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San Francisco Chinese Pizza

Posted by LOTGK on May 29, 2012

Chinese Pizza – San Francisco

Walking the streets of San Francisco, I happened upon this pizza shop in an out-of-the-way corner. I was hungry and decided to enter. It did not have the appearance of a standard pizza shop, but hey, there was a picture of a slice of pizza on the sign outside so it had to be good, right! I ordered a slice of cheese pizza with sausage and pepperoni.

I’ll Have A Slice

This is what I got. I will say, it mostly resembled a slice of pizza, it certainly was triangular, and flat. But I was looking for taste. And,… well,… it wasn’t awful. It was warm, which was a plus, the crust wasn’t stale, the sauce from a jar, the cheese from a bag, but all in all, it wasn’t awful. The price, $3 dollars, which, in San Francisco and being hungry, wasn’t awful.

To sum up. It wasn’t awful.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 2 out of 5 shots and does not recommend Shawerma Chinese Pizza for dinner.

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Marino’s Italian Cafe – Austintown, Ohio

Posted by LOTGK on May 1, 2012

Marino's Fried Cheese

I have heard about a quaint little restaurant called Marino’s located in Austintown, Ohio. During Lent, we decided to stop in and try it. On a Friday night we were a little stunned that it was not busy. In fact, there were only about 4 tables being used by customers.

Anyway, we were seated right away and I ordered the fish dinner and a fried cheese appetizer. In about five minutes the cheese was brought to our table. There were five small pieces and a small bowl of dipping sauce. The sauce was OK, standard fare. The cheese sticks the same way. Standard, nothing bad, nothing good, just average.

Marino's Restaurant Rolls

The rolls were good though. I suspect they were home-made, they were warm, fresh, and tasted good, especially with melted butter.

Marino's Salad

The salad was standard fare. Excuse me for the late snapshot of the salad. I ate more than half when I realized I forgot to snap the picture.

Marino's Restaurant Fish Dinner

About 20 minutes went by and our fish dinners arrived. I ordered Mac and Cheese as a side dish. As you can see, the fish was thin, and skinny. The breading was adequate but a little soggy. It had a “Fishy” smell to it which to me means it was not as fresh as it could be. The taste was OK. Certainly not what I had expected as several people told me about the place. The Mac and Cheese was cold.

All this for a Friday special of $12 dollars plus coke and tip.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 2.25 out of 5 shots and does not recommend Marino’s Italian Cafe for dinner.

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Chapter Four: My Office Has A Window

Posted by LOTGK on May 14, 2011

My Office Has A Window

It was 1980. A new decade. A new hope. Hopefully a new job. I was 20 years old and a Junior in college when the planets cosmically aligned thus setting me on a strange and bizarre sojourn as a newly hired employee at a little red pole barn in Columbiana. This sojourn is titled, “My Office Has A Window” even though in reality, there were no windows at all.

Chapter Four – To Serve Man

I like mine with lettuce and tomato,
Heinz 57 and French fried potato.
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer,
Well good golly miss Molly which way do I steer.

Since I was going to be “Here” for a while, I needed to find some quality places for sustenance. Not knowing the lay of Columbiana at all, we set out to explore the area for lunchtime. For starters, we found a Burger King on the corner of Route 14 and 46. And that was about it. Little did we know that Burger King would be our lunch destination for the next 100 days in a row? Whopper, double cheeseburger, whaler, large fries, shakes and cokes. Imagine that for lunch every single day.

One night, late in June, Oz gave me 100 bucks to buy a late dinner for the crew that was working hard to get the days orders shipped out. I jumped in my car and off to Burger King I went. I pulled in the parking lot around 11:30 pm. I went to the counter and I ordered 50 whoppers and 50 fries. (This was 1980 folks, you could still get 50 and 50 for under a hundred) The counter guys just looked at me in amazement as they heard my order. They closed at midnight and had everything cleaned and prepped when I walked in. To their credit, they fired up the grill and cooked my order in a timely fashion.

Just as soon as I got back, Oz sent me right back to reorder the same. He had underestimated the hunger and the size of the crew working that evening. This time Burger King was locking up when I squeezed through the doors. The grill boy stared in disbelief as he heard my order over the loud-speaker. At this point I was glad I already had something to eat because I think the grill boy was going to add a little of his own special sauce to the Whopper’s.

