…..A perfect way to inject fear to anyone who spied it. Another test of perhaps fortitude.
    I would ask that you read at least several previous updates, (These are explained in further detail there) I appreciate the comments. Thank you.

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