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Lost Update – Second Verse, Same As The First

Posted by LOTGK on September 27, 2004

Lost Update – Lost Is Virtual Reality 09/27/2004

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go
Im standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin, its early morn
The taxis waiting, hes blowin his horn
Already I’m so lonesome I could cry.

In part one of the two part pilot episode of the ABC series, “Lost” we found out that a jet malfunctioned and was blown more than a thousand miles off course. Knowing this, the search party is more than likely searching in the wrong location and will eventually deem the passengers as missing and then dead.

Next, we notice that there is a diverse group of passengers that survived. A rock star, debutantes, strong willed women, a doctor, a pregnant woman, a thug, a gentle giant, and from many different nationalities. And, it seems that all of them have some sort of secret to hide. What would that secret be?

There are 48 survivors. And not a single cell phone works. Very odd indeed. Yes, yes, out of range and how so convenient. The island looks harmless enough. A standard South Pacific paradise with plenty of green plantation and brush. And, oh yea, an invisible monster that crashes through the brush and comes right to the foliage line stopping just before the shore. A strange for-boding sound is emanating from this invisible creature and seems to be the central focal point of the series. And did you notice the size of this island? Its bigger than the big island of Hawaii. How can this island not be inhabited? And how could this tropical paradise not be cultivated by some business entrepreneur and have it turned into another Mecca of paradise for the elite and famous?

At nightfall, as everyone gathered around the fire, the doctor decides to look for the rest of the fuselage in hopes of finding the transceiver in hopes of communicating with the outside world. At daybreak, a small group embark on their journey. They find the fuselage, and a pilot that is alive, and the transceiver. Ahh, but the monster shows up yet again. Still invisible but this time sucks the pilot from the plane. The others run in fear and after several minutes of TV drama, they escape alive.

So, with all these clues, where are these people? I’m glad you asked. Let’s eliminate where they cannot be. Rod Serling is deceased so you can throw out the Twilight Zone. You can also skip over a remake of the old 1960’s TV show, “The New People”, the show about a plane wrecked crew of young people on a deserted island that was an abandoned nuclear weapons test site. That show only lasted one season. You can toss out the Bermuda Triangle, we are talking the Pacific Ocean, and last I heard, the Atlantic was where the Triangle resided.

OK, here is the kicker. You have waited long enough. Here’s the scoop. The plane wrecked survivors of Lost are actually abductee’s taken from an alien race and the island they are stranded on is a very life like laboratory. (Hold on, take a breath, flex your neck, and read on) The aliens, knowing they got the mix of passengers they want, take control of the plane and make it look like an accident to the FAA. This leaves all the people needed at the disposal of the alien race.

But for what reason you ask:
The survivors are in virtual reality induced coma’s and are all interconnected to one another. My thoughts are your thoughts type of interaction. With this type of environment, the aliens are able and capable to conduct any scientific, or biological experiment on their agenda.

The monster is merely the beginning of the experiment, to determine that everyone is hooked in to the virtual reality simulator. Anyone not seeing the monster is removed. Hence the people dying.

Throughout the series, the alien race will put obstacles in the passengers way to record and study their reactions, how they group together, how they work together, and how their imaginations become more vivid each passing hour. They will be studying the herd. This is why cell phones do not work. They are not on Earth. They are in space, on a giant ship just out of Earth’s sensors. The monster is just like the monster in the Movie, “Forbidden Planet”, a giant vicious invisible monster driven by the doctors ego, super ego, and id. The more the doctor was pushed, the more powerful and daring and jealous the monster became until it was uncontrollable and finally came into the camp and started killing the other people on the planet.

Saying this, perhaps Lost is a rehashed modern day Twilight Zone episode. You know the one. Where there are people trapped in a pit and there is no escape. A clown, a ballerina, a doctor, nurse, Indian, soldier, business man. They don’t know how they got there. They just woke up and they were there. As the days waned on, more people showed up while they slept. All became suspicious of each other and it was making it difficult to work together. Until that is, the people finally realized that they weren’t people at all, but dolls discarded by a child.

The sign post up ahead, The Twilight Zone….

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4 Responses to “Lost Update – Second Verse, Same As The First”

  1. LOTGK said

    Previous comments…

    mike banana –
    your crazy

    LOTGK –
    “Your crazy” what?
    Aunt, Uncle, brother, sister?

    john locke –
    you are really out of our world dude 😀 oh btw you may be right 🙂

    hmmm, …this is so wierd that it could be actually true ^^

    chris king –
    im not saying its not true but i dont think they would do that as they have great imaginations and will probably do something new. good ideas though.

    LOTGK –
    Although Chris, if you read through several more of my updates, I state that it is almost impossible for Hollywood to produce an original show with an original idea. It’s all been done before. Too many times. We shall see what happens at the end of season three.
    Thanks for commenting.

    raf –
    echo saw the ccreature

    LOTGK –
    Yes he did Raf. What Ecko perceived the creature to be.

    SteveO –
    What is your theory carefulobserver?

    LOTGK –
    There have been many a successful shows and movies about aliens and such. In today’s society, where aliens have replaced angels, it is sure to be a hit.

  2. h alan said

    its all a dream!

  3. Lead Scientist said

    The dream ends on the 23rd of May. And in the end……

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