A step above Burger King was a quaint little place called the American Legion. The food was good and the waitresses friendly. Mac Daddy, a fellow employee had the hots for one of the waitresses. I believe her name was Teresa. One day during lunch Teresa was telling us her tragic life story and all the bad luck she had. To top things off, she told us her husband got run over by a train. That’s right! Run over by a train. I had to turn away so as not to laugh directly in her face. That’s when Mac made his move. Mac and Teresa began dating and soon after that we were submitting lunch menu choices for the week. I’d like to thank Mac for taking one for the team. (Mac meets Karma in a later chapter) Now, we had catfish dinners, hot turkey sandwiches with gravy, seashell spaghetti in meat sauce, beef stew, and other assorted delicacies.

Alas, the honeymoon had to end. One day we were sitting around the Legion bar and Bob, a fellow employee decides to conduct a séance to conjure up some spirits. The séance was a success for now present at the bar were Bud Wiser, Jimmy Beam, Jack Daniel’s and even Old Granddad. Immediately the spirits took possession of Bob’s mind and body and forced him to act like Dudley Moore from the movie Arthur. (I race cars, fondle women, but I get weekends off) And out the door we got kicked.

Several years later, McDonald’s opened up shop along with a Sandwich Factory. We could now feast on Big Mac’s, chicken mcnuggetts, and cheeseburgers. And, at the Sandwich Factory, they had over 25 different submarine sandwiches to choose from. We had found Nirvana.

Marky and I also found another hidden lunch menu choice that we kept a secret so as not to spoil our hidden treasure. About a mile down the road there was a Mennonite fruit stand. Passing the stand one day, on a lark, we decided to stop and get some apples for snacks. As we approached the stand, we smelled a familiar odor. (No, not the pig shit manure) This was a pleasant odor. It was the smell of turkey and stuffing. Our eyes got as wide as plate saucers as there before us was roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, home-made hot fresh bread, and apple and cherry pies. We bought turkey dinners with all the fixin’s including a full cherry pie. All that for $2.00 each. We ate like kings for months until the stand closed down for the winter.

Sometimes things got desperate and we went so far as chasing pheasants on route 46 so we could cook them for lunch. Driving in to work one morning, we saw a flock (or whatever you call them) of pheasants in the field just minding their own business. We put our heads together and decided to catch one and cook it for dinner. (Yes, we were that desperate, and that stupid) We were not very effective hunters. We could only scrounge up three tools. A blanket, a clothes basket, and a broom. We looked like the Keystone Cops running around after the pheasants trying to throw a blanket and clothes basket over them. We never did catch any. And we went hungry that day.


Read Chapter Five Here…

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Applebee’s Restaurant – Youngstown

Posted by LOTGK on August 1, 2009


Applebee's - Youngstown, Ohio

One of the Lead Scientists favorite restaurants is Applebee’s. After a little persuasion, we landed up there for dinner. It was not crowded when we arrived and we were seated rather quickly. The waitress took our drink order and returned shortly.


As you can see I ordered the Ultimate Trio sampler platter. (I really couldn’t decide what I wanted so I ordered everything) Our dinners were brought to our table in less than 10 minutes. (Pretty speedy business)

The platter consisted of two mini burgers, (Sliders) which were surprisingly tasty and well cooked. So far so good. Also on the platter were fried cheese sticks with marinara sauce. Surprised again. They were well cooked, crunchy, and the sauce was zesty. Lastly, spicy boneless wing dings with celery sticks. The sauce was just hot enough, not five alarm hot, but ringing a bell at least, and the chicken itself was juicy and good tasting.

The cost was $12 dollars not including drink and tip which for what I received, was a fair deal. The service was efficient and speedy. A very good first impression. I could see why the Lead Scientist dined there frequently.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 3.25 out of 5 shots and recommends Applebee’s for lunch and dinner.


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Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant – Youngstown

Posted by LOTGK on January 25, 2009

carrabba's Italian Restaurant

Youngstown, Ohio and the surrounding area’s have many fine restaurants. Unfortunately Carrabba’s is not one of them. It’s not the worst either. The service was adequate, the seating OK, the cost affordable, but there was nothing outstanding about the place. Nothing that snapped, popped, or sizzled.

carrabbas03 We were seated quickly and our waiter brought us water and our menu’s. A few minutes later, she took our dinner orders. This salad is the standard house salad. A little cheese, a tomato, a cucumber, a few croutons, and some lettuce. The salad tasted good, not great, but good.


carrabbas chicken parm I ordered chicken parmigiana with a side order of rigatoni pasta. The proportion was generous, the chicken tender enough, the cheese plenty, but the sauce, well, again, it was adequate. Nothing outstanding about the meal including the price. What you see is about $23 dollars before tip.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 2.5 out of 5 shots and barely recommends Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant for dinner.


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