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Lost Update – Turning Japanese

Posted by LOTGK on October 27, 2004

Lost Update – Lost In Virtual Reality 10/27/2004

Ive got your picture of me and you
You wrote I love you I love you too
I sit there staring and theres nothing else to do
Oh its in color your hair is brown
Your eyes are hazel and soft as clouds
I often kiss you when theres no one else around

Yes, another Grassy Knoll Institute ABC Lost update.(My theory, the survivors are in a virtual reality laboratory being experimented on by an alien race)

Tonight, Jin, the Korean male goes crazy and attacks Sawyer because he is wearing Jin’s watch. Sawyer found it in the wreckage and has claimed it as his own. The fight is stopped and the Jin is handcuffed to part of the fuselage. Perhaps the aliens are using psychotropic drugs to influence the emotions and behavior of certain individuals on the island. Perhaps it is a simple test of jealousy, possessions, and anger.

Second, the choice. Half the group decides to go where the fresh water is, and where the area is sheltered somewhat and defensible from wild animals. It is also shady and cooler. The downside is that they are off the shore and not visible to search and rescue crews that surely would be still out there after only several days. The group divides. The other group decides to stay on the beach and tough it out. Another experiment by the aliens on dividing the herd and weeding out the strong. Perhaps an exercise to bring the Alpha personalities to front and center.

Stay tuned till next week.

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4 Responses to “Lost Update – Turning Japanese”

  1. jbw02 said

    For the above explanation, it’s Walt’s Dad, I think his name is Michael (the guy from the awesome series Oz) who is attacked by Jin, not Sawyer. Doesn’t really effect your theory though. I’m rewatching the eps and noticed a couple things (you may have already pointed these things out sorry)

    1 Sayid intelligently points out no one could have survived a plane crash like that to Kate when they are out planting the triangulating devices

    2 There are no combs on the island, or brushes, as pointed out by the pregnant girl

    I like your theory. I’m thinking along similar lines. As though the island is alive and implanting these memories in the characters to affect their behaviour. I’m hoping it’s not aliens though. I prefer the approach that we (humans) are to blame for all our short comings. As in we would do horrific tests on ourselves to find leaders rather than aliens.

    All the best

    Jarod (from Sydney, btw the fake Aussie accents are atrocious in this show, pregnant girl is obviously Aussie, but the support cast in the flashbacks makes me cringe every time) 🙂

    • LOTGK said

      I was hoping too that aliens are not involved but Lost reminded me to much like a Twilight Zone episode, The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. In this episode, at the end of the show, it is revealed that aliens have been all along manipulating the people in the neighborhood testing them to see how they would react to certain stimuli.

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