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Lost Update – Series Finale Revealed

Posted by LOTGK on October 19, 2005

lost finale secrets revealed

Season II
Lost Update 10/19/2005

Tonight’s episode was a little slow. We got a glimpse of the “Others” with one of them carrying a teddy bear. Perhaps it is Walt, Michael’s son who was taken off the raft by force.

It appears that the “Others” are cold-hearted killers as Jin, while falling in the brush stumbles upon a man, one of the 23 camp, stabbed to death with a spear.

Michael breaks from camp to set out looking for his son Walt, Jin follows with the tracker, Mr. Ecko. The rest of the 23 camp break into groups to gather provisions for their long trek to join the 48 camp of survivors.

I believe this episode is a primer for future splinters of the theme of the show. More people will be introduced as I believe the show will stretch into a third and fourth season.

Now, to the Grassy Knoll Institutes theory that the survivors are in virtual reality induced coma’s and are all interconnected to one another. My thoughts are your thoughts type of interaction. With this type of environment, the aliens are able and capable of conducting scientific or biological experiments on their agenda.

As an added bonus, the Grassy Knoll Institute will now reveal the last scene of the series finale at the end of season four. (Edit, season Six)

The scene opens as if a flash back to one of the survivors back stories before the crash. Government men in suits talking in groups, low tone speech loud enough to hear but not enough to understand what is said. They are in some sort of lab, or shelter.

The government men are talking to an unseen client. From their gestures and tone, it appears to be an intense negotiation of some sort. Several survivors names are over heard in the conversation, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Jin, and Hurley, as the same government men input figures into a laptop computer.

The camera pans over and zooms on to the laptop screen. The header of the document is:

CASE STUDY # 481516.23 VOLUME 42

The camera slowly pans out and then towards the right side catching a glimpse of the “Others” in the room with the government men. The camera continues to pan out widening its view on the entire room. Slowly the lighting is turned up revealing a hospital type environment complete with all the hardware one would expect to see in an emergency room.

The camera shifts angles and begins to ascend to the ceiling displaying hundreds of cryogenic chambers. The camera pans in further revealing Jack laying in stasis with electrodes wired to his body. Kate then comes into view. Then Hurley, Sawyer, Jin, and the rest of the survivors all hooked up identical as Jack. A video display comes into view and for a few seconds, you see the group on the island, gathered together, at night, around a blazing fire. Jack and Kate are smiling and talking to each other. The camera then jerks back to the cryo pods holding Jack and Kate.

The conversation of the government men and the “Others” are now more clear and we see a small titanium box and blueprint type documents being slid on the table over to the government men. The “Others” say: “As promised, here is our part of the bargain. This is the next design level. You will find the schematics quite clear and precise. When can we expect our next shipment?”

Government men: “Flight 427 from London to Sydney meets your requirements. It departs at 1:08 pm.”

The camera iris begins to close while quickly panning and rising out of the room revealing for a split second the “Others”, a humanoid alien race conversing with the government agents. The camera continues its ascent skyward revealing the structure they are in, then the island, the ocean, the continents, the planet, solar system, and pans into oblivion.

The “LOST” logo and end music cues and that my friends is how the series ends.

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3 Responses to “Lost Update – Series Finale Revealed”

  1. LOTGK said

    Previous Comments…

    Lost Fan –
    Not bad. Not bad at all. But don’t you think the writers of the show seeing this will change it?

    LOTGK –
    Dare to dream Lost Fan that the producers or writers actually visit the Grassy Knoll Institute, let alone possibly feeling that my theory is a threat.

    ged –
    damn i totally forgot about this episode! whats the title of the episode?? i need to watch this again

    Greg –
    what is it loseres

    LOTGK –
    What is it? Well, if you knew how to spell I would tell you.

    GIDave –
    after watching last nights show, you may be on to something here.

    emma –
    is this real? why is lost only gonna have 4 seasons? do i believe this? not really

    Lead Scientist –
    because 5 is an odd number and not part of the string so prevalently shown throughout the series.
    Add up all the episodes and it’s 108.

  2. Theo said

    Holy cow, wow. That is a great ending. But i don’t think the writers are going to use it since you already posted it. This is a great site.

